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Britney Spears mostly pleases with new kind of circus

March 4, 2009

The critics largely enjoyed their trip to the circus with Britney Spears, as the 27-year-old troubled pop diva opened her latest Circus tour in New Orleans on Tuesday night to mostly positive reviews.britney-spears1
The New Orleans Times-Picayune said Spears, who was performing in her home state of Louisiana, nailed the first stop on her comeback.

“With so much at stake, and so much to prove, on the tour’s first night, she was fully focused on executing the complex concert. And execute she did,” Times-Picayune reviewer Keith Spera reported in a blog.

Los Angeles Times music critic Ann Powers wrote that  despite singing with a backing track, relying on “nothing special” dance moves and looking less strikingly beautiful than when she first gained fame at 17, Spears “nonetheless renewed her claim as one of the world’s most adept manipulators of the public interest.”

But People magazine writer Chuck Arnold was left feeling like the Circus Tour was full of hot air. “Don’t call it a comeback quite yet,” Arnold wrote, adding that Spears appeared nervous and hardly acknowledged or talked to the audience.
Arnold also said the show reminded him of Cirque du Soleil. “When she wrapped the concert about 90 minutes after emerging, she seemed more relieved than anything that it was all over,” he wrote.
Most agree the Spears show was heavy on spectacle and technically impressive, and almost everyone noted her lip syncing.  Some felt the production overwhelmed the star, while others said Spears looked great but seemed overburdened and distant. The show also was heavy on erotica, even though Spears still attracts many families with children in tow.

Spears will shuttle across the country at a dizzying pace in the coming months. She performs in Atlanta on Thursday, followed by Miami on Saturday and another show in Tampa the next night. Until the tour ends on June 14 in London, Spears will perform on many consecutive nights, as her Circus tour makes stops in Chicago, Los Angeles, Washington, D.C., and other cities.

 Will she be able to keep up with it all, or will the newly resplendent Spears start to get frayed at the edges?  
(Additional reporting by Kathy Finn)

Photo credit: Britney Spears performs for “Good Morning America” December 2008.  Lucas Jackson/Reuters


I went to the concert, and I thought it was great.
She didn’t lip sync the whole time, guys. When she did sing, she was really good. She’s a great performer, and she had everyone in the crowd screaming. Everone I’ve talked to or heard on the radio said that they LOVED it.

If that’s not a comeback, I don’t know what is.

Posted by Amanda | Report as abusive

Give this girl some credit. I am a mother of a 17 year old and I am looking forward to seeing her show in Toronto along with my daughter. Yes, Britney is not perfect, but her willingness and ability to get herself together after what she has been through is a good example for our troubled youths out there. And for that alone I command her. It s not about falling, it’s about how fast you get up. And get up she did.

Posted by Liz | Report as abusive

I attended this concert on Tuesday and sat ringside. I must say she was AMAZING! I have been to upward of 50 concerts and this one was the best. She did not seem nervous or scared. I thought she looked confident. She often came to the ends of the stages and made eye contact with the crowds and smiled. Other than not speaking much to the crowd I feel she did a great job. Louisiana should be proud!!!! GOOD JOB BRIT!!!

Posted by Jaime Watkins | Report as abusive

Give the girl a break! No wonder she appeared nervous & didn’t speak to the crowd. God forbid she stumble on her words… Her “relapse” would be all over the news today! I don’t blame her for being nervous one bit… She hasn’t been in the spotlight for 5 years. My guess is each concert she’ll get more comfortable & feel more at home on the stage. She needs a few good performances with positive responses to build up her confidence again. I am excited to be going to her concert tomorrow night… I’m waking up early & driving from Birmingham to go see her! I can’t wait! She is a HARD worker… She looks great… I’ve had ONE kid & wish I could look like she does after having TWO kids! Go Britney go!

Posted by Lindsey | Report as abusive

i’ve not attended any of brit’s shows, but i’m very interested in her. yeah, i wouldn’t mind marrying her and have lotsa kids. she really turns me on. she has very excellent flesh…meaty and of course naughty. that’s why i’ve fallen in love with britney spears.

Posted by man2lurve | Report as abusive

It’s not a comeback, in Britney’s own words, “I hate the word comeback, I’ve been here the whole time.” Give the girl a break! She’s been through a lot, AND she’s had two kids! In my opinion, she looks WAY better than any other celebrity these days, ESPECIALLY after having children, where most of the celebs, just ‘let themselves go’!!! She’s always worked hard for what she does, and gives us a show, and her lyrics ROCK! So anyone who criticizes, let the one who’s never sinned, cast the first stone!!

Posted by Kori | Report as abusive

You know..i’ve been a britney fan since I was in highschool, and now im working i still love the way she is..lets just say that nobody’s perfect..but atleast in this situation in her life, she still proves to us that she’s still “britney spears”, very beautiful, so talented and most especially a strong woman indeed..I’ve been waiting for her to come here in Manila so we, and the rest of her fan here will support her..All I can say is no one can ever replace her title, though there are many new talents nowadays…for me, britney is UNIQUE and irreplaceable in our hearts…………WE LOVE YOU BRITNEY!…MORE POWER TO YOU!

Posted by mich | Report as abusive

She was hot!

One has to remember that this is a blog and they always count on saying something negative, well because they don’t actually know what they are saying.

Posted by Seth | Report as abusive

Fisrt off the woman was nervous, and so you would be to. don’t start degrading the child. understand that this was her fisrt performance in five years. Secondly, it like she’s starting all over again. Becoming a brand new artist performing so yeah she was nervous. People can always judge people for what its worth, but stop and judge you for a second and i swear you probably wouldn’t like what you observed about you. If you don’t like the show don’t watch it. Did the man watch this show just to see how she would do so he could have his say in it, or did he watch it with hopes that just maybe she would do good. Because if not he waste his time on watching something that didn’t entertain him. maybe he should get a life and find something else better to do with his time. I LOVE YOU BRITNEY YOUR BIGGEST AFRICAN AMERICAN FAN.

Posted by YOLANDA | Report as abusive

I Live in australia and am yet to see britney in concert!!! i do hope in the not so distant future she brings her show here or i at least get to see it on the internet! I think people are more cut up that she didn’t really make any mistakes … i think the media and critics where hopeing she failed.. but hello this is BRITNEY SPEARS the one and only!!! Her public “melt down” just made her stronger .. who wouldnt be nervous.. i wouldnt wanna say anything either incase the media miss quoted her so GOOD LUCK on the rest of the tour Brit you will keep getting stronger and more confident as you go on!!! BRITNEY IS BACK!!!!

Posted by Rick | Report as abusive

I went to the concert, and I absolutely loved it. Yes, she did lip sync most of the time, if not the whole time. However, I like most fans, knew she lip synched most of the time and I went expecting a performance; a performance is what we got. I thought she looked amazing and I’m so glad she is back.

Posted by Heather | Report as abusive

can’t wait to see her April 24th!


At the Britney Spears concert in Tampa, on March 8th, Britney kept her fans waiting, until aprox. 10:00 pm to begin the show. It was a school night, and the crowd was full of young kids and there parents. Britney was reported to have lip synced the entire concert. Her microphone was only turned on after the songs, for her to speak to the crowd. Britney also made a nasty statment, not realizing her microphone was on…to a fellow performer…shouting..” MY P…IS HANGING OUT OF MY F….SHORTS………apparently the entire areana heard the comments.

Posted by Britney Curses at Tampa Concert | Report as abusive

Ok folks, you can see the Youtube video of Britney Spears saying a nasty comment at her Tampa show on March 8th. Go to MJ MORNING……and the video is on his web site, of wardrobe & microphone malfunction. Oh It’s Good. You can clearly hear her say…NASTY COMMENTS…

Posted by Britney Has It Hanging Out In Tampa | Report as abusive

I just went to the Columbus, OH show yest. (4/30) it started on time. She looked amazing and the show was the best I have seen. I have seen Destiny’s Child perform and they don’t hold a candle to her in regards to entertaining. From the smoke to the dance moves I loved the concert! Is she 2001 Brit not quite but even 2009 Brit is better than 99% of artists. The columbus show was almost sold out. I have VIP Floor seats and they were worth the 500 paid for 2 tickets. She preformed from 9:30 to 11:15pm. None stop except for maybe a 5-10 min break to change wardrobes.

Posted by Nicole | Report as abusive

I went to see Britney at the 02 in London on saturday 13th June. I was truley devestated!! I could have cried. She blatently was not singing live which ruined the whole vibe of the show. It could have been any randomer on stage with blonde hair and I wouldn’t have known any different. Im shocked that so many people find it acceptable. She is a singer, thats what her fans have come to see…. Britney u should be ashamed!!

Posted by gemma | Report as abusive

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