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Robert Pattinson’s love affair with his old ride

March 26, 2009

     robert-pattinsonWhen 22-year-old actor Robert Pattinson emerged as a big star last year for playing an alluring vampire in “Twilight,” he still drove an old beat-up BMW. 

    But he has now has leased a new car and moved on from his 20 year-old convertible BMW, whose dashboard had reportedly once caught fire while Pattinson was driving.

   Pattinson said the old junker was towed recently and that he had good reason for moving on to another ride, despite the appeal of showing he was still a regular guy who happens to be a movie star.

“I was getting a bit scared that I was going to die in it, and thinking is the street cred value worth dying for? And I kind of decided it wasn’t,” he told Reuters.

  Still, the old car appears to continue to attract Pattinson, who in “Twilight” plays a vampire in a star-crossed love affair. 

“I miss it already so I think I might go back to that one,” the actor said of his old BMW.

Pattinson knows a thing or two about cars. Growing up in Britain, his father imported luxury cars for a living. Who knows if dad would be interested in a certain 1989 BMW?

For now, Pattinson has no need for his old car. Instead of driving around Los Angeles, he is in Vancouver readying himself for production of “New Moon”, the next movie in the “Twilight” franchise which Pattinson said could be more somber than the first.


I am perparing myself for this depressing New Moon, I just hope Edward is in the movie more than the book.

Jacob doesnt stop trying to get Bella all the way threw Breaking Dawn. By the way I am a 30yearold fan. lol

Posted by 30yearoldtwilightfan | Report as abusive

I can’t wait for the next movie to come out I think Robert is a great actor and a georgous guy. I also hope he’s in the next movie more than he was in the book. I loved his facial expressions!

Posted by lisa | Report as abusive

OMG i am soo excited so see new moon but i dont wont it to be all about jacob (even no i love him) and jacob really needs to cut his hair in da movie coz it makes him look wierd and we dont wont that we wont him to look hot lol i love twilight <<(robert pattinson OMG) xoxo ilyy MeLiSsA<3

Posted by MLiSsA | Report as abusive

Maybe if Tim Burton directed the movie and the whole movie was done with Rob’s music…it would be good…hopefully it’s nt so teeny bobber as twilight. (STILL A FAN…DON’T GET ME WRONG)


well……i think that he said he doesnt want a girlfriend! im not looking to be a girlfriend i just want to see him in person and say hello and thats all i swear lol i just think he played that part in the movie twilight so well it was breathtaking! so if he does read this HI lol

Posted by Karlee | Report as abusive

I think his so sweet about caring for his old car! I would love to ride on it myself wit him in it is all good!
Lol love you Rob!

Posted by jocelyn | Report as abusive

haha awesome
and the book was made for teens. i thouhgt the movie was great :]

Posted by shea | Report as abusive

I think the Twilight series appeals to all ages of women. To me it reminds me, maybe too much, of my first serious boyfriend. The books take me through a range of emotions. The Twilight movie, even through different than the book, does also. I bought the movie the day it came out for sale and have already watched it three times. I am very happy to hear they are filming Eclipse as soon as they are finished with New Moon. Hope to hear that Breaking Dawn will be filming soon. Where in Washington was Twilight filmed? The mag I have says it was filmed in Oregon, then contradicts itself and says it was filmed in Washington. ????????????

Posted by Diana | Report as abusive

I’m much older than 30 and wishing I was twenty years young. I think of Rob every minute of the day. I think I have a sickness. New Moon will be great! I think they have too much riding on it and will be careful not to loose it.

Posted by Maree Papin | Report as abusive

I totally agree, I am 40ish (haha:) and I loved the books and movie. I’m not trying to be 16 again, but i brought back so many of those memories and gut kicking feelings you kinda became numb to over the years. Can’t wait for the next movies, wonder how they will fill most of the movie being that it is mostly Bella being emotionally strung out, seems like a real tear jerker! Rob has so many changes going on in his life his dear car was probably a huge bit of comfort to him!

Posted by Donna | Report as abusive

What a great guy. I actually can’t wait to see Little Ashes because that’s the movie where I think we will see his true acting ability. I really wish him all the best because you can truly see that he deserves it..

Posted by J. Adair | Report as abusive

I can imagine that sweet ‘ole car is a symbol of simpler days gone forever with all the success and now expectation built up. I had to skip reading New Moon for a while. The book was so well written it brought back all the heart break I felt when my first love and I broke up. The way the month’s went by in pages was beautifully done. I’d love to see the movie flip through those parts quickly until Bella’s is happy on her mini bike with Jacob and we get to see light hearted laughter until Robert hits the scene in Florence…..oh I wish my first love ended up with us together too. So back to Robert’s acting…..not method acting if he hasn’t actually felt those emotions before, even more applause then for that!

Posted by Freya | Report as abusive

I came to join in the 30+ group lol. Um new moon should be interesting. Although I like the movie “Twilight” the book is wayyyy better, and I couldn’t read New Moon fast enough to get through to the Edward part :P (sorry Jaccob). Seriously I read all 4 books in just as many days. Timing with my reading was perfect for release of the last book. Robert really is a great actor and musician. He sold me with Cedric Diggory cuz I’m a Harry potter geek too lol . Even if you don’t like the Twilight series, Roberts acting abilities ring loud and clear with the dropping of his english accent. I’ve always been s sucker for a vampire.

Posted by Michelle | Report as abusive

Thanks for the comments ladies. I thought I was the only “lady” out there. I am eager to see Little Ashes.
I don’t think it will be available to all. Rob can’t play Edward forever and I’m glad he won’t. He has so much more to give. Love you Rob!

Posted by Maree Papin | Report as abusive

I am 29 yrs old and love twilight. I am on the 3rd book reading and cant wait till eclipse comes out in theaters. I know some people put down the movie but they always get better as they go along…i mean new moon should be really good, although edward wont be in it as much yet in eclipse he is so all ya’ll sad he wont be in new moon as much shouldnt be…it is just how the story is told. Very good writing, I love the books!! I actually can’t wait to see if they make “Breaking Dawn” into a movie…i really liked that book!!!


Also i the second book “new moon” i was on the edge of my seat and cried at time…i was SOOOO mad at the part where he was about to kiss her in the kitchen and then the phone rings…I was like come on alreay..I am an edward fan but jacob just seems to grow on you, i dont know why!! I guess cause he is the under dog..then again i watched twilight and taylor lautner is so handsome so i imagine him playing tha part and well i just wanted him to go for it..uuuhhh!!!


i think rob missed his old car because he didn’t want to pay no stinkin’ car payments! lol! can’t wait for new moon. i want MORE edward so i don’t mind if they don’t follow the book.

Posted by mina | Report as abusive

I am 34 and love the all 4 books and the movie nice to know that I am not the only woman obcessed with both. Rob is a great actor and can’t wait to see more of his work. I also can’t wait to see New Moon, Eclipse, and Hopefully Breaking Dawn. Good luck Rob!!!!!

Posted by Amanda | Report as abusive

I am sorry but all those people who keep saying they love the Twilight series but because Robert Pattinson who plays Edward Cullen is SOOOOO HOT they want his character to be in the movie more than the book. YOUR ALL STUPID!!

The reason New Moon is soooooooo great is because he isn’t in it except for the beginning and the end. The love story between Bella and Edward would not be the same if he was in the movie more! You wouldn’t understand how STRONG the connection between them is if he was all through the movie.

Posted by Katie | Report as abusive

This is one of the reasons that everyone loves him!! He is so down to earth and not about the bling in life. I am happy that he is out of the death-mobile though ;) I should also add that I am also a 30-something year old fan. Even though I do love all of the Stephanie Meyer books, I’ve been a Robert Pattinson fan for quite a while. You should check out Bad Mother’s Handbook, The Haunted Airman, The Summer House…also How To Be is in LA this weekend….if there is still tickets!? And be on the lookout for his other flick coming out in May – Little Ashes. There is also a “How To Be” soundtrack with 3 of Rob’s songs on it available for pre-order on

Posted by Chris | Report as abusive

I think New Moon will be a better story that Twilight even though Edward won’t be in it much. It’s basically about Jacob and Bella’s relationship. I’m not particularly a Jacob fan, but the story has to have competitor to Edward. You see Bella struggle with a life without Edward. The story brings a new level to their relationship.

Posted by Midori | Report as abusive

Thanks so much for this article! It was extremely helpful for one of my posts.


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