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Robert Plant blanked at BRITs

February 18, 2009

plant As the BRITs music awards got underway at Earls Court in London, one name stood out as a major absentee from the nominations announced last month — Robert Plant.

The ex-Led Zeppelin frontman was the big winner at the Grammys 10 days ago, scooping five prizes for his collaboration with bluegrass queen Alison Krauss. And yet the Englishman notched precisely zero nominations at the BRITs, the showcase for British music.

Surely some mistake? Could this be the British music establishment’s way of punishing the 60-year-old for scuppering a Led Zeppelin reunion tour? Any other conspiracy theories out there?


The man is a genius but his collaboration album is garbage. That’s why he got no nominations. What do the Brits want to know about bluegrass?

Posted by John | Report as abusive

I agree that the collaboartion is garbage. I bought it and have listened to it twice. Neither time have I been able to listen to it all the way through. You can steal my money Robert but I’m not going to let you bore me. I have a feeling that a second collaboration wont sell as well. I know I wont be buying it.

Posted by Bob | Report as abusive

I love Robert Plant, no matter what the media says. I’d arguably say I’m the biggest Robert Plant fan out there.

Posted by Brooke | Report as abusive

Of course it’s British attitude. Do you think Raising Sand won it’s awards for any American reason other than having Krause & TBone on the bill? I believe the Brit’s would call Plant a “Hanger-On” ….someone attached to the wealthy family who catches a ride for some of the benefits. It’s a downer album . Americans like that stuff. Makes me sorry that I live in the US.

Posted by keep | Report as abusive

These comments are amazing. Who knows why he got blanked at the Brit awards? Maybe they consider it an American project, or are just not in the same headspace. But it’s ridiculous to say this collaboration was not good. It might not be as brilliant as some suggest, but it’s at least as good as the solo stuff he’s been doing. Most importantly, it’s something different. Hats off to Percy for trying new things instead of going through the motions with a Zeppelin tour. I LOVED Zep, but they ended the moment that Bonzo passed. It’s time to stop living in the past and move the f**k on, people.

Posted by Robert | Report as abusive

what a load of rubbish. Raising Sand is an amazing album and is a perfect continuation of what Plant has always done. take inspiration from other forms of music and create something new, thereby furthering your muscial horizons. raising sand is nothing else and the chemistry between him and Krauss is fantastic especially live. add t-bone burnett to the equation and you got something special.

yes, i would love to see them playing together again (luckily i was at the o2) but Plant can bloody do what he wants and if it means no more reunion gigs so be it.

the reason he wasn’t involved at the Brits has more to do with the lack of quality music on show (there were exceptions) at the event than the lack of quality of his latest project. the grammy’s honour a much broader range of music where less mainstream projects like raising sand also get the attention they deserve.

Posted by Andy | Report as abusive

Robert Plant is a musical genius, always was and always will be. HE IS MUSIC! “HANGER-ON”? Are you kidding? And Raising Sand is an amazing compilation of two outstanding musical talents. I was thrilled they were recognized as such at the Grammys. They complimented each other beautifully and their mutual chemistry and respect shows. Bravo to them both!

Posted by Cynthia Taylor | Report as abusive

It’s crazy Robert didnt figure but not as crazy as Zeppelin not getting the contribution to music award (or whatever it’s called) ever!!! Maybe they think they wouldn’t reunite for the night.. so embarrasing? maybe plant will collaborate with duffy next .. wow!

Posted by simon g | Report as abusive

I don’t know that Plant is a “genius” but he can still sing…
His solo career has been respectable–not great. I’ve seen him multiple times in the 80′s and 90′s (with Page) and must say he’s never as good without the Zep or Page as a performer. Raising Sand was just a So-So album of retread songs… and I like country and bluegrass.

Robert continues his musical journey. Awards or no, he does things his way–whether right or wrong.

Posted by Mike Lloyd | Report as abusive

Well at least Sand is a bunch of songs that Plant can sing live the same way he does on the album. Nothin’ too difficult or trying for the now bearded geezer. Heck, he never even was able to sing Zep songs like he did on record! After all these years Bob, you’ve done it! And Grammies to boot! He finally has come clean. He’s really just a common mid-range huffer who sped up older recordings to come across like a blend of The Chipmunks and Tiny Tim. Now he dosen’t speed them up anymore.

Posted by would be drummer of zep | Report as abusive

“…someone attached to the wealthy family who catches a ride for some of the benefits. It’s a downer album . Americans like that stuff. Makes me sorry that I live in the US…”

What’s that’s supposed to mean? I should say a Brit would appreciate a ‘hanger-on’ more than an American–considering the Brits’ love of money was part of the reason we wanted our independence, for starters. Pretty cold hearted to think that he doesn’t deserve a little award after performing for nearly 40 years, even if he’s not producing masterpieces; at least he’s willing to continue to work.

Leave Plant alone. He doesn’t need the money. Or the fame. He wants to keep creating; he is, after all, a performer, and he does, after all these years, have a fan base.

Good for him for making it through the 60s with his neurons intact. So, you go ahead and ‘keep’ talking trash, Keep.

Posted by Yank | Report as abusive

And one more comment, ‘Keep’–

No need for you to feel ‘sorry’ for living in the US. You can leave anytime–we’ll get over it. Robert Plant, however, we’ll miss.

Posted by Yank | Report as abusive

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