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“Idol” Top 10 — How does this year stack up?

March 19, 2009

With Alexis Grace’s elimination from “American Idol” on Wednesday night, the show has its Top 10 and the viewers can ask themselves how this year’s pack compares to last year’s crowd.USA/

“Probably as strong a group in the years that I have been watching ‘American Idol,’” country singer Randy Travis, who was this week’s guest mentor, said on Wednesday’s show.

Making the Top 10 is a particular victory on “Idol,” as only ten singers will perform in the show’s annual arena concert tour this summer.

This year, there’s the flamboyantly extroverted Adam Lambert, everyman Michael Sarver, tenderly earnest Kris Allen, gravelly-voiced Allison Iraheta, artful piano man Scott MacIntyre, big-voiced Lil Rounds, charismatic personality Danny Gokey, soulful Anoop Desai, bluesy Matt Giraud and quirky Megan Joy.

Last year’s Top 10 had Chikezie Eze, Ramiele Malubay, Michael Johns, Kristy Lee Cook, Carly Smithson, Jason Castro, Brooke White, Syesha Mercado, David Archuleta and finally David Cook, who ended up winning the “Idol” crown.

But which group was best? Last year, Kristy Lee Cook seemed to barely get through each week’s elimination round and ended as seventh runner up. Similarly, Jason Castro often failed to impress the judges during his run on the show though he ended up finishing in fourth place.

But who are the weak links in this year’s Top 10? So far, the contestants have all shown a lot of promise, as evidenced by Travis’ comment, whereas early on last season some media commentators were already crowning then 17-year-old David Archuleta as the show’s sure winner, even though he instead took the runner-up spot.

The frontrunners so far this year, based on the judges’ comments, include Adam Lambert, Allison Iraheta, Danny Gokey and Lil Rounds, although on Tuesday night Anoop Desai, Kris Allen and Matt Giraud vaulted themselves into the judges’ good graces. It’s crowded at the top this year, which means that plenty of the show’s fans will be upset  when their favorites go down.

On Wednesday night, it was 21-year-old Memphis native Alexis Grace’s turn to lose out. Did she deserve to go?


No, she didn’t deserve to go! I think Michael or Scott should have gone based on their performances. Alexis was more talented vocally and had more stage presence but you never know what will happen with the voting public. I was surprised that Allison was in the bottom three, but mostly girls comprise the voting public for AI and a lot of them are young girls/women who vote for their favorite heart-throb guy.

Posted by Bren | Report as abusive

No… Alexis definitely didn’t deserve to go… the blind guy did >.<

Posted by JP | Report as abusive

After Tuesday nights performances I felt any of the following could have gone home – Lil Rounds, Alexis Grace, Meghan Joy OR Scott MacIntyre. I still don’t “get” Meghan Joy and although MacIntyre is great on the piano I don’t feel he’s got the pipes to propel him into the top five. Alexis can sing, no doubt, but tends to be a bit screechy. As for Lil, well, she’s got a BIG voice but I’m not convinced…time will tell.

Posted by Scottisheart | Report as abusive

yes she did omg she was SO boring to watch and had zero personality and was very old fashioned. i do think that annoying country dude who mumbled all his words was worse, but either one of them leaving was happy for me. I really like Lil Rounds-I thought she did AWESOME and I was so surprised that the judges didnt really like her. I also looovveee Anoop Dog! lol! He is awesome!

Posted by Lauren | Report as abusive

That guy Adam gave me nightmares. he should have left.NOT ALEXIS!


This season is weak! Bring back Sanjaya!!!!! America loves Sanjaya!!!

Posted by Tommy Bonitao | Report as abusive

Courtney, I so agree with you! Adam is very creepy! When he sang Ring of Fire, showing the fire in the video behind him, he reminded me of the devil himself in Hell! Very, very creepy! I saw in People Magazine today that he’s actually a redhead with freckles! Who knew! What happened, and why is he in hiding? And why, especially, did he make a video on YouTube, mocking The Star Spangled Banner, when here he is aspiring to be The “AMERICAN” IDOL??? While this Country is at war is no time to be making such videos! No wonder our enemies laugh at us and want us dead!


I think last year’s group blew away this year’s in talent. The judges are workin’ it harder than ever to manipulate the viewers into thinking it’s “the best group ever” by limiting the negative comments and elevating the positive ones. The only thing I’m enjoying and looking forward to this year is seeing last year’s contestants coming back to perform.

Posted by gracie | Report as abusive

Completely agree with gracie. Alexis Grace was one of the strongest in the very weak season. Last season was so much stronger, impossible to compare. Any of the top ten last year was better than this year top ten. I’ve got both David’s album, they’re great, intend to buy Michael Johns, Brooke, Carly etc. As for this season, I don’t think I’ll watch it next week. I’ll watch only the night when David Cook’s performs a new single from his album.

Posted by Miras | Report as abusive

I am sad that Alexis Grace left this season. I think, however, this year’s contestants are very good — as was last year. There is some amazing talent this year and I think a lot of them will go far. I absolutely do think Adam is such a fantastic performer — he is just that, a “performer” and not in any way freaky or weird. He brings excitement and attention to the stage — isn’t this what a true, talented performer does? Otherwise, it is boring.

Posted by Bianca Biggs | Report as abusive

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