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“Twilight” defangs competition, sells 3 million DVDs day 1

March 23, 2009

The vampire romance movie “Twilight” became one of the biggest box office hits of 2008, and it’s proving equally popular on DVD.kristen-stewart-robert-pattinson

The movie starring Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart sold more than 3 million copies on DVD its first day of release on Saturday, according to Summit Entertainment, the studio behind the hit movie. Summit said the sales figure puts “Twilight” in the top five of best first-day DVD releases over the past two years, along with “Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End,” ”The Dark Knight,” “Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix” and “Transformers.”    

Fans lined up at stores throughout the United States for the midnight release of the DVD. The movie is mainly popular with teen girls and young women, and it tells the story of the star-crossed love affair between a high school girl named Bella Swan and an immortal vampire named Edward Cullen.

The sequel “New Moon” is due for release in theaters in November.


Pattinson is adored by women of all ages. I’m sick of people saying its just young girls. It isnt.

Posted by hannah | Report as abusive

Can’t wait to see Breaking Dawn, the support for all things Twilight will grow & grow. we love these characters and thank God they actually cast people who are real actors and not just pretty people – their talent is amazing. We knew the DVD would sell like crazy, but again, alot of extra kissing scenes promised, not really enough – their intimacy is still key, vampire/werewolve movie or not – balance is key!

Posted by Carolyn | Report as abusive

This series is amazing, sounds like Summit is a bit schizophrenic with their directing choices, really, is that what they could come up with – I hope they don’t shoot themselves (and all of us) in the foot with this Eclipse choice, I thought the New Moon director was controversial enough – not impressed by Golden Compass!

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The books and movie are truly amazing! I hope to see New Moon very soon! I’m so happy that i even went to watch Twilight! It was awesome.


The more beautiful thing of the Twilight phenomenon is that that even Hollywood can not predict. We want something more pure and honest. Like Twilight fans are wanting. We want real romance, we want gentlemen to treat us like ladies. We want men who want to protect us and cherish us. Go to any lengths for us to make us free safe. We want to know that they are men out there who want us virgins not easy casual relationships that other movies and TV program always reflect. You can argue with millions of dollars of sales, thats we really long for.


What struck me about the Twilight novels and the film is the moral tone. The only character capable of perfect love is a vampire. The “young” (17 going on 100) vampire, Edward Cullen, uses his extraordinary powers not only to protect his love interest, Bella, but also to control himself and his passions. The subtext is Wuthering Heights. The Bronte novel is a favorite read of Bella’s. At one point Bella realizes that Cathy and Heathcliff’s only redeeming virtue was their love for one another. Later in the series, Bella faces her own selfishness, compares herself to the destructive Cathy and resolves to be a better person. While the stories are written for younger people, the character development and pace make them a treat for those of us who left youth a long time ago. They a pleasing return to one’s youth when love and magical thinking had rather a lot in common. As well, the author has a charming ability to sweep one into the eerie and the gothic while ordinary events are taking place. What is supernatural becomes normal, what is normal seems strange. A triumph if you think about it.

Posted by ECG | Report as abusive Hate-Twilight-Rebuttal.621697/1

The above link is to an article that I wrote as a rebuttal to why critics hate Twilight. I loved the series and wanted to counter the claims like- “stupid” “cliche” lack of development” etc.. Please view to support Twilight.

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I first read twilight books about 2 years ago and now i am obsessed. At first i thought it would be boring but then i got really into it and like a week later i got new moon which is totally amazing. When i heard that twilight was coming out in cinema i was startled. I was like over the moon. I have seen twilight 4 times in the cinema because i love it so much. Also Robbert Pattinson is in it. I think that who evers been and seen it and liked it is a legend. I have loads of twilight stuff. My friend was amazed when she saw it. I have saved up now to get the twilight dvd when it comes out.Yey. I love it to much to let go of it. Love you so much twilight xxx


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