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Dakota Fanning to moonlight as a “Twilight” vampire

March 9, 2009

dakota-fanning“Twilight” is about to get some more star power. Dakota Fanning, the 15-year-old actress from ”The Secret Life of Bees,” is close to signing a deal to star in ”New Moon,” the next installment in the wildly popular “Twilight” vampire romance franchise, a source close to the deal, who declined to be named, said on Monday.

Fanning in 2002 became the youngest actor ever nominated for a Screen Actors Guild award for her role in the movie “I Am Sam,” in which she played the daughter of an intellectually disabled man.

Fanning is expected to play the “Twilight” vampire Jane, who is part of the Volturi coven of vampires, according to media reports that first surfaced in January when the actress expressed interest in the part.

Fanning upset some “Twilight” fans when she admitted to reporters in January that she had not read the entire four-book “Twilight” series that the movie franchise is based on. But given that the 15-year-old has schoolwork to juggle even as she takes on a fast-rising acting career, it might be best to give her a pass on that one.

Fanning is also expected to play singer Cheri Currie in biopic “The Runaways,” which would put her in a co-starring role with the lead female actress in “Twilight,” 18-year-old Kristen Stewart. 

“The Twilight Saga: New Moon” will open in theaters on Nov. 20.


Okay, seriously, i hate dakota fanning…what kind of person can really be cast in the part if she hasn’t read the books? I juggle school and work and i still managed to read the series, so suck it up. Abigail Breslin or AnnaSophia Robb would make much better actresses for the part of Jane. I will have a hard time watching Dakota Fanning play such a major role in the upcoming movies. She looks too insane to be the way Stephanie described Jane in the books.

Posted by Larissa | Report as abusive

i really dont like the idea that fanning is going to play jane. i think that she is too much of a happy person to play someone like Jane that is able to infilict so much pain with just a look.

Posted by Alicia Bakken | Report as abusive

look, i dont care who plays Jane. it is just that you dont if Fanning read the books or. not getting your bad side if you have one, but like some people say” Don’t judge a book by It’s Cover.” instead you would say it like this ” Don’t judge Dakota Fanning in who she plays.”


i don’t really care who plays jane as long as they show that they truely have what it takes to be in that role. i was mad about the actors who played Edward and Bella but they did a good enought job that the movie turned out okay. now what i’m really hating is the fact that there’s word going around about some of the characters being played by different actors. i hate that. it just ruins the whole movie for me if there’s new actors playing the old characters. it’s just Grrrrrr!

Posted by Frostbiteprince | Report as abusive

okay i like dakota fanning she’s a cool actress but sometimes theres certain movies people should not be in and dakota and newmoon just dont mix me and subrina think that dakota’s to…….bright and perky and jane is dark and evil no offense dakota i think your cool and all but you dont belong in twilight.

Posted by siernna & subrina | Report as abusive

Dude! I cant believe she is going to play jane!! SHe totaly isnt fit to play someone evil and scary! She looks all happy totaly not someone who runs around with a pack of vampires killing people and inflicting pain! I cant believe they gave her this part! She is sooooo not Jane!!!! GRRR!

Posted by Greyson Rogers | Report as abusive

I believe Dacota will be perfect as Jane. It will take her experience to act out a scene that mostly takes place in the mind of the character. Jane is supposed to look innocent and sweet. Her face is not what causes the infliction, it’s her mind. I believe she will be a huge plus for the film.


i actually do think she is nice for the part because come on she has been acting since she was like 3 years old and she is 15 jane is young and soo is she and i think she is an amazing actress come on you have to admit she is a wonderful actress and she is very goood for the part

Posted by gillian lawrence | Report as abusive

Actually…I think she very well could play Jane & do a good job at it! She certainly looks a lot like the the person I had pictured in my head! I wonder who would play Alec though?

Posted by Krista | Report as abusive

i hate Dakota Fanning I truly think that if they put her in New Moon as Jane i think it will ruin the movie. they cant put a bunch of well known actors and actresses in the twilight movies or it will ruin the way you see a movie it will make them so much less like the books and if she’s casted im not even going to the movie even though i love the books she will just ruin the whole thing for me!!!!!!!!

Posted by Katelyn | Report as abusive

A great actress can pull of any part and I think she’ll make a great Jane.

Posted by Loretta | Report as abusive

I think that Dakota Fanning would be awesome playing Jane. of course another actress can play Jane but if they want to cast Dakota they should, right? I say go for it Dakota!


I think That Dakota Fanning would be a great actress for the part of Jane. She has that perfect look. The exact way that Stephanie describes in the book. Shes supposed to look like this sweet girl but she has a dark side that no one would guess that she has the ability to inflict so much pain from a single look. I think she would be the perfect person for the part.

Posted by Rachel | Report as abusive

I don’t have anything against Dakota Fanning as an actress, but I don’t think she is right for the Twilight series. I think they should cast people who aren’t well known. I liked the fact that all of the Twilight cast weren’t mega-celebrities (they are now, but that’s not the point). Krystin and Robert for instance, had experience but not many people knew who they were by name. I think that people will just be thinking, “Oh, that’s Dakota Fanning up there.”… not Jane. That’s just my frustration.

Posted by Jennifer | Report as abusive

if reference to Laurissa’s comment about how could Dakota Fanning play the part if she had never read all four of the books; Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, and Eddie (who plays laurant) none of theses actors had read any of the books, and i know that Robert hadn’t even heard of the books when he went to the auditions and they all got the parts and played them remarkably well. I think Dakota will do a fine job of portraying Jane, Dakota is an amazing actress.

Posted by petyton | Report as abusive

Ok,Dakota is great at acting….But I dont think Twilight is a movie she shouldnt be in….. I really dont think she should play Jane…… There is physical traits that are needed… Jane is supposed to have FULL lips…And Dakotas are thin…… I just dont think shes the right person for Jane. Jane looks evil and angelic at the same time. Dakota has the angelic part but she doesnt have an evil look. Even with red eyes she wont have that evil and dark look. I think Jodelle Ferland would do a good job or Annasophia Robb or someone else. But Dakota is still great at acting.. I dont think she can pull off being a evil,viscious vampire. I say NO for Dakota!

Posted by Sarena | Report as abusive

“i really dont like the idea that fanning is going to play jane. i think that she is too much of a happy person to play someone like Jane that is able to infilict so much pain with just a look.”

Thats why its called “acting”, Alicia lol. I’m an acting student at the moment and I believe Dakota will do amazing, as she always does, in any role she is given because she commits herself. Who cares if she hasn’t red all of the books: She’s in school and she has to deal with hollywood and all that comes with it, including your lack of faith in her. Give her a chance and if you don’t support her being cast for the role, don’t go and see the movie; Plain and simple.

Posted by Leon' | Report as abusive

I think the scariest thing in a movie is when sweetness is truly evil. Like in asian horror films when the killers smiling or laughin happily with blood on their hands…completely screwed up there. But scary? Without a doubt. Plus, Fanning has had more acting experience than either of the two starring roles. With bigger names as well. I’m sure she’s bound to learn something.

Posted by Ashely Joan | Report as abusive

Dakota Fanning is sooooo pretty, and she is an amazing actress. shes been acting for the longest time, so she can DEFINITLY pull it out for Jane. I LUV YOU DAKOTA!!!! <3

Posted by Reena | Report as abusive

i honestly don’t think that she is right for this part. she just doesn’t seem right. i think someone like jodelle ferland would be a much better chioce.

Posted by angela | Report as abusive

Half of the actors on Twilight are nowhere near Dakota’s caliber. And yet she’s humble and modest in all the interviews I’ve seen. And to some of the posters who complain about Dakota not reading the book…Is that the best argument you can come up with? Don’t you guys know that some of the Twilight actors have openly stated that they haven’t read the books prior to filming also?
If there’s anything to complain about, it should be that there would be too much emphasis on Jane because of Dakota’s A-list acting.

Posted by Karen | Report as abusive

I think its ridiculous to have Dakota Fanning play Jane. To anyone who has read the books she simply doesn’t fit the part. Jane is supposed to look young not be young and I think its stupid that they’re just trying to gain star power by adding her instead of someone who properly fits the part. Kristin Chenoweth on the other hand had been rumored in the beginning and would’ve made a perfect Jane. I’m sorry but she’s just too young and doesn’t fit the part.

Posted by Sarah | Report as abusive

i think she too young for this part. they should put someone else because it seems like she won’t fuit the part at all. she may be young but she is to young for that part.sorry to all her fans but itz the truth. :D

Posted by ilyana | Report as abusive

Jane has a minor role in New Moon, but it would be great to see Dakota Fanning play that part. Adult actors that have worked with Fanning say she’s wonderful, supportive, mature, and a great team player. What’s not to like??

Posted by DreamWeaveOne | Report as abusive

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  !! NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO!!!!!! PLZ NO NO NO!!!! SHE JUST DOSENT FIT!!!!



NO not her as Jane, she so does not suite the character JANE in the Volturi!! And she hasn’t even read all the book, does she even know what Jane is like…

She just wants another “MAJOR” movie screening to stay famous…:S

And to think it was fine when people said Vanessa Hudgens WASN’T Leah… BUH people said she still is…
Vanessa as LEAH & Dakota as JANE—- so does not work!!

Ohwell, after reading all the books, Twilight movie just sucked!!

Posted by Twilighter~Bella | Report as abusive

I think it is great that Dakota Fanning is playing the part as Jane in the upcoming New Moon film. She is a great young actress and a role model to many teenagers her age, including me, having to be the same age. She has done many excellent films, where this would be one of hers to be remember in. Even though she hasn’t read the books, this doesn’t mean she can’t get the part. As Kristen Steward also didn’t read the Twilight saga either before she got the part too. I will enjoy seeing Dakota in the new moon coming soon.

Posted by claire | Report as abusive

i honestly dont think she is right for the part.

Posted by steph. | Report as abusive

In my opinion I like her but I have to agree with most comments she just not Jane. I think the director should put a more new face in her role. I see Dakota more as a happy, smiley girl and Janes is more dark and quiet evil. Maybe someone abit older to maybe she can play a different character like emily just not a jane sorry..


Ok, I don’t mind at all that Dakota is playing Jane, only that, because I hate Jane so much, I’ll end up hating Dakota too :P. I reckon she’ll do great as Jane; Jane is supposed to be someone who is angelic – the first insight into her power comes when the vampires react to her presence in Italy (Edward and Alice sigh in defeat, Felix and Demetri relax because she can cotrol them easily). She is supposed to be sadistic, though, and I don’t think she’s mean enough for that.

Posted by Dee | Report as abusive

She can’t be Jane, shes not right for Jane just like Kristen isn’t right for Bella.:P oh and to those of you who think im wrong about Kristen not being right for Bella, cry me a river and go swim in it!

Posted by alice | Report as abusive

O.O to young for the part, shes to nice too, Jane is CRUEL not NICE. cry me a river Dakota, READ THE BOOKS FIRST!!!!! and stop with the dont have time stuff.

Posted by O.O | Report as abusive

Dakota isn’t right for Jane, she never will be. they messed up New Moon before it hits the theater! Dakota is UGLY and i juggle all my stuff have staight A’s and have read the whole saga THREE time over. Suck it up and read the saga

Posted by Alice | Report as abusive

Sure she’s a good actress, and I like her in some of the movies she’s been in…
But I don’t see her as Jane at all. She’s not pretty(I not saying it bad to be ugly, but it’s required to be pretty for the part).
I think she only got the part ’cause she’s famous already.
I can’t believe she hasn’t read the books. She could read it in the car.

Posted by me... | Report as abusive

good i’m happy dakota got the part she is perfect for it i think shes almost too old for the part but you can’t expect anyone younger to act as such a malicious vampire its too bad that some of the other parts were so badly casted

Posted by Jessica | Report as abusive

Hasn’t anyone heard? There is such a thing as acting, make-up? She’s going to be great. I have also read the books. To many times sucking in every detail. I think she can do it, with no problem and with grace.

Posted by My opinion | Report as abusive

Dakota Fanning is an excellent actress. I wouldn’t change anyone that has been cast in Twilight. I loved the movie! I can’t wait to see New Moon. Good Job.

Posted by Hallie | Report as abusive

I don’t think that she should play her.They should get someone who can be bad,shes way to sweet.Get someone new, who looks the part ,and who’s read the the books.also the main people in this movie r Edward & Bella not Jane

Posted by kenzie | Report as abusive

omg dakota is so not jane! i know a million people who could do it better! plus people already know dakota as sweet and nice, not evil and malicious! get someone else to do it – dakota hasn’t even read the books.

Posted by twilight fan | Report as abusive

Dakota Fanning as Jane??? No way! Jane is smaller and I think she has dark hair. Besides, Jane is not one of the leads… I think. BTW I’ve read all the books :]

Posted by Fire Storm | Report as abusive

I think Fanning is perfect for the part, just dye her hair darker and have her read the books. She has that whole demon child look down, plus she’s a great actress and the movies could really use some more talent…

Posted by Guess | Report as abusive

okay for those that thinks dakota fanning hasn’t read the books oh no lets all cry about it or she is to old or to young lets cry some more one grow up two get a freakin life and 3 have faith in her she knows how important this movie is to people she will not let you fans down if all she will probobly do better than any other caleb yes better that kristen stewart and oh yes better than robert pattison


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