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Rihanna and Chris Brown — Are they really back together?

February 28, 2009

 Have Chris Brown and Rihanna really reconciled, less than three weeks after he was arrested on MTV/charges of beating her?

 Reports in celebrity magazines  People and Us Weekly suggest that the R&B stars are back together again despite all the negative publicity over the nasty end to their evening out on the eve of the Grammys in February.

 Los Angeles prosecutors are taking their time deciding whether to file formal charges against Brown while police investigate who leaked the  picture last week of a bruised Rihanna.

 Should the couple have reunited so fast? And what will happen to the criminal case against Brown if  Rihanna has decided to take him back and decides not to testify against him.?


I am happy for them!!!!!!!!!! U KNOW they are only human, u live u learn then…….. u get back togeather!


I am really happy for them, cause even all the bad things they show to everybody that they love each other and they will pass all of this together¡¡¡¡¡¡¡

Posted by yulay | Report as abusive

Talk about shocking as shocking as it hear and see what he had done this is the ultimate. What does it say to those young girls that look up to her….if your boyfriend hits you take some distance wait to see if he get therapy and then take him back ! If that happens again hopefully not but if it does no one will feel any sympathy towards her that’s for sure

Posted by Terri | Report as abusive

He will do ANYTHING to keep his career from fading away. I don’t know Rhianna, but the fact that he attacked her is wrong. She better not EVER make another song about being a strong woman. (Take a Bow) She is weak!!! I am done with both of them.

Posted by aminah | Report as abusive

Im so happy for them but i dont belive that Chris Brown would hit her. Unless i see proof of him smacking her i wont belive it. your true fans love you chris and we support you!!! Also people dont hate on him we all make mistakes!!!

Posted by SouljaGirl | Report as abusive

It happens…it is a reality of life… the people in the relationship either learn n grow from it or dont learn n grow n let it keep repeating itself, progressively getting worse until….someone bails out or someone needs bailed out.

Posted by an older female | Report as abusive

Leave them alone! I wish them both the best.

Posted by Yvonne | Report as abusive

why are they back together after what he did or her that is just messed up that is wh@t i think @bout it!!.


Im glad there are back together. people keep telling them what to do. Though young there are adults. CHRIS BROWN is not a monster and I dont think Rihanna would be taking him back if she thought he was. He made a mistake and I think he has lost enough already.

Posted by Queen S | Report as abusive

anybody who is happy for them getting back together is a complete moron.

Posted by asdf | Report as abusive

You know i hated to see that this happen,but these are ttwo young indivual that are growing up becoming adults. They’re going to make mistakes,but most important thing is that they learn from them.We as people are so quick to pass judgement with out knowing the facts. I just hope that they sit down and work this out cause they can over come this.

Posted by Darrell Smith | Report as abusive

Omg you guys are pathetic who say that beating someone “is only human”. Reality of life? Where are you FROM??? The ghetto?? I mean seriously, people don’t have this “happen” to them, and then get back with someone.IF IT HAPPENS ONCE, IT WILL HAPPEN AGAIN!Rihanna needs some help.

Posted by Jenny | Report as abusive

I am happy and supportive of both of them. Celebrities are just like the rest of us. This was a personal matter in the beginning and it is still their personal business now. If they decide that being together is the best thing for them then who are we to judge? You all may think she’s weak, but it takes a hell of a woman to do what she’s doing under the watchful eye of the public. Either way you look at it, it’s really none of our business! Go Rihanna & Chris!!!

Posted by Jocelyn | Report as abusive


Posted by JEMYNYE | Report as abusive

@JENNYYOU are obviously a very sheltered person. In domestic abuse cases, a MAJORITY of the victims go back. Some don’t leave, until something actually happens to the child. Some end up dead. I wished I lived the life you live. Another thing, everytime something bad happens and people tend to think it’s ok, does not mean they are “ghetto.” Your ignorance says a lot.

Posted by shy | Report as abusive

I think everyone should take a stand to ban all chris brown and rhianna music. What kind of lesson is she teaching young girls? She is teaching them hey it is ok to get the hell beat out of you by the man you love and then go back to him only to let him do it again. BAN THEIR MUSIC


i think that love is that strong.not say that chris asint wrong.he is. but he love and she love him you got to look at it like this we are humans. and when u love someone that much whose say it wont work out

Posted by tynisha | Report as abusive

Yeah, yeah, celebrities are entitled to a personal life, you don’t know what really happens behind closed doors, and you can’t help who you love…yada yada yada. Police reports don’t lie and neither does picture evidence. I will always see him as an abuser and will never listen to his music. I will now always see her as the stereotypical domestic abused victim who always goes back because they can’t find the strength to walk away (for whatever reason) so I won’t listen to her music either. And I’ll turn the TV channel if I see them on it. At least they’re people enough to put their personal wants/issues ahead of their careers. Can we say Bobby & Whitney?And what is up with P. Diddy supporting domestic violence? And Mr. Combs, that supporting domestic violence, not young love.

Posted by Former Fan | Report as abusive

I personally don’t think of this story as “celebrity.” Though it was public news, think of yourself, or of your family. If they have been together for this short of time, and this happend, what could happen later?I myself have seen friends and family members go through the effects of abuse. No one deserves to be beaten, and those who have, should remove themselves from the problem. Clearly not what she is doing if she’s getting back together with him. I think for the best of both of them, they should move on. She really isn’t helping the situation by forgiving and forgetting. He put his hands on her in anger. Period. Abused women all over the world, will die a little when they see them together again, it’s like she’s saying that it’s okay. It’s not. EVER. She’s just giving him the benefit of the doubt of being able to do it again.I wish them both luck. But I really think they shouldn’t be together anymore, it’s too risky.


If she wants to get back with Chris that is her buisness.If they were not famous no one would care as much as they do. Everyone would be like, “Oh,that’s messed up she should really think about it.” or “Well that odd she would get back with him but if it happens again she should leave.” After saying that everyone would go back to their own issues in their lives. I think is’s messed up for a man to beat up on his girlfriend,wife or whatever but we are all on the outside looking inside their fishbowl of a life. If they want to work through this let them. He may never do it again and they can move forward but if it continues then they both need to work on themselves. Yeah I understand the whole “Rolemodel” argument but parents and adults in the home and community should be the frontline of rolemodels.

Posted by Ally | Report as abusive

Good evening ladies and gentleman. This blog has 12 postings and only 3 of them make any sense. This shows that 75% of people need serious mental help. Domestic abuse is a crime. Getting brutally beaten by your boyfriend is not a “part of growing up.” The fact that anyone can say they’re happy to see these two people together so quickly is terrifying. Formal charges should be pressed against Chris, without a doubt. Unfortunately for Rhianna, 75% of people don’t think this is such a big deal (as exemplified in this blog)…so much for a fair trial or a mentally sane jury.

Posted by Educated American | Report as abusive

thay look happy together and thay should get back together that all i have to say.


What keeps surprising me is when I hear this should have been kept a personal matter. Is that more accepting? . Could it be the ones that wanted this to be a personal matter because they truly either didn’t want to really know this happen because they happen to like the couple together ‘ fairytale syndrome’ or you just couldn’t believe that someone in this decade and famous with all the education on abuse would actually do this? Young people do make mistakes and we are suppose to learn from them this isn’t learning .For the ones that saying we actually don’t know this really happen. I have never seen so many people stick their heads in the sand do you think her picture that leaked out was because she had some car accident or maybe this was self inflicted like some horribly gone bad cartoon show. Do you not think that she would have denied it feverishly if that was the case . Do you think he made statements going for therapy and sorry for what happen stopping short of saying he did it do you think he made that statement for no good reason? For those who say they are ‘ young’ when I was 19 I knew better, for her father supporting his daughters decision is ludicrous as a parent you shouldn’t accept someone anyone that hit your daughter . You may concede there is nothing you can do to stop her going back but to say you support whatever your daughters decision is just plain wrong. I wonder…. If it does come out that he does say or the court says he did this what then would be your reaction? Are you still going to support an abuser? For Rihanna to go back or anyone to go back to an abuser young or otherwise something inside got to be wrong within you to accept it .

Posted by Terri | Report as abusive

its life we all make mistakes

Posted by kordney | Report as abusive

One way or the other,I dont care what they do,Who am I to judge? Being put in her situation what would I do? I personally dont think it’s right but I do have a forgiving heart and if he is seeking professional help and is willing to change,I would consider a second chance and together also go through counceling,best of luck to you,Rhianna and Chris.

Posted by kjones | Report as abusive

Love you and your music Rhianna, but if he beat you once it will happen again……he may kill you next time! You deserve way better than that!!! How could you go back to someone who beat you???? I will never get it! It is unacceptable behavior and completely unforgivable! You don’t beat anyone unless you are fighting for your life…PERIOD!!!!

Posted by Tammie | Report as abusive

when this first happened nearly 3 weeks ago, I lost all respect for Chris Brown and now that Rihanna was so quick to take him back I have lost respect for her also. It’s a shame that you can be so beautiful but so lame at the same time. Ri-Ri needs to have a personal chat with Mary J. Blige, a superstar trooper who has overcome abuse, drug addiction and set-backs and still ended up on top! See Rihanna, you don’t NEED him. You NEED some counseling because I sense some serious self-esteem issues and that’s real talk.

Posted by brandi | Report as abusive

Even though what Chris did,if he did it,was wrong,I personally would want them to get back together.She loves him,he loves her so why stop them!They will both learn from their mistakes.

Posted by maliboo | Report as abusive

As a young woman, an educator, physician and a black person it saddens me to learn that the majority of the public do not realize the toll that domestic violence continues to take on women across this country and around the world. Personally, it is hard for me to understand why a woman would return to a man who has ever hit her. However, as a professional health care provider, I am acutely aware that returning to an abusive relationship is extraordinarily common for battered women. I see this situation as an opportunity for concerned citizens to support Rhianna and all other battered women (past, present and future). There are no men in my life who truly care about me who would support my return to an abusive relationship. It is the responsibility of those who care about Rhianna to support her ability to pull herself away from that relationship. It is the responsibility of anyone who has a mother, sister or daughter to send a clear message that domestic violence is UNACCEPTABLE. An abusive man will not learn from his mistakes if there are no real consequences to his actions. We need to speak out against this as a community and a society. It makes me sad and I hope it does not get to the point of irreversible injury or death before Rhianna or another victimized woman gets help to get out of a dangerous situation.

Posted by Concerned Black Female Physician | Report as abusive

“Even though what Chris did,if he did it,was wrong,I personally would want them to get back together.She loves him,he loves her so why stop them!They will both learn from their mistakes.”Because maliboo, it is proven that if a man beats a woman, he WILL do it again. It may happen later rather than sooner but it will happen and then no one will care because why the HELL would you go back to someone that beat you three weeks ago? They look happy? are you kidding? It’s easy to pretend everything is ok until the beats are so bad you can pretend anymore.I feel bad for her that she thinks she needs to get back with him, seriously girl needs to be strong. I pray for her that she will be safe in whatever choice she makes but sadly I will lose great respect for her if she takes him back. It’s sad.

Posted by Nikki | Report as abusive

Wowee, you could never in a million years buy publicity like this.

Posted by wow | Report as abusive

Well not trying to judge, but just trying to speak what I know to these young ones. We who are with knowledge are suppose to pass it on to those without right? I feel sad for the two of them. It is clear from the statement that Rhiannas father made that he’s not pointing his daughter in the right direction and she is clearly confused. This is how it all starts children and even young adults (key word being young) need to be steered in the right direction. Unfortunately, Rhianna thinks that Chris beating her and being sorry is Love. Who will be the one to tell her the truth about that statement. Forgiveness is her gift to herself first and then him. To take him back is something totally different. ABUSE IS ABUSE. This word is no where in the definition of LOVE. Do we as women say I want a man who loves, cares for me, respects me, trust me, is my best friend and beats the @*!# out of me from time to time as long as he says sorry afterwards. Dont be sorry Chris be careful! As I was taught this is the #1 rule given to me as a girl growing into a Woman from my parents (and I mean mother AND father) any Man who would put his hands on a woman DOES NOT LOVE YOU!!! and staying with him says you dont have to Love me I just have to Love you. She has alot of growing to do and so does he before they can say they’re ready for a relationship. This is why we need not confuse girl with woman and boy with man. Can we raise our youth up in the way in which they should go Please people….

Posted by A Woman in every since of the word. | Report as abusive

The bit about it being a mistake?does that refer to mistaken identity?i.e. he thought Rihanna was someone else, another girl?That line, ‘a mistake’ is so dumbfoundingly irrelevant and unmeaningful, God almighty, who comes up with such rubbish?Mistake?I am sorry, I made a mistake.How do you make a mistake, where does mistake come into using a person’s face like a punch bag at a boxing gym?There was no mistake at all.Chris Brown intended to hurt Rihanna.He did not fail.He did a fine job. Mike Tyson would have been proud of him, not.So the complex he has over his mother, not being able to set good examples, like kick that abusive step-father out, like get help to get him kicked out of their home, Chris’ and his mother’s home, led to a situation where Chris had to take all of what this abusive step-father did to Chris’ mother.A person can say they love a child but not putting the ,love for a child before romantic love a parent has with a partner, says, there was not the right kind of love at home.This has damaged Brown and his longing, that he does not even know he has, for real love, he now seeks in a partner, and when things get into any dispute, he cannot handle it and all of his frustration at woman, meaning his mother in this case, is taken out on woman, meaning in turn any woman who is involved with him, where that woman never will be able to be his mother.Chris Brown has a mother complex and his not dealing with it properly getting help on time from a professional and not some lay person, church counsellor, means he is a roving time bomb, another time, he may kill.Because domestic abuse, is one of the greatest killers, not random back alley killings, most women get raped by someone they knew or know.I thought Rihanna was like some kind of a dream, such a wonderful singer, a true beauty like hardly any other, bags of charisma, charm, style, integrity, and a beautiful mind, intelligent, articulate, everything, she has the lot and to be trashed that way, well, if she is going to stay with him, then I find it hard to dig her quite as much,.

Posted by John 1 | Report as abusive

The fact of the matter is that none of us really knows what happened that night. It is not our place to judge and or tell other people how to live their lives. If he did in fact hit her, than that is terrible. But everyone is entitled to forgiveness. I think that everyone is forgetting the fact that he is only 19 years old. He still has a lot of growing up to do. As far as them getting back together, at the end of the day people are going to do what they want. Obviously what she wants is to be with him. Who are we to tell her not to.


i dont think so..i am now not devoted for their relationship to still go on..the man is very violent, if she really love the girl, then why he would do such punching, its almost killing the girl..the girl deserves someone who can respect, love and take care of her..without jealousy or any forms of evilness..and for the guy, he MUST! change his attitudes towards us women, who knows one day his younger sister or relatives may also be in that kind of punching..all i can say is goodluck on his career, he made it miserable just because of undetermined jelousy, c’mon if your true with your love then why practicing those kind of punching..i am very much concern of the girl now..and for Chris, shame on you!Goodluck on your career!!!

Posted by mich | Report as abusive

This is a disaster!. She should not take him back!. He left her on the roadside to unconscious…what if she had died from the trauma!. No! NO! NO!

Posted by candice | Report as abusive

A whole heap of you are totally nuts, no one should get back or stay with an abuser. Proven that if they have done it once they will do it again, and again, say sorry each time but the sorries get weaker.However we do not know what happened between them and she could (I only state could) be as responsable, by that I mean it could have been a two sided fight, not just CB solely using Ri as a punch bag.I do not agree with a man hitting a women but neither should a women hit and go mad at a man and just expect him too take it.Like I said we do not know what happened here, only what the papers report, which is known to be wrong and incorrect about so many things on so many occassions.

Posted by Debbie | Report as abusive



i think that they were both wrong. They both abused eachother and in my opinion they are both guilty of domestic violence.


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