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Is opinion turning against Madonna over adoption?

April 1, 2009

Madonna in Malawi courtmadonna3How much she actually cares only Madonna can say. But there are signs that opinion is turning against the singer over her bid to adopt a second child from Malawi. The 50-year-old appeared in court in the southern African country on Monday seeking to adopt four-year-old Mercy James, having already adopted David Banda.

The first case caused some controversy amid accusations that Madonna was given special treatment in Malawi allowing her to bend adoption rules. A similar outcry has met her latest adoption attempt with human rights activists in Malawi threatening to challenge the move and describing it as “child trafficking or kidnapping”. International aid groups have expressed concern over Madonna’s actions in Malawi and in the Western press there has been no shortage of negative reaction, largely in the form of opinion pieces.

In the Daily Mail, Allison Pearson, who defended Madonna when she adopted David, opines that Madonna’s recent divorce from British director Guy Ritchie and decision to move back to New York with the kids may not be good for David. She also described Mercy as a “prop in her (Madonna’s) ongoing mid-life crisis”. Reflecting the other side of the debate, Liz Hunt in the Telegraph supports the pop star, saying that whatever we think about Madonna and her lifestyle she deserves our admiration, not abuse.

Madonna and her team do seem to be aware of the criticism. In a statement released to Reuters on Tuesday, her spokeswoman mentioned “a lot of misinformation out in the press”, said that she is “not skirting any legal issues” and explained that Madonna “is looking to provide a loving family environment” for Mercy.


Who cares if Madonna adopts another baby. With the money sha has she can adopt a whole country. Give it a rest.

Posted by Kathy | Report as abusive

I’m not entirely clear why Madonna attracts so much criticism. But ultimately we should remember that most people in Malawi do not live beyond the age of 50, Mercy’s life expectancy increases straight away by being adopted. That should be enough in itself.

And Madonna seems like type of person who is genuinely interested in other cultures so I can’t see her denying her adopted children future access their racial heritage. After all, she’s already taken David back to meet his biological father in Malawi, which is unheard of in formal adoptions in the West.

And lastly, Madonna has shone a light on a country that most of us hadn’t even heard of before she went there. Yes, perhaps its cultural make-up might shift a little with Western awareness, but at least Madonna has done something that will actively SAVE LIVES.

What have YOU done?

Posted by gavin | Report as abusive

If you are not an African ,it would be clear why you would not understand what it means to the people to be perserved honorably in ones own homeland instead of being carried off without a say.Some things written in history books were true ,sad to say.

Posted by Nel | Report as abusive

So if you have money and fame you can do anything you want? If she really had the childrens best interests at heart she would provide the community they live in with money and resources to improve their lives. I’m sure the amount of money she spends on one child in a year would feed, house, clothe, provide medical care etc for a whole town in Malawi! She could be helping soo many other children if she really did care about them, instead they all stay there and have a life of poverty.
The whole thing is for her own selfish satisfaction and is absolutely disgusting. When she took David back to see his father he didn’t even know who he was! Can’t speak the language anymore and has absolutely no idea about the culture or place he was born. A child should be with their family (and in a lot of cases the children in orphanages do have families, but they can’t afford to care for them), not some celebrity to be dragged across the world, cared for by nannies and toted out when it suits.
And by the way, I DO donate money to UNICEF to help the most in-need children in the world each and every month…what do YOU do gavin?

Posted by TJ | Report as abusive

If anyone has seen the documentary “I am, because we are.”, there is little doubt that Madonna does care.

To compare the adoption to “Child Trafficking”, when she is making her case in the court is just off base.

Never mind that Madonna is wealthy, just that the child will have a good roof over her head and three meals a day is argument enough.

Are they afraid the child will lose her culture? Well, she won’t have it if she’s not alive.

Posted by Seth | Report as abusive

The real question is, why is Malawi so important to Madonna? It’s obvious that she places herself as the star and centerpiece of their needs, and supposedy all these things involve a lot of money, which she exhorts from the outside world- to instruct the sufferers in Kabbalah?

Whatever the real story is- when it finally emerges, it’s going to be a hell of a read.

Posted by serge | Report as abusive

she is giving these children the best shot they will ever have. come to Malawi and see the streets full of orphans not that they dont have relations to look after them but they are not interested so who ever is making noise on this issue should provide a solution instead of making headlines and names for themselves in the media.
get real, she is the only chance those kids have
give her a break

Posted by Leyla | Report as abusive

Look, I think its great that there are Madonna’s and Angelina Jolie’s in the world. I dont care if you are African … or whatever, Africans cant afford to look after their own and the ones that immigrate to other countries – forget about where they come from.


If someone sends money to support a child… who is getting the money? the child? … with all the atrocities going on … People GET A LIFE!!!!! You go Madonna!

Posted by CC | Report as abusive

I like Madonna; I think she’s got marketable talent and also, obviously, a lot of people who enable her to be where she is. But just because she’s a celebrity and has tons of money doesn’t make her a good parent. In most cases of adoption, isn’t it a requirement to have 2 parents so that the child has a well-rounded upbringing?? Wasn’t one of the reasons why her last relationship fell apart is because he wasn’t into her religion as much as she wanted him to be. Her history of relationships, reflects that she wears the pants in all of her relationships…so I guess she could be considered both father and mother. In my opinion, she’s the last person who should be able to adopt. There’s seems to always be double standards for celebrities or anyone with money. She may have come a long way and grown up a little, since the explosion of her success but she’s still a single parent and will probably go through several more relationships. If you don’t love your husband anymore, there’s always divorce…what a good message to send to your kids (that’s why everyone’s so screwed up these days). Celebrity kids are probably raised mainly by their nannies anyway, so nurturing and comforting, isn’t it. I guess money does buy everything! Madonna ought to stop jumping on Angelina’s adoption bandwagon and start adopting some of her qualities…people remember your past, Miss Controversial. I agree that the money spent on her first kid alone would help further the welfare and development of Malawian orphanages rather than her trying to get her second kid.

Posted by Jay | Report as abusive

I support this godess and any one wanting to take a young child and give them the love and support that all children no matter from what country. I always see madonna with her kids in what ever city she’s in and always makes sure they go to kabalah center. She’s dedicated mother and completely involved in being a parent. It’s sick that there are people who prefer to have this young girl stay in an orphanage. Disturbing.

Posted by Antonio | Report as abusive

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