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Chris Brown says “sorry.” Will it be enough?

February 16, 2009

brown3It took a week,  but singer Chris Brown finally apologized over the weekend for “what transpired” last Sunday on the day of the music industry’s Grammy awards. While Brown did not say exactly “what transpired,” we know he was arrested after an altercation with an unidentified woman and was later charged by Los Angeles officials with making criminal threats.

While police have never identified the woman, it has been widely reported that she is his (former?) girlfriend, pop star Rihanna. Celebrity websites and magazines have reported that the incident happened shortly after Brown left a Beverly Hills party with Rihanna, and that she suffered bruises on her face and a split lip.

In his statement, Brown said “words cannot begin to express how sorry and saddened I am over what transpired.” He added that he was “seeking the counseling of my pastor, my mother and other loved ones” and that “much of what has been speculated or reported on blogs and/or reported in the media is wrong.”

Brown gave no details about what may have happened in his statement because the case is a matter for law enforcement officials, but he has hired one of Los Angeles’ most noted crisis managers in the public relations business. So, clearly he’s on a mission to put some shine back on his tarnished reputation as an all around good guy.

Certainly his statement is a good first step, but will it be enough? Some of Brown’s showbiz colleagues have defended him, including hip-hop star Kanye West who said, “Can’t we give Chris a break?” during a taping of VH1′s “Storytellers” on Friday. But what do you think?


No breaks for chris.. I was such a big fan and I’m so hurt and disappointed by this. Saying sorry doesn’t stop bruises, I’m not and ignorant or naive woman and I am not going to excuse any MAN for putting his hands on a woman. Had he been anyone else he would be in prison. What’s dones is done, but what is fair is fair.

Posted by bdubs | Report as abusive

No. No breaks. The PR firm that wrote the apology need to be fired. It was very vague and obviously written to stop people from saying “Why isn’t he making a statement?” without actually addressing his actions at all. Is he ‘sorry and saddened’ by his own actions or that he was arrested? His mention of false info in blogs and/or media is also disturbing, unless he coupled it with a plea to support the other party involved in the incident (without specifically naming her, of course). It could be taken as an insult to his victim, as it is written here.

Posted by OrigamiB | Report as abusive

Like the article said, its a first step. I am a huge fan of Chris and I hope things work out for him and his career. He is very talented and has his whole life ahead of him. Don’t believe everything you read over the internet, let the real facts come out when this goes to court March 5.

Posted by Courtney | Report as abusive

Bruises and a split lip? Hell, no, we should not give him a break. What a disappointment. I hope he gets counseling and that he actually works to control his temper, but it’s hard to believe this is the first time he abused her. Maybe it was verbal abuse before this. He should be in jail just like all other abusers.

Posted by rgirl | Report as abusive

we all make mistake in life. Chris may have committed a big one but life goes on. forgive and forget.

Posted by Nad | Report as abusive

He’s young,talented, cute :)..Everyone make mistakes and everyone have T.I said they’re celebrity’s and they’re human but it’s not that they’re never gonna do something wrong..Everyone know that what he did is wrong but we don’t know what did happend to him..We all have to support him..give him another chance because we all have one life to live..we can’t let him lose his career.

Posted by JJH | Report as abusive

LOL Chris Brown what a tough guy. An attorney or PR agent or somebody wrote him a statement. Only thing he’s sorry for is being held accountable for his actions.


it is very dissoponting to hear that violence happans to all people even the rich and famous.
there is never an excuse for hurting aa woman and i think chris’s reputation and carrer are truly going to suffer

Posted by sarah | Report as abusive

Chris should not have a break.That was totally wrong.They looked so good togther.I guess love wasn’t ment to be.
Chris should go back to jail for few weeks

Posted by onnymus | Report as abusive

Who are we to say if hes not truly sorry? People do make mistakes and do things that they regret or say things they dont mean. It is wrong but people don’t make every right decision in the world. If he’s seeking help thats what he needs. Some times people are a product of their environment even if it’s a bad one… which if you saw any past interviews his mother was abused by her boyfriend…. not that it makes it right but sometimes even when people know somethings wrong they do what they know. I’m sure that he hates himself for doing something he found so hurtful in his own past. Somethings just don’t make sense. Hopefully he can get the help he needs show support to both parties involved and move past it.

Posted by manda | Report as abusive

i think it is wrong to ever hit a woman or even a man meaning abuse , and he does need help, and hope he gets it, but feel he deserves a second chance with his career and all, who knows what exactly took place but he should have just let her out of the car and not hit her, but really it is ridiculous how this has gotten so much attention

Posted by Bridge | Report as abusive

hi im michelle slotnick and im 10 years old i love chris brown and riannah and there a cute couple what happened was disapointing but i know chris is srry and people learn from there mistakes and i think chris did there my role modles so i hope they work out but i dont think riannah is gonna take him back because carma they have to learn how to controll ur anger and maybe chris needs a consler so i think riannah is gonna be an indapendent women and make a safe choice because leaveing chris is the best choice for her but i love them both and i hope the best of them and i hope u chris learn ur leason because it disapointed me to see my role modle do that to my other role modle so that how i feel.


Chris Brown will never be seen as ‘the perfect guy’ like he once was. Sure, Chris Brown CAN come back, but it will have to be with the new bad-boy slant. His songs will now have to be less romantic, because we all know that it’s a lie. Chris Brown will have to do a lot more than a formulaic statement to win my forgiveness.


Everybody is being so hard on him. You all turn your backs on him so fast. You don’t know what she could of said or done to that boy to set him off like that. He has a lot to lose, this had to be something serious that was said or done to him by her. I’m not saying he was right for hitting her but don’t push it all on him. I say get off his back

Posted by Joy5613 | Report as abusive

you need to stop hitting girls and grow up and be a man


Of course everybody has an opinion so heres mine. Nobody knows what happened between Chris and Rhianna but them. I am not a naive woman either but I do know that eveything will come out in the end. Nobody should judge until they get the whole story.

Posted by Kim Smith | Report as abusive

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion but who are we to judge, that is for them to workout not everyone else. Then again everyone makes mistakes forgive if you can but don’t forget. JESUS FORGIVES.. <3

Posted by Jorg | Report as abusive

I’m really upset with chris brown. He should know better than put his hands on a woman. Sorry doesnt do a darn thing.


i say give him a break we are only hearing one side to the story and that’s from media so he can’t really base something off of that and Chris is human everyone makes mistakes and God is a forgiving God he obviously realizes what he has done( first step to change) and his sorry for it and he is suffering the consequences pretty hard but once again i have to hear more then what the media says I know it’s a lot more to it also regardless i’m still going to be a fan and support him

Posted by Linda | Report as abusive

Violence and what he allegedly did to Rihanna IS NOT a MISTAKE…It was a CHOICE to get violent with his girlfriend.

People don’t make MISTAKES and beat up their significant others

Posted by Tammy | Report as abusive

well my opinion is that brown shoul keep working he alredy did a apologize and other think dont criticize because nobody does not know what really happend!!!


How can people say dont give chis a break.Like who are we to judge Him on his situation when we do Stupid mistakes everyday.Nobody is perfect.He’s not perfect,Im not perfect,ya not perfect,only god is the end of the day were not judging Chris when the world ends God is.I think that yaa are fake for talking about him when im sure ya did something.But you know what gets me everybody is so quick to jump on him when ya not doing whats right either, and ya probably Sin eryday.god forgives him and if god forgives him I do.he’s a good guy,smart,cute,multi-tasked, and knows how to sing.He just had a down fall, and made a mistake who do i think Chris needs a break Yes because we cant judge him,and he made a mistake,Plus he apoligized.Now im not saying what he did was right,yes it was wrong,but we all do stuff.And to rhianna i hope you get healed and I hope both u and Chris’s careeer succeed.
god Bless

Posted by Brittane' | Report as abusive

Chris Brown did hit Rihanna, I know that for a fact, but just because he hit her doesn’t mean he’s a horrible person. He is only a man people keep jumping to conclusions about what happen. She may have provoked him to hit her. Regardless of if ur a woman or man you should not ask for something you aren’t ready to receive. That doesn’t make up for his actions. No one should hit anyone EVER!!! He apologized and we should all stay out of their business. All we should do is pray that God does what’s best. The media has blown this story out of proportion. They have the fans thinking it’s terrible when it might just be bad. He’s been through thing and needs family as well as professional counseling. But he needs to be told that with heart, not with people yelling at him. Besides what will he going to jail solve? It won’t help him get better. It might only make it worse. We as fans and humans need to support and love the both of them and make them feel that our Lord will make everything OK!!!!!

Posted by Jessica Y | Report as abusive

Hear his side of the story please!!! he had all week long for us to hear his side of the story and all he comes out with is a sorry excuse for an apology please i used to be a big fan of his but right now i am so disappointed in him what he did was unacceptable no matter what she said or did he has lost a fan in me

Posted by sasha | Report as abusive

what is very sad is that the people who have defended this jerk have mostly been black women.i have worked on the crew of rap music video,s and there are always beautiful black women hanging around being treated like chattels.when are they going stop allowing this treatment.

Posted by brian lee | Report as abusive

Fine so everybody deserves a break but some things are just inexcusable and spousal abuse is one of them. Chris does deserve the chance to be heard but after a week a bit more than a mere “Sorry” is required, especially if he wants to keep his fans and those roped in by his tie with Rihanna. And I am sorry but none of this has anything to do with religion people… Enough with all this “leave it to god”, god left it to us to make sure we do the right thing but clearly some people haven’t quiet grasped that concept yet.

Posted by kaajal | Report as abusive

I cant believe someone posted that she might of provoked him to hit her that is just stupid to even say that a man is never suppost to lay his hands on a woman believe me this is being said by a guy who has been charged with domestic violence for even pushing my girl who provoked me and hit me first. I have been going through 26 weeks of counceling, 16 months of probation and $1000 in fines and some jail time so this stuff is very serious and i could not even picture me putting bruises on her face and splitting my girls lip.Chris needs some real help cause with a temper like that it can cause alot worse i cant believe he can it rihanna she is to hot for me to even think about hitting her even if she kicked me in the nutts and said hit me back.

Posted by Sreeber7777 | Report as abusive

It takes a good man to say he’s sorry for his wrong doings chris apologised and that’s what we should look at although it was’nt suppose to happen in the first place everyone makes mistakes. And chris said he’s sorry for what he did ,I TRUELY believe that he’s sorry and we should give him another chance I LOVE YOU CHRIS. Please don’t take away his career he’s very woung and talented

Posted by swankee j | Report as abusive

Regardless who you are and what situation a reationship maybe in you should never hit a woman… If you cant talk just walk !

Posted by Big Jay | Report as abusive

I think that Chris needs a break. Everybody makes mistakes, and that was one. he said he was sorry and we need to give him a break.

Posted by Susana | Report as abusive

Rhianna may have provoked a fight with Chris Brown, but that in no way excuses physical violence. They are both in need of therapy – Rhianna because she’s apparently compulsively jealous and Chris Brown because he beats women. His apology may have been honest, but most men who beat women say they’re sorry and then they just do it again and again. Sorry doesn’t cut it where this type of behavior is concerned.

Posted by CherylS | Report as abusive

Well, the illiterate postings here, particularly the ones defending Chris Brown, tell me all I need to know about how messed up our country is. And, and this should be fairly easy to understand, folks, YOU … DO … NOT … HIT … PEOPLE. Unless a criminal is attacking you, you do not commit violence. It is that simple. AND if you are a man, you do not EVER hit a woman. This is grade school level stuff, folks. And if you hit a woman to the point where 911 is called and she is bloodied, you should go to jail. End of story. It is beyond frightening that so many prominent black male celebrities like Magic Johnson and Terrance Howard are ‘praying for Chris’ and defending this man. Is anyone praying for the woman he beat up? Is anyone going to stand up and denounce this man’s actions, or because he’s famous, good looking and talented, he deserves a pass? Moreover, women who stay with abusers only prolong their own victimizations. I am a 39 year-old male, and I have never EVER hit a woman. Doesn’t make me a saint, it just makes me normal. If we do not condemn violence, particularly against women, we only prolong it.

Posted by John | Report as abusive

I was glad to hear Chris Brown come out and say he was sorry and that he was seeking counseling. However I would’ve preferred for him to include that he was seeking counseling for anger management, instead of just from his pastor, family, and friends (or however he put it). While I do believe he is truly sorry, it seemed to me that the statement was prepared by his crisis agent, which makes me wonder if he’s sorry for hittiing his girlfriend, or if he’s sorry that his reputation has been permanently damaged.

Good thing he’s already set for life in the money department. Domestic violence is not something that escapes people’s memories and he will have to deal with the repercussions(sp?)of this incident for years to come.

I would love to see him do public service announcements against domestic violence. He could really be a champion for the cause and it would help him regain his nice-boy image.

Posted by Nikki | Report as abusive

i think it is great that chris brown has apoligized everyone, and knows what he did was wrong. i know that he will come back and shine again, because his a great guy and deserves a second chance…just like everyone else does.


yeah right! It was disgusting of him to disrespect a female. Famous or not, if we support him, we support domestic abuse


i think give him another chance i am a huge Chris brown fan but i was also very mad at him when i heard what he did to Rhianna because i am a big fan of her to and i never thought Chris brown would ever do that kind of thing and i think it is great that he apologized and knows what he did wrong so give him another chance!!!!

Posted by riley | Report as abusive

i think that we should give chris another chance…he did say sorry qand everyone makes mastakes
i think we should give him a brake its not like rihanna was killed…well thats a different story and i dont want to get into that stuff but still i think that we should give him a brake


Well, first I must say that I am surprised and apalled at the illiteracy that faces America now. I wasn’t even born here or raised here and somehow I learned decent English. Seriously people, pick up a book and read. As far as the Chris Brown incident goes the world needs to back off, hopefully justice will be served. Having everyone watch this incident like hawks just waiting, giving all types of judgements and opinions is not going to solve anything. This may have been a one time thing for him, however most men who hit women do it repeatedly. Let’s hope it doesn’t happen again that’s all that can be said and may God bless both the offender and the victim.

Posted by Geegee | Report as abusive


Posted by BABYGIRLJ | Report as abusive

Most of these people who are “sorry” are just sorry they got caught! Fame is a form of stress, and there are many ways to handle it. Violence of any kind is not one of those ways.

Posted by Chasemason | Report as abusive

I understand Chris Brown is sorry for what happened, we all are but the bottom line is he hit a female. He said growing up he witnessed his mom go through domestic abuse. Did he not learn anything from that whole experince?

Posted by Seema | Report as abusive

What i wanna say is Chris brown man u where my idol at dancing and im pretty sure u where many others as well and i understand what u did is very wrong i mean u have a long time for people to see u differently but my advice too u even though nobody beleievs u will change believe in urself and start slowly and everything thats going on right now i say it should be up top rhinna weather or not he goes to jail yes he comitted a falony but i think if she still loves him and believes in him he shouldnt have to go to jail but i do think he should make it up to everyone and her start by making him to go to anger mangement councling alot of cumminty services but i dont think he needs jail time and for jay z i support what u say he messed with the wrong man but leave it up to rhinna she is a big girl but u have all the right to watch over her i think u should talk to chris and find out what happened and for the media stop blowong things out of paportion

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