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Lindsay Lohan wants people “to believe in me.”

March 25, 2009

It almost seems sad. lohan41

E! Online Tuesday offered parts of an interview with Lindsay Lohan in which the young actress sounds off on recent stories in the celebrity media that have her out of money, out of work and out of a relationship with Samantha Ronson.

She complains: “If people would just leave my personal life alone — because it’s really not that interesting— then I could land a great role, but all the sicko fans and the noise is so distracting.”

She asks: “”If people would just stop judging me and accusing me and making me out to be this aloof, spoiled, ungrateful and unprofessional person that I am not and could never be.”

She pleads: “You have to make mistakes to learn so that you can grow up and live your life the right way.  Things happen, and you have to move on, be strong and believe in yourself.  It would be really nice if people would believe in me.” 

Why sad? There is no doubt it’s not easy being hounded by the paparazzi and having your every move in a relationship scrutinized daily. But isn’t that what celebrities ask for when they seek stardom? Really? Sure they want the glamour and glitz, but with that comes the media glare. It always has, and celebrities know it.

Lindsay also says “”I just want to live the dream that I’ve worked so hard for since I was 4 years old. I’ve been through a lot in my life, and there are many things I’d like to do to let people know that they just have to be strong… I’d like to have my own charity, do work overseas, be in Oscar-nominated films, write movies, produce movies/shows/videos, design clothes, make music, write books, etc.”

She adds, “I don’t drink, I don’t do drugs and I don’t lie” and “My past is my past and it’s been a long one, but I’m growing more and learning more day by day.”

Is it time to give young Lindsay a break and, as she asks, believe in her?

For the full E! story, click here.


She is actually quite a good actress. It is unfortunate that the American public/media seems to thrive on crucifying celebrities for their mistakes Hey if Drew Barrymore, B. Spears and the lot can be accepted after a crazy time, Lindsay should be no exception.

Posted by renee | Report as abusive

she’ll eventually get accepted. She PUTS her personal life out ther. How do you accept not to get attention for it, especially in Hollywood.

Posted by cool.ethan | Report as abusive

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