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Scott MacIntyre and Lil Rounds thrill “American Idol” judges

March 4, 2009

“American Idol” fans get an extra night of action this week in the form of a bonus episode on Thursday night, so the judges can bring back three contestants previously eliminated by the fans. The wildcard round will likely offer a second shot at fame for a couple contestsimon-cowell-randy-jacksonants from Tuesday night’s show, because the judges praised half of the 12 singers, and all but three of them will be eliminated by fan voting on Wednesday night.

So who will sail through to the show’s “Top 12″ on Wednesday and who will rise from “Idol” banishment on Thursday?

If alpha judge Simon Cowell is right, blind singer Scott MacIntyre will make it through easily on Wednesday night for his poignant but controlled rendition of the Bruce Hornsby song “Mandolin Rain.” Ditto for spunky Lil Rounds, a big-voiced singer with a quirky name whom judge Randy Jackson said kept her “swagger on” during her version of Mary J. Blige’s “Be Without You.” Based on the judges’ reaction, the top contestant from the rest of Tuesday night’s field is hard to determine.

Fans could go for 26-year-old Virginia mom Felicia Barton, who was eliminated during the tryouts but got called back to replace disqualified contestant Joanna Pacitti. Barton’s version of “No One” by Alicia Keys was praised by the judges. “You certainly came back to prove a point,” Cowell said. Ju’Not Joyner’s soulful cover of the Plain White T’s song “Hey There, Delilah” also earned kind words from the four judges. Jorge Nunez, a contestant from Puerto Rico whose accented English became the subject of back-and-forth discussion on the panel, also wowed the judges with his passionate performance of the Elton John song “Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me.”

Kendall Beard, a 24-year-old from Texas who flew to Puerto Rico for the tryouts and got through, earned some backhanded compliments from Cowell for her version of the Martina McBride country song “This One’s for the Girls.” Cowell said he could not wait for the song to end, but that “there a lot of people who watch the show who love this kind of stuff.”

Was Tuesday night’s show more talent packed than the past two rounds? If so, how many should come back? And who?


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Fantasia 2 pushed by judges to win.

She ain’t no Hudson or Sparks.

I’ll put George Huff against Rounds.

At least he was more real not like Fantasia 2. Stuck on self promotion.

Posted by Black Intelligence | Report as abusive

I enjoy watching American Idol every year and believe it is such a great opportunity for people. For the first time ever I am sending a email to American Idol after watching for 8 seasons. I CANT BELIEVE THE JUDGES brought back Tatiana!! She is the most ANNOYING person ever on the show. I honestly can not stand her. Come on Simon, what’s up with you?

On a positive note the rest of the contestants are spot on.

Posted by Leone | Report as abusive

I am saddened that Ju’Not didnt make it in, he was the best out of the 12 from tuesday in my opinion. I didnt think Scott should have made it in, he was a great singer, but not amazing to me. I feel it was more because of his almost-blindness that people voted for him, but what can you do? Not hating on him because of that, I just didnt feel his performance as much.
I CANT BELIEVE TATIANA IS BACK! that girl is so dang annoying it made me sick to my stomach every time she talked, or did her giggle thing, or her constant overflow of gratitude! I didnt think you could be THAT thankful!! I mean, it’s a huge opportunity but tone it down a little bit! Well this season will definitely be interesting now, there is some great talent even though some of my favorites didn’t make it…

Posted by nate | Report as abusive

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