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Celebrities come knocking for “Twilight” sequel

February 12, 2009

Vampire romance movie “Twilight” proved a blockbuster hit last year anthe-jonas-brothersd has made more than $356.8 million worldwide at the box office. The movie’s success was unusual for Hollywood, because at its heart “Twilight” was an indie movie, and box office leaders often come from the major studios. “Twilight” was made by independent studio Summit Entertainment and it starred Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson, who went into the production as working actors and came out as instant celebrities.

Now, established celebrities are thirsty to be part of Summit’s sequel “New Moon” due out on Nov. 20. The latest stars knocking at Summit’s door are teen pop sensations The Jonas Brothers, who told MTV they would love to contribute to the “New Moon” soundtrack.  ”The movie was obviously a huge success, and if they asked us to be a part (of the sequel) that would be great,” Nick Jonas told MTV, as his brothers agreed.

Not so fast, Jonas Brothers. Not all the “Twilight” fans are happy with the idea of the Jonas Brothers, who gained their popularity on the Disney Channel, playing a part in the next installment of the movie franchise. One commentator at the MTV site wrote, “This isn’t some stupid Disney movie so stop trying to turn it into one.”

The Jonas Brothers are not the first Disney stars to eye a role in the “Twilight” franchise. Vanessa Hudgens, a star in Disney’s “High School Musical” movies, has also sought a part in the “Twilight” franchise, MTV reported last month. And Dakota Fanning, 14, one of the most famous and acclaimed child stars of recent years, is also interested in winning a part in “New Moon” as the bloodsucker Jane.

Catherine Hardwicke, who directed “Twilight,” has been replaced with Chris Weitz. That change also ruffled some feathers from “Twilight’s” passionate fan base of mostly teen girls and young women. Weitz is more of an inside Hollywood choice for the movie franchise, with proven box office success on the 1999robert-pattinson-kristen-stewart “American Pie” and the 2001 sequel, whereas Hardwicke before “Twilight” had more modest box office success. Even so, the style she brought to “Twilight” pleased many fans, who are still on the fence about how Weitz will handle the sequel.

 Stewart, the 18-year-old star of “Twilight” who played Bella Swan in the movie, is still adjusting to the roller coaster of fame that came with the movie. Will she thrive if called upon to star opposite Dakota or Vanessa? More importantly, how will fans react if “New Moon” becomes studded with celebrities? Will they like the change or not?


The available roles in New Moon are not exactly big roles. Why would big stars (Dakota Fanning) even want one? The main characters are already in place. The rest of the roles should go to best actor for the part – not the most famous. And I agree, the Twilight Soundtrack is a marvel! Don’t change a winning recipe for junk food.

Posted by DawnaMoon | Report as abusive

I think that the cast shouldnt be messed with and the reason they celebrites want a part of it, because it is a culture phemonan and will continue to be and they want part of it. Dakota Fanning will be able to play a good Jane in this movie and in Breaking Dawn when her part will be more prominet

Posted by terri | Report as abusive

well i don’t mind if dakota is in it, cuz it’s not a big part and no she will not out shine kristen… but please don’t let the jonas brothers into the movie, they’re pop, there is to pop on the first sound track and it wouldn’t be right if they did on the second. JBs have their following, and i have to say no people i know like them both twilight and the JBs… they just don’t MIX!!! so please don’t put them on the movie or the sound track!!!!!!!

Posted by carrie | Report as abusive

We love the series so far the way that it is – dakota would be awesome as jane, tho, im sure – love her! but keep the disney out! this is SO not some tweeny-pop movie, lets not let them kill the books we love! ;-)


I’m fine with Dakota Fanning. I’ve liked her for years. I love the idea of Freddie Highmore as Alec. He is a fantastic young actor. I’m pretty sure I’ve never heard a song by the Jonas Brothers. Pop music is not right for Twilight.
I read that Taylor Lautner is comfirmed as Jacob so I’m very relieved.

Posted by DD | Report as abusive

Well I am a mother of two and I am absolutely addicted to Twilight. I loved the books and movie. I agree that Stephanie Meyer needs to have a say in who should be cast in the new roles. They should also keep the same actors in the roles they have cast already otherwise it will ruin it. The best actors should be picked for the parts. It should not matter who they are or if they are famous already. I think it would be better if new actors were choosen though.

Posted by Jenni | Report as abusive

i do like dakota for jane though, because she is an awesome, established actress. shes done more grown up roles than alot of the actresses out there that are older than her. im sure she can play an evil vampire, no problem.

Posted by amanda | Report as abusive

Vaneessa H. should not be in the movie. Dakota is ight tho. This movie should not be filled with a bunch of crlebs. its a turn for the worst.

Posted by Amber Morton | Report as abusive

Ditto for me Angie Scott (the 58 year-old grandmother and mother)! Mark me obsessed and lovin’ it, and as a member of the Golden Twilight Coven – I’ve been 17 for “awhile” (42 years, in fact). This love story does transcend generations. I feel sorry for the critics and other people who just don’t “get” it – they must be afraid to let go of the the romantic part of their hearts. Summit needs to stay with the formula that worked for Twilight if they want New Moon to be a success. No big names, no pop, no Disney. I’m anxiously waiting, and have my countdown calendar marked for 11/20/09!!! I’ll be there opening day, just like 11/21/08.

Posted by Laura M | Report as abusive

If you consider character development in the books, Bella is very independent (disregarding her dependence on Edward)–she doesn’t “sell-out” to her friends/parents who want her to participate in more “normal” high school activities. She knows what she wants. That’s why the first movie’s vibe worked so well–Hardwicke brought Forks and these independent characters to life. Choosing previously relatively unknown actors to flesh out this magical world really worked b/c there were no deep-seeded preconceived stereotypes surrounding these stars. Therefore, I think it would be dangerous to cast better known stars in more “minor” character roles. I think it would feel very off. That said, Dakota fanning is famous, but she’s more known for her work rather than for her “famous-person” lifestyle. Because she’s young, and relatively low-key in her personal life, I think she still fits. With regards to the music, if the Jonas brothers can produce a song with an indie/emo (not disney)sound, then I don’t think that’s as challenging to deal with as a famous face actually appearing on screen mixed in with still less famous stars Pattinson and Stewart.(Even though Twilighters might not want to admit that not yet everyone in the world knows who these budding stars are.) The coolest part of all though, is that I truly believe we, the adoring public, will be considered in this decision. Weitz has done his best to be accessible and transparant about his intentions. I have faith!

Posted by Lainey | Report as abusive

I am obsessed with the Twilight Saga! Books, movies, whatever. I’m with those of you who say, “keep New Moon on the same level” possibly a little more depth into development of characters. If they put a lot of celebrities the originality will be lost! It is not only a teen movie and I am tired of hearing that. I am with the grandmother who is forever young. I have been 17 for more than 30 years. As long as I breathe, Robert Pattinson will make my heart skip a beat!


This movie did great with out well known celebrities the first time and it would ruin the sequels to add Disney stars and i believe that would make them less money because it would “cheapen” the film. Dakota Fanning is a great choice for Jane but Leah is a werewolf, eventually, and would not be a fit to Vanessa Hudgins. There are no musical scores and i think Vanessa should stick to cookie cutter pop star stuff. Dakota is a more versatile actress who i think could pull off Jane, but we’ll see, wont we? I also think Catherine will be missed. Don’t know if that was the best decision but, as long as they stick to the books, I think they’ll be ok.

Posted by Hallie | Report as abusive

Using stars that were wellknown but on the same token were not wellknown was the best idea that catherine had. There is no need for brad pitt or angelina jolie or anyone along those lines to be in new mooon or and other sequal. Dakota Fanning is definitely a great choice for jane, but as vanessa she needs to stick to her highschool musical gigs. With using the characters they did for twilight it made them seem like they were actual real people. I hope for new moon they do the same. They dont pick the top celebrity actors and actresses and stick to what they did before. The cast of twilight is amazing!!!!

Posted by allisa | Report as abusive

There is no way in hell I would even think of seeing the next one if ANY Disney stars are in it.

Posted by katie | Report as abusive

I cant get enough of the Twilight saga, love the books so much i could read them over and over. They are so deep and the words stay with me long after ive turned the pages so much emotion. I really enjoyed the movie but i think that some important parts of the books were not addressed. I totally understand that it is not possible to get as much info and depth into the film as the book but there were parts of the film that didnt copy the book exact. I think that if they follow the books as much as they can and keep to the same actors then they cant go wrong in making new moon. I also feel pity for those people who just dont get it, its the most romantic story ive ever read and its not just for teens as i myself am a married mother of two. I only wish i had half the talent that Stephanie Meyer has in the way she can describe all those feelings we have all felt as one time.

Posted by Lisa M | Report as abusive

i think that the jonas brothers suck and shoudnt be ibcluded in the new moon sundtrack.i really think that any of disney channel atars would ruin the sequel.

Posted by ag | Report as abusive

Don’t they dare ask JoBros. And vannessa hudgens should go back to high school musical.
I sometimes hate how twilight suddenly got so popular. without all this they would have keep catherine hardwicke.
Only Dakota Fanning would be a great addition to the twilight cast.

Posted by Minh Thu | Report as abusive

Since Twilight the movie is basically an INDIE flick, it does not make any sense to invite commercial stars like JBros/Vanessa Hudgens who are so Disney-fied. JBros are nice-sounding, but they are just so Pop, which clashes with the indie-ness of the flick and the genre. However, I personally like Dakota Fanning as Jane because to me she isn’t a ready-made star. So yes Dakota, no to Disney people.

Posted by Nadia | Report as abusive

I think that Twilight/New Moon would loose a lot of the fans they have now, but also gain some if the Jonas Brothers were to be considered to be on the soundtrack for New Moon. Sure, it would be different to have Disney on the New Moon soundtrack, but I personally wouldnt have a problem with it. The Jonas’ are great, and I honestly could care less if people are going to freak out. If the Jonas Brothers were to be on the soundtrack, I think a lot of the Jonas Brothers fans would give Twilight a chance if they haven’t already. And there is many Jonas fans that also love Twilight as well.

Posted by Rachael | Report as abusive

thats so true we don’t want any stupid disney stars invaiding twilight mania for more fame I DON’T THINK SO!And seriously!Vanessa Hudgens!ewwwwww!!!OMG!Thats the worst thing they’ve done so far….she better do a good job!this is a goth book or movie that doesn’t need to be have a good ride on the HSM train! if we’re luck it she might break into song during movie!LOL!

Posted by Ruby | Report as abusive

If you add a Disney star in a movie that’s sexy and deadly, you’re just going to end up with dust at the box office.


I seriously hope that Summit and Chris Weitz, casting directors, and the others involved in making decisions for “New Moon” think twice about their choices. Allowing tween kings “Jo Bros” in on the soundtrack, unless they want to make an attempt at doing some dark rock, would totally disgust fans. Have you heard the original Twilight soundtrack? Every single song is perfect for the movie and theme of the story. It’s perfect…keep on with bands like Paramore, Linkin Park, Muse, etc. Maybe think about adding Fly Leaf and Apocalyptica instead of Jonas Brothers. And I totally agree with the thought of adding these better-known celebs in on the movie just because it was a success, don’t fix what is not broken. -K-. You’ll ruin its uniqueness.

Posted by Cherish | Report as abusive

I think that they should not put any well know stars in this movie. It worked really well with just actors and actress. They dont’t need someone with another charter that they are identified with. I don’t know how much I would want to see this movie if they stuck Vanessa in it. I don’t think the Disney people are ready to play this kinds of roles. They are totally differnt from the nice girl and nice boy roles that they play. Even when they have mean roles they still have niceness to them. I don’t think that they could do the movie justice.


Dakota Fanning would be awesome in any role you put her in – she is that darn good. That said, please, please, please, I can’t type it enough times, please! No Vanessa Hudgens! Don’t ruin it! Get someone who is more than just a pretty face! Don’t get me wrong, I’ve watched HSM 1-2-3 with my kids as many times as the rest of you, and she does her job well, but books this great do not deserve to be classified with the average teeny-bopper scene. Try to live up to the books.

Posted by Danielle | Report as abusive

Don’t add celebrities! Don’t change a thing about the movie…bring the old Director back!!!!!!! Twilight was a hit because of what it exactly was…so don’t change it’s flow in New Moon!!!

Posted by NW | Report as abusive

i think that vanessa will be to preppy for twilight i didnt even like her in HSM she sucks! i do think that dakota should be jane though. and the jonas brothers being in the sound track will be stupid not a lot of ppl like them and they will ruin the whole twilight sound track! i think that disney ppl should stay out of twilight!


I believe Sarah Polley should play Jane or some vampire in the movie. She would fit right in with the movie. She play in Dawn of the Dead the blood chick. She has the old european vampirc look about her. Also, I would round up Milla Jovavich from Resident’s Evil she should play Renata or Zafrina. Alison Lohman should be there too. Honestly, I think they won’t go for anymore big name actors just because it will take away from the story and the movie. If Dakota Fanning is Jane. The perception will be “Wow it’s Dakota Fanning” not “Wow that’s Jane”.


NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO keep all of the directors, actors,actresses the same!! it doesnt need anybody else in it especially not vanessa hudgens !!

Posted by Sandra Tila | Report as abusive

The fans are clear: stay away from Disney. Dakota Fanning is a great actress, I envisioned something like her as Jane, so I wouldn’t be upset if she were in the movie. As for the soundtrack: bring some ‘From first to Last’, ‘Chevelle’ and ‘Deftones’ or ‘Interpol’ because that’s what the tone is supposed to be. I’m hopeful the director won’t screw things up… but we won’t know until Nov/Dec.


we dont want any disney actors or actresses in any of the twilight films they are great as they are and adding people like the jonas brothers or vanessa hudgens would totally ruin it. Looking at all of the other comments no one wants to see this happen and a lot of fans would be dissapointed. As for the jonas brothers doing the soundtrack YEAH RIGHT!!! were the hell would any of their gay pop music fit into the films? its totally not suited to these kind of films it would just be pathetic. I hope the new director sticks to how the films should be and keeps all of the original actors and actresses if they were to be changed the films just wouldnt be the same

Posted by kelly | Report as abusive

No to Vanessa Hudgens or any other celebrity that would clash with what makes this series of books a glimpse of unreal reality. Seeing celebs on the next movie may dim the need for this movie to be real to some. Regarding the cast already, from what I’ve seen with their interviews and such, they are sooooo humble and grateful for whatever the movie has put in front of them, how they handle the attention we will see in the future but up until now, they’ve been sooooo lovely hehe… Keep the usual cast PLEASE, they do it for me and I’m sure they do it for many other devoted fans having withdrawal symptoms because they’ve read the books 3 or 4 times already hehe…me included.

Posted by Astral H | Report as abusive

I think Peter Patterson with his James Dean style about him acting along side Kirsten Stewarts Natural beauty and magnetising acting skills works so well.They have brought to life the characters in their own way.
I think nothing should be played about with too much by adding to many new face this will only distract from the main actors telling the story.
Too much change will only add confusion.
I can only look forward to the next part to the story New Moon, and wish all involved the best of luck.
As for who is dating who bla bla cant actors just be made to act naturally along side each other without the the public trying to find some other story other than whats in front of them THE FILM itself!
They are portraying a young couple in love and if we are so convinced that there maybe something between them it only goes to show they have done there job, and not many are able to pull that off now a days.

Posted by Kris Whiteman | Report as abusive

I think the cast should stay the same. and I think the reason why people love ” Twilight” the movei is because the cast are not that well known… so they are not over shodowed by the movie/series they made before. The viewers felt that they are really amongst them because they look like ordinary people


This is where hollywood comes in and always destroys the good ones.. We have two types of twilight fans those who watched it and thought it was just a good movie and then those REAL twilight fans who know the entire SAGA who already had the big attraction to all these characters long before there were faces to put to them….unfamiliar to sight yet familiar in mind we already had a plan of what looks these characters had by reading the entire set of stories…im sorry..when I read jane’s part I dont see dakota fanning and its not that she isnt a good actress but she dont fit and neither do any of the others they listed…AS a completely devoted fan to stephenie meyer and her series and on behalf of those like me PLEASE dont screw this up!

Posted by dani | Report as abusive

Chris Weitz will be more dedicated and has more experience with special effects so the movie will look better. Plus, Hardwicke pretty much said she isn’t up for the challenge of trying to make New Moon better then Twilight because it is going to be really difficult. Chriz Weitz seems dedicated and I really believe he will pull it off. As for the actors and actresses… I don’t really mind. Jonas Brothers would be a mistake… let’s make sure they don’t get anymore famous.

Posted by Duncan | Report as abusive

Part of what was so great about Twilight was that the actors weren’t really well known. DON’T ruin it with already known celebrities. The Twihards know right away when people fit the roll they play. And the whole thing about a new director is BOGUS! When you just change the director, the whole movie changes, and it never turnes out as good. I just hope that nothing is taken away fromt the next movie, and hopefully this director will call for better effects in the movie. I’m already skeptical about how New Moon is going to turn out. I just hope they don’t mess it up.

Posted by Rosie | Report as abusive

Oh No!!!!! Please do NOT bring Disney into this!!!! This is no place for the big mouse or any of his peeps! I read all 4 books before I went to see Twilight! I didn’t picture the Jonas Bros or any other Mickey Mouse BS in this saga! Keep it real! I like the people as they were cast! It kept with the book and I hope that as the next movies are cast that we see the same people returning along with some new looks such as Jane and Tanya NOT Dakota or Vanessa!!! I love the stories that Stephanie Meyer has told and I only hope that she can give us more!

Posted by Linda E | Report as abusive

I really don’t think it would be wise for Summit to allow the Jonas Brothers a spot on the sound track. Don’t get me wrong I like the Jonas Brothers,but I don’t think their “sound” would really fit with the movie and it sure as heck wouldn’t sound anything close to the first soundtrack. (Which the AMAZING!) I think that the Jonas Brothers need to look at soundtracks elsewhere and not try to impose on Twilight. I also think that it would be a bad idea to have a “star studded” cast for New Moon. This book is supposed to be about loosing someone, finiding the strength to go on and the reuniment of two people. I think that it would really hurt the film if they incorporated bigger names into the series. I understand why they would want to be in the film I mean it’s great, but I hope that Summit continues to give good, but not well known, actors a chance at success.

Posted by Katey | Report as abusive

new moon is not the place for all the disney stars to get on the big screen. dakota fanning is fine but vannessa hudgens and ive heard about lucas grabeel being on the cast put a decent actor in please

Posted by madison | Report as abusive

the brothers,whatever there name should not be aloud to be in new moon it will ruin it!why would they do this it will just ruin the whole film and they should stick more to the book that would please so of the fans.

Posted by Carys | Report as abusive

I really hope that New Moon sticks to Twilight\’s indie roots and does not commercialize itself with the Disney Channel superstars. We all fell in love with the modesty of Pattison and Stewart which rang through the characters of Bella and Edward. Hudgens and Jonas Brothers would be a very unfitting and disappointing choice for the Twilight series.

Posted by Lori | Report as abusive

Whoever would even think of putting Disney into a Twilight sequel has absolutely no clue as to why Twilight is such a hit. Say it isn’t so.


I think the jonas brothers should be in the next movie after Twilight but I think one of the jonas brothers should stay out of Twilight. OHh I all most forgot that Vanessa should be in Twilight. Love zoie saludares


I for one would hate the fact that the rest of the twilight saga would be filled with stars….I loved the fact that the cast was full of new faces and great talent. This is not a disney film the Jonas brothers and vanessa hudgens would ruin it at it’s very core.

I really hope the new director stays with the films unique style and quality it was a joy to watch as it unfolded i can not wait to see how New Moon will rise

Posted by Jodie | Report as abusive

I may not be an authority on music, but I consider myself fairly well educated when it comes to music and literature. Surely Stephenie Meyer would never let her excellent taste in music be marred by the “Bubble gum” style of The Jonas Brothers!

Posted by momwithtaste | Report as abusive

I for one have no problem with the Jonas Brothers or Vanessa contributing to the movie. The reason Vanessa is an actress is because she can adapt and play many parts. She would not bring a “Disney” personality to a vampire movie. The Jonas Brothers likewise would not do one of their normal songs but would adapt to the movie. I think they could really make “New Moon” a great movie. However, I think that if it doesnt feel right for the movie then they shouldn’t be part of it. The new director should do whatever makes him think the movie is going to be amazing!

Posted by Sarah | Report as abusive

Chris weitz has more experience in directing and i think new moon would be much much better than twilight,im not saying catherine hardwicke is a bad director, but TWILIGHT wasnt good enough;the book was better. PLEASE dont put vanessa hudges in the movie. I think Dakota is to young to play the role of Jane, shes a very good actress, but i dont see her as the a bad vampire. The jonas brothers are perfect;they are so sweet and i think they can make a very good song for new moon. And nobody is bringing disney into this. But i’m pretty sure Chris weitz is going to make the right decisions.

Posted by jazmin | Report as abusive

The cast was great; you don’t need Dakota Fanning or Vanessa Hudgens. Twilight is to adolescent and young women as Harry Potter was to kids. We love the actors, don’t recast celebrities.

Posted by anne | Report as abusive

i think that the movie should have the same people who were already in it in the first place. i mean i was kinda disappointed when i saw the movie at first because some things were not in the right order. but its still a great movie. i would be deeply disappointed if they change the movies to come with new actors. i like the ones that are in it already fine.

Posted by caitlin | Report as abusive

one of the best things about twilight as an independant film was that it allowed the audience to interpret the actors more clearly as their characters, rather than “yes, that’s so and so, playing so and so.”
it also allowed for the actors to act more naturalistically, rather than having to force their characters out around themselves.

Posted by Sof | Report as abusive

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