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Miley Cyrus heads to the movies. Wonder what’s up?

March 20, 2009

miley-blogWhat’s up, of course, is “Hannah Montana The Movie,” which debuts in theaters nationwide on April 10 from Disney. In a little over a week, we’ll be talking to Miley about her new movie, and she’s agreed to take a few questions from Fan Fare readers. We’ll publish those in a Question and Answer story near the film’s release date.

In the movie, Miley’s “Hannah Montana” character, Miley Stewart, is struggling to juggle school, friends and her secret life as a pop singer that has soared into the stratosphere of stardom. So, dear ol’ dad (played by her real life father Billy Ray Cyrus) takes Miley back to Tennessee for an earth-bound reality check.

We did a similar Q and A request on the Fan Fare blog back in December with Adam Sandler for “Bedtime Stories,” and we thought it worked miley-oscar2out well.

If you are or have a teen, ‘tween or any inquiring kid who wants to ask Miley a question, fire away in the comments section of the blog. We’ll pick a few and ask her.

Certainly people want to know how her Sweet 16th year is going. How about that gown she wore to the Oscars? Is she nervous about how well her first movie will be received by fans or critics? And what’s it like to be a real Hollywood star? But those are the easy ones. Tell us what you want to know.


Whats your perfect sunday?


Miley, considering the fact that you are the fiercest 16-year-old on the planet, I must know if you watch the Tyra Banks Show, Project Runway, and/or America’s Next Top Model.

Posted by kt | Report as abusive

girl you and me gotta go out sometime and you need to tell me where you learned to dance so well! damn girl don’t hurt em!

Posted by claire | Report as abusive

how is work with your dad on the show and is Hannah Montana the movie the end of your TV SHOW you did good at last year CMT award with that fever what would you do if you could”t co=host the Cmt awards with your dad that Night your family is nice and in your book Miles to go did it take two season for you and your co star Emily to be best friend


Why are you, being 16, allowed to date an almost 21 year old underwear model?

Posted by Lindsay | Report as abusive

is it hard balancing school and movie? were u ever stressed or embarassed to act?

Posted by ashley tim | Report as abusive

Besides your family, friends, fans, and any other normal thing you would say to rush this question, who or what has motivated you the most to not give up?

Posted by Linz | Report as abusive

Hi Miley! my question is: i heard you wrote a book, and i’m just wondering a few things like: how long it took you to write it, what it’s about, and what inpired you to write it. also,- (okay, now it’s two questions i guess)do you think that this next season of hannah montana will be your last?-thanks for your time! :D


Hey Miley!First, I just wanted to say that you’re awesome and I’m your biggest fan! Second, I just wanted to ask you what does it feel like to have teen fans instead of little kid fans? And after Hannah Montana is done what projects are you going to work on? Also, what are you planning to do on future episodes of the Miley and Mandy show? What music have you been into lately? Lastly, describe a typical day in your world. You don’t have to answer all these questions, but you can answer some :)

Posted by margaret | Report as abusive

oops, forgot a couple questions. When are you going to go on tour next? And I know you’re hypoglycemic, I am too. What is it like being a star and handling hypoglycemia? Also, what is the worst trouble you’ve ever gotten in?

Posted by margaret | Report as abusive

when are you and mandy going to do a another miley and mandy show?!? I miss it! :(

Posted by Khara | Report as abusive

Do you ever wonder why so many people think they have right to judge you for just living your life and having fun?

Posted by Sven | Report as abusive

are you really happy in your life? They’re days when you seem like what did i get myself into. How do you handle the judgement on websites like perez hiltons and others.

Posted by jamie | Report as abusive

Why does your dad approve of you dating a 20 year old underwear model? Do you still love Nick? :)

Posted by Nileylovva | Report as abusive

Hi Miley,I live in NZ( New Zealand ), if you were given the choice to have a red carpet premier for Hannah Montana; the movie here , would you do it or does your schedule make you too busy to even think about it?

Posted by Kayla | Report as abusive

Miley, there is not alot of involvement in teens in Hollywood with politics (or so it seems), what is your political preference and some of the things you take a large stance on besides global warming?


Dear Miley Cyrus,How do you feel when people say mean or nasty comments about you and how do you react to them. Personally, I think it is just mean and just rude to you especially to trainreq who exploited you and the other people who leaked your photos. So I was just wondering if you have a thing still for Nick Jonas, because I heard you cursed the Jonas Brothers out because my friend who has a dad works for a concert and you were being escorted with them and you do not tour with them because of that.Thank you! :)

Posted by ale | Report as abusive

Miley I am a fan but I want to make sure I can trust you are being responsible. I don’t want you to ruin your life by getting pregnant or showing nasty picutres of yourself. Please assure me. how do you feel when people write not so nice comments about you? Does it make you think about your actions ? I think you should read all of those comments and really think about them they might give you good advice. :)

Posted by Jill | Report as abusive

Miley? i love her! i just wanna know what she thinks of her new movie. is she happy? is she still gonna have concerts? im gonna see her movie this friday. no hannah montana? no!!! i mean, someone’s gonna take her place, but ill miss her! i do not like anyone who makes fun of her. ( even if they make fun of me ) sometimes she prisses around and wears things i dont want her to. ( including taking bad pictures ) if u read this miley, i just want u to know… i lun u and please stop!!


im typed the above and made a mistake. this: … i luv u and please stop!! ( i really do miley ) its fixed now.emily osment u r: pretty cool awesome good actor and i luv u too!!


Hi Miley I just want to say that you are the best.I have to do a speech about you for school project and want to know what are all the different movies that you’ve acted in?Thank you very muchJessica

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