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Nick Mitchell goes Gentle into the “Idol” night

February 27, 2009

ai_group“American Idol” contestant Nick Mitchell was eliminated from the show on Thursday night, as his brand of campy comedy left voters unamused. His stage name of Norman Gentle and his intentionally overwrought performance, unlike anything the show has ever seen (perhaps not in a good way), lost out to the kinds of straight-ahead performances contestants give every week.

Allison Iraheta, Kris Allen and Adam Lambert advanced to the next round of the competition, cutting out the other nine contestants. Eventually, some of those contestants could be back when the judges pick three wildcard contestants on Thursday, giving them another shot on the show.

But Mitchell is probably not the most likely candidate to get a second chance from the judges, as alpha judge Simon Cowell expressed considerable displeasure with the comedian’s performance.

Did the show’s voters do right in eliminating Mitchell? His performance style was unorthodox and his voice was unmistakably average. But was his comedy style truly unwatchable?



I think it’s fine that he’s voted off Idol. It’s a stepping stone. A lot of people have seen this talented singer/song and dance man/ comedian – and we’ll be seeing a lot more of Nick/Norman. He has that ‘It’ quality. A true original.


This is guy is one of the most entertaining people i have ever seen. I am deffinitely a fan. Its the first time i ever voted on Idol because i really really really wanted him to really dig into simon. He was absolutely awesome.

Posted by Branden | Report as abusive

I thought he was the funniest and most entertaining of them all. I would have loved to see him go further on American Idol. As for Simon, well he must not have a funny bone in his body. You could not have watched his performance and not laughed. I hope to see him again. I am a great fan.

Posted by Sherrie | Report as abusive

It doesn’t bother me to see Mitchell, aka Gentle, go into the sunset. His shtick is tiresome and surely appeals only to the simple minded viewers who still long for the days of “Beavis and Butthead.”

Posted by Mike H. | Report as abusive

Bring back Norman Gentle. One of the best, most entertaining, funny people I’ve seen on tv since, dare I say, Carol Burnett, Jerry Lewis? Hope I see him again. He’s great.

Posted by Carrie C. | Report as abusive

Letting Nick go was the biggest mistake since Daughtry got cut. I have never been so entertained and impressed watching this show. In 8 years of this show there has not been a single contestant who has auditioned and actually turned out to be intentionally funny. And if you watch the start of every season you know that’s not for lack of trying. Millions of people have auditioned for Idol trying to be funny. Nick Mitchell was the first that was both funny and a good singer. Why people would dismiss him for forgettable garbage like Kris Allen is beyond me. It must be all the little girls who watch the show and take it too seriously (don’t know why Jerry Lewis is famous). Shame on the judges for not giving Nick a wildcard slot. I’m disgusted with how bland the show is quickly becoming.

Posted by John | Report as abusive

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