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Celebrities come knocking for “Twilight” sequel

February 12, 2009

Vampire romance movie “Twilight” proved a blockbuster hit last year anthe-jonas-brothersd has made more than $356.8 million worldwide at the box office. The movie’s success was unusual for Hollywood, because at its heart “Twilight” was an indie movie, and box office leaders often come from the major studios. “Twilight” was made by independent studio Summit Entertainment and it starred Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson, who went into the production as working actors and came out as instant celebrities.

Now, established celebrities are thirsty to be part of Summit’s sequel “New Moon” due out on Nov. 20. The latest stars knocking at Summit’s door are teen pop sensations The Jonas Brothers, who told MTV they would love to contribute to the “New Moon” soundtrack.  ”The movie was obviously a huge success, and if they asked us to be a part (of the sequel) that would be great,” Nick Jonas told MTV, as his brothers agreed.

Not so fast, Jonas Brothers. Not all the “Twilight” fans are happy with the idea of the Jonas Brothers, who gained their popularity on the Disney Channel, playing a part in the next installment of the movie franchise. One commentator at the MTV site wrote, “This isn’t some stupid Disney movie so stop trying to turn it into one.”

The Jonas Brothers are not the first Disney stars to eye a role in the “Twilight” franchise. Vanessa Hudgens, a star in Disney’s “High School Musical” movies, has also sought a part in the “Twilight” franchise, MTV reported last month. And Dakota Fanning, 14, one of the most famous and acclaimed child stars of recent years, is also interested in winning a part in “New Moon” as the bloodsucker Jane.

Catherine Hardwicke, who directed “Twilight,” has been replaced with Chris Weitz. That change also ruffled some feathers from “Twilight’s” passionate fan base of mostly teen girls and young women. Weitz is more of an inside Hollywood choice for the movie franchise, with proven box office success on the 1999robert-pattinson-kristen-stewart “American Pie” and the 2001 sequel, whereas Hardwicke before “Twilight” had more modest box office success. Even so, the style she brought to “Twilight” pleased many fans, who are still on the fence about how Weitz will handle the sequel.

 Stewart, the 18-year-old star of “Twilight” who played Bella Swan in the movie, is still adjusting to the roller coaster of fame that came with the movie. Will she thrive if called upon to star opposite Dakota or Vanessa? More importantly, how will fans react if “New Moon” becomes studded with celebrities? Will they like the change or not?


i do not want known people to be in twilight. most other huge fans feel the same. it needs to be original. just as stephanie meyer intended it. don’t add famous people. let new actors come in so fans can enjoy the image of a fresh talent instead of someone famous who has been in other popular sucesses. the popular sucesses will only cause viewers to think of other movies and twilight must be original. thats one of the great things catherine hardwicke did. though she did managae to pull this movie out of her ass with such a low budget

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Ugh. NO. Please don’t put those stupid boys in there. It’ll seem unreal with them in there.


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What is it with Hollywood? When something is good and works, they go mess is up! Hey Know-it-All, “If it isn’t broken, Don’t fix it”!!!!

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Part of the originality of Twilight was that none of the actors were “HUGE”, known, but not “HUGE”.

I also hope they don’t turn this into a teen pop soundtrack. Muse, Paramore, Linkin Park, and Robert Pattinson’s songs were perfect!

Once the Twilight series is turned into a cookie cutter movie, that is when they’ll lose a lot of viewers.

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Any and all of the Disney franchise and any of its affliates should completely stay out of the Twilight Series. I believe Summit Entertainment is fully aware that such a decision would send the film’s success plumetting out the sky and infuriate the fans.

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ok I’m a huge twilight fan. I became interested in the whole twilight thing when the books first came out. I have watched twilight grow and I have watched many movies with both actresses who are wanting to play the character Jane. In my opinion Dakota Fanning would do a much better job at in that part then Vanessa. Dakota is better suited for the character. She 1. looks like Jane or how Jane was described in the books, 2. she is a far better Actress, 3. she has way more experience. I know that several of my friends feel the same way. My friends and my self don’t really like the way Disney is going and really don’t feel any of their stars they have true acting or singing skills. there are some that are ok actors and singers but there aren’t many, and Vanessa is one of the actress who doesn’t have any skill.

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disney people are like little pest that wont go away! i really hope they dont put the jonas brothers or anyone from disney into anything related with twilight these movies are a lot more serious than “camp rock” and “the jonas brothers 3d concert movie.” the ponly reason they want to be in it is because its doing well i bet none of them have even read any of the books!!

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(comment for julie)…hi julie…i do agree with you on Dakota, i think too that she will be perfect for the role as jane..but just for info Vanessa was “rumored” to have applied for the role of Leah Clearwater (and she still is not good for that one…i don’t think she will fit for any role in the twilight saga)..and true she and all other Disney persona’s are going to ruin the Twilight sequel..uhhhhhh..there are a lot of good actors and actresses out there that are waiting to be noticed…

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Wowthe only thing that wouldn’t seem real to you about twilight would be the jonas brothers?

Vanessa hudgens was going for leah Clearwater, not jane. Some Disney stars turn out to be respected actors. Look at Anne Hathaway.

Look, people are gonna complain no matter what. People were outraged about Robert and kristen before the movie came out. So just trust that stephanie meyer won’t allow them to sell out and we’ll get another great movie to match the books :)

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they can not put CELEBRATIES IN THERE!!!

Posted by JAMIE | Report as abusive

I honestly believe that Dakota is a fantastic actress and with her recent spout of maturity and all of her dramatic roles that she has had in the past, she might be able to play the part of Jane. Then again other parts of me think that unknown actors and actresses may be better for the parts to make the movie more real and not so hollywood. There definitely shouldn’t be any Disney child stars in the film because even though it is a movie geared towards “teen girls and young women” there are plenty of other fan bases. Disney kids (although talented) would make the movie seem cheap and very childish.

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im happy they changed the director he did an amazing job on the golden compass and he has more experience with this kind ov thing then she does. I hope to god that the jonas brothers have nothing to do with any of the twilight saga they’ll just ruin it! and as for vanessa hugens who does she think she kidding? what makes her think she can play any of the characters in the book? i mean she’s a horrible actress and an evn worse singer. i just hope that chris weitz has enough sense not to cast any of the disney people or already famous people in any of the sagas. haven said that i must say that i wouldn’t oppose to dakota fanning playing jane, giving other people a chance to play her would be great but i just think she would fit the role perfectly.


We need free new actors, not actors who want to steal the limelight away from the main cast.

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that was the magic of the twilight film. it was new unheard of actors and actresses. l think twilight will have their cast by now as they are leaving it abit late to sign people up when they start filming next month. l reacon the new cast has already been choosen.

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The disney ppl will completely RUIN AND DESTROY the Twilight Movies if they came into this. The Jonas Brothers shud just stick to what they are used to AND capable of doing, they have no need to ruin this, this isn’t a bunch of silly tween-based movies wich contain celebs who are absolutely horrible at both singing and acting….this is serious, the Twilight Franchise is loved all over the world….plz don’t ruin this!!!

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They cannot use celebrities in this movie. It spoils the fantasy and chemistry of the movie! they will lose their fans if they decide to use celebs.

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i don’t think that they should put all these celebs in, but i do agree with Dakota, i think she would be a great jane, but VH should not be Leah. I also heard that they are seriously considering the guy who played Prince Caspian for Aro which is a HUGE mistake. Aro needs to be older. In my head it is someone like Christopher Lee or someone with that kind of timeless look. and i hope they have Dimitri and Felix cause they are fab characters =]
So i dont think they sould do the bug hollywood/celeb thing!!! it will ruin it totally

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NO to Disney and all it’s baby so called stars.

Those of us who love the Twilight Series and have enjoyed their Twilight Soundtrack, don’t want to hear Jonas Brothers or any other Disney wanna be star on it’s Soundtrack.

I would love to NEVER hear another song by Jonas Brothers, Miley Cryus, or anyone similar to them again.

Keep DISNEY out of the Twilight Saga. PLEASE!!!

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it would be stupid to have all kinds of celebrities in new moon vanessa hudgens and dakota fanning would ruin it i don’t see them being in a vampire movie and the jonas brothers don’t need to do the soundtrack either new moon does not need to be invaded by some stupid disney channel stars that make a living entertaining kids.

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I am a mother of 3 and have become addicted to the twilight books and the movie. I sure hope that Stephanie Meyer has some imput on the actors who will portray “HER” characters because it will not work if these well knowns come into it. If they put Vanessa in, I would be waiting thru the whole movie for her to break out in song. Dakota Fanning is definitely not the right person to play Jane–she hasn’t even read the books and seemed not to care one way or the other if she was in the movies. We need actors who have the talent and want to create the name. This will keep in them in for the long haul and get the complete movie series done in the way that Stephanie meant them to be.

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First and foremost…anything that gets teenagers reading has got to be applauded. The movie was good but the book was better. I think the reason some people get so defensive about putting Disney frontrunners in the new movie is because there are so many young women that relate to Bella’s character. Awkward, not fully fitting in with their surroundings….basically not the perfect blonde cookie cutter cheerleader that Disney has a tendency of putting out. By putting someone affiliated with Bubble gum princessy perfection, you would almost be taking the soul out of the story. A young woman coming into her own and being comfortable with who she is and what she wants, regardless of what others will say or do.

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I am a mother of two young children and I absolutely love the Twilight Saga. Part of its appeal is the fan’s ability to relate to the characters. Kristen Stewart is a beautiful girl, but also plays well the average clumsy teenager that Bella Swan is. I truly hope they don’t ruin the legacy Meyers created with names like the Jonas Brothers and Vanessa Hudgens!

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I am a mother of 3 that had no intention of every readying Twilight. My 12 yr old daugther was the one that got me hooked. The books were WONDERFUL and the movie was great. I agree with kg. I hope that Stephenie has a say in who will play the parts. After all, she created them. Vanessa Hudgens is Disney and I feel that Disney should stay out of it. I do not want this series to be turned into a cheesy, pre teen filk. As for Dakota… Well she is very good, but way too young to play Jane. Not to mention the fact that she hasn’t even read the books! I enjoy Twilight being a little film, with lesser know actors. It adds to the charm.

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This whole situation is getting ridiculous. I think that the Twilight movie was perfect. They did an excellent job casting with the small budget that they had. Every actor is perfect for the character. But now that they have a bigger budget they are going to get A-list actors. I just think that they should stick to what made it famous in the first place. The virtually unknown actors that we have seen before but weren’t on a high school musical level, in accordance with Disney. Disney needs to stay out of it. The Twilight Saga is the best love story of this era with hints of action and excitement. The casting director should be weary when casting. Nobody who is a true Twilight fan will want to see Vanessa or Dakota in the movie. They are too big name in Hollywood. Twilight was supposed to be different and if they put this actors in the movie, it will be like everything else in Hollywood.

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Please, please, please – keep the Disney Channel crowd out of this movie! None of them can actually act and yes, I have watched the HSM films so I know what I speak. I am in total agreement. I do like Dakota Fanning and actually imagined her when I read New Moon. Meyer describes the character of Jane as childish, young, beautiful but frightening. I think Fanning is spot on for that role.

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Ok, first of all Twilight is so much more than your typical teen “cruch” story !! It has so MANY deep undertones.. A LOVE STORY that has brought women togeather. Young, or older women ..That is wha makes the saga so profound because we all can relate to the books !! I think New Moon is going to “make” or” break “the saga in the movie’s because , I would say 90% of your fan base have read the books .. I went to see Twilight before i read the books and ended up reading the whole saga in 5 day’s .. Personally I am glad I did it this way because I already had all the caractors in my head while reading !! I agree that making this film with to many really famous acotor’s or actresses wil take away from the movie exspecially Disney.. I think that Stephine Myers needs to have a say in casting and she should have a HUGE part in the script !! She deserves to have the her “saga “told with passion and the best possiable people for each roll, that she so clearly describe’s in her books .. I thought the Movie Twilight was awesome giving there budget and the cast was PERFECT .. I can’t imagine any one eles playing ,The Cullens,Edward, Bella, or even Jacob .. All perfectly casted .. This Saga is so important a wide ranged age group !! So Chris good luck because this may be your hardest movie to direct, and keep every one happy !! I pray for your sake you keep it to the story line and DON’T make it toooo hollywood !!

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Are you kidding? The Twilight movie was TERRIBLE. Kristen Stewart was such a completely characterless and nondescript as Bella Swan. The girl can’t act. Saying that the movie was great is a joke.

The only reason it became a hit is because people were eager to watch it (due to the book/s). I came out of the cinema wishing I hadn’t wasted my time.

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I just discovered the books and am really really excited for the movie to come out on dvd so I can see it. I really hope that the powers that be don’t turn the next movie into a Disney movie. I understand that there are Disney stars who want to be a part of it and that is fine but please don’t let them bring their Disney style to the movie. The books are dark and sort of brooding, not light and sing songy. This ain’t High School Musical.

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I hope they don’t turn New Moon into a star-studded celebfest as it was so refreshing to have relative unknowns in the cast of the first film – though obviously Pattinson and Stewart are now huge celebrities! If there are famous people popping up every five minutes it’s much harder to suspend disbelief. Also, it would be nice to see the Native American characters actually played by actors who genuinely have that heritage – Vanessa Hudgens is not Native American, she is half Filipino, and yet she was apparently hoping to play the role of Leah, a Native American character.
I agree with Neg, who said above that Kristen Stewart can’t act. She was completely expressionless and monotone throughout Twilight – I hope she’s having acting lessons to help her cope with the emotional angst she’ll have to portray in New Moon, especially as we won’t have as many scenes featuring the gorgeous Edward Cullen to compensate for Stewart’s lacklustre performance….

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I saw the movie first, then became an avid “Twilighter” and read and re-read the series. If the movie and the actors are handled in the right manner, it should not matter where they come from. Isn’t that what acting is about? Stepping out of yourself or the image people see. I can’t wait for New Moon and the rest of the series, but am a little worried about how Breaking Dawn will come out.

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Please please do not bring Disney stars into this. I agree that with the money Twilight was given they did a decent job and now that they have a larger budget they should focus on the special effects New Moon presents… and not to mention getting Kristen Stewart some personality. I personally don’t like her playing Bella, she just doesn’t capture the essence of the character and with New Moon she has to be so emotional and drawn that I’m worried she just wont do.
As for Robert Patterson, someone please groom those eyebrows! Edward is suppose to be a heart throbbing God of beauty and those eyebrows just make me want to laugh.

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I do not want the Jonas Brothers on the soundtrack! omg, I personally thing that they don’t sing that well,and they are only in this because they know the soundtrack will bring in a lot of profit, not because they care about the story or movie or anything else. As if they need the money…Personally though, I think that Dakota Fanning would be good as Jane. Just not the rest of those “stars”…

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i will freak out (in a bad way) if many celebrities, including the jonas brothers are involved in New Moon.

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Dakota would be a great Jane. I’ve seen her play many types of roles, including scary. Give Vanessa a chance. We’ve never seen her do anything besides Disney. She might surprise us. Leave it up to Stephenie and Chris. I don’t care if Jonas Brothers are in it if they bring something good that fits in with Twilight. Don’t really see it though. For Aro or Felix, I would love to see Taylor Kitsch, (Tim Riggins, Fri. Night Lights)or Ian Somerhalder, (Boone Carlyle, Lost, 1st season) He has great eyes for the part. Unlike some, I think Kristen did a great job. Bella TELLS us her emotions, she doesn’t SHOW them alot.

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NO DISNEY STARS IN OR WITH THE “TWILIGHT” SAGA AT ALL!!!!!! PLEASE?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! It wouldn’t feel right having one of the Disney people with them! I have waited soooooooooo long for the “Twilight” movie to come out on the big screen (WHICH WAS AMAZING!!!!!) and I don’t want people who are just looking for the stupid fame to ruin the rest of the movies!!! Because face it, we all know they will! Now don’t get me wrong, I do like “High School Musical” and the Jonas Brothers a little, and I don’t have anything against them specifically, but this is a TEEN AND OVER movie! Not some four year old movie. I would never, ever have pictured Vanessa in the movie, nor the Jonas Brothers on the soundtrack. And Dakota Fanning wouldn’t make a good vampire anyway. We need people who are going to be in “New Moon” for the love of it, not for the fame and fortune! And from previous interviews that I’ve read about all of there “New Moon” considerations, I realize that they’re the people looking for the fame and fortune. I’m sorry Disney and Dakota, but you can’t be involved with the “Twilight” movies. I think I speak for everyone else, as well as myself, when I say that you would ruin the the wonderful world that the brilliant Stephenie Meyer has brought us. We want all of the sadness, and happiness, and all of the loneliness, and every other emotion that the “Twilight” books have brought us, and be put on the big screen. And I’m sorry Disney and Dakota, but I don’t feel that you are qualified for this huge responsibility. That might sound weird to you, but it doesn’t to most of the “Twilight” fans, us Twilighters.


wow… this is sad. why the hell are they TRYING to ruin the saga!! first, Kristen Stewart, the girl who cannot act…now THIS!!!!

I trust that Stephenie will make the right decision with New Moon. Hopefully, firing those who cannot act and using music that applies to the film/book.

I can say that the Jonas Brothers’ style music is not even remotely close to what New Moon’s soundtrack should be like. They are WAY too pop-artsy, whereas New Moon needs more solemn music.

Vanessa Hudgens! What freaking brain-dead moron chose her! Were they out of options? Were they bored? Were they trying to be funny? She is nowhere near pretty, nor talented, enough to be involved New Moon. I sometimes wonder why even Disney had hired her. She sucks!

Now Dakota is a different story. She is perfect for the role of Jane. She is pretty, young and talented. Basically the opposite of some of the train-wrecks that they picked for this movie. I say, get write of Kristen Stewart and replace her with Dakota! She is much more deserving of the role!

Kristen is not Bella!

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I am a 58 year old, well educated, professional woman. I am also a mother and grandmother. All three generations of us are “Twilighters”. We are obsessed and enjoying every minute of it. I have read the entire series three times (including Midnight Sun) and I have seen the movie 26 times! This is my first time to be a ‘groupee’ for anything or anyone. The Twilight Saga is ‘our own personal brand of heroin’ because it transcends all generations with the message that such all encompassing love is possible. I pray that New Moon stays the course, and that they leave out the distraction of celebrities in the casting process. Contrary to several critics, this series appeals to as many (or more) mature adults (men and women) as to teenagers.

Posted by Angie Scott | Report as abusive

I wholeheartedly agree with the 58-year-old mother and grandmother. No Disney influence, including the Jonas Brothers, should ever become a part of the Twilight Saga. If the Jonas Brothers are featured on the New Moon soundtrack, I will not buy it!

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This subject of the Jonas Brothers wanting to feature their music on a soundtrack for New Moon, or even in the movie, can be traced to the fact that Camilla Belle is dating Joe Jonas and Camilla Belle is also a friend of Robert Pattinson. The JB’s are probably hoping they have an “in” with Belle and Pattinson.

Please Chris Weitz, Summit, and whoever chooses music for the movie soundtracks, nothing Disney and/or Jonas Brothers for the Twilight Saga.

Posted by Marie | Report as abusive

As for the role of Jane and Alec, my choices are Dakota Fanning and Freddie Highmore. As I was reading the books, these are the actors I imagined playing the characters.

Posted by Marie | Report as abusive

I am a jonas fan and a huge “fanpire”. I love the jonas brothers as much as the next girl but them on the soundtrack would ruin the whole dark drama romance fantasy world that is twilight. Twilight is more of a mature kind of thing, to flawless for the jonas brothers. Not saying the the jonas brothers aren’t good, they’re really good. But, Twilight is a different kind of atmoshpere, than happy disney pop music.

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Disney people should stay at Disney. End of story.

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If the cast of ”New Moon” is star-studded,then it would take away the pure joy of watching the movie. Seeing the celebrities’ faces will make the movie unrealistic and unbelievable among Twilighters,as myself. Disney should stay to themselves away from the Twilight Saga!!!!

Posted by Ka'Arta Baker | Report as abusive

YUCK!!!! Please NO Disney Kids or Jo Bros. THey need to find another movie to wreck. Stay the heck away from New Moon and Eclipse. Jo Bros need to keep making bubblegum music for their 5-12 year old audience and leave the soundtrack for this movie for great bands as evidenced on the Twilight Soundtrack which by the way, ROCKS. Go away Jo Bros!

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A huge contributing factor to the success of Twilight was that it didn’t have any major stars in it, but really good actors. I think it would totally ruin it to start putting big names in the sequels. And I hope Disney and the Jonas Brothers keep away! I’m so glad Disney didn’t get a hold of the Twilight series or HP for that matter. They would have ruined them both. Look what happened to the Narnia Chronicles.

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I agree with many of the postings about the BROs being added to any of the twilight soundtracks. As most of the fans have already stated the first soundtrack really doesnt compare to their music at all. The twilight soundtrack is one of the best ones out there and I was hoping that new moon would be even better. Summit really needs to look into keeping things similar to how twilight was meant to be and not stray to far away. Why mess with a good thing stick with what works. I think the first casting was very well done and I hope they continue the same way.

Posted by heidi | Report as abusive

The Twilight soundtrack ROCKED!! If Summit wants to repeat their success in New Moon, they better come up with something better than the Jonas Brothers.

Posted by BellaSwan | Report as abusive

I don’t think that the major celebs should get roles in the new movies. I think the fact that Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart weren’t majorly famous pre-twilight made them much more believable in their roles. I definetely don’t wanna see the girl from 90210, although she would make a pretty good trashy vampire the way Heidi was described in the book. And no Dakota Fanning, or Jo Bros..ah..Yea..I know Cam and Edi had several roles before twilight but they are gonna ruin the mystery in the movies..

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I agree with the large number of commenters that Big Name Stars would just ruin the movie. They would break the budget and just detract from the story. Twilight should be reserved for less recognized, but hugely talented actors, like Billy Burke and all the awesome cast of the first movie. A Universal Studios Twilight-themed ride, anyone? Moving away from the indie roots of the franchise would just alienate the core fans anyway and just cheapen the whole thing. Dakota Fanning is a great actress, but let’s seee the role go to an unknown actress who’s going to blow everyone away.

Posted by Chicago 1901 | Report as abusive

OME! Please don’t cast any of those actors. I mean, they’re good, but they can’t live up to the awesomeness of “twilight.” I don’t think any fans want disney taking over the best book series in the world. I would cry. I love disney, but it shouldn’t mix with twilight. The storyline is very mature and the disney people will make it awkward.


The available roles in New Moon are not exactly big roles. Why would big stars (Dakota Fanning) even want one? The main characters are already in place. The rest of the roles should go to best actor for the part – not the most famous. And I agree, the Twilight Soundtrack is a marvel! Don’t change a winning recipe for junk food.

Posted by DawnaMoon | Report as abusive

I think that the cast shouldnt be messed with and the reason they celebrites want a part of it, because it is a culture phemonan and will continue to be and they want part of it. Dakota Fanning will be able to play a good Jane in this movie and in Breaking Dawn when her part will be more prominet

Posted by terri | Report as abusive

well i don’t mind if dakota is in it, cuz it’s not a big part and no she will not out shine kristen… but please don’t let the jonas brothers into the movie, they’re pop, there is to pop on the first sound track and it wouldn’t be right if they did on the second. JBs have their following, and i have to say no people i know like them both twilight and the JBs… they just don’t MIX!!! so please don’t put them on the movie or the sound track!!!!!!!

Posted by carrie | Report as abusive

We love the series so far the way that it is – dakota would be awesome as jane, tho, im sure – love her! but keep the disney out! this is SO not some tweeny-pop movie, lets not let them kill the books we love! ;-)


I’m fine with Dakota Fanning. I’ve liked her for years. I love the idea of Freddie Highmore as Alec. He is a fantastic young actor. I’m pretty sure I’ve never heard a song by the Jonas Brothers. Pop music is not right for Twilight.
I read that Taylor Lautner is comfirmed as Jacob so I’m very relieved.

Posted by DD | Report as abusive

Well I am a mother of two and I am absolutely addicted to Twilight. I loved the books and movie. I agree that Stephanie Meyer needs to have a say in who should be cast in the new roles. They should also keep the same actors in the roles they have cast already otherwise it will ruin it. The best actors should be picked for the parts. It should not matter who they are or if they are famous already. I think it would be better if new actors were choosen though.

Posted by Jenni | Report as abusive

i do like dakota for jane though, because she is an awesome, established actress. shes done more grown up roles than alot of the actresses out there that are older than her. im sure she can play an evil vampire, no problem.

Posted by amanda | Report as abusive

Vaneessa H. should not be in the movie. Dakota is ight tho. This movie should not be filled with a bunch of crlebs. its a turn for the worst.

Posted by Amber Morton | Report as abusive

Ditto for me Angie Scott (the 58 year-old grandmother and mother)! Mark me obsessed and lovin’ it, and as a member of the Golden Twilight Coven – I’ve been 17 for “awhile” (42 years, in fact). This love story does transcend generations. I feel sorry for the critics and other people who just don’t “get” it – they must be afraid to let go of the the romantic part of their hearts. Summit needs to stay with the formula that worked for Twilight if they want New Moon to be a success. No big names, no pop, no Disney. I’m anxiously waiting, and have my countdown calendar marked for 11/20/09!!! I’ll be there opening day, just like 11/21/08.

Posted by Laura M | Report as abusive

If you consider character development in the books, Bella is very independent (disregarding her dependence on Edward)–she doesn’t “sell-out” to her friends/parents who want her to participate in more “normal” high school activities. She knows what she wants. That’s why the first movie’s vibe worked so well–Hardwicke brought Forks and these independent characters to life. Choosing previously relatively unknown actors to flesh out this magical world really worked b/c there were no deep-seeded preconceived stereotypes surrounding these stars. Therefore, I think it would be dangerous to cast better known stars in more “minor” character roles. I think it would feel very off. That said, Dakota fanning is famous, but she’s more known for her work rather than for her “famous-person” lifestyle. Because she’s young, and relatively low-key in her personal life, I think she still fits. With regards to the music, if the Jonas brothers can produce a song with an indie/emo (not disney)sound, then I don’t think that’s as challenging to deal with as a famous face actually appearing on screen mixed in with still less famous stars Pattinson and Stewart.(Even though Twilighters might not want to admit that not yet everyone in the world knows who these budding stars are.) The coolest part of all though, is that I truly believe we, the adoring public, will be considered in this decision. Weitz has done his best to be accessible and transparant about his intentions. I have faith!

Posted by Lainey | Report as abusive

I am obsessed with the Twilight Saga! Books, movies, whatever. I’m with those of you who say, “keep New Moon on the same level” possibly a little more depth into development of characters. If they put a lot of celebrities the originality will be lost! It is not only a teen movie and I am tired of hearing that. I am with the grandmother who is forever young. I have been 17 for more than 30 years. As long as I breathe, Robert Pattinson will make my heart skip a beat!


This movie did great with out well known celebrities the first time and it would ruin the sequels to add Disney stars and i believe that would make them less money because it would “cheapen” the film. Dakota Fanning is a great choice for Jane but Leah is a werewolf, eventually, and would not be a fit to Vanessa Hudgins. There are no musical scores and i think Vanessa should stick to cookie cutter pop star stuff. Dakota is a more versatile actress who i think could pull off Jane, but we’ll see, wont we? I also think Catherine will be missed. Don’t know if that was the best decision but, as long as they stick to the books, I think they’ll be ok.

Posted by Hallie | Report as abusive

Using stars that were wellknown but on the same token were not wellknown was the best idea that catherine had. There is no need for brad pitt or angelina jolie or anyone along those lines to be in new mooon or and other sequal. Dakota Fanning is definitely a great choice for jane, but as vanessa she needs to stick to her highschool musical gigs. With using the characters they did for twilight it made them seem like they were actual real people. I hope for new moon they do the same. They dont pick the top celebrity actors and actresses and stick to what they did before. The cast of twilight is amazing!!!!

Posted by allisa | Report as abusive

There is no way in hell I would even think of seeing the next one if ANY Disney stars are in it.

Posted by katie | Report as abusive

I cant get enough of the Twilight saga, love the books so much i could read them over and over. They are so deep and the words stay with me long after ive turned the pages so much emotion. I really enjoyed the movie but i think that some important parts of the books were not addressed. I totally understand that it is not possible to get as much info and depth into the film as the book but there were parts of the film that didnt copy the book exact. I think that if they follow the books as much as they can and keep to the same actors then they cant go wrong in making new moon. I also feel pity for those people who just dont get it, its the most romantic story ive ever read and its not just for teens as i myself am a married mother of two. I only wish i had half the talent that Stephanie Meyer has in the way she can describe all those feelings we have all felt as one time.

Posted by Lisa M | Report as abusive

i think that the jonas brothers suck and shoudnt be ibcluded in the new moon sundtrack.i really think that any of disney channel atars would ruin the sequel.

Posted by ag | Report as abusive

Don’t they dare ask JoBros. And vannessa hudgens should go back to high school musical.
I sometimes hate how twilight suddenly got so popular. without all this they would have keep catherine hardwicke.
Only Dakota Fanning would be a great addition to the twilight cast.

Posted by Minh Thu | Report as abusive

Since Twilight the movie is basically an INDIE flick, it does not make any sense to invite commercial stars like JBros/Vanessa Hudgens who are so Disney-fied. JBros are nice-sounding, but they are just so Pop, which clashes with the indie-ness of the flick and the genre. However, I personally like Dakota Fanning as Jane because to me she isn’t a ready-made star. So yes Dakota, no to Disney people.

Posted by Nadia | Report as abusive

I think that Twilight/New Moon would loose a lot of the fans they have now, but also gain some if the Jonas Brothers were to be considered to be on the soundtrack for New Moon. Sure, it would be different to have Disney on the New Moon soundtrack, but I personally wouldnt have a problem with it. The Jonas’ are great, and I honestly could care less if people are going to freak out. If the Jonas Brothers were to be on the soundtrack, I think a lot of the Jonas Brothers fans would give Twilight a chance if they haven’t already. And there is many Jonas fans that also love Twilight as well.

Posted by Rachael | Report as abusive

thats so true we don’t want any stupid disney stars invaiding twilight mania for more fame I DON’T THINK SO!And seriously!Vanessa Hudgens!ewwwwww!!!OMG!Thats the worst thing they’ve done so far….she better do a good job!this is a goth book or movie that doesn’t need to be have a good ride on the HSM train! if we’re luck it she might break into song during movie!LOL!

Posted by Ruby | Report as abusive

If you add a Disney star in a movie that’s sexy and deadly, you’re just going to end up with dust at the box office.


I seriously hope that Summit and Chris Weitz, casting directors, and the others involved in making decisions for “New Moon” think twice about their choices. Allowing tween kings “Jo Bros” in on the soundtrack, unless they want to make an attempt at doing some dark rock, would totally disgust fans. Have you heard the original Twilight soundtrack? Every single song is perfect for the movie and theme of the story. It’s perfect…keep on with bands like Paramore, Linkin Park, Muse, etc. Maybe think about adding Fly Leaf and Apocalyptica instead of Jonas Brothers. And I totally agree with the thought of adding these better-known celebs in on the movie just because it was a success, don’t fix what is not broken. -K-. You’ll ruin its uniqueness.

Posted by Cherish | Report as abusive

I think that they should not put any well know stars in this movie. It worked really well with just actors and actress. They dont’t need someone with another charter that they are identified with. I don’t know how much I would want to see this movie if they stuck Vanessa in it. I don’t think the Disney people are ready to play this kinds of roles. They are totally differnt from the nice girl and nice boy roles that they play. Even when they have mean roles they still have niceness to them. I don’t think that they could do the movie justice.


Dakota Fanning would be awesome in any role you put her in – she is that darn good. That said, please, please, please, I can’t type it enough times, please! No Vanessa Hudgens! Don’t ruin it! Get someone who is more than just a pretty face! Don’t get me wrong, I’ve watched HSM 1-2-3 with my kids as many times as the rest of you, and she does her job well, but books this great do not deserve to be classified with the average teeny-bopper scene. Try to live up to the books.

Posted by Danielle | Report as abusive

Don’t add celebrities! Don’t change a thing about the movie…bring the old Director back!!!!!!! Twilight was a hit because of what it exactly was…so don’t change it’s flow in New Moon!!!

Posted by NW | Report as abusive

i think that vanessa will be to preppy for twilight i didnt even like her in HSM she sucks! i do think that dakota should be jane though. and the jonas brothers being in the sound track will be stupid not a lot of ppl like them and they will ruin the whole twilight sound track! i think that disney ppl should stay out of twilight!


I believe Sarah Polley should play Jane or some vampire in the movie. She would fit right in with the movie. She play in Dawn of the Dead the blood chick. She has the old european vampirc look about her. Also, I would round up Milla Jovavich from Resident’s Evil she should play Renata or Zafrina. Alison Lohman should be there too. Honestly, I think they won’t go for anymore big name actors just because it will take away from the story and the movie. If Dakota Fanning is Jane. The perception will be “Wow it’s Dakota Fanning” not “Wow that’s Jane”.


NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO keep all of the directors, actors,actresses the same!! it doesnt need anybody else in it especially not vanessa hudgens !!

Posted by Sandra Tila | Report as abusive

The fans are clear: stay away from Disney. Dakota Fanning is a great actress, I envisioned something like her as Jane, so I wouldn’t be upset if she were in the movie. As for the soundtrack: bring some ‘From first to Last’, ‘Chevelle’ and ‘Deftones’ or ‘Interpol’ because that’s what the tone is supposed to be. I’m hopeful the director won’t screw things up… but we won’t know until Nov/Dec.


we dont want any disney actors or actresses in any of the twilight films they are great as they are and adding people like the jonas brothers or vanessa hudgens would totally ruin it. Looking at all of the other comments no one wants to see this happen and a lot of fans would be dissapointed. As for the jonas brothers doing the soundtrack YEAH RIGHT!!! were the hell would any of their gay pop music fit into the films? its totally not suited to these kind of films it would just be pathetic. I hope the new director sticks to how the films should be and keeps all of the original actors and actresses if they were to be changed the films just wouldnt be the same

Posted by kelly | Report as abusive

No to Vanessa Hudgens or any other celebrity that would clash with what makes this series of books a glimpse of unreal reality. Seeing celebs on the next movie may dim the need for this movie to be real to some. Regarding the cast already, from what I’ve seen with their interviews and such, they are sooooo humble and grateful for whatever the movie has put in front of them, how they handle the attention we will see in the future but up until now, they’ve been sooooo lovely hehe… Keep the usual cast PLEASE, they do it for me and I’m sure they do it for many other devoted fans having withdrawal symptoms because they’ve read the books 3 or 4 times already hehe…me included.

Posted by Astral H | Report as abusive

I think Peter Patterson with his James Dean style about him acting along side Kirsten Stewarts Natural beauty and magnetising acting skills works so well.They have brought to life the characters in their own way.
I think nothing should be played about with too much by adding to many new face this will only distract from the main actors telling the story.
Too much change will only add confusion.
I can only look forward to the next part to the story New Moon, and wish all involved the best of luck.
As for who is dating who bla bla cant actors just be made to act naturally along side each other without the the public trying to find some other story other than whats in front of them THE FILM itself!
They are portraying a young couple in love and if we are so convinced that there maybe something between them it only goes to show they have done there job, and not many are able to pull that off now a days.

Posted by Kris Whiteman | Report as abusive

I think the cast should stay the same. and I think the reason why people love ” Twilight” the movei is because the cast are not that well known… so they are not over shodowed by the movie/series they made before. The viewers felt that they are really amongst them because they look like ordinary people


This is where hollywood comes in and always destroys the good ones.. We have two types of twilight fans those who watched it and thought it was just a good movie and then those REAL twilight fans who know the entire SAGA who already had the big attraction to all these characters long before there were faces to put to them….unfamiliar to sight yet familiar in mind we already had a plan of what looks these characters had by reading the entire set of stories…im sorry..when I read jane’s part I dont see dakota fanning and its not that she isnt a good actress but she dont fit and neither do any of the others they listed…AS a completely devoted fan to stephenie meyer and her series and on behalf of those like me PLEASE dont screw this up!

Posted by dani | Report as abusive

Chris Weitz will be more dedicated and has more experience with special effects so the movie will look better. Plus, Hardwicke pretty much said she isn’t up for the challenge of trying to make New Moon better then Twilight because it is going to be really difficult. Chriz Weitz seems dedicated and I really believe he will pull it off. As for the actors and actresses… I don’t really mind. Jonas Brothers would be a mistake… let’s make sure they don’t get anymore famous.

Posted by Duncan | Report as abusive

Part of what was so great about Twilight was that the actors weren’t really well known. DON’T ruin it with already known celebrities. The Twihards know right away when people fit the roll they play. And the whole thing about a new director is BOGUS! When you just change the director, the whole movie changes, and it never turnes out as good. I just hope that nothing is taken away fromt the next movie, and hopefully this director will call for better effects in the movie. I’m already skeptical about how New Moon is going to turn out. I just hope they don’t mess it up.

Posted by Rosie | Report as abusive

Oh No!!!!! Please do NOT bring Disney into this!!!! This is no place for the big mouse or any of his peeps! I read all 4 books before I went to see Twilight! I didn’t picture the Jonas Bros or any other Mickey Mouse BS in this saga! Keep it real! I like the people as they were cast! It kept with the book and I hope that as the next movies are cast that we see the same people returning along with some new looks such as Jane and Tanya NOT Dakota or Vanessa!!! I love the stories that Stephanie Meyer has told and I only hope that she can give us more!

Posted by Linda E | Report as abusive

I really don’t think it would be wise for Summit to allow the Jonas Brothers a spot on the sound track. Don’t get me wrong I like the Jonas Brothers,but I don’t think their “sound” would really fit with the movie and it sure as heck wouldn’t sound anything close to the first soundtrack. (Which the AMAZING!) I think that the Jonas Brothers need to look at soundtracks elsewhere and not try to impose on Twilight. I also think that it would be a bad idea to have a “star studded” cast for New Moon. This book is supposed to be about loosing someone, finiding the strength to go on and the reuniment of two people. I think that it would really hurt the film if they incorporated bigger names into the series. I understand why they would want to be in the film I mean it’s great, but I hope that Summit continues to give good, but not well known, actors a chance at success.

Posted by Katey | Report as abusive

new moon is not the place for all the disney stars to get on the big screen. dakota fanning is fine but vannessa hudgens and ive heard about lucas grabeel being on the cast put a decent actor in please

Posted by madison | Report as abusive

the brothers,whatever there name should not be aloud to be in new moon it will ruin it!why would they do this it will just ruin the whole film and they should stick more to the book that would please so of the fans.

Posted by Carys | Report as abusive

I really hope that New Moon sticks to Twilight\’s indie roots and does not commercialize itself with the Disney Channel superstars. We all fell in love with the modesty of Pattison and Stewart which rang through the characters of Bella and Edward. Hudgens and Jonas Brothers would be a very unfitting and disappointing choice for the Twilight series.

Posted by Lori | Report as abusive

Whoever would even think of putting Disney into a Twilight sequel has absolutely no clue as to why Twilight is such a hit. Say it isn’t so.


I think the jonas brothers should be in the next movie after Twilight but I think one of the jonas brothers should stay out of Twilight. OHh I all most forgot that Vanessa should be in Twilight. Love zoie saludares


I for one would hate the fact that the rest of the twilight saga would be filled with stars….I loved the fact that the cast was full of new faces and great talent. This is not a disney film the Jonas brothers and vanessa hudgens would ruin it at it’s very core.

I really hope the new director stays with the films unique style and quality it was a joy to watch as it unfolded i can not wait to see how New Moon will rise

Posted by Jodie | Report as abusive

I may not be an authority on music, but I consider myself fairly well educated when it comes to music and literature. Surely Stephenie Meyer would never let her excellent taste in music be marred by the “Bubble gum” style of The Jonas Brothers!

Posted by momwithtaste | Report as abusive

I for one have no problem with the Jonas Brothers or Vanessa contributing to the movie. The reason Vanessa is an actress is because she can adapt and play many parts. She would not bring a “Disney” personality to a vampire movie. The Jonas Brothers likewise would not do one of their normal songs but would adapt to the movie. I think they could really make “New Moon” a great movie. However, I think that if it doesnt feel right for the movie then they shouldn’t be part of it. The new director should do whatever makes him think the movie is going to be amazing!

Posted by Sarah | Report as abusive

Chris weitz has more experience in directing and i think new moon would be much much better than twilight,im not saying catherine hardwicke is a bad director, but TWILIGHT wasnt good enough;the book was better. PLEASE dont put vanessa hudges in the movie. I think Dakota is to young to play the role of Jane, shes a very good actress, but i dont see her as the a bad vampire. The jonas brothers are perfect;they are so sweet and i think they can make a very good song for new moon. And nobody is bringing disney into this. But i’m pretty sure Chris weitz is going to make the right decisions.

Posted by jazmin | Report as abusive

The cast was great; you don’t need Dakota Fanning or Vanessa Hudgens. Twilight is to adolescent and young women as Harry Potter was to kids. We love the actors, don’t recast celebrities.

Posted by anne | Report as abusive

i think that the movie should have the same people who were already in it in the first place. i mean i was kinda disappointed when i saw the movie at first because some things were not in the right order. but its still a great movie. i would be deeply disappointed if they change the movies to come with new actors. i like the ones that are in it already fine.

Posted by caitlin | Report as abusive

one of the best things about twilight as an independant film was that it allowed the audience to interpret the actors more clearly as their characters, rather than “yes, that’s so and so, playing so and so.”
it also allowed for the actors to act more naturalistically, rather than having to force their characters out around themselves.

Posted by Sof | Report as abusive

Yes, the Jonas Brothers are a Disney band, but they do have a layer of talent that could be nice to hear on screen. Indie music is fabulous, true. However, the song “Sorry” would be perfect for when Edward and Bella are back together.

Posted by rori | Report as abusive

They shouldnt let the jonas brothers do a song. They are too, disney channel it would ruin everything about it. I have read all the books and I want them to keep using the first directors style. She made look just like how the books are. (is that makes any sense.)Stars shouldn’t be able to do the film. It wouldnt look right.

Posted by me | Report as abusive

seriously? if they cast celebrities in this movie it would ruin it! the jonas brother and vanessa hudgens? PLEASE they would absolutely kill the movie! they can’t act at all! it would be suicide for the movie


No to the Jonas Brothers, no to Vanessa, no to morphing twilight with disney. no no no no no. period.

Posted by Kitty | Report as abusive

If famous disney people played in new moon, the audiance would be seeing them as who they are in real life rather than the character they are supposed to be. It would take away from the story. bad idea

Posted by K Rose | Report as abusive

No one that is really a fan of the Twilight Saga would ever want the Jonas Brothers (UGH!) to do a song for this movie! And about the BIG celebrity thing, I really think it depends on the quality of the acting coming from the actor or actress. I’ve read the books and I loved them, but I didn’t really love the first movie as much as the book. I’m not saying that is was a horrible movie either. So, for me, I think New Moon can withstand a couple of changes.

Posted by Alex | Report as abusive

i don’t have anything against the Jonas Brothers but when you hear there music you think of Disney which would be awful for this movie,and Dakota Fanning would be great as Jane because she is supposed to look young which Vanessa Hudgens does not at least not the as young as Jane should look, and if Vanessa Hudgens played Jane it wouldn’t be great for the same reason why the Jonas Brothers shouldn’t do the music.(and you shouldn’t compare movies with the books they are based on, it wont come out like you imagine it in your head and when it doesn’t you end up disappointed and come up with reasons why the movie was bad)

Posted by someone | Report as abusive

I was reading some of the comments and some people said they like the new director much better because he is better at special effects,can i ask why the special effects matter much?supposed to be a romantic kinda of movie right?There is action sure but doesn’t the story revolve around 2 love sick teenagers?the effects in “twilight” were just fine

Posted by someone | Report as abusive

I went to the movies tonite not knowing what this movie was about? I had only heard from a friend that it was a “Vampire” movie. Well I thought the movie was fantastic! I thought the main characters which they cast in this movie were brilliant!The person that played “Bella” and also “Edward” were unreal. I loved that I did had not seen or heard about them before now until this movie. I cannot wait for the next film to come! Please do not change any of the cast!

Posted by Julie | Report as abusive

hello, my name is Amanda, and i think it’s a very stupied idea’ because if they took in the *disney people * in to the movie the hole move will be ruin , i love the books. And why take those people into the movie why not just be happy like it is , and please do not ruin it. !

Posted by Amanda Mårtensson | Report as abusive

I really can’t see already “famous” actors playing in this movie….the relative no names and small screen actors are perfect for this movie. And the Jonas brothers, vannessa Hudgens and Dakota fanning will just ruin it. If you’ver read the books then you’ll understand that

Posted by Nae | Report as abusive

The Jonas Bros are Disney, yes, but that is not the reason they should not be on the soundtrack. First of all, they have admitted they have neither seen the movie nor read the books (can you say Bandwagon?!?). Second, they are too main-stream for New Moon. Listen to the first soundtrack or to the songs listed on author Stephenie Meyer’s website. The movie – just like the book – is meant to have a more alternative, indie feel to the music. PLEASE, no pop for New Moon!!!

Posted by NotATeenfan | Report as abusive

Please keep all the disney kids out of twilight, they may just ruin the authenticity of it. Readers of the books will be the ones disappointed the most because they know what the story truly is, it’s not a celebrity contest.

Posted by Jenny | Report as abusive

The powerful thing about all of the cast in the film version of “Twilight” was similar to that of the cast of “Harry Potter”, none of the characters were really well known for anything else so now they have become that character to the world. If you try and put someone who’s famous for something specific like Vanessa Hudgens into this film, the movie will lose some of its magic. People will see her and think “High School Musical” and just like that the movie is fake. However I can see Dakota Fanning in the part of Jane because she has done such a variety of movies throughout her career and I believe she could embody the character.

Posted by carrie | Report as abusive

What the heck!! The Jonas Brother’s are like the meaning of Disney. I think we should switch back to Hardwicke and then get rid of all these dumb Disney Channel stars….

Posted by Disney Channel Hater | Report as abusive

the jonas brothers should NOT be allowed on the soundtrack!!!!!!! it would ruin the moive!!! And big stars shouldn’t be in the movie either especially not disney stars!!!! it would ruin the movie!!!! so no jonas brothers and no disney stars or any other big stars!!!!!!

Posted by Traci | Report as abusive

I nor have not read or known about the books until after the movie. I enjoyed the movie because it had stars ive never heard of and thats why i went to see this spellbinded movie. I am a huge fan of the twilight stars and thae Saga ive now read all of the books with my sis. the Jonas bros SHOULD be on the soundtrack i would love to hear what they contribute on the track. now my dilema is vanessa hudgens i disagree with her on the clan of twilight every vote counts NO on hudgens.I am still a fan of hudgens its just that i wouldnt like the movie as mucj with her in it.

Posted by Megan | Report as abusive

I agree with mostly everyone on here, that the Jonas Bros. should not be a part of the next movie. One reason is that, not only are teenagers in love with this story and the movie, women in their 20′s, 30′s and even 40′s love this story and don’t want it to become too teenagish (if that’s a word). I think the movie the way it originally was done is perfect. I don’t think the “New Moon” movie will be made any better by adding spectacular hollywood special effects. I actually believe it would take away from the story. Save it for the action type guy movies, leave a good thing alone.

Posted by patron | Report as abusive

I think that The Jonas Brother SHOULD NOT have a song in the movie !!! it would ruin the movie!!!!

Posted by Lila | Report as abusive

I think that if the Jonas Brothers are allowed to write a write a song for the soundtrack, it would be for marketing purposes only. JB has access to a younger demographic of girls, one that is almost untapped by the Twilight Saga. Little kids would buy the soundtrack, just for the Jonas Brothers song, especially if it was an exclusive song. With the Jonas Brothers on the soundtrack, they could make twice as much money off of the Twilight name. I won’t say whether the Jonas Brothers would be good for the image of the movie or not, seeing as my point of view is tainted by the fact that I am a fan of JB, and naturally want to hear any song they can come out with, but from a profitable point of view, the Jonas Brothers would be a good idea.

Posted by ojdpatient | Report as abusive

Okay..I understand and agree about not involving Disney actors/singers in the movies but Dakota Fanning would be great as Jane. Jane is supposed to look very young but be very powerful and I can’t think of any other actress that age who could bring the intensity needed for the part but Dakota Fanning has shown she can.

Posted by Kelly | Report as abusive

Vanessa Hudgens wasn’t looking for a part of jane she was trying out for Leah, but i don’t want her in it it would make the movie too weird, and i don’t think the jonas brothers should have any part in New moon soundtrack, I you listen to the twilight soundtrack it is so not jonas brother material, i mean really. Dakota would be good at jane since she is a very good dramatic artist !

Posted by Gabriella | Report as abusive

I didn’t know much about the movie it’s self until I watched it last night… It was very good! I was impressed how it was dreary yet captivating… I think that if they wanted well known actors they should have started the series with well know actors… for example, in Lord of the Rings… we all new the main character Froto was going to be played by Elijah Woods, Matrix with Keanu Rives, Star Wars Natalie Portmen and Samuel L. Jackson . I think that it is refreshing to see new actors that are good take control of a series… for example, Harry Potter… Those were not well known actors and see how successful those movies were and still are.

Posted by Nataly | Report as abusive

OMG! NO WAY should the Jonas Brothers do the soundtrack, those fame hoarders need to stop! New Moon is NOT Jonas material. Please please please! No Jonas for Twilight!!!

Posted by Kerri | Report as abusive

If they replace any of the actors who play in the movie i will be mad, they are good actors and it would feel different if they were different actors. I think the Jonas Brothers (not a huge fan like sister but i like their music when my sisters not siging) should get a chance

Posted by Hailey | Report as abusive

I think that all the people from Twilight the original movie should stay the same (mainly because they are the face of the movie so why would you want to confuse people by changing the faces of the characters they already know; also because the current Edward Cullen is HAWT!). I just recently saw the movie (as in 10 pm to 12 am last night) and I think that it was AWESOME and why would anyone want to change that. LOL I near fainted when Edward walked in in slow-mo. There were a few scenes that were skipped and there were a few out-of-place scenes but all in all the movie was awesome and New Moon should be awesome too, as long as they have the same characters (and if it doesn’t… let’s just say I can get confused very, VERY easily).

Posted by Kayme | Report as abusive

the first time i heard about twilight!
i thought it was gonna be a gay movie…
but then when i watched i was totally hooked on it….
so now i read all the books and cant wait till
all the movies come out!!!!!:)

Posted by artiki | Report as abusive

I would like to see the movie keep its original value. Part of why I liked it so much was that these were “new” people… and really played out their parts well. Besides Pattinson formerly appearing on Harry Potter, which was minor, they ARE Bella and Edward from Twilight. You start throwing long time stars into it, and its going to distract from the story. When you see Fannings or Hudgens, the first thing that comes to mind is all the characters they’ve played in the past and not what is going on in the film.

Posted by Joni | Report as abusive

the people for the pack is what you should be worried about if anything they will be more involved with the story then the rest of the characters, maybe worry about who plays some of the volturi, but still not as much as the pack

Posted by someone | Report as abusive

I HATE the fact that all theses STUPID Disney stars are trying to be apart of all the Twilight Saga. There is NO doubt that when twilight was a work in progress they thought it was stupid THEY ONLY WANT TO BE IN IT NOW IS BECAUSE THEY KNOW ITS A HIT!!! i HATE the Jonas Brothers, and they need to stay in there stupid little Camp Rock stuff. I don’t mind Fanning, but Vanessa needs to go find troy and sing a song and leave us twilight fans ALONE kay!

Posted by Katie | Report as abusive

LOOK lets not bring the film down to a child’s film level Disney has its fans in its own right. TWILIGHT on the other hand is slightly more for the older… like lets say above the 8-9 year olds.
I mean come on if you have read the books you know how intense everything gets, why spoil it. Don’t add that does not fit the style of film.. It matters as much as the main characters that are in it now that the music stay along the same path as it has been on.
STEPHENIE MEYER knows her stuff and is wise enough to make the right choices, I don’t think she would wont Disney and pop music or what ever you call it in the equation so lets not worry so much about gossip and keep our fingers crossed.
keep it dark and intense and real to the books that’s all the fans ask!!

Posted by Kris Whiteman | Report as abusive

IF YOU have read the book,s then you would know that each story each book moves on!! changes in a lot of ways each character grows into there own.
YEAH SURE Bella and Edward are the same but it intensifies so much more between them.
So what new director!!! its the next book so therefore different film..
THE director will have STEPHENIE MEYER keeping him true to the plot.. so should it matter the director has changed!!!

AS FOR THE MUSIC come on it only needs Robert Patterson to pull something together to keep to the same wave length….I think he did the film great justice, and will continue to do so.

Posted by Kris Whiteman | Report as abusive

i think we shouldn’t put any famous high class hollywood stars in the sequel for twilight. the twilight actors before twilight weren’t even that known and look how famous they are now! i disagrre w/dakota fanning playing jane and vanessa hudgens being their too. i think it’s time to give the spotlight to other rising actors or actress.

Posted by oriana | Report as abusive

I think ROBERT PATTERSON HAS A James Dean style about him.
Kirsten Stewarts Natural beauty and magnetising acting skills works so well. They have brought to life the characters in their own way.
I think nothing should be played about with too much by adding to many new face this will only distract from the main actors telling the story.
Too much change will only add confusion.

As for who is dating who bla bla cant actors just be made to act naturally along side each other without the the public trying to find some other story other than whats in front of them THE FILM itself!
They are portraying a young couple in love and if we are so convinced that there maybe something between them it only goes to show they have done there job, and not many are able to pull that off now a days.

MUSIC for the film should stay on the same wave length..

Posted by Kris Whiteman | Report as abusive

With all the rumors about who is being cast for some pretty important roles, or who is on the soundtrack, maybe the fans should make recommendations rather than react? What made the film work was the on screen chemistry or “fit” of the current cast for their role portrayal. Summit will completely miss the point if they allow casting of critical roles to go to “starlets” instead of actors that “fit” the role.

Twilight was made with only “teenage girls in mind”. The phenomenon is that the story and it’s universal appeal to women and men, of any age was CLEARLY missed by Summit Entertainment. To fill the roles with pretty little starlets and make any forthcoming movie(s) reminiscent of those made for a mature Disney audience, would be a gross misjudgment on their part.

Twilight works because the readers become involved with and in the characters lives and their development. Characters are the fabric of what makes the story work. After you learn of Rosalie’s transformation you can’t help but to develop a new sense of pathos for her. The same is true for Jasper, and the horror of his transformation.

To trivialize the casting of Leah, Seth, Jane, Sue Clearwater, Caius, Aro, Demetri, Marcus, and the members of the various Cullen “Vampire Clans” would be a serious error in casting and in judgment. Stephanie Meyers should put her foot done on artistic license and be more involved in developing casting direction in bringing her characters through to fruition. I’m assuming but would place a pretty good wager, that unlike JK Rowling, she she sold the rights to the movie before the book sold it’s first copy. Leaving the next movie it in the hands of the bean counters who see $$$ $$$ where they should see the heart of a jewel that has been laid in their lap is more than loathsome. The books will endure, the films, if left in the hands and masterminds of original Twilight movie, will be setting the stage for Lifetime TV movie remakes.

On that… Here are some really serious considerations for casting for the movie….

Actor: Anthony Cistaro (Best known as Kenneth Irons in TNT’s WitchBlade) Caius
Actor: Nikolaj Coster-Waldau (Last seen in New Amersterdam Series
Actor: Laurence Fox (Movie “Becoming Jane”)
Diemetri or Marcus
Actor: Q’orianka Kilcher (The critcs went NUTS over her in “The New World”) Leah (SHE IS LEAH)
Actor: Sheila Tousey Sue Clearwater (Tony Hillerman’s Skinwalkers on PBS)
Actor Nicholas Bartolo Seth Clearwater? Hmmmmm maybe not
Actor: Dakota Fanning JANE (you’re kidding right?) I’m betting she’s a diva on set and how will that play out?
Jodella Ferland is a MUCH better choice!

That’s my two cents…

Twilight MOM

Posted by Twilight Mom | Report as abusive

NO!!! Vanessa is too disney-tastic and the jonas brothers need to stay away! This is not some stepping stone for their career! I think that I speak for pretty much all the avid Twilight fans, huge main stream celebrities need to just stay away, it would take away from the movie too much. The original actors should stay and not so famous, new faces should be cast into the available roles.

Posted by Tasha | Report as abusive

As a twilight saga fan, It is imperative that the actors and actresses they ( summit production ) should hire should be a new comer(s). That is why the twilight movie was so successful due the various talent of team that was portraying each characters. As the new sequel ( new moon ) I am really disappointed that the director is looking into a more established actors or actress that doesnt really gel to a specific character. If the movie has a more established actor or actress the movie line or story will not be effective as it should be..
Yours truly,

Posted by ann | Report as abusive

pls,pls do not consider the jonas brothers to do any song for the twilight saga movies. They can’t even sing. They only know how to look cute.. No talent at all when it comes to singing.

Posted by ann | Report as abusive

i think we should keep up the same everything as ‘twilight’. the music, actors, and actresses were great. i really liked that they didn’t go out and find these actors that have been in a millions of movies, but still found actors that had wonderful talent and seem to take the ‘twilight’ series to heart. i hope the director and producer keep up the same with ‘new moon’. i think that if they do cast the girl off 90210 and dakota they need to remember who the true STARS are of the movie. those two will be just minor parts in the movie compared to bella, edward, the cullens, and the quieletes pack.

the ‘twilight’ junkie

Posted by dj oday | Report as abusive

Twilight started as an indie flick with many fans dedicated to the book and it needs to stay that way. It was not meant to have mainstream actors and disney kids. Those of us into it made the box office numbers soar. We will do that again with New Moon. It doesn’t need Dakota or any of the others. As for music, how would you go from Pattinson, Paramore, Muse and Linkin Park to the Jonas Brothers. What a joke! They chose their fan base and they need to stick with it.

Posted by Chelsy | Report as abusive

Hum…How many of these little HOLLYWOOD princes & princesses were begging for a part in the orginal movie. The relatively unknown actors that were cast were taking a risk with their fledgling careers and a wise decision it has turned out to be. However successful it has been for them on the ride so far, they probably have at least some regret having gotten involved in the votex of teen media. Most of them are at least college or older and dream of being accepted as serious actors. Hopefully, they will all cope with relentless schedule (more books and more movies to come) of filming and promotion that they have gotten involved it without melting down or washing out.
There is going to be enough hype based strictly on the popularity of the books themselves and the success of the first movie without having to having to stomach the mechanics of the entourage of the likes of Dakota Fanning and the entire cast of High School Musical (1-3). Absoltully no Hilary Duff, Miley Cyrus or Joe Jonas PLEASE!


I personally think Dakota Fanning is a GREAT addition to the cast. Jonas Brothers and Vanessa? Why dont you just burn all the copies of the saga? It will have the same effect on the movie.

Posted by Jocelyn | Report as abusive

ommg i love twillightt so muchh.
it is so gud. i so wanna part in the moviee!!
DONT PUT THE SONG IN THE MOVIE. i dont think that
it is twilight material. oh nd i hate the jonas bros so yeh.
twiliight cast is greatt! i love it and i wanna be an actress when i grow up soo lol yeh.
ur doing a great job. xoxo
lovve youu.

Posted by jess mcintosh | Report as abusive

No way should they let all these disney actors get in to new moon. New moon is gonna be dark and mysterious, not a great kinda scene for jo bros and vanessa. I think Dakota would make a gd Jane though, she kinda looks the part!

Posted by Harriet | Report as abusive

i think they should let new up and coming actors and actresses have a chance…celebrities already made it…give others an opportunity…

Posted by adri pink | Report as abusive

Anyone know when there will be an official trailer for new moon?

Posted by someone | Report as abusive

Have people forgotten that Kristen Stewart played Jodie Foster’s daughter in Panic Room? (sarcastically) I think she can go up against a child like Dakota Fanning or please…(hahaha) Vanessa Hudgens…

Posted by Gina | Report as abusive



stop trying to turn it into a stupi disney movie with these stupid celebrities, because twilights amazing as it is now,


Posted by lauren | Report as abusive

Whoever thinks that “this is not some stupid disney movie and don’t try turning it into one” is right. I believe the should leave it alone. However if dakota fanning can be as mature as she was in the movie Push then i truly believe that she could play the part. And get the same look as her, but we all know how far hollywood will go for a great box office.

Posted by Laren | Report as abusive

They need to cast these new parts carefully and I think sparingly (with any big stars) twilight is the epitome of great casting. While Dakota Fanning may be excellent for Jane, I would think twice about using a big name for Alec (Jane’s brother) or any of the other parts for the sake of a big name – They need to think very very carefuly about the structure of this four film saga – because the actors they have already chosen are so real to all of us – They have in fact made the story real – very real – to all of us who love the book – take care of the cast that exists, carefully cast the remainder and spend the money on the script. Give us the intimacy that exists between Edward and Bella in the book – that’s what we’re here for!

Posted by Carolyn | Report as abusive

I think that because Twilight was meant to be an Indie film that it should be kept that way. If big actors and Disney channel actors and singers were to contribute to the next film then that ‘Indie’ title would be lost. And it would be nothing more than a child’s film. People of many ages have read the book and have expectations for the film, these not involving actors who would turn it into a 7 year old loved frenzy. That is what is so good about the film Twilight, it’s unique use of unknown actors. This reached those expectations of the readers. Dakota Fanning may be a great actor and would be good to star in the film, but other Disney actors would decrease the amount of people pleased with the next instalment. Including me.

Posted by Shelly | Report as abusive

I think that they should not let any Disney stars because they will ruin the movie

Posted by Laura | Report as abusive

If you want the rest of the Twilight movies to be a big hit I think that you should not include big movie stars like Vanessa because Twilight is a very unique movie with no BIG stars and I think that is why it was such a big sucess. And adding big stars would take away from the realness of Twilgiht. It was like it was real. everyday people that no one has really heard of and it really made the relationship between Bella and Edward seem real. And adding the bigger stars will just take away from that.

Posted by Jasmine | Report as abusive

Although The Jonas Brothers and Vanessa Ann Hudgens are great actors, this is not the movie for them. This movie has a cast basically made up of people who we have heard very little about and they are new. I believe sticking popular actors/actresses would really ruin the meekness of this film. When I see the characters I dont see big stars. Stick to the basics. In this dont go big.

Posted by Reba | Report as abusive

if commenting on this will help with the installment of upcoming actors into the twilight series then heres my say. i agree with the idea of keeping the actors chosen low key. If you put big time stars in it then it changes the movie into more fake Hollywood when Twilight is based on the chance of being somewhat real. The movie was good because you didn’t see familiar faces. I got inspired by twilight because of who was in it and how it was seen to the public. Disney stars also automatically turn it into a ditsy movie which is not what twilight is about.

Posted by me | Report as abusive

i totally think that there shud be NO big or disney channel stars, AT ALL! i absolutley wud hate the movie and like never ever see it if it had any disney stars or a song frm teh jobros, i hate them. as a twilight fan, i beleive that they shud go with undiscovered talents rather than the bigshows of hollywood. Twilight was an indie film 2 start eith, i think it shud end with it too.

Posted by dharti | Report as abusive

I believe that the film worked great with lesser known actors. I think it should remain that way! I also love the fact that Rob Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are not out of their heads about it. Their newness allows them to be genuinely awed with their success and that is awesome to witness. The entire cast did a stellar job and I am looking forward to a sequel (and more hopefully) that is just as good! Leave the Disney stars and other bigger stars out of it.

Posted by Tiffany | Report as abusive

hmm… all of a sudden, everyone wants a part in the Twilight Sequel. I wonder why? Before it hit them, Rob and Kristen didn’t even know that the film would stir up a storm. Now, they’re going to be featured in the upcoming Oscars. I think Rob’s going to present something. I don’t really mind who’s in and who’s out. They’re all tiny parts compared to Edward and Bella. Jane would be in for all three sequels though. I guess Fanning is smart in that sense. I just hope nothing goes terribly wrong and they’ll start filming soon. I expect it in November this year. Not a day late.

Posted by gloria | Report as abusive


you dont have to change the characters in the twilight!!!!
you can add!!!,, BUT dont change the main characters!!!


AHH! NO! disney actors should STAY in disney, New moon and ALL of the twilight movies should have not-so famous actors!! it makes it alot better!

Posted by Helena ? | Report as abusive

i do not want any disney people in the movies and if they do that would be so stupid or any big time star that would ruin the movies and i am still on the fence about this new director i like the first director she was amazing all i am really trying to say is stay true to the books and along the lines of the fist movies (meaning how the movie was shot)


sorry jennifer again dakota fanning would be ok cause she isn’t really that big so she would be ok but no disney people stay out of twilight

Posted by jennifer | Report as abusive

Please do not put the Jonas Brothers in the movie. You would definitely loose your “Cougar” Audience. You know the ones that pay and pay for their daughters to go to the movies, buy the books etc. They beauty of this movie is that the actors were not widely known and putting them in would ruin the whole draw of the movie. It would just be another Jonas Brother movie for teenie boppers!

Posted by Cathie Huber | Report as abusive

Whats up with all these stars suddenly wanting to be in twilight? they should keep it the same!

Posted by Tiffany | Report as abusive

It sucks how all of a sudden all these “celebrities” want to be in the sequel. I’m sure they would have declined if asked to be in Twilight. I love Twilight for the actors in it now. Dakota is adorable. But the Disney kids need to step back.

Posted by Melly | Report as abusive

No dakota, fur sure (you don’t need them to sell the series). I listen to the cd everyday, no jonas (too kiddie). Use the budget money for actors already on the job (love them), good script & effects. Chris & company, DO NOT ruin this for the FANS, we have spent mucha bucks for the love of Twilight. No vanessa, hilary etc., please. Oh yeah, make sure Robb sings on the cd again, muse, paramore & others of the like.

Posted by shar | Report as abusive

I hope they don’t allow Disney stars in the sequel. I think the fans of the movie and books would rather see not so famous stars in “New Moon”. Unknown characters make movies from books seem more interesting and mysterious.

Posted by kate | Report as abusive

The Jonas Brothers don’t have the right kind of sound for this movie. They are too peppy. It needs something more deep and meaningful and that fits the tone of the movie. Please, please, please no Vanessa Hudgens! Number 1 she definitely cannot act and it will make it all wrong. I’m kind of liking the Dakota Fanning choice. Her face is angelic enough with a little bit of possible sadism behind it. They just need to evil her up a bit. Big name isn’t going to do it for this movie though. Let it be what it is and help us find some new people to take part in the celebrity world and to bring these characters that we all adore to life.

Posted by Christine | Report as abusive

Are you kidding me?
i mean i love all three. but in their own movieeee!

twilight was amazing.
it will break my heart and millions,
if the same actors do not remain as is.

Bella, Edward, Alice, Dr Cullen.

it was perfect to me.
their skin tone,
the awkwardness and how it was pure perfection,

pleaseeeeee dont ruin twilight.


never done this before but i thought i must experss the outrage i am sure many will feel if the Disney actor made there way into Twilight. NOT HAPPY! please please Disney stay in your own movies, or you will upset a number of loving fans. by the way liking Dakota Fanning for jane sweet, small could be very innocent but will easy to evil up a bit. LETS KEEP IT REAL PEOPLE!

Posted by Nothappy | Report as abusive

Please do not make this movie into a Disney flop. Not all people who love Twilight are women in their youth. As a middle-aged woman, I know many of us that love the series, and we hope that this new movie remains in the genre of the first movie. I wish that the old director had remained, as, in general, movie series that suffer a change in director, suffer at the box office. And this movie also does not need “stars” who just want to join the bandwagon. As for the music, please don’t fall prey to the gimick groups.

Posted by Mary | Report as abusive

no way should the jonas brothers be involved in twilight, if u looked at the first soundtrack you will see that there music doesnt go with any of the previous ones at all! there is more rock, punk feel to music and there are no pop songs on there so no way!!!
and u dont need pretty people like vanessa for twilight, all the vampires and wolves are all serious characters and therefore the actors should reflect that, not soft faced sweet teens like vanessa.

Posted by beck | Report as abusive

i dont think the audience will like the cast being changed around too much. Most people liked the fact that it is a relativly unknown cast and making the movie too disney will loose some fan base.

Posted by Bellah | Report as abusive

Please don’t turn the next film into American Moon Pie staring every Disney “real actor watanabe”. Twilight was filmed with maturity and restraint. The music and visual beauty were as important as the story. Think more Harry Potter, or Lord of the Ring and less High School Musical 1,2 and 3.

Posted by TB | Report as abusive

vanessa or the jonas brothers should not be part of this amasing sequel! if they join it would be a total disaster!!! who wants some stupid people from the disney channel! ugh!!!

Posted by kattherine | Report as abusive

umm NO!! jonas brothers and vanessa would totally be a mess here. who wants them in new moon? summit should keep it like it is not with this disney freaks. ewww i will totally be dissapointed with this. hell no! first vanessa seems a loser jonas brotheres they seem gay!!! my answer is DO NOT PUT THOSE PERSONS IN NEW MOON!!! PLEASE!

Posted by isabella | Report as abusive

for all the true fans of twilight please don’t turn new moon into a farce!!! it needs to stay true to the story and feel of the book without any cheesy disney influence! (can’t really imagine sitting there at the cinema and vanessa hudgens popping up as a member of the Volturi!) A lot has been written about the obsessive nature of Twilight fans, and yes i suppose we are, but thats only because we care so much about the story and characters and wanna protect Twilight from being ruined!!Only unknown actors, actors staying the same and if we must have a change of director…well i’ll wait and c!!

Posted by jess | Report as abusive

um have you HEARD jonus brothers song Love Bug? HECK NO we dont want any sugar coated baby boppers messing up the authenticity of this saga! this series is about passion, and pain, and anguish, and love, it is not a cinderella story. no disney stars!!!!!!!!!!!! i do however think that dakota could possibly do great as jane but really we dont need high priced stars to make it wonderful…this isnt about fame. its about who makes the character true to what the fans are hoping for and who fits the image theyve formed in their head. none of us were reading the books and placing hollywood celeb faces in our minds to fit the people descriptions!

Posted by julie | Report as abusive

NO, i dont like the idea of someone else playing bella i mean come on she is the best person for the part kristen dont quit you can do it no matter what

Posted by ELIZABETH123 | Report as abusive

ON the subject of stalking!!!

It does not matter what we have to say nothing will ever change for celeb’s.
the press do their job the actors do theirs.
The fans love and hope to meet the actors they see on screen that pull them away from there normal lives and reality.
This is the sacrifice of stardom.

Privacy is of course never respected when a much needed cry for photos and info on certain actors is requested by half the population.

Everyone has to adapt and know that in some time things will die down for all to take a breath.

but the question is at what COST!

Posted by Krissy | Report as abusive

Your the best Robert Pattinson!!!! Keep it up Robert!!!

Posted by Alexandria Shelton | Report as abusive

i’m not going to diss any actress or actor, or group or singer, on their performance, simply because i cannot act or sing myself. however, i am going to ask a simple question if twilight made 356.8 millions dollars world wide, without the disney celebrities, or any hugely-wide known celebrity at all, doesn’t hollywood and weitz think its sequel is just as capable of 356.8 millions dollars, and even more? also, i have a statement. obviously, stephenie wrote with originality. so, maybe the movies should use “ordinary actors/actresses,” to show her beautiful creation some respect. if i were the author of it, i’d be disappointed if hollywood transferred my baby into something it was never supposed to be. hollywood and weitz, leave twilight and the sequels (i’m strictly referring to the movies) the way steph, catherine hardwicke, and summit entertainment created them. :) :) :)

Posted by ashley | Report as abusive

I dont normally leave comments but i dont agree with all these celebrities wanting ti be in the film. It did fine on its own and these disney channel people need to stay on disney and not come and ruin this.

Posted by K | Report as abusive

I honestly agree with the others that NO ONE from Disney should be in New Moon. Dakota SHOULD be in it!!!!!!!!!! ABSULUTELY no Jonas Brothers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Marissa | Report as abusive

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