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Jackman, Miley and those cute Slumdog kids — Oscar winners or losers?

February 23, 2009

Hugh Jackman brought his singing and dancing act to the Oscar awards ceremony and “Slumdog Millionaire” walked off with a leading 8 Oscars.


But who were the real stars of the show, and did the performances on the red carpet beat those on the slumdog-kidsstage of the Kodak Theatre in Hollywood?

Viewership for Sunday’s telecast was up from last year but how much did that have to do with new host Jackman, stars like Beyonce, and the much-anticipated best supporting actor award for Australia’s Heath Ledger after his death?

The cute “Slumdog” kids in their mini tuxedos and party dresses, flown over from Mumbai, melted the hearts of those on the red carpet.

But Miley Cyrus got the thumbs down from some fashionistas for her  flouncy gown and got the “worst red carpet quote” award from readers of the site for this gem. OSCARS/

“Hopefully I’ll be here getting something for it next year. It’s a lot more real and deeper than people would expect the movie to be,” the 16 year-old Disney teen star said of her Oscar wishes for the upcoming “Hannah Montana: The Movie.”

Some 73 percent of readers polled said they hadn’t even seen “Slumdog Millionaire.”

Will that Oscar haul now encourage you to go and see the movie? Should Hugh Jackman come back next year as Oscars host, and who were the night’s winners as far as you were concerned?


I actually thought that Hugh Jackman and Beyonce sizzled in the musical number. They had an amazing chemistry. It was the highlight of the show!

Posted by Robyn | Report as abusive

sure bring hugh jackman back

Posted by Danny | Report as abusive

Bollywood in Hollywood! The number of Oscars for the Indian artists, introduction of the bollywood dance number, the presence and the recognition of Indian movie talents, the smile pinky award, and, of course, the presence of Steven Spielberg were indicative of the new Hollywood-Bollywood connection. Speilberg’s presence was a sure sign that the best picture award was going to be for Slumdog Millionnaire and there was no better way for Hollywood to thank Indian conglomerate Reliance for the $2 Billion investment deal made with Speilberg’s Dreamworks. I see great opportunity for collaboaration between the two ‘woods. Look forward to more enchanting films made in Bollywood.

Posted by Issac George | Report as abusive

of course it was the kids, with the innocent dreams in thier eyes who made this oscar special for millions of Indians around the globe resulting in higher viewership

Posted by Minal | Report as abusive

Miley needs to go back to school and stay away from a microphone.

Posted by Shar | Report as abusive

really miley … you are tacky and delusional …
it would be pretty tragic if anyone won in acting for the hannah montana movie .

Posted by Arun | Report as abusive

Miley is just about the cutest thing I’ve ever seen, and she is sweet as well…..

Posted by mileysfan | Report as abusive

I’m assuming the US is only talking about ratings in the US – but the ratings overseas are another story altogether. Here in Australia people are not that interested in seeing Hollywood congratulate itself, we get higher ratings for sports back-slapping events. But Hugh Jackman has been a legend here for his on-stage abilities for years so this year we tuned in to see Hugh strut his stuff and Heath Ledger’s family receive his posthumous award. I flicked to other channels for the boring bits.

Posted by Jacki | Report as abusive

Doesn’t anyone else think its horrible that the children from Slumdog were, in 2 cases, brought here from the slums of India, dressed up and paraded around for Americans to ooh and aah and then returned to the slums? Can you imagine going from living in a plastic tent with your parents, to the Oscars, to Disneyland and back to the plastic tent? What is that going to do to the future of these children? Sad and disgusting, I think.

Posted by KB | Report as abusive

Agree with Issac George. Indian business tycoon and producer Anil Ambani (Reliance Group) have partly acquired Steven Spielberg’s Dreamworks and Slumdog Millionaire is the indication of a number of Hollywood – Bollywood joint ventures are in the pipeline. Movies like High School Musical are actually Bollywood flavored movies. Many more cross cultural movies can be expected.


Truely, SlumDog Millionaire Children are the centre of the stage for two reasons :
1. They are children with least experiences,
2. They are from a country where the Majority do not have the access to those performing arts schools as in the Western World.
Talents can be found any remote part of the planet. Not having the chance or the access to perform, lets these talents unheard or unseen by the rest of world .. I do hope that the Western producers of SlumDog Millionaire will contribute their share accordingly to improve the overall living condition of these children in that particular part of the Globe ..

Posted by Gamini Gunasekera - Mendis | Report as abusive

I am proud to be an indian because we have a talent like A.R.REHAMAN HE EXCELLENT through slumdog THANKS OSCAR

Posted by abhishek | Report as abusive

Wow Thank goodness I am fortunate to have friends in faraway places because here in the UK the Oscars for 2009 ws only givena very short coverage and they the nerve not to show Hugh Jackman. Iwas lucky because I was snet links and pictures. Should Hugh Jackman host the Oscars next years – you really have to ask that question after his wonderful performances perhaps an Oscar for the Oscar Host would be good…………and I thought Australia should have been accounted for as well -

Posted by Anne Hedley | Report as abusive

“Doesn’t anyone else think its horrible that the children from Slumdog were, in 2 cases, brought here from the slums of India, dressed up and paraded around for Americans to ooh and aah and then returned to the slums? Can you imagine going from living in a plastic tent with your parents, to the Oscars, to Disneyland and back to the plastic tent? What is that going to do to the future of these children? Sad and disgusting, I think.”

In response to this quote: What I find disgusting is that you would make this comment (rant) in a public forum when you obviously know very little about the situation.

Danny Boyle paid all of the children very well, their families still receive a monthly stipend, and he set up trust funds for the children on the condition that they complete their education (the 2 kids from the slums had never been to school before the movie). Boyle arranged for them to have transportation to school as well.

I don’t think they are being “paraded” for anyone. The producers went to a lot of trouble to get last-minute visas for these kids and fly them to L.A. and put them up in 5-star hotels. I’m sure they will remember it as an amazing experience and be thankful that the producers cared enough about them to get them there. Rubina Ali was quoted: “I am so excited to go to the Oscars. I am going to take lots of pictures so that I can show my friends when I come home.”

One of the children’s father recently stated: “They [Danny Boyle and the producers] have done everything for the kids that a parent would do. I am so happy that my daughter got to be a star.” The only thing this movie has done is open their minds to broader possibilities for themselves. That education Slumdog paid for might help.

Sorry, I know this was long, but I had to respond to that.

Posted by Rumblefish | Report as abusive

This is reply to Rumblefish. I don’t think Danny Boyle did any favors to the kids by doing all these putting them in 5 star or walking on ramp……. Just like Danny Boyle was known to the world from this movie so do the childern. He benefited with respect to fame and money from this movie and I hope the kids will also benefit the same to leave decent life. I am curious to understand what kind of transportation he has arranged.

Posted by sammy | Report as abusive

He has arranged for a rickshaw to pick them up at their apartments (which Boyle also paid for) every day for school. They weren’t living in tents while the movie was being made, and when Boyle heard that Azhur’s (Youngest Salim) house had been razed, he talked to the families and decided to find housing for them near the slums (so that they could still be near their families and friends).

Like I said, they are already benefiting monetarily (the monthly stipend, the trust fund) and Danny Boyle probably hasn’t made as much money on this as everyone thinks. The studio has, but probably not Boyle.

I think walking the red carpet was a lot of fun for them. If you’ve watched any of the videos of them at the Oscars, they are having tons of fun with the other kids. Being able to be there with the whole cast and crew probably gave them a sense of achievement they will always remember. Azhur Ismail looked like he was near tears when the film won Best Picture.

Posted by Rumblefish | Report as abusive

Auto rickshaw? wow I wonder how long that guy will continue to come and take advantage of them too. There is no generosity by film producers to kids here. Again end of the day what matters to them is quality and decent life. Please do get to the core problem and stop crowing about Danny Boyle or any others who involved in making money except those innocent kids. You are acting like walking on red carpet is ultimate thing in life when the kids don’t have proper bed to sleep or enough food to eat. Let us get real. Kids werepickd up from slum, made movie about slum, now reward them decent life. I am not saying give them mansion……. please take them of out of slum and give them resonable life.

Posted by sammy | Report as abusive

The kids have got a house: not from Boyle or the film producing company, but from the state of Maharashtra. Well they are no longer going to be kids living in a slum.

Posted by Raj | Report as abusive

Actually Raj, Boyle and the producers did purchase the apartments for the families. Two additional apartments will be given to the kids by the housing authority when they are 18.

Hey Sammy, the only reason I mentioned Danny Boyle not making as much money as people think is because you were “crowing” about it in your previous post. How about you try having some manners. Also, I am not acting like walking on the red carpet is the ultimate thing in life. I’m seriously doubting whether you even read the entire post. I wrote that the experience of being there with the cast and crew would give them a sense of achievement, not walking on the red carpet. Understand?

Get to the core problem? The entire first paragraph of my last post was about them getting housing outside of the slums and being put in to school for the first time in their lives. What other “core problem” would you like me to address? I don’t know why you keep harping on them living in tents and not having enough food to eat. They now are living in apartments outside of the slums (like I stated in the previous post, ones purchased by the Slumdog team) and continue to receive a monthly stipend. This is the third time I’ve typed this and yet it seems like it’s right over your head.

So, if you’re done being endlessly cynical about it all, why don’t you go to Mumbai and try helping out some of the millions of other kids living in the slums instead of nitpicking the treatment of these two?

Posted by Rumblefish | Report as abusive

May be both of should go to Mumbai and see the facts and help millions of kids there. I wasted my time too explaining th core issue. If you benefit in something that is part of team work let everyone enjoy, in this case decent life for childern.

Posted by sammy | Report as abusive

Sammy, you didn’t explain anything. I addressed your “core issue” in the first paragraph of my first post. Read more carefully next time.

It would be great to go to Mumbai and help out myself. Unfortunately there is no way I can afford that. I guess I will have to make do with helping out here at home.

Posted by Rumblefish | Report as abusive

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