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Celebrities come knocking for “Twilight” sequel

February 12, 2009

Vampire romance movie “Twilight” proved a blockbuster hit last year anthe-jonas-brothersd has made more than $356.8 million worldwide at the box office. The movie’s success was unusual for Hollywood, because at its heart “Twilight” was an indie movie, and box office leaders often come from the major studios. “Twilight” was made by independent studio Summit Entertainment and it starred Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson, who went into the production as working actors and came out as instant celebrities.

Now, established celebrities are thirsty to be part of Summit’s sequel “New Moon” due out on Nov. 20. The latest stars knocking at Summit’s door are teen pop sensations The Jonas Brothers, who told MTV they would love to contribute to the “New Moon” soundtrack.  ”The movie was obviously a huge success, and if they asked us to be a part (of the sequel) that would be great,” Nick Jonas told MTV, as his brothers agreed.

Not so fast, Jonas Brothers. Not all the “Twilight” fans are happy with the idea of the Jonas Brothers, who gained their popularity on the Disney Channel, playing a part in the next installment of the movie franchise. One commentator at the MTV site wrote, “This isn’t some stupid Disney movie so stop trying to turn it into one.”

The Jonas Brothers are not the first Disney stars to eye a role in the “Twilight” franchise. Vanessa Hudgens, a star in Disney’s “High School Musical” movies, has also sought a part in the “Twilight” franchise, MTV reported last month. And Dakota Fanning, 14, one of the most famous and acclaimed child stars of recent years, is also interested in winning a part in “New Moon” as the bloodsucker Jane.

Catherine Hardwicke, who directed “Twilight,” has been replaced with Chris Weitz. That change also ruffled some feathers from “Twilight’s” passionate fan base of mostly teen girls and young women. Weitz is more of an inside Hollywood choice for the movie franchise, with proven box office success on the 1999robert-pattinson-kristen-stewart “American Pie” and the 2001 sequel, whereas Hardwicke before “Twilight” had more modest box office success. Even so, the style she brought to “Twilight” pleased many fans, who are still on the fence about how Weitz will handle the sequel.

 Stewart, the 18-year-old star of “Twilight” who played Bella Swan in the movie, is still adjusting to the roller coaster of fame that came with the movie. Will she thrive if called upon to star opposite Dakota or Vanessa? More importantly, how will fans react if “New Moon” becomes studded with celebrities? Will they like the change or not?


Yes, the Jonas Brothers are a Disney band, but they do have a layer of talent that could be nice to hear on screen. Indie music is fabulous, true. However, the song “Sorry” would be perfect for when Edward and Bella are back together.

Posted by rori | Report as abusive

They shouldnt let the jonas brothers do a song. They are too, disney channel it would ruin everything about it. I have read all the books and I want them to keep using the first directors style. She made look just like how the books are. (is that makes any sense.)Stars shouldn’t be able to do the film. It wouldnt look right.

Posted by me | Report as abusive

seriously? if they cast celebrities in this movie it would ruin it! the jonas brother and vanessa hudgens? PLEASE they would absolutely kill the movie! they can’t act at all! it would be suicide for the movie


No to the Jonas Brothers, no to Vanessa, no to morphing twilight with disney. no no no no no. period.

Posted by Kitty | Report as abusive

If famous disney people played in new moon, the audiance would be seeing them as who they are in real life rather than the character they are supposed to be. It would take away from the story. bad idea

Posted by K Rose | Report as abusive

No one that is really a fan of the Twilight Saga would ever want the Jonas Brothers (UGH!) to do a song for this movie! And about the BIG celebrity thing, I really think it depends on the quality of the acting coming from the actor or actress. I’ve read the books and I loved them, but I didn’t really love the first movie as much as the book. I’m not saying that is was a horrible movie either. So, for me, I think New Moon can withstand a couple of changes.

Posted by Alex | Report as abusive

i don’t have anything against the Jonas Brothers but when you hear there music you think of Disney which would be awful for this movie,and Dakota Fanning would be great as Jane because she is supposed to look young which Vanessa Hudgens does not at least not the as young as Jane should look, and if Vanessa Hudgens played Jane it wouldn’t be great for the same reason why the Jonas Brothers shouldn’t do the music.(and you shouldn’t compare movies with the books they are based on, it wont come out like you imagine it in your head and when it doesn’t you end up disappointed and come up with reasons why the movie was bad)

Posted by someone | Report as abusive

I was reading some of the comments and some people said they like the new director much better because he is better at special effects,can i ask why the special effects matter much?supposed to be a romantic kinda of movie right?There is action sure but doesn’t the story revolve around 2 love sick teenagers?the effects in “twilight” were just fine

Posted by someone | Report as abusive

I went to the movies tonite not knowing what this movie was about? I had only heard from a friend that it was a “Vampire” movie. Well I thought the movie was fantastic! I thought the main characters which they cast in this movie were brilliant!The person that played “Bella” and also “Edward” were unreal. I loved that I did had not seen or heard about them before now until this movie. I cannot wait for the next film to come! Please do not change any of the cast!

Posted by Julie | Report as abusive

hello, my name is Amanda, and i think it’s a very stupied idea’ because if they took in the *disney people * in to the movie the hole move will be ruin , i love the books. And why take those people into the movie why not just be happy like it is , and please do not ruin it. !

Posted by Amanda Mårtensson | Report as abusive

I really can’t see already “famous” actors playing in this movie….the relative no names and small screen actors are perfect for this movie. And the Jonas brothers, vannessa Hudgens and Dakota fanning will just ruin it. If you’ver read the books then you’ll understand that

Posted by Nae | Report as abusive

The Jonas Bros are Disney, yes, but that is not the reason they should not be on the soundtrack. First of all, they have admitted they have neither seen the movie nor read the books (can you say Bandwagon?!?). Second, they are too main-stream for New Moon. Listen to the first soundtrack or to the songs listed on author Stephenie Meyer’s website. The movie – just like the book – is meant to have a more alternative, indie feel to the music. PLEASE, no pop for New Moon!!!

Posted by NotATeenfan | Report as abusive

Please keep all the disney kids out of twilight, they may just ruin the authenticity of it. Readers of the books will be the ones disappointed the most because they know what the story truly is, it’s not a celebrity contest.

Posted by Jenny | Report as abusive

The powerful thing about all of the cast in the film version of “Twilight” was similar to that of the cast of “Harry Potter”, none of the characters were really well known for anything else so now they have become that character to the world. If you try and put someone who’s famous for something specific like Vanessa Hudgens into this film, the movie will lose some of its magic. People will see her and think “High School Musical” and just like that the movie is fake. However I can see Dakota Fanning in the part of Jane because she has done such a variety of movies throughout her career and I believe she could embody the character.

Posted by carrie | Report as abusive

What the heck!! The Jonas Brother’s are like the meaning of Disney. I think we should switch back to Hardwicke and then get rid of all these dumb Disney Channel stars….

Posted by Disney Channel Hater | Report as abusive

the jonas brothers should NOT be allowed on the soundtrack!!!!!!! it would ruin the moive!!! And big stars shouldn’t be in the movie either especially not disney stars!!!! it would ruin the movie!!!! so no jonas brothers and no disney stars or any other big stars!!!!!!

Posted by Traci | Report as abusive

I nor have not read or known about the books until after the movie. I enjoyed the movie because it had stars ive never heard of and thats why i went to see this spellbinded movie. I am a huge fan of the twilight stars and thae Saga ive now read all of the books with my sis. the Jonas bros SHOULD be on the soundtrack i would love to hear what they contribute on the track. now my dilema is vanessa hudgens i disagree with her on the clan of twilight every vote counts NO on hudgens.I am still a fan of hudgens its just that i wouldnt like the movie as mucj with her in it.

Posted by Megan | Report as abusive

I agree with mostly everyone on here, that the Jonas Bros. should not be a part of the next movie. One reason is that, not only are teenagers in love with this story and the movie, women in their 20′s, 30′s and even 40′s love this story and don’t want it to become too teenagish (if that’s a word). I think the movie the way it originally was done is perfect. I don’t think the “New Moon” movie will be made any better by adding spectacular hollywood special effects. I actually believe it would take away from the story. Save it for the action type guy movies, leave a good thing alone.

Posted by patron | Report as abusive

I think that The Jonas Brother SHOULD NOT have a song in the movie !!! it would ruin the movie!!!!

Posted by Lila | Report as abusive

I think that if the Jonas Brothers are allowed to write a write a song for the soundtrack, it would be for marketing purposes only. JB has access to a younger demographic of girls, one that is almost untapped by the Twilight Saga. Little kids would buy the soundtrack, just for the Jonas Brothers song, especially if it was an exclusive song. With the Jonas Brothers on the soundtrack, they could make twice as much money off of the Twilight name. I won’t say whether the Jonas Brothers would be good for the image of the movie or not, seeing as my point of view is tainted by the fact that I am a fan of JB, and naturally want to hear any song they can come out with, but from a profitable point of view, the Jonas Brothers would be a good idea.

Posted by ojdpatient | Report as abusive

Okay..I understand and agree about not involving Disney actors/singers in the movies but Dakota Fanning would be great as Jane. Jane is supposed to look very young but be very powerful and I can’t think of any other actress that age who could bring the intensity needed for the part but Dakota Fanning has shown she can.

Posted by Kelly | Report as abusive

Vanessa Hudgens wasn’t looking for a part of jane she was trying out for Leah, but i don’t want her in it it would make the movie too weird, and i don’t think the jonas brothers should have any part in New moon soundtrack, I you listen to the twilight soundtrack it is so not jonas brother material, i mean really. Dakota would be good at jane since she is a very good dramatic artist !

Posted by Gabriella | Report as abusive

I didn’t know much about the movie it’s self until I watched it last night… It was very good! I was impressed how it was dreary yet captivating… I think that if they wanted well known actors they should have started the series with well know actors… for example, in Lord of the Rings… we all new the main character Froto was going to be played by Elijah Woods, Matrix with Keanu Rives, Star Wars Natalie Portmen and Samuel L. Jackson . I think that it is refreshing to see new actors that are good take control of a series… for example, Harry Potter… Those were not well known actors and see how successful those movies were and still are.

Posted by Nataly | Report as abusive

OMG! NO WAY should the Jonas Brothers do the soundtrack, those fame hoarders need to stop! New Moon is NOT Jonas material. Please please please! No Jonas for Twilight!!!

Posted by Kerri | Report as abusive

If they replace any of the actors who play in the movie i will be mad, they are good actors and it would feel different if they were different actors. I think the Jonas Brothers (not a huge fan like sister but i like their music when my sisters not siging) should get a chance

Posted by Hailey | Report as abusive

I think that all the people from Twilight the original movie should stay the same (mainly because they are the face of the movie so why would you want to confuse people by changing the faces of the characters they already know; also because the current Edward Cullen is HAWT!). I just recently saw the movie (as in 10 pm to 12 am last night) and I think that it was AWESOME and why would anyone want to change that. LOL I near fainted when Edward walked in in slow-mo. There were a few scenes that were skipped and there were a few out-of-place scenes but all in all the movie was awesome and New Moon should be awesome too, as long as they have the same characters (and if it doesn’t… let’s just say I can get confused very, VERY easily).

Posted by Kayme | Report as abusive

the first time i heard about twilight!
i thought it was gonna be a gay movie…
but then when i watched i was totally hooked on it….
so now i read all the books and cant wait till
all the movies come out!!!!!:)

Posted by artiki | Report as abusive

I would like to see the movie keep its original value. Part of why I liked it so much was that these were “new” people… and really played out their parts well. Besides Pattinson formerly appearing on Harry Potter, which was minor, they ARE Bella and Edward from Twilight. You start throwing long time stars into it, and its going to distract from the story. When you see Fannings or Hudgens, the first thing that comes to mind is all the characters they’ve played in the past and not what is going on in the film.

Posted by Joni | Report as abusive

the people for the pack is what you should be worried about if anything they will be more involved with the story then the rest of the characters, maybe worry about who plays some of the volturi, but still not as much as the pack

Posted by someone | Report as abusive

I HATE the fact that all theses STUPID Disney stars are trying to be apart of all the Twilight Saga. There is NO doubt that when twilight was a work in progress they thought it was stupid THEY ONLY WANT TO BE IN IT NOW IS BECAUSE THEY KNOW ITS A HIT!!! i HATE the Jonas Brothers, and they need to stay in there stupid little Camp Rock stuff. I don’t mind Fanning, but Vanessa needs to go find troy and sing a song and leave us twilight fans ALONE kay!

Posted by Katie | Report as abusive

LOOK lets not bring the film down to a child’s film level Disney has its fans in its own right. TWILIGHT on the other hand is slightly more for the older… like lets say above the 8-9 year olds.
I mean come on if you have read the books you know how intense everything gets, why spoil it. Don’t add that does not fit the style of film.. It matters as much as the main characters that are in it now that the music stay along the same path as it has been on.
STEPHENIE MEYER knows her stuff and is wise enough to make the right choices, I don’t think she would wont Disney and pop music or what ever you call it in the equation so lets not worry so much about gossip and keep our fingers crossed.
keep it dark and intense and real to the books that’s all the fans ask!!

Posted by Kris Whiteman | Report as abusive

IF YOU have read the book,s then you would know that each story each book moves on!! changes in a lot of ways each character grows into there own.
YEAH SURE Bella and Edward are the same but it intensifies so much more between them.
So what new director!!! its the next book so therefore different film..
THE director will have STEPHENIE MEYER keeping him true to the plot.. so should it matter the director has changed!!!

AS FOR THE MUSIC come on it only needs Robert Patterson to pull something together to keep to the same wave length….I think he did the film great justice, and will continue to do so.

Posted by Kris Whiteman | Report as abusive

i think we shouldn’t put any famous high class hollywood stars in the sequel for twilight. the twilight actors before twilight weren’t even that known and look how famous they are now! i disagrre w/dakota fanning playing jane and vanessa hudgens being their too. i think it’s time to give the spotlight to other rising actors or actress.

Posted by oriana | Report as abusive

I think ROBERT PATTERSON HAS A James Dean style about him.
Kirsten Stewarts Natural beauty and magnetising acting skills works so well. They have brought to life the characters in their own way.
I think nothing should be played about with too much by adding to many new face this will only distract from the main actors telling the story.
Too much change will only add confusion.

As for who is dating who bla bla cant actors just be made to act naturally along side each other without the the public trying to find some other story other than whats in front of them THE FILM itself!
They are portraying a young couple in love and if we are so convinced that there maybe something between them it only goes to show they have done there job, and not many are able to pull that off now a days.

MUSIC for the film should stay on the same wave length..

Posted by Kris Whiteman | Report as abusive

With all the rumors about who is being cast for some pretty important roles, or who is on the soundtrack, maybe the fans should make recommendations rather than react? What made the film work was the on screen chemistry or “fit” of the current cast for their role portrayal. Summit will completely miss the point if they allow casting of critical roles to go to “starlets” instead of actors that “fit” the role.

Twilight was made with only “teenage girls in mind”. The phenomenon is that the story and it’s universal appeal to women and men, of any age was CLEARLY missed by Summit Entertainment. To fill the roles with pretty little starlets and make any forthcoming movie(s) reminiscent of those made for a mature Disney audience, would be a gross misjudgment on their part.

Twilight works because the readers become involved with and in the characters lives and their development. Characters are the fabric of what makes the story work. After you learn of Rosalie’s transformation you can’t help but to develop a new sense of pathos for her. The same is true for Jasper, and the horror of his transformation.

To trivialize the casting of Leah, Seth, Jane, Sue Clearwater, Caius, Aro, Demetri, Marcus, and the members of the various Cullen “Vampire Clans” would be a serious error in casting and in judgment. Stephanie Meyers should put her foot done on artistic license and be more involved in developing casting direction in bringing her characters through to fruition. I’m assuming but would place a pretty good wager, that unlike JK Rowling, she she sold the rights to the movie before the book sold it’s first copy. Leaving the next movie it in the hands of the bean counters who see $$$ $$$ where they should see the heart of a jewel that has been laid in their lap is more than loathsome. The books will endure, the films, if left in the hands and masterminds of original Twilight movie, will be setting the stage for Lifetime TV movie remakes.

On that… Here are some really serious considerations for casting for the movie….

Actor: Anthony Cistaro (Best known as Kenneth Irons in TNT’s WitchBlade) Caius
Actor: Nikolaj Coster-Waldau (Last seen in New Amersterdam Series
Actor: Laurence Fox (Movie “Becoming Jane”)
Diemetri or Marcus
Actor: Q’orianka Kilcher (The critcs went NUTS over her in “The New World”) Leah (SHE IS LEAH)
Actor: Sheila Tousey Sue Clearwater (Tony Hillerman’s Skinwalkers on PBS)
Actor Nicholas Bartolo Seth Clearwater? Hmmmmm maybe not
Actor: Dakota Fanning JANE (you’re kidding right?) I’m betting she’s a diva on set and how will that play out?
Jodella Ferland is a MUCH better choice!

That’s my two cents…

Twilight MOM

Posted by Twilight Mom | Report as abusive

NO!!! Vanessa is too disney-tastic and the jonas brothers need to stay away! This is not some stepping stone for their career! I think that I speak for pretty much all the avid Twilight fans, huge main stream celebrities need to just stay away, it would take away from the movie too much. The original actors should stay and not so famous, new faces should be cast into the available roles.

Posted by Tasha | Report as abusive

As a twilight saga fan, It is imperative that the actors and actresses they ( summit production ) should hire should be a new comer(s). That is why the twilight movie was so successful due the various talent of team that was portraying each characters. As the new sequel ( new moon ) I am really disappointed that the director is looking into a more established actors or actress that doesnt really gel to a specific character. If the movie has a more established actor or actress the movie line or story will not be effective as it should be..
Yours truly,

Posted by ann | Report as abusive

pls,pls do not consider the jonas brothers to do any song for the twilight saga movies. They can’t even sing. They only know how to look cute.. No talent at all when it comes to singing.

Posted by ann | Report as abusive

i think we should keep up the same everything as ‘twilight’. the music, actors, and actresses were great. i really liked that they didn’t go out and find these actors that have been in a millions of movies, but still found actors that had wonderful talent and seem to take the ‘twilight’ series to heart. i hope the director and producer keep up the same with ‘new moon’. i think that if they do cast the girl off 90210 and dakota they need to remember who the true STARS are of the movie. those two will be just minor parts in the movie compared to bella, edward, the cullens, and the quieletes pack.

the ‘twilight’ junkie

Posted by dj oday | Report as abusive

Twilight started as an indie flick with many fans dedicated to the book and it needs to stay that way. It was not meant to have mainstream actors and disney kids. Those of us into it made the box office numbers soar. We will do that again with New Moon. It doesn’t need Dakota or any of the others. As for music, how would you go from Pattinson, Paramore, Muse and Linkin Park to the Jonas Brothers. What a joke! They chose their fan base and they need to stick with it.

Posted by Chelsy | Report as abusive

Hum…How many of these little HOLLYWOOD princes & princesses were begging for a part in the orginal movie. The relatively unknown actors that were cast were taking a risk with their fledgling careers and a wise decision it has turned out to be. However successful it has been for them on the ride so far, they probably have at least some regret having gotten involved in the votex of teen media. Most of them are at least college or older and dream of being accepted as serious actors. Hopefully, they will all cope with relentless schedule (more books and more movies to come) of filming and promotion that they have gotten involved it without melting down or washing out.
There is going to be enough hype based strictly on the popularity of the books themselves and the success of the first movie without having to having to stomach the mechanics of the entourage of the likes of Dakota Fanning and the entire cast of High School Musical (1-3). Absoltully no Hilary Duff, Miley Cyrus or Joe Jonas PLEASE!


I personally think Dakota Fanning is a GREAT addition to the cast. Jonas Brothers and Vanessa? Why dont you just burn all the copies of the saga? It will have the same effect on the movie.

Posted by Jocelyn | Report as abusive

ommg i love twillightt so muchh.
it is so gud. i so wanna part in the moviee!!
DONT PUT THE SONG IN THE MOVIE. i dont think that
it is twilight material. oh nd i hate the jonas bros so yeh.
twiliight cast is greatt! i love it and i wanna be an actress when i grow up soo lol yeh.
ur doing a great job. xoxo
lovve youu.

Posted by jess mcintosh | Report as abusive

No way should they let all these disney actors get in to new moon. New moon is gonna be dark and mysterious, not a great kinda scene for jo bros and vanessa. I think Dakota would make a gd Jane though, she kinda looks the part!

Posted by Harriet | Report as abusive

i think they should let new up and coming actors and actresses have a chance…celebrities already made it…give others an opportunity…

Posted by adri pink | Report as abusive

Anyone know when there will be an official trailer for new moon?

Posted by someone | Report as abusive

Have people forgotten that Kristen Stewart played Jodie Foster’s daughter in Panic Room? (sarcastically) I think she can go up against a child like Dakota Fanning or please…(hahaha) Vanessa Hudgens…

Posted by Gina | Report as abusive



stop trying to turn it into a stupi disney movie with these stupid celebrities, because twilights amazing as it is now,


Posted by lauren | Report as abusive

Whoever thinks that “this is not some stupid disney movie and don’t try turning it into one” is right. I believe the should leave it alone. However if dakota fanning can be as mature as she was in the movie Push then i truly believe that she could play the part. And get the same look as her, but we all know how far hollywood will go for a great box office.

Posted by Laren | Report as abusive

They need to cast these new parts carefully and I think sparingly (with any big stars) twilight is the epitome of great casting. While Dakota Fanning may be excellent for Jane, I would think twice about using a big name for Alec (Jane’s brother) or any of the other parts for the sake of a big name – They need to think very very carefuly about the structure of this four film saga – because the actors they have already chosen are so real to all of us – They have in fact made the story real – very real – to all of us who love the book – take care of the cast that exists, carefully cast the remainder and spend the money on the script. Give us the intimacy that exists between Edward and Bella in the book – that’s what we’re here for!

Posted by Carolyn | Report as abusive

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