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Can “Idol’s” Adam Lambert be stopped?

April 9, 2009

USA/Seven singers are still vying for this year’s “American Idol” crown following Wednesday’s offing of Scott MacIntyre, but already there is no longer a pack of frontrunners. Rather, there is one.

Adam Lambert has outshone many of his rivals on this season of “Idol,” winning over fans with his unique showmanship and mindblowing vocal range. Since he entered the show’s Top 12, only one performance has received so-so reviews from the judges, and that was during the notoriously difficult Country Week. Remember Lambert’s “Ring of Fire”?

This week, Lambert’s special shine all but transformed into utter domination of his competitors. Not only did his Tuesday night rendition of the Gary Jules version of Tears for Fears’ “Mad World” receive a shocking standing ovation from persnickety judge Simon Cowell, but Jules himself praised Lambert publicly on Wednesday, calling the performance “fantastic.”

At the same time, some of Lambert’s top rivals appear to be struggling. Diva Lil Rounds ended up in the Bottom Three on Wednesday after several weeks of negative comments from the judges, and reviews have been mixed for performances by Matt Giraud, Allison Iraheta, Kris Allen and Anoop Desai.

To be fair, Danny Gokey is still a formidable opponent to Lambert. It’s up for debate, however, as to whether Gokey can stand out as much as the offbeat Lambert in voters’ minds.

So can the Adam Lambert train be stopped at this point? And if so, who will run him off the rails?


He does not need Idol any more…he is a STAR.

Posted by Elaine | Report as abusive

The answer is a resounding NO, Adam cannot be stopped. The reason being is he is not a one-trick pony. I’m sure there are millions of viewers who ordinarily would not be tuning into AI, but they are compelled to just to see what this AMAZING talent will do next.

Posted by LiVinon3x | Report as abusive

If Adam doesn’t win, it will make a mockery of what is supposed to be after all a talent show and a singing competition.

Good luck to him. I hope his supporters don’t become complacent because he is such a strong favourite.

There are another three contestants there who in a few of the other years would have made worthy winners but, with all due respect to some very talented artists that have won and not won the show, Adam is in a different league to anything the show has seen before. As talent show contestants go, AI and not AI, I would only speak Leona Lewis’ name in the same breath.

Posted by Chloe | Report as abusive

I picked Adam as the winner after his performance from Michael Jackson week. He is a natural showman with delightful vocals. At this stage only Danny has a shot at overcoming him. Lil has to do something incredible just to get back in contention. Allison will give the guys a good fight

Posted by Obi | Report as abusive

Adam has a crazy amount of talent and charisma by the bucketload. A superstar in the making.

Posted by Claire | Report as abusive

While I like Gokey and Allison, their talent is ridiculously over-ridden by the brilliant light of talent coming from the awesome Adam. This season’s finalists sound almost like rank amateurs on karaoke night next to Adam. None of them has the ability to put their own signature on every last song they do. Yet, they’re talented. But, so are the thousands and thousands of lounge singers, cruise ship entertainers and garage band dreamers.

In short, I think Adam is unstoppable. He’s not only the best of this season, but, truly the best performer EVER on American Idol. I am not alone in this opinion. He is sheer magic and his artistic genius makes him stand apart from millions of hopeful singers, even the otherwise decent contestants in this season.

Posted by AdamFAN | Report as abusive

Is this news worthy? And, why do we care? Stop watching TV and get involved in your community. We create these “stars”, pay them more than teachers, or even some doctors, and then lament over the state of our society. Argh!

Posted by Marla | Report as abusive

i certainly hope that he can’t be stopped but of course it’s possible. i’m still wondering whether america is ready for someone like adam. i hope so. danny was my personal fave from the beginning of the competition but adam has since inched him out. i can’t stop watching and rewatching clips of this guy singing. seriously. he’s amazing. and i was on the ‘love-it’ side of “Ring of Fire” personally. i seriously hope he can win it all <3

Posted by idolfan | Report as abusive

I certainly hope he can’t be stopped. I tune into the show every Thursday just to watch him. I have to remind myself that there are other contestants. THis kid is incredible. I just downloaded Mad World the studio version from Itunes and let me tell you if this ever hit the radio stations it would shoot to number one in no time. I have never seen a contestant come close to being as good as Adam Lambert.

Posted by Bruce K | Report as abusive

No, Adam can’t be stopped. He is already a mega talented star. Whether he wins AI or not at this point is irrelevant. Adam has many fans of all ages (just read some of the threads in the AI forum) who are very supportive not to mention very protective of him. I’m 52 years old and am driving my husband crazy with my infatuation over this wonderfully talented young star! Adam is going to be a global superstar.

Posted by Donna | Report as abusive

Your top three: Adam, Danny and Allison. Why, you ask? Simply: these three people effectively listen to their voices within the songs they sing. Allison has a quality that belies her chronological age, but she may easily get pigeon-holed into a mini-Janis Joplin. Danny would do best at NOT taking Simon’s compliment as another “Michael McDonald” (and by the way, the analogy of “blued-eyed white soul” is as played out as an 8-track)seriously, and to step away from the expected soul growl. Adam is the most vocally challenging person I’ve ever seen on the show. It’s not just his range, but his INTERPRETATION of the music, lyrics, presentation and the desired affects on the listener. He is the first “chameleon” on the show (and he’s had plenty of years to watch the show and know what to do and NOT to do); effortlessly (as it appears) enveloping himself within the song and performance so that we are just in awe of what he does.

Posted by Nia | Report as abusive

No. Adam Lambert cannot be stopped. He is in a totally different league than the rest of the contestants. He is the contestant American Idol was designed for: vocals off the charts, looks off the charts, and showmanship to rival anyone. I just don’t see any of the others rising to that level in the next few weeks. After all, Adam is the not only the most talented by a mile, he also has the most experience. Frankly, all those other guys look so similar that I have a hard time telling them apart. Adam is just, well, a superstar.

Posted by theresa | Report as abusive

He is the most talented performer to ever compete on American Idol, without even a close comparison to the few successes like Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood. This guy is a miracle, with the most magnificent voice, magnificent personality, magnificent looks. But, it surpasses his physical talent and looks. He’s like Itsak Perlman, who uses his wiolin, with such tenderness, soaring passion, and excitement, that the listener, despite their age or demographics is taken prisoner by the sound.

Adam has paid his dues to become this great. The others have failed to put in the time playing in clubs where people chatter, in summer stock as minor characters, and in cabarets. He takes chances and puts his soul on the line each week when he sings, choosing interesting songs, even controversial moves like the “Ring of Fire” on country week.

The others are talented, but, not one of them hold a candle to Adam. How can they? Someone like Adam comes along once in a generation. He’s Elvis and the Beatles. The other contestants will have careers, but, they will probably be known as those who competed with Adam Lambert. He’s a gift from heaven, almost angelic, and definitely nothing American Idol has ever seen before.

Posted by Jessie | Report as abusive

No, Adam cannot be stopped.
He has so many fans worldwide, of all ages and backgrounds, that I really think he will cinch American Idol. The likes of him has never really been seen on this show before, and a lot of people acknowledge that.
He makes American Idol worth watching. I’m sure, at the top of most viewers’ minds when they watch Tuesday nights, is: what is Adam Lambert going to do next?

I’m wondering that right now; I don’t know the answer, but I know it will be fucking /incredible/.

Posted by Nina | Report as abusive

If he doesn’t win, I will be disappointed in the voting viewers for not recognizing his talent and amazing …well everything. He’s dominated every single week, leaving everyone else to sound like pale imitations of the original artists they are covering. Only he has brought something new to the table every single week and THAT is what we need now. He has the ability to make people happy through his music. We can listen to him and forget, for just a little while, everything other than how good he is. Way to go Adam. America, keep voting:)

Posted by Chelle | Report as abusive

Listened to his studio version of Mad World. Dude is good!

Posted by Mockery | Report as abusive

I hope nothing derails Adam as the “Idol” star he is… His talent and charisma are so remarkable for a man as young as he is,,, His range is awesome! Although, we truly adore Danny, Kris and Allison… it is Adam who proves every week that he should be the winner hands down!

Posted by Jeanne | Report as abusive

Adam is the greatest! A truly great talent. We haven’t seen anyone like him since Elvis and the Beatles. He’s got the whole package,eg, looks, charisma, wardrobe, and that stunning, wonderful, goosebump evoking voice. Go Adam! If he doesn’t win, I’ll never watch AI again. Promise.

Posted by Rita | Report as abusive

Declare Adam the winner. End the show. Duet with Leona Lewis. Big bang.

Posted by Mark Dunne | Report as abusive

Adam cannot be stopped. He is truly a musical genius. I sincerely don’t understand why he hasn’t yet had a recording contract. However, I think it is actually a good thing that he is making his international debut on AI, because a vast audience can get to know him and see that he is warm, friendly, polite, and decent as well as one of the most gifted songbirds in history. He is very sincere and self-possessed/self-assured as an artist. I was ten years old when the Beatles came to America and that was extremely exciting. Now, I am 54 and have that same excitement hearing/watching Adam.

Posted by SFBayArea | Report as abusive

It’s wierd, my 76 year old aunt loves Adam, I love Adam, and my 20 year old daughter loves Adam. He has hit a chord with people young and old. I believe he will become a superstar. I haven’t felt like this about a singer in years! I’m obsessed…

Posted by ELW | Report as abusive

Adam Lambert has won American Idol this season,,,,there is no doubt in my mind.

Posted by dianne | Report as abusive

he’s boring…

Posted by HA | Report as abusive

If you all google Adam and see his drag queen pictures, and pictures of him with a “friend” going tongue to tongue, you might not think he is what America needs as an “idol”. I didn’t believe that the pictures were online after I read about them, but they are. Ugh!

Posted by Lisa | Report as abusive

I’m with you – I’m a 54 year old woman with a 34 year old daughter – we both LOVE LOVE LOVE Adam!! He’s the best.

Posted by Sue | Report as abusive

I sure hope he can be stopped. I don’t like him because he is some different, odd impersonator/actor every week. Who cares about his vocal chops. He is very unlikeable – I can’t imagine ever buy a CD of his…because I don’t have a clue…what a strange character…does he have a personality disorder or is he just acting.

Posted by Mak | Report as abusive

American Idol is about talent. Close your eyes and listen to the amazing voice of Adam Lambert. He will sell CDs with his voice and sell out tours because he is exciting and entertaining. His experience puts him heads above his competitors and he has a vocal range no other can match. Who cares about clothes, hair, or sexual preferences…………it’s about talent. By the way, I am 59, my daughter is 34, and my granddaughter is 6. We all are in awe of Adam. If he performs a broad range of music and doesn’t limit himself to “heavy metal”, I sincerely believe he will be a superstar.

Posted by RLB | Report as abusive

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