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A new, unlikely, star is born

April 15, 2009

pottsA British TV talent show has uncovered an unlikely star in the form of Susan Boyle, an unemployed 47-year-old from West Lothian in Scotland. In the mould of tenor Paul Potts, the winner of the show two years ago who went on to top the charts, Boyle is now the bookies’ favourite to win the 2009 edition of “Britain’s Got Talent” after she wowed judges and audience members alike on Saturday with an assured performance of “I Dreamed a Dream” from the musical “Les Miserables”.A video clip of the performance on Youtube has already been watched nearly six million times, and, according to broadcaster ITV, Boyle was applauded on Easter Sunday by friends in the congregation of the church she attends. “It was incredible. Although we sing in church not a lot of them know how good I was, so it was a bit of a shock for them”, she said.The straight-talking contender, who told viewers she had “never been kissed”, clearly impressed the judges, including Simon Cowell, and is expected to win the top prize — a chance to perform before Prince Charles at the prestigious Royal Variety show, win a cheque for 100,000 pounds, and, perhaps most importantly, get a crack a stardom.”The whole village is cheering me on,” Boyle said. “West Lothian would wish me well, I hope, that is the kind of community it is. And I will be doing my best. Before I left, they told me, ‘If you can behave yourself and stop your carry on, you will do well. You can sing okay’ Who am I to let them down?”


Susan Boyle, my fingers are soooo crossed for you. I hope very much you win, and knock the world on their A** with your talent. You are amazing and I would buy any record you had available. Best of Luck.

Posted by Baroness de Benckendorff | Report as abusive

Susan – I’ve seen the video, and lady, you WOWED them all. May your success continue for as long as you choose! Simon Cowell may say not-so-nice things at times, but the man can spot talent, and is not easily impressed. He was impressed with you! Congrats!

Posted by Julie | Report as abusive

Susan Boyle, you are So utterly amazing. I got goosebumps and tears in my eyes listening to your beautiful rendition. You could put Patty LuPone through her paces with singing like that! To reiterate the comment above, I am SOOOOOOO pulling for you! Good Luck, chickie!

Posted by kyn | Report as abusive

Susan, Susan You are angel living on earth.. what a talent …What a voice!!, I could not believe myself in heaven listening to an angel sing. I have cried everytime I played your video and i have watched it over 10 time. It is amazing. out of this world. I am just sad they did not discovered you sooner so the whole world could enjoy such a delightful voice for a longer time. Your are the winner NO doubt..congratulations and enjoy your sudden fame!

Posted by maya | Report as abusive

Susan, once in a while, a voice like yours mesmerises. I would compare it to Celine Dion’s although I believe you are far better than the Canadian singer. I wish you all the luck in the world.

Posted by Richard | Report as abusive

The entire performance was like something out of a movie, only with much, much better singing. I was completely and utterly floored. What a bright star she is.

Posted by theantibush | Report as abusive

My wife showed this to me Sunday morning. I wept – not just for her singing, but for how the song matched her life.God wraps his most precious gifts in unattractive packages we may never open. Wake up call as Amanda Holden said during the judges after performance calls.It’s been a real pleasure reading comments from people the world over who were as touched as I’ve been every time I watch this.This 53 year old male record biz veteran has high hopes for the future of music after this. Look how we responded.And that’s not counting the better angels she summoned in all of us.

Posted by Danny USA | Report as abusive

Brightest blessings, Susan! Your talent is amazing, and it is such a joy to hear you sing. I can’t wait for your CD!So wonderful to see some good news for a change, and to see a decent, talented, not-full-of-herself person like Susan get a chance.

Posted by slavicdiva | Report as abusive

You, Miss Boyle are a WORLD TREASUE. Thank you for the great talent and gift. Hope have a huge success in the future.

Posted by C Hepburn | Report as abusive

Here’s why we love Susan.


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