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Joanna Pacitti’s “Idol” exit stokes rumor mill

February 12, 2009

pacitti1Joanna Pacitti’s controversial bid for another shot at making it big in the music business through ” American Idol” has come to an abrupt end after being booted from the Top 36.

But the precise reasons for her swift exit sent the rumor mill into overdrive.  While Fox said  “it had been determined that Joanna Pacittii is ineligible to continue in the competition”, “Idol” producers gave no details over what prompted their decision after judges Simon, Kara, Paula and Randy decided to give her another chance.

Was it just Pacitti’s previous record deal — she released an album in 2006 — or the fact that she had also starred in an MTV documentary and opened for Sheryl Crow?

Star magazine is claiming much of the credit for her exit with a story it ran in its Feb 16 issue that appeared to show some major conflict of interest issues involving Pacitti and the company that produces “American Idol”, 19 Entertainment.

Star said Pacitti lived in the same LA apartment complex as two 19 Entertainment executives and that one of them used to be her manager.  Celebrity web site said producers demanded Pacitti’s resignation from the show on Wednesday and fired her when she refused.

With Fox and “Idol” keeping mum, it’s hard to know what producers knew, and when, but fans have been crying foul ever since Pacitti made it through the early auditions.

Pacitti’s exit overshadowed some of the other upsets from Wednesday night’s brutal eliminations. Jamar Rogers, best buddy of singing teacher Danny Gokey,  was as stunned at getting a ticket home as incessant weeper/screamer Tatiana Del Toro was at staying in.

Would fans have kept Joanna Pacitti, Tatiana and Jamar?  Viewers get their chance to weigh in next week when telephone and text voting finally starts.  Who deserves to go next — and who would you bring back in the Wild Card round?

 Photo:Michael Becker / FOX.


Jamar’s “Hey There Delilah” is the only performance I’ve heard so far that I would buy as a single (and we didn’t even get to hear the whole song!) As soon as I saw he was off, I got online to read about how the wildcard works. I wish so much there were a way to bring him back.

Posted by Jen King | Report as abusive

I am upset that Jamar got the boot…I love this guy. I wish that Jamar can replace Joanna that would make my day. I cannot stand one more minute of Tatianas antics…she drives me nuts!!!

Posted by Sheri Rosen | Report as abusive

The producers knew of her past. They let her go on, enough said.


the judges seemed to be keen on keeping Pacitti around, so why not keep her on the show? the show seems to thrive on scandal anyway…


How can we bring Jamar back?!!!You made a big mistake in eliminating Jamar Rogers. His talent is clearly better than competitors you allowed in, for example, the 2 boys you had in the first ever Idol sing-off, Cody Sheldon and Alex Wagner-Truggman. Please bring Jamar back. He is indeed “relevant and different” as Simon puts it. There is real human interest in his loyal friendship with Danny Gokey. Jamar could win this. Von Smith, Matt Britsky, nor Michael Sarver ever could,and neither will the 2 jokes Norm/Nate or Nathaniel Marshall. Steven Fowler will forget his lyrics again…meanwhile, I’ll be looking to buy anything Jamar sings, including his version of Delila.

Posted by Tone | Report as abusive

I actually think that, based on what was shown in auditions and in Hollywood Week, that Jamar and Tatiana are the best singers and the most interesting performers this year (even though I don’t particularly care for Jamar’s personality). It’s obvious that Idol producers felt that Jamar and Danny G. (who I think is awful in every way) could not be on the show at the same time, or that that was a dynamic they weren’t interested in cultivating. In other words, they said he didn’t “stand out” — meaning, he didn’t stand out from Danny G.’s sob story. It’s a show that is cast consciuosly for certain effects; these are not the 36 BEST.


Re: season 8 contestant Jamar Rogers… tragic it is that he was eliminated as a season 8 contestant!!!!Now that joanne has been disqualified i hope that jamar is asked back. is there any way that public opinion can be expressed and influence a call back ?


bring back Jamar!!! he is def the best and most relevant singer on the show- sounds a bit like finley quaye!! i LOVED his version of delilah!

Posted by Teresa | Report as abusive


Posted by Marianne | Report as abusive

Bring back Jamar!!! Listen to the London vote!!!!!

Posted by Nina | Report as abusive

Bring back the Barracuda girl – Emily Wynne-Hughes. She had it all!


When Jamar got booted off, they were playing this really cool song and no one seems to know who the artist is or name of the song….can anyone help? Bring Jamar back!!

Posted by Devin | Report as abusive

Bring back Joanna. Sign this petition pacitti

Posted by Fred | Report as abusive

To Devin – yes the song played during Jamar’s elimination is by Mazzy Star and is called Into Dust.

Posted by Liz | Report as abusive

The producers knew Joanna’s background. They kept her as long as they did because it would cause “shock” and “controversy” the more we got to know her.

I went to high school with Joanna and every show the school’s had, Joanna would fill the entire auditorium with her voice. She was real friendly and real polite. Kept a low profile and she was very laid back.
As like right now, she was really good, great performer.
Too bad she got booted off, she’s a sweet girl.

Posted by PeeWee2001 | Report as abusive

Bring Jamar back as wild card! He was the only one I was excited about!

Posted by kristine K | Report as abusive

please bring back jamar the guy was awesome. its ridiculous that they get rid of him so annoying the guy was so good he wold have been favourite to probably win the whole thing. its wrong the only reason i can think of why they got rid of him is cos hes black

Posted by irfan Ulhaq | Report as abusive

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