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Miss California vs. Perez Hilton = Marriage debate

April 21, 2009

On Sunday night, Miss North Carolina Kristen Dalton was crowned Miss USA, but all the talk on Monday was about how runner-up, Miss California Carrie Prejean, fueled the gay marriage debate by saying during the telecast that she does not agree with same-sex weddings.kristen-dalton-and-carrie-prejean

On Monday, Prejean told Access Hollywood that she sticks by her answer, despite the uproar from gay rights supporters.

“It did cost me my crown,” she said. “I wouldn’t have had it any other way. I said what I feel. I stated an opinion that was true to myself, and that’s all I can do.”

Celebrity blogger Perez Hilton, who was one of Miss USA’s judges and asked Prejean the question about gay marriage that got her into trouble, had a different take. In an expletive-laced online video blog, the gay self-proclaimed “Queen of All Media” said after the telecast that Prejean should have just avoided the question. “She lost not because she doesn’t believe in gay marriage, she lost because she’s a dumb (expletive),” Hilton said.

It’s significant that Hilton asked Miss California about gay marriage, because the state’s voters approved a ballot measure in November banning same-sex weddings. Since then, the Iowa Supreme Court has legalized same-sex marriages and the Vermont legislature has made the unions legal in that state.

Hilton and Prejean gave the country something to talk about, other than gowns and make-up. But since many of those in the audience at Miss USA are gay, perhaps Hilton was right that Prejean just did not know how to play to the home crowd. As model and Miss USA judge Claudia Jordan told celebrity Web site TMZ, “She should have known her audience better. There’s only like five straight guys in the audience at the pageant.”


It is refreshing to see someone who speaks the truth instead of the expected answer by Mr. Hilton. It showed great courage that should be commended. Instead of staying stuck on the given answer that he did not expect or want, Mr. Hilton should of also considered this courage that distinguishes her from other candidates. This could characterize her as a leader which doesn’t seem to be what the judges are looking for. Shame on you Mr. Hilton… you would prefer a world of followers

Posted by Ronald | Report as abusive

I don’t buy into the “It’s her opinion and we need to respect it” BS…If Miss California had a similar opinion about inter-racial couples, there wouldn’t even be a debate. She would be labeled a racist, and rightly so! Maybe just 50 years ago, an anti-interracial opinion was the popular opinion in America, but today, it’s more acceptable as a heinous opinion.Just one of many examples of how many of the homophobes in this society need to think about history and how they’re pretty much trying to repeat it. Your words are going to be immortalized and in 50 years, when anti-same sex marriage is a heinous notion, we’ll be able to reference them, and the kids of tomorrow will be shocked at how biggoted we are, just like my generation was shocked when we learned about “Seperate But Equal”.


Since the Miss America Pageant feels it is acceptable to punish contestants for their religious beliefs, is the Miss America Pageant run by atheists who do not believe in the freedom of religion granted by the first amendment of our constitution? Most Jews, Christians and Muslims do not approve of same sex marriage.

Posted by Tom | Report as abusive

In my opinion, perez hilton is wrong. Carrie Prejean has every right to voice her opinion even if some do not like it and better yet, I’m very proud of her for sticking to her opinion! I, being a normal heterosexual man who’s happily married with a child, think that gay marriage is morally wrong and it very much offends me. Liberalism is bringing the country down into the toilet.Marriage is a union between a man and a woman….period!

Posted by bby_70 | Report as abusive

The despicable thing about this incident is that it has more to do with Perez Hilton forcing his issue down our throats than it does Miss California. I’m happy she had the moral fiber to be honest. The biggest mistake appears to be the pageant managements decision to invite a gay activists to be a judge at a female beauty pageant. Politically correct maybe….. but mind boggling stupidity.

Posted by Jerryr | Report as abusive

Perez Hilton….. shame on you! Of all people, you are the one which proclaims everyone has a right to voice their personal opinion and act or do whatever they feel is right. Now that someone has a different viewpoint and it does not agree with “YOUR” viewpoint, then you chastise them for the same rights you feel everyone should be able to express. As the spoiled and self-indulgent individual you once again prove yourself to be, this hypocritical outburst is that of someone who has never had to be responsible for their actions. You truly need a reality check, see how the rest of the country hears your bigoted comments.

Posted by Randall | Report as abusive

We are very proud of Miss Prejean. In a world where a clear line is being made between opposing views, we feel that she stood firm on the correct side. Her response, as she mentioned, is not meant to offend or disrespect anyone. In fact, her response displayed respect for those who do not share her view, and unflinching courage for what she knows to be a faith driven response. We believe that marriage between a man and a woman is essential to God’s eternal plan for all of us. Having said this, it is never acceptable for any who share her view to persecute those who oppose her view. It at these times we can respectfully agree to disagree with those who oppose her views. Congratulations Miss Prejean!

Posted by Steve | Report as abusive

It’s a true shame when so called “celebrities” can bash contestants of a time honored and respected contest such as the Miss America Pageant. How dare Mr. Perez use this platform to boost his own publicity. This pageant has, since it’s beginning, been the forum for all America to see that there is still some purity and sanctity in these beautiful women. Sure, some haven’t always been white as a rose. Who is? I just want to say God bless this beautiful girl for standing by what she believes in and standing strong in her faith. She is the epitome of the role model that Miss America is supposed to be; strong, confident, intelligent, and unwavering in morale (even under pressure).

Posted by Ryan | Report as abusive

Ms. Prejean is entitled to her personal opinion as much as this Perez idiot – since when is it wrong to have a differing opinion? Ms. Prejean at least handled her answer with respect, integrity and diplomacy, which is far more than I can say for Mr. Perez’s immature, tyranical rant which reflects his intelligence level. God bless you, Carrie and, we’ll be praying for you Perez……

Posted by Ann | Report as abusive

Wouldn’t it be fascinating if we could tap into Mr. Hilton’s brain and find out how he would have voted if Miss California had given an answer that matched his own opinion on the subject. I bet the farm he would have happily voted for her and not had any thought about whether her comments offended anyone nor whether she could “properly” represent all of us as Miss USA.Kudos to Miss California for giving her honest opinion to such a loaded question, even though it may have cost her the crown.


Good for Miss Prejean to stand her ground. Bad for Miss Prejean that she believes we live in a country where people are free to choose between same sex or opposite sex marriage as she put it. 4 out of 50 states is it legal, not quite “free”. I think this has also fueled a bit of hatred for gay people. Please don’t judge “gays” based on the action of a very tacky brash person. In with love…

Posted by Thomas | Report as abusive

There is another amusing side to this whole thing. Apparently Miss California is being rejected by her friends and pageant managers. They must be affraid that other contestants will break free of the Stepford trance and start to answer honestly. Imagine the down fall of the political correct puppets …… how will the far left continue suppress free expression. !!!!!

Posted by Jerryr | Report as abusive

well at least this year they aren’t whinning about how paegentry is degrading to women.

Posted by john | Report as abusive

Its a shame that people like Perez Hilton feel qualified to judge a beauty contest that doesn’t allow contestants to express who they are and what they believe. What a hypocrite!

Posted by maureen | Report as abusive

Be strong Carrie, you WILL be attacked, and not just by that flaming pig Hilton. The media will be looking through your grade school yearbook, your medical files, and your dumpster for any shread of falability. God bless you.

Posted by Lefty | Report as abusive

Thank you Carrie for having the courage and strength to stand up for the truth. You are a winner because blessings always follow obedience! Your comments are true, not because you say so, but because The One who is Truth says so!

Posted by chris | Report as abusive

Ms. Prejean was right on with her answer, even if it was delivered in a clumsy way. Perez didn’t ask a politically relevant question, but a politically charged question (meant to spark controversy). Over 70% of people in the US admittedly believe in God and, if you believe in the bible as well, you have to say that Gay marriage should not be permissible anywhere. Gay folks in particular and also hollywood types who tend to be more liberal are the ones who generally support Gay marriage.Perez should never have been allowed to ask such a question. Questions by all judges should be screened before they are allowed on television. He wanted to further his beliefs at all costs (even to the detriment of Miss California). He’s really a sad figure to be judging the Miss America pagent anyway.

Posted by Sheila Adams | Report as abusive

I think it is sad that a person who stands up for what they believe in is humiliated as Ms. California was. It’s ok for that idiot Perez to say what he feels and everyone just puts up with it because he is Gay and you know, they have “Gay Rights”! MAKES ME SICK!!!! Why aren’t people discounting him as a judge, the question was RIDICULOUS! He is RIDICULOUS! Who is he anyway, where did he come from, what makes him special? He’s just another Gay Jacka** trying to make Christians and straight people feel bad for having morals! You are a WINNER CARRIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The other girl won by default!

Posted by Ruth | Report as abusive

I want to ask you this. Carrie Prejean is a student of San Diego Christian College. I would assume that this was on her application and that Perez Hilton knew that when he asked the question. I think everyone should ask themselves, did he deliberately set her up? And by the way, he is a liar. If you listen to the audio, the audience did not boo her, they clapped. As a Californian, who has voted 2 times (along with the MAJORITY) to make sure marriage is between a man and a woman, I want her to know she is not a stupid b**** or the “c word” as he says he wishes he would have called her. He’s the bigot.


Sticking by what you believe is only admirable if what you believe isn’t completely ludicrous.Now imagine if the question had been about the historical election and the new president, and Miss California had stated that she does not believe that black people should have the right to vote.Would you still be admiring her for sticking by her convictions, even though those convictions would impose on the civil rights of an American minority group?The homophobia has got to stop. A gay marriage in NO WAY alters the integrity of a heterosexual marriage.

Posted by Heidi | Report as abusive

Nothing more I could add – all well said above. Just wanted to lend my support to Carrie. Thank you for standing firm!! You are a star…it’s the country’s loss, not yours.

Posted by Jacqueline P | Report as abusive

We have been indoctrinated for years that people of the right (conservative thinkers) are intolerable. After Mr. Hiltons’ rant/fit on his blog that should show who is intolerable. I think that it is only fair that every time the media shows Miss CA’s answer they should show Mr. Hiltons’ response. He needs some manners.

Posted by Tena | Report as abusive

Carrie Prejean gave her honest opinion to a tough audience. More young women should stand up for what they really believe instead of just following the media tide.I believe homosexuality is a choice.

Posted by Conrad | Report as abusive

I think Carrie is a perfect example of the USA, we all have different ideas. Since we have punished contestants in the past for their behavior I think we need to punish Perez for his immature and unprofessional blog postings. He called her names that should not be allowed by anyone. Even through all of this mess she has handled it in style, grace and honesty and that is the true meaning of Miss USA.

Posted by Charlene | Report as abusive

After reading the many comments on this site it looks like this country still has people that believe in freedom of speech. As for Perez Hilton I agree with the majority of the people that it’s a shame that he felt it necessary to promote his life style at the cost of someone elses character. I am sick and tired of people like that always seem to talk badly about others that don’t beleive as they do. If we were to blog about someone that is gay as he did about Miss Calfornia and call her the vulgar name he did. We would have a slander suit against us. So why is it ok for him. Also the comments that Claudia Jordan of TMZ that Miss California did not play to the home crowd and that there was only 5 gay people in the audiance. That is very hard to believe.


I am 100 percent behind Carrie Prejean. I am so proud that she had the courage to stand by her Christian beliefs knowing full well the trap Hilton had laid for her. Hilton knew how Carrie would answer the question, and I applaud her for not backing down. Greater will be her rewards in Heaven (and on earth) for her courage and trust in The One who will ultimately have the final say.

Posted by Philip Hutchinson | Report as abusive

Even if there were ONLY 5 straight guys in the crowd, Ms Prejean did not have to compromise her position to be politically correct. It is a shame that some people would compromise ANYTHING which is a sign of FEAR. Ms. Prejean was asked a question and she answered representing her authentic character. It is a big shame that this Perez person who I don’t think is even carrying his real name hides in the folly of whatever he believes in and he is NOT representing the gay community because there are a LOT OUT there who are representing themselves in their true authentic self.

Posted by viktore | Report as abusive

I have yet to see any opinion poll that says anything of substance as far as how Miss California should have read her audience… Just the judges. Here is one for your.. Since clearly the question was stacked against Miss Carrie Prejean… Hire a new panel of judges that are supposed to be unbiased… and have a debate.. Mr. Hilton, in your ongoing crusade to crush the people who “hate” your position on gay marriage.. You yourself have become a hater. I believe Mr. Hilton should be brought up on charges of Slander “Miss Carrie Prejean…. is a b*@#!” in my book would substantiate the charge.

Posted by John McDonald | Report as abusive

Miss California, you are a hero of free speech and honesty. My family in Canada fully supports you!!!!

Posted by Jack Reid | Report as abusive

Take a moment , read and think :1.- Why the Miss Usa organization picked Perez Hilton as a judge ??? ……. then, you know what he does for a living so then I dont understand why people are complain about him trashing Miss California…im gay and I dont like his work , im no agree what he is doing after the pageant and Im not agree her either2.- If you are going to represent a society, a country , people …theres is positions in life that you have to be politically correct, saying that it is true that you can have your personal opinion but what if you are being asked about races, about religion…if you are in that direction,… try politics or social work..not a beauty pageant3.- Gay Marriage.- The problem with this is the definiton….. and the wrong concept people are getting about it…… not that we gays want to get marry and wear a dress or not respect the idea of marriage….it is have the same rights (so call it whatever you want but make it equal for every single person living in this beautiful country!!!)Lets say you have a partner, and is sick at the hospital….you are not allow to visit because you are not familyLets say you are from another country (my case) and have an american partner, inmigrations laws recognize marriage………. and if marriage is just for a man and a woman…what we can do???Lets say you have your partner for 15 years (I know a personal case) one died and his family claimed everything and kick his partner of all these years away…..Before open your mouth you should take a minute to think what you are going to say…

Posted by Fernando Pierola | Report as abusive

Carrie was put down for her own personal opinion. Since when do so called celebrities have the right like Perez did to rake her for her own beliefs? So hypocritical.This is America and we are all allowed our own feelings and thoughts.

Posted by mary | Report as abusive

Perez, your panties are in a bunch. Don’t be a hypocritical jerk and honor Miss California’s right to her opinion. She respects your right…

Posted by M. Wong | Report as abusive

She looked like Barbie…only better—stunningly beautiful but with real-human dimensions. He looked like Howdy Dowdy. Miss California Carrie Prejean worked hard to prepare herself for the Miss USA contest. Gay male Perez Hilton, a celebrity blogger, used his position as a pageant judge to make himself and his cause the main story. Her answer to a pageant question about her views on the possible expansion of “gay marriage” didn’t please him. Though she clearly stated that she intended no offense to anyone, she felt that marriage is between a man and woman.When she refused to be used as his propaganda mouthpiece, Miss California lost the Miss USA contest, suffered the ridicule of Hilton, and got ripped in his next blog as a “stupid bitch.” If means were needed to demonstrate social awareness and intelligence among the female bathing beauties, why such a question from the evening’s most-notorious gay man to the California contestant? And just why was such a self-promoting gay man a judge of female beauty in the first place? Do vegetarians judge best-burger grilling contests? Do blind people judge photography competitions?Miss California answered tactfully but honestly. Tactful honesty got clobbered.

Posted by Kenneth Owens | Report as abusive

Be supportive of Miss Cali. God bless her! She is brave enough to face this overwhelming pressure from homosexuals to destroy one of the few sacred values that are left in our western culture. She knew they would take away her title but still… she stood her grounds. She is more man than that cow face Perez Hilton. She is Miss America in my book. Peace


I am from Brazil, I would like to wish congratulations on your statement. Follow its principles.Carrie Prejean, by their sincerity, you became more famous in the world than if he had won the tender of mis.congratulations !!!you are very beautiful!Ronaldo Utida – São Paulo – Brazil.

Posted by Ronaldo Utida | Report as abusive

she has a right to her opinion..even if she was the only one with that opinion. It just so happens that the majority does share her view. Perez seemed angry that she had her belief system. It seems as if in this era of tolerance …the ONLY group that is intolerable and UNFAIRLY judged are Christians. How “tolerant” is that!!!????

Posted by Melanie | Report as abusive

Good for you Carrie! No crown from people like Perez what-ever-his name is, is worth your character. He totally had an agenda, as most homosexuals do in situations like this. Him the “Queen of Media” my behind. What a sad sad person. This is simply a publicity stunt. You hang in there darlin. Your name will be honored by those who share your views to free speech. BTW. MOSt of all America is for marriage between a man and a woman. End of story. No matter hwat the homosexuls say. YOU are a true inspiration. You were honest and explained yourself with respect.

Posted by marie | Report as abusive

Perez Hilton is just jealous ’cause he wants to enter into the Miss America pageant, but he’d never win because he’s not pretty enough


Way to go Carrie Prejean…finally a younger person standing up for their personal beliefs and willing to deal with the consequences in this day and age! Perez Hilton on the other hand typifies the the current ideological thought being taught in our public school system…don’t openly disagree with the minority opinion or you will be considered intolerant of others and be castigated for it! What a shame, a group of peopel that are so desperately seeking acceptance and complain of condemnation are actually doing the condemning?

Posted by Robert | Report as abusive

Just wanting to show support for Carrie.After reading most of the comments it’s obvious that the irony of the situation has not been missed. But it’s worth re-stating:How is it, that he may say and do offensive things (exercising his rights) while blowing up when she simply and respectfully states her beliefs, and she’s the one that is called intolerable?it’s just laughable.

Posted by A | Report as abusive

Hello, Yes I just want to APPLAUD Carrie for having the Guts to say what so many other people are afraid to say these days. Many of us are ANTI-GAY marriage. This is NOT an uncommon opinion. My entire family is against gay marriage and quite frankly tired of hearing about it. We like anyone else has the right to Freedom of Speech here in North America and that means that we can say what we truly feel. I think that its so sad that we are now living in a society where people feel that they have to be so Politically correct and PHONY all the time for fear that they may offend somebody, TOO bad if you don’t like it. We live in a free society for a reason and we all have the right to our own individual opinions.

Posted by Carolc | Report as abusive

Way to go Carrie!You’re MY Miss America no matter how the judges ruled!Why is it lost on everybody but me that PH injected HIS religion and morality into the contest, not the other way around.He should be banned from ever hosting Miss America again!Congrats for not playing his game, and answering with truth and bravery.

Posted by JW | Report as abusive

To Fernando…Gays are not normal people. Whether it be some brain disorder or malfunction, you are a small percentage of the majority population. The normal population have the natural instinct for attraction to the opposite sex.Its how nature intended humans, animals, insects, etc. intended to populate the earth and to keep it to continue.Miss California understands this and has her normal and natural instict. So she answered what she felt was right.Perez Hilton was in the wrong for trying to make everyone accept unnatural people.What next? Pedophiles wanting their rights too plus hosting Miss America contests in order to ask questions adopting children?

Posted by bby_70 | Report as abusive

miss california is the greatest for standing her ground she was a good runner for 1st place she should gotten it not because her opinion ,she was set up with a loaded question .what happened to her is wrong

Posted by jack asbury | Report as abusive

If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything. Carrie Prejean showed that she has a moral code that anchors who she is. She aligns herself with close to 80% of America on the firm principle that a traditional family is the most basic and necessary unit of our society. The very essence by which we were created supports her statement. Prejean has shed light on the twisted perversion of the media definition of “tolerance.” Tolerance is not unidirectional. Tolerance does not override true principle. Good job Carrie!

Posted by Jared Stucki | Report as abusive

First Miss Prejean you have won a place in my heart as well as our large family of 50. We love and support you and all agree you would make a great president. As for the the tastfully done pictures of a beautiful women a hell of alot better than the thought of two men or women having sex and thinking it’s okay to marry. your devoted fan!

Posted by ed | Report as abusive

I cannot believe the hypocrisy involved in the people blasting her for an opinionated question. If it’s one thing proponents of gay marriage should have learned by now, it’s NOT cool to rip somebody apart based on their beliefs. They of all people know what it’s like, so why partake in it themselves? I loathe and abhor the Miss USA pageant along with the majority of attention that centers around it, but I do support this candidate, ironically from California of all states, who spoke her mind knowing full well what kind of problems would ensue.She has restored my faith that some people can speak their minds boldly and independently despite the sure-to-come ridicule and reprimanding blasts from the media and bulk of society. Two-thumbs way up Miss California. FWIW, I support you.

Posted by John | Report as abusive

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