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Who would the “Idol” judges save?

April 2, 2009

Top 9 contestant Megan Joy danced off the “American Idol” stage on Wednesday night after she said midway through the show that she did not care that judge Simon Cowell disliked her performance on Tuesday night. Cowell responded later on by telling her: “Megan with the greatest respect, when you said you don’t care, nor do we.” So with no chance that the judges would save her, when Megan sang Bob Marley’s “Turn Your Lights Down Low” one more time, it was all about the pathos.USA/

When will the judges step up and use their save? Although there was some lively discussion on the panel last week when oil worker Michael Sarver sang his last song, few were surprised when the judges declined to save him.

Megan acted goofy all night, waving her arms and crowing like a bird as she was sent to the Bottom Three stools, where she was soon joined by Allison Iraheta and Anoop Desai. When host Ryan Seacrest asked Cowell how many singers in the Bottom Three were worth saving, the alpha judge said one, but did not specify who.

A single mother of one, Megan made a style out of quirkiness, singing with her hips and arms swaying in what a Washington Post writer called a Wash Cycle Dance. When Cowell said they would save one of Wednesday night’s Bottom Three, did he mean Allison or Anoop? And with the judges not ready to save Megan, who would they pull out of “Idol” banishment?


I know that Simon meant he would definitely save Allison. Anoop Desai on the other hand has had some really awful performances and I don’t know why people keep voting for him? They call themselves the Anoop-troops and they should stop if they had any sense of music sense.

Posted by Karen | Report as abusive

I think the judges have decided that Adam will win this year and they are manipulating it so he will. I hate Adam CANNOT stand him, his voice is so high and he screams at times, plus he is UGLY!!

Posted by Joni cottongame | Report as abusive

I believe that they definitely would have saved Allison too. She’s much better of a singer than Anoop, and the judges have had nothing but praise about her voice.
I think that Danny Gokey should win over all. ???

Posted by Jessica | Report as abusive

i think simon should be removed from the show. although most times i agree with his opinions of the contestants his behavious is atrocious. He is especially mean and cruel to Paula and is actually demeaning. If i had to deal with someone i worked with i would class his behavious as harrassment. It is uncalled for and should not be promoted by the tv network.

Posted by kathy | Report as abusive

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