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Susan Boyle breaks past 100 million online views

April 20, 2009

Scotland’s Susan Boyle left many viewers in Britain spellbound by her singing on a television talent show, but industry watchers say it’s the Internet that has turned her intsusan-boyleo an international phenomenon. She has ”clicked” with the online public at a record-setting pace, tracking firm Visible Measures said on Monday.

The latest numbers put Boyle at 103 million total video views on more than 20 different Web sites, said Matt Fiorentino, a spokesman for Visible Measures. 

It was only on April 11 that Boyle gained public attention with her performance on TV show “Britain’s Got Talent,” and Fiorentino said that Boyle has become the fastest growing Internet sensation his firm has ever seen.

Compare her numbers to another viral video sensation, the December incident of an Iraqi journalist throwing a shoe at former U.S. President George W. Bush, which had 21.4 million online video views in a week, Fiorentino said.

Clips of Boyle’s performance on “Britain’s Got Talent” have generated 91.6 million views to date, Visible Measures said. The rest of the online views have been for other material, such as Boyle’s 1999 rendition of “Cry Me a River,” interviews and fan videos.

By comparison, comedian Tina Fey’s impersonation of vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin on NBC sketch comedy show “Saturday Night Live” has generated 34.2 million views.

Boyle has yet to reach the Internet success of singer Mariah Carey’s “Touch My Body,” a video that has been seen 164 million times since it was posted online a little more than a year ago, according to Visible Measures.

Boyle, 47, is an unlikely pop star, with untamed hair and a plain-spoken manner. But none of that has blunted her online appeal.

“She’s definitely among the heavy hitters in viral video history,” Fiorentino said.

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But God hath chosen the foolish things of the world to confound the wise; and God hath chosen the weak things of the world to confound the things which are mighty;

And base things of the world, and things which are despised, hath God chosen, yea, and things which are not, to bring to nought things that are:

That no flesh should glory in his presence. –1 Corinthians 1:27-29

Posted by Bob Romanelli | Report as abusive

After the ‘roll eyes’, ‘laughable’ grin from audience and judges when Susan said her age, notice how she reacted with her body language – with self-confidence.
Like many women who are often put down because of her age, single status, without a husband or boyfriend, her body size, height, etc. all with prejudice and ‘cast aside’ remarks and dispositions, notice how women often have to grapple with their inner zeal to overcome such degradation when they are faced with them, most times silently.

Susan mustered up her inner strength when she rotated her hips and said “and that’s just one side of me”. She was literally saying, ‘don’t knock me down – wait till you see what I am all about.’

Then notice how she knoded her head with confidence. She was reassuring herself as well and saying, “I know who I am.”

Body language helps women to express their confidence and sometimes others misinterpret it as her being too bold, abrasive, unfeminine and other such ridiculous interpretations. It is important to recognize this body language trait that women often employ to overcome attempts at mocking her or trying to bring her down.

Susan, you showed the world something that has been long overdue. Paris runways and other modeling world should take an example of how your overcame the degradation and prejudging that took place before you ‘rocked’ the audience and the judges.
You go girl

Posted by Janet | Report as abusive

Susan Boyles has great beauty…Look into those baby blues and see a soul that very few, very few egotistical and vain beauties will ever hope to here.
She epitomizes the life of the spirit, and I can’t wait to buy her first CD. Soon I hope.

Posted by Julia | Report as abusive

She’s a Brit with grit. Good luck to you, Susan!

Posted by rex reno | Report as abusive

can’t stop watching her..I wish her all her dreams..can’t wait to buy her first cd…she has an unbeleivable GOD given talent..God bless her..

Posted by anne m | Report as abusive

Susan just appears to be a warm and friendly Scottish woman. When I visited Scotland in 2004, the thing that struck me most about the place was the friendliness of the people. I was even afraid after a while to ask for directions or anything because the people went through so much trouble to help me even when they had to find out from someone else. Susan’s attitude reminds me of the hospitality extended to me, a black stranger, back then.

Posted by Cilla | Report as abusive

I can not wait to buy her first CD too! I agree with Janet and Julia.
Must be so interesting to have a deep conversation with her. Or simply to share a cup of tea with her in Glaskow sharing a walk around her village, must be so beautiful.
Personally, I was so touch in my heart since all the view of the complete video, pre-during and post of the performance. What a talent! and what a spirit!
I felt like a refresh air in my heart and soul….even you are not a believer, you can not deny the tenderness and the refreshing of the soul we received in all her performance including the song, in few instants and each time you review the video.
What a lesson of Humility and power of inocence!
Like one of the judge said it was a privilege that we had to listened and to now know her.

As Human Beings, how many things we have inside our soul to give to others, gifts of the soul, free, without personal convinience?, but maybe we be ashamed to do not do it maybe because do not fullfill the stereotypes and/or the standards. Or simply because we are woman of more age, not so sexy, or alone, as Janet said, etc.
As a woman so proud of her! I liked her sense of humor and her talent combined too. thank you Susan for your gift of “LOVE” to all of us.

Posted by Maria | Report as abusive

What a lovely weekend Susan provided for many of us! At a time when there is so much negativity and cynicism in the world, this dear lady appears. Listening to her has not only been a privilege for the judges, but for all of us who have had the opportunity to hear this (and in many cases, over and over!). May God bestow His blessings upon her always and may she have a career beyond her wildest dreams. So different from the last lines of the song:

So different now from what it seemed
Now life has killed the dream I dreamed.

Susan, life has not KILLED your dream…. it has just begun!

Posted by MaryAnn Prevo | Report as abusive

Good for you Susan. You should be so proud. It sends chills down my spine everytime I listen to it. From all the people of Paris Ontario Canada keep it going. You most certainly deserve everything you get.

Posted by Robb Wilson | Report as abusive

The world is in love with Susan Boyle….God bless her and here’s hoping she’ll achieve all of her dreams!

Posted by Patti | Report as abusive

I want music that is not digitally enhanced, to cover mediocre talent. I want a REAL person singing, not some surgically altered , nipped here, tucked there, character.
Susan is everything real and so much more. I think God made Susan and he said, “This is my beautiful child and I love her.”
I love music that washes over my body and then captures my soul, and leaves an impact that brings tears of joy to my eyes. When Susan sings, that is exactly what happens to me. I admire her courage, and her delightful sense of humour. Susan is a true lady, something that is sorely lacking in today’s world. We are struggling through tough economic times, with a world at war in almost every corner, and along comes this shining beacon of light that we so desperately need. Susan reminds us all, that we have value and we are worthy, irregardless of whether or not we are young or old, beautiful or ordinary. She reminds us all that we are real and that is something society has forgotten.
The passion in her voice has the ability to transcend each and every one of us to a place we thought no longer existed. You don’t only hear the despair, you feel it. You don’t only hear the hope, you feel it.
Susan’s gift is not only her singing, it is Susan herself in all her God made glory. The world needs more Susan’s and definitely a lot more of Susan.
Keep on shining Susan, we need that.

Posted by Blue Moon | Report as abusive

God chose the meek, the least expected – God chose those who were gentle in spirit, kind, and good. What a beautiful reminder to us all of the simplicity that God designed this world to be, and the arrogant mess we have made of this place. Susan, God Bless and keep you and my His light shine through your life, and may He be glorified with your beauty inside and out.

Posted by Deb Haner | Report as abusive

Real beauty, true beauty comes from within the heart and within the soul.
To have a dream and pursue it with all your heart regardless of what others
think of you takes courage and passion.

Susan Boyle has given hope and joy to millions of people around the world by
following her dream and standing apart from others while being judged by her
outer appearance and age.

Susan emanates light, true light. She is what we call in Hawaiian,”Wahine Susan
Boyle ka nani uhane ke kahu la`akea.

“Susan Boyle is a beautiful woman whose soul is the keeper of that sacred light.”

I rise in the morning watching your video on You Tube Susan Boyle, and I end my evening with your video.

You make me a better person therefore, I share my ability to touch others with
that same inner light as you. May we all learn to be so beautiful as you. You are that polished mirror that reflects he brightest light from your soul.

Aloha! :) xo


Yes, Susan has inspired us, not only with her incredible voice but with the way she presented herself. And I want to say to all those whose comments I have just read…thank you for your responses. Each one of you is as beautiful, loving and encouraging, in your own way, as Susan is in hers. Let’s keep this going!

Posted by Lois | Report as abusive

It is truly amazing to see someone with the confidence level that Susan has demonstrated. I live in Southern California and many women here are plagued by insecurities about their looks and age. Botox, and plastic surgery thrive here and elsewhere throughout the United States because women are so uncomfortable about their appearance. There is tremendous pressure for women to try and improve their physical appearance often ending with women (and men) looking ridiculous and peculiar. (Google bad cosmetic surgery) and see the often shocking results.

Not only does Susan have a spectacular voice and presence but she has the beauty of
being confident and self-assured about who she is as a person. I believe Susan is
envied by many as confidence is hard to come by in today’s judgmental world.

You can’t argue with success– ESPECIALLY the way Susan has come by it. Her
now infamous performance could have ended very differently had Susan not had
the inner strength to believe in herself and her talent. Few could have held up
through the cynical behavior of the audience and judges. Susan now has the opportunity to do whatever she chooses. The world is her oyster…

I think many of us feel badly that now she will be subjected to people like yourself who make a career out of tearing people down. However, after viewing Susan’s performance on youtube (numerous times) I have come to the conclusion that she
will more than likely ignore negative people such as yourself because cruel behavior
is not part of what she is about. You see darkness–she sees light. Do you see
the difference? Oh, and by the way, I listened to the best performances of
“Dreamed the Dream” on youtube and Susan’s (with or without my eyes closed)
was equal, if not better, than the best. Try not to be so envious and except graciously that Susan is receiving the fame that you have never achieved.


Mega dittoos with the posting by Bob Romanelli, April 20th, 2009 at 7:59pm GMT.
“But God has chosen….etc. 1 Corinthians 1:27-29. Read this passage from The Holy Bible, listen to Susan Boyle sing, again shut your eyes and than ask yourself this question. How many Susan Boyles have or are standing in the wings of life, just waiting for a chance to give of themselves?
Many dittos also to the previous persons who contributed their inner most thoughts to this blog.


I have seen this song clip over and over. Everyone is so tired of all the over sexed, over painted, under dressed young women crawling all over men or squirming around like they have bugs in their clothes. Susan Boyle gave us a person to be proud of. Nice decent lady with a tremendous voice. Yes, they were surprised but I wasn’t … Talent has no boundries. I vote for Susan a real lady.


susan boyle on twitter@susanboyle09 or click here


Posted by susanbfan | Report as abusive

Fantastic job, Susan! The whole world is in love with you. Such a powerful mother you have to urge God to give you the recognition that you so richly deserve.

Your voice moves me beyond words!


I love her authenticity, it makes her beautiful on the inside. I hope stardom does not change her. I listened to her clip over and over and over and I am not generally a fan of classical music, however, this woman can SING yall! I am a Journalist from Texas and I wrote a column this week about her called “An Unlikely Idol,” it’s posted on my website: Way to go, Susan! G.L.


Susan is fabulous. It’s about time the entertainment industry started promoting REAL talent. People are looking for a change. They want something different. Their souls are crying out for the extraordinary not the ordinary. To make it in the entertainment industry today you must meet a certain image and financial criteria, talent is no longer a prerequisite. Today, you not only need money to pay your way in, you also must look a certain way, act a certain way, be a certain age and weight and imitate the actor and singers that make up the fad of the times. In
essence, you must lose your entire identity and allow yourself to portray something that isn’t unique. Few entertainers today are individuals.
What is filmed, written and recorded now will reflect our past, but
what our children learn from it, will represent our future. Using the media as our message tool we, as a race of people, have the ability to make a difference for all the young and impressionable minds. For more Entertainers like Susan Boyle, Check out these links;


I hope she can get beyond her “15 minutes of fame”. It’s time for Susan to quit the interviews and practice for the semi-final. I suspect she’ll be facing some stiff competition.

Posted by donnola | Report as abusive

100 millones en 12 días, son casi 100 personas por segundo. Si el video dura algo así como 100 segundos, entonces hubo durante ese período en todo momento 10,000 personas viendo el video.


Susan Boyle is going to sing again on Britain’s Got Talent TONIGHT! Woohoo! Let’s see if she can do it again…


After these months, I think the hype has died down. It is sad to see that most people are not really interested in her singing but for the buzz of it all.


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