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Kanye West feels “murdered” by South Park swipe

April 10, 2009

Kanye West said on Thursday his ego was a little bruised by his less than flattering depiction on ”South Park,” which portrayed the rapper as, well, egocentric.kanye-west1

West wrote on his blog in his customary all-caps style that the long-running animated satire  “murdered” him, but that it was funny.

“It hurts my feelings, but what can you expect from ’South Park’!” he wrote. “I actually have been working on my ego though.”

“… I just wanna be a doper person, which starts with me not always telling people how dope I think I am,” West wrote. “I just need to get past myself, drop the bravado and just make dope product.”  

What prompted this burst of humility from an artist who has previously called himself “the face of the Grammys” and said he wants to be better than Elvis Presley?

On Wednesday night’s show, “South Park” portrayed West as a man who could not understand a joke about “gay fish.” His animated character’s response: “Hey, man. I’m a genius. I’m the most talented musician in the world. If I was a homosexual or a fish, I would know.”  By the end of the show, the makers of “South Park” had brought West back to the screen as (what else?) a gay fish. The show from Trey Parker and Matt Stone is a staple of cable channel Comedy Central.

And by the way, no one should expect West to start another rap war. In his blog, he described rapper Lil Wayne as “the nicest guy,” implying that the New Orleans-born Wayne is someone to emulate.


I’m a white male, 40 years old. I have never heard your music. However, I do watch South Park. I wasn’t really sure what the point was half way through the episode. Eventually, I figured it out (duh). I read that you were humbled by the airing. I’m not a spiritualist or self help guru, but I think that’s awesome!!! I have a total respect for you. I’m still not a rap fan/or whatever genre you are, but I would listen to you before any others.


there’s a cartoon South Park it’s ornery
and last night it laid the smack down on Kanye
funny thing is it actually made him twitch
and he’ll prolly think about it next time he eats fishsticks

wrote about it in a blog post today
how’s he’s trying not to be a douchebag per se
pointed out the difference between rap and real life
and how people like Little Wayne are so nice

to listen to me rap my opinion, visit: fg


The little respect I had for Kaynejust dropped. What a baby. I mean, Bono, one of the nicest most influential people in the world was portrayed asexcremint on this show and you never heard anything from him.

Posted by Danny | Report as abusive

Kanye West is a herb!

Posted by g priestley | Report as abusive

I agree with Danny. Seems like he has admitted his defeat, so to speak. It would’ve been better if he would have taken note of the criticism, try to improve his personality and shut up about it. Right now it looks like he’s desperately trying to keep face, a testament of his large ego, I guess.

Though I think it’s awesome that South Park is being recognized for the masterfully crafted satire that it is! I had no idea, I thought we were still living in the times when people considered SP to be just some stupid immature potty humour. I’m glad I’m wrong!

Posted by Sangman | Report as abusive

“more doper person” lol

Posted by jason | Report as abusive

I didn’t even know South Park was still on. Go figure. Per Kanye’s blog post- puzzling. I often use the word “dope” when describing a hip hop song that i really like. Or, use it to describe someone’s skills when rapping. It’s weird to hear him use it the way he did in saying “I just wanna be a doper person”. I know a lot of people who use that word, and could never picture them saying “..yeah, that Mother Theresa, she was a really dope person”. Just doesn’t work. Eh, just my opinion.

Posted by chizzle | Report as abusive

Kanye West deserved every second of that SP ep.

Posted by Michael | Report as abusive

kanye west is a no-talent pos that lost any credibility when he showed his backside on national television by insulting the president, ie, “ja-ja-ja jawg bush dont care bout black people”. what a self-centered whack job. they should start a t.v show called “who wants to be a rap star” and have the contestants simply jump around like a chimpanzee in front of the camera, while reading rymes from the teleprompter in the most hateful, menacing voice they can use. congrats,, you are now a rapper! what a bunch of non talented morons. all you have to do now is pee on a teenage girl or get caught raping one, or get caught with a bunch of guns, or just shoot or rob someone,,maybe the quickest and easiest way,,, gotta get that street cred…


Agreed. West is a talentless self-centered moron. How many times can he say “dope”. Can he actually speak? Form a full english sentence or all hood mumbo jumbo? He is a joke at music shows. All puffed up like he is someone, making comments how he should be winning. Praying & pouting at the mike. Get over yourself. The true talent in the audience must find you a joke as well.

Posted by Belle | Report as abusive

KW needs to feel the pain of his ignorance and stupidity so no KW purchases till 3/13/10….6 months of no fat monthly checks will remind him that he has to behave like a human being too…..scum bag, can’t take the ghetto out of him !

Posted by Brian Walsh | Report as abusive

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