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Heart, Jeff Lynne to be honored by music biz in Hollywood

By Dean Goodman
April 21, 2009

(Corrects name of Heart album to Jupiters Darling, in paragraph 9)

Ann and Nancy Wilson, the frontwomen of veteran Seattle rock group Heart, and British musician/producer Jeff Lynne will share the secrets of their success during panel sessions at a music industry convention in Hollywood this week. 
heartThey are the top-billed attractions at the fourth annual ASCAP “I Create Music” Expo, which runs April 23-25 at the Renaissance Hollywood Hotel. Other panels will feature such heavy-hitters as Chaka Khan, Natasha Bedingfield, Wyclef Jean and songwriter Billy Steinberg.
The Wilson sisters will also receive the Founders Awards during ASCAP’s 26th annual Pop Awards dinner at the venue on Wednesday. The black-tie dinner honors the writers and publishers of the year’s most-played compositions represented by ASCAP (The American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers).
“Being honored as songwriters is really important to us,” Nancy Wilson told Reuters. “We usually get passed over on a lot of lists … I’m not sure why.”
“When you consider all the incredible songs that have been written, you never feel worthy enough as a writer. Being a fan of great writing, you’re always, “Oh my god, but I’m not Bob Dylan!” If we do some little version of spirit-lifting for people with our songs then we’ve done a good job.”
Heart — with Nancy on guitar and Ann on vocals — broke through in the 1970s with such eventual classic-rock staples as “Barracuda,” “Crazy on You” and “Magic Man.” They enjoyed a renaissance in the 1980s with ballads from outside writers, such as “These Dreams” and “What About Love?”
These days Heart are reaching a younger demographic thanks to Guitar Hero and “American Idol” 
“We still get compensated for the work,” Wilson said. “It’s the gift that keeps on giving if songs keep on rolling. The catalog of course has done pretty well overall, which is kinda surprising in the climate of today’s nonmusic business.”
In between lucrative casino gigs and co-headlining tours with Journey, Heart are slowly recording a new album, the follow-up to 2004′s “Jupiters Darling,” and hope to release it in the summer of 2010.
Lynne, the bearded Svengali famed for leading the art-rock band Electric Light Orchestra, is also working on a solo album, which he hopes to release later this year. It would be the follow-up to his first solo outing, 1990′s “Armchair Theatre.”
ASCAP will present him with a lifetime achievement award before he discusses his career during Friday’s session.
He jokingly told Reuters that his pearls of wisdom might include such nuggets as “just do what I do” and “get a good lawyer.”
“You’ve just gotta love it,” he said in a more serious vein. “You can’t really do it unless you love it to bits, and you’d rather be doing it than anything else. I’m still getting thrilled with music even after 40 years of doing it professionally.”
As with Heart, Electric Light Orchestra is experiencing a bit of a resurgence among younger fans, Lynne said. He has just finished producing five tracks at his home studio with singer/songwriter Regina Spektor, and plans to work on some songs with Eagles guitarist Joe Walsh.


I really look forward to Jeff Lynnes new album. He’s music makes me so HAPPY. Love you, Jeff!

Posted by Lynnette Johansson | Report as abusive

it seems ages since ZOOM. JEFF, we´ve been suffering waiting for a new masterpiece.thanks.

Posted by jorge colmenares | Report as abusive

Any news of a new Jeff Lynne project, be it work for anotehr artist or even better, a new Jeff project is FABULOUS news!!!!!!

I cannot WAIT to hear it! Lift me up, Jeff!!

Posted by Al Fleming | Report as abusive

I am so happy that I am getting this info. It is never too late to make another album. However, since Zoom seemed like a Solo, I wonder if this new album will too. If it does, I’ll be MORE happier!

Posted by Reid Brownlie | Report as abusive

“Jupiter’s Landing”??? Please get it right…the name of Heart’s last album was “Jupiters Darling.”

Posted by Cori Simpson | Report as abusive

this is fantastic news for a true legend in jeff lynne. we should all get behind this and tell every music organisation about this release.If this is successfull, jeff might tour and after the fiasco of Zoom which a world tour was cancelled due to terrible promoting this could be our last chance to see this legend play live again. So spread the news ALL OVER THE WORLD, LETS SHOW JEFF SOME ENCOURAGEMENT TO GO OUT ON TOUR AGAIN

Posted by billy mcgeachy | Report as abusive

i wonder what jeff will call his new album ?

Posted by cuddley d | Report as abusive

I can’t begin to say how happy I am to hear that Jeff is going to give us another album. Jorge is right – the long years of darkness are about to end and all will be right in the world again!

Posted by Rob Chiles | Report as abusive

finally…there’ll be light again!

Posted by diego diesveld | Report as abusive

At long last……the sky seems a little bluer today. A new JEFF LYNNE album is an event a lot of us have been waiting for for so long………Can’t wait. Let’s hope more people listen and more radio stations get it this time. American idol and x factor it ain’t, but please give it an airing!!!

Posted by mark burrows | Report as abusive

I’m hyped about Jeff Lynne’s new album. The guy is one of my music idols. A real talent and a nice guy.

Posted by Bill in Houston | Report as abusive

Jeff, on behalf of all ELO fans, THANK YOU for everything you’ve done to make our lives that much brighter. We anxiously await your new artistic masterpiece!

Posted by Dan in Duluth, MN | Report as abusive

A really pretty news,a magic event for any ELO fan,as I do,many people will be glad for a new Jeff Lynne album,
I’ll be waiting for it,so Jeff!,give us another good album like your better days…you are our real hero and your music enjoys the test of time,if not well, how do we explain the new ELO fans around the world?
ELO was great,without MTV,Napster,Myspace,Blogs,and any other new forms of resources that sometimes seems damage the music with free download and bootlegs..Long life to ELO and jeff Lynne!
Alexander Carvajal,Antofagasta Chile!

Posted by Alexander Carvajal | Report as abusive

If Zoom was received with a collective yawn in 2001-plus the booking of a stadium tour was an absolutely embarrassment-what do you think a JL solo album will be received like 8 years later? He’s done nothing to promote himself in the past 8 years except to sell ELO songs to movies. He has played one concert during that whole time and showed up to play one song in another. If what I have read elsewhere–that he plays all the instruments–is correct, I’ll be even more disappointed.

Posted by Jim | Report as abusive

I’m looking forward to the album. But please Jeff, don’t play the drums. The ELO re-recorded tracks with him on drums, have that awful ‘Wilbury/Petty/Zoom’ sound. Get a prper drummer. Bury the hatchet and give Bev a call – you know it makes sense.


Jeff Lynne, one of the greatest musicians, and producers of the last 30+ years. Its about time your honored! Can’t wait to hear your solo album. Hope you tour. Love to hear you live;)

Posted by Bladerunner | Report as abusive

It’s been too long since ZOOM. Hooray for new Jeff Lynne album! Please support the album with a tour, Jeff, Texas misses you!

Posted by Kevin Kunreuther | Report as abusive

As much as the new album will be a masterpice as always from this great artist. What we really need is a London concert from the geat man. Not seen since the George Harrison Tribute.

Posted by Victor Terry | Report as abusive

I am VERY excited for the realease of Jeff new album, and i cannot expect what people will think, i hgope it will do well but as zoom was brilliant, it wasnt reallty aknowledged which is a shame. and jeff, play the drums to your hearts content mate! i liked your drum work in armchair theatre, it made it more original.

Posted by Haydn J Woods | Report as abusive

I really love elo music like no one else and I know that when you hear jeff line and ELO its an experience like no other… who knows if they will have a tour this year in US or mexico/

Best Regards

Posted by JOSE | Report as abusive

jeff lynne has dominated my musical tastes for over 30 years . i’m proud to say i saw elo live 1981 ingleston (between glasgow and edinburgh!!) jeff (genious!!) BUT JEFF GET MORE MEDIA SAVY, YOU HAVE GOT TO PROMOTE YOUR GENIOUS MORE PROFESSIONAL MATE!!!!!!!!!!!


Posted by john rambo glasgow | Report as abusive

How wonderful to hear Jeff Lynne is to release another album. I have loved every note of his work since the early 70s ~ it’s true he is a genius! Please someone tell him he must tour in the UK ~ small venues, festivals ~ whatever ~ just do it please Jeff!

Posted by barbarella | Report as abusive

Jeff Lynne is definately the 5th Beatle! His music over the years has been I beleive just as influential as the music of the Beatles. He is One of the true musical genius’s of our time.

Posted by Chris Scharf | Report as abusive


Hello there…

I just want to tell “SIR” JEFF LYNNE, Yeah, he should be knighted by the Queen.. What is taking her so long?

Anyway, Jeff my Love, I wish you the best Birthday and more to come for you Babe. Also, Indeed you are the 5th BEATLE, After John Lennon, and George Harrison (Your best firend), you are the the thinker, writer, producer and all that you can be with that talent of yours. I LOVE YOU AND I WOULD LOVE TO MEET YOU. Just write to me and we’ll go from there.

Yeahm yeah, like if you would. Any way, HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY LOVE!



P.S. Jeff, you have inspired me to learn how to play guitar. I LOVE YOU MORE & PLEASE STAY HEALTHY.

Posted by Lucilla | Report as abusive

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