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Adam Lambert keeps “Idol” judges entranced

April 22, 2009

lambertBefore he went on stage, the camera swooped down on “American Idol” contestant Adam Lambert as he stood beaming in the crowd. But as usual, Lambert was more than just a face in the crowd on Tuesday night, as he again wowed the judges and solidified his frontrunner status.

It was Disco Week on “Idol,” and true to the theme Lambert sang the Bee Gees hit “If I Can’t Have You,” effortlessly hitting the high notes and inspiring judge Paula Abdul to gush that his performance made her feel his “pain.” Abdul was not alone. All the judges said they loved the performance, with alpha judge Simon Cowell commending Lambert for surprising him by picking a Bee Gees song.

“I would have put $10,000 you were going to do Donna Summer, but that’s what’s so good about you, you did something we weren’t expecting,” Cowell said.

Speaking of betting, it seems the smart money is on Lambert. Online betting firm, which usually confines itself to sports gambling, said on Tuesday that the “Idol” title appears to be Lambert’s to lose, if he does not slip up.

At the other end of the spectrum, embattled singer Lil Rounds continued to leave the judges unimpressed. She sang the Chaka Khan hit “I’m Every Woman,” and although her performance was energetic and confident, judge Randy Jackson faulted her for a lack of vocal control. Lil said that she had a good time with the song, which only gave Cowell an opening to tear her down.

“I’m glad you had fun, because I think this is going to be the last week we’re ever going to see you,” Cowell said.rounds

Cowell had a similarly biting critique for Anoop Desai‘s version of the Donna Summer song “Dim All the Lights.”

“It was a horrible version of that song, and in my opinion, genuinely that was your worst performance by a mile,” Cowell said.

With a completely different take, judge Kara DioGuardi told Desai he has been at the top of his game the past couple of weeks, even though the voters put him in the Bottom Three for each of the past three weeks.

Allison Iraheta continued to hold her own with her version of “Hot Stuff,” another Donna Summer hit. Cowell called the slowed-down rendition “brilliant” and Jackson said the 16-year-old Iraheta was one of the best singers in the competition.

Matt Giraud, who was saved from elimination by the judges last week, sang the appropriately-chosen Bee Gees song “Stayin’ Alive,” a disco-era hallmark. The judges gave him mostly positive reviews, as they did for Danny Gokey’s rendition of “September” by Earth, Wind & Fire.

Judge Paula Abdul saved her best comment for contestant Kris Allen, who sang yet another Donna Summer song, “She Works Hard for the Money.” Allen gave a new twist to what is a very feminine song, bringing the band on stage with him and performing the tune with an acoustic flavor.

“A lot of women are known to shop in the mens’ department, but there aren’t many men that are willing to shop in the womens’ (department),” Abdul said. “I’ve got to tell you that you shopped and you found a perfect fit.”

Which contestants were a perfect fit for the audience on Tuesday night? And which two will get the axe tomorrow night? Will the disco ball finally come down on Lil Round’s “Idol” dreams, or will the audience ignore the judges’ criticism of her and give the Memphis mom another chance?


I know this sounds crazy but its voting time here in Hawaii but I wasn’t paying attension to what Adams #’s were. Please tell me his # so I can still vote before my two hours is up.

Posted by melody | Report as abusive

I think the two who were the most perfect fit for disco were Adam (although his rendition was not exactly a disco beat) and Allison. I think the two who will get the axe are Lil (hopefully, finally!) and Anoop. I like Anoop but he has been living in the bottom two and didn’t do anything spectacular tonight.

Posted by Janet | Report as abusive

Kris Allen
Allison Iraheta
Anoop Desai
Matt Giraud

Danny Gokey- also disapointing. Pitchy

Posted by carlotta | Report as abusive

Adam Lambert is in an altogether different league, possessed of a vocal imagination like none other in AI history. Beyond that voice lies a relentless but unforced originality, again unmatched. He appears to have no limits. None.

Doubtful? consider this, sung by him at age 22 in a performance of ‘Brigadoon’. Astonishing. jU

Posted by trent1280 | Report as abusive

Lambert once again made it the Adam Lambert show. His vocals are so well ahead of the rest of them. Lil looks like she is going to go home. It’s too bad because she did a great job that very first week but never hit it again. I don’t know why the judges gushed over Kris. It was a rather boring performance along with Gokey’s. Gokey is really losing ground fast. Allison has really good vocals though not the best song choice.

Posted by Bruce K | Report as abusive

Adam is a perfect fit, not only for the American Idol audience, but for the American music industry at the moment. He is a performer who is talented, charming, classy, and above all, memorable. Many Idols become forgotten after their tenure on Idol. Adam is definitely never going to be forgotten.

Posted by motherchucker | Report as abusive

My favorite was Kris Allen, followed by Adam Lambert and then Allison Iraheta.

My bottom two are Lil and Anoop.

Posted by MightyJ | Report as abusive

Adam is the most talented contestant in this competition.I hope every body votes for him and donot think he gets all the votes.WE HAVE TO VOTE if we want him to win.he is amazing the whole package

Posted by lili | Report as abusive

With the current avalanche of troublesome news and a deepening sense of crisis in the United States and by extension in Canada too, and the innumerable heartbreaking stories of personal loss and suffering and of individual tragedies woven into forming the clouds, Adam Lambert’s honesty and integrity in portraying his raw emotions through his singing connects with both the broken hearted and those who are afraid and often desperate. He cannot emote such emotions without having experienced the pain of them himself. I believe our hopes for him to achieve well deserved universal success and recognition are borne out of our need to believe that things can and will get better.
Adam is not a saviour but he is a shining symbol of what needs to be rekindled in the hearts of America, of North America.
Adam is hope wrapped in brilliance crowned with humility.

Posted by Avonquil | Report as abusive

Adam Lambert has to be the next idol. He is fantastic! His voice is incredible. I thought David Cook was great — move over for Adam Lambert. He is so humble and kind with his manner. He shows that he really appreciates the judges comments without getting upset. A real gentleman! He moves me everytime he sings. My sister and I watch this show together and every week we are in awh with him. He has a natural talent – blessed with a truly wonderful gift. I wish him all the best in the future and look forward to the next few weeks.

Posted by mary parsons | Report as abusive

I’m wondering why they are still having the competition going… Give that bloody title to Adam L., already!

Posted by Anna | Report as abusive

Adam is just amazing……there is no one like him, and he just may be “the find” of the decade. Lil rounds has had it because her backup was so far superior to her, she was drowned out. The others were good , mostly, but let’s face it we are looking for someone to overall idolize IDOL ize and it is , by far, Mr Adam Lambert , the one and only. I hope he continues to be himself and creative and free…whether he wins or not, i will buy his music, and try to see him on broadway and in movies because without a doubt, he can do them all and will be !

Posted by moo | Report as abusive

Genius! Pure genius! People would have thought he would dance around like last week. I always love that song and I’m really glad Adam sang it with different tune. Awesome!

Adam is just like Obama. There are people who love him, but there are also people who hate him, not because he sucks but pure jealousy.

Posted by Carlos | Report as abusive

I was teary eyed as I watched Adam’s heartfelt and touching performance of If I Can’t Have You.
ADAM is GOD’s gift to humanity in this generation at the right timing of global economic depression.
And GOD has been kind to him showering him with all his amazing talents that just out of this world coupled with drop dead gorgeous looks and oozing sex appeal and magnetism attractive to all, male or female, young or old. I can’t find fault.
What is awesome, is that with all these blessings, he wears it with a crown of humility and graciousness. It’s why everything is going for him fast on the road to inevitable superstardom.
I thank GOD for Adam at this point in time.. Something to look forward to. Something to get excited for. Something to be thankful for.
He’s in my prayers that he remains the same as he is on to become a legend in this generation.
I’m happy to witness it as a 50 year old baby boomer. You just have to respect phenomenal talents for it’s from GOD to be acknowledged and recognized. It can’t be denied.
We’re here in Asia and AI is about 7 hours delayed telecast but have total 3 repeats. And we never fail to watch every single telecast. And we’re going this summer to US to catch the tour show.
We just can’t get enough of Adam. We’ll miss our weekly dosage after AI crowns him.
ADAM is addictive!

Posted by Mariyas | Report as abusive

I live in Canada and love watching American Idol (especialy this season), I think Adam Lambert is the best from all, he has so much to offer, he definetely is in an altogether different league than the others. Beyond that voice of his lies a relentless but unforced originality. I always look forward to watching him, cannot wait until the following week. He appears to have no limits, when I hear his voice, I good the goosebumps. I will definetely buy his CD…He is just amazing to watch and to listen to. I hope he is the winner and Alison as the runner up.

Posted by Rita K | Report as abusive

I love Adam’s fav quote by Jimi Hendrix, in fact, it is mine I have posted on Facebook. Very interesting. He’s great. Talent and charm.

Posted by myown | Report as abusive

Mariyas I agree with you 100%. I am mesmerized by Adam Lambert and he is out of this world. Everyone either loves him or hates him. In my opinion, the haters are jealous because there is no denying that he’s won so many hearts. How can the others compete with him? I would love to see him in concert. And I have downloaded many of his songs already. He can make albums, do broadway, theatre, movies. The sky is the limit for him. Thank you Adam for making me smile every week. I too will miss you when you leave Idol. But, hope we see you again soon when it is over. I felt the same way about Michael Jackson and how he touched so many hearts with his humble beginnings.

Posted by Psmith | Report as abusive

While the other contestants are trying to be stars, Adam Lambert already IS. He rules the show and is the only reason I tune in every week. He’s got an amazing voice, humble personality and delivers electric performances every week. Oh, and a friend of a friends in LA who knows him says that the guy is super smart!! You can tell that from interviews too. He couldn’t have been better even if I dreamed him up.

Posted by Christina | Report as abusive

i’m still pulling for Danny, but i admit he needs to turn it up a notch


It’s obvious that Adam Lambert is and will continue to be number one on Idol. To be honest he is the rest to watch this season, no one will beat him and no one will ever out sing him…. there is not a bug enough word to describe how AMAZING!!!! he is

Posted by Ashley | Report as abusive

Adam Lambert is THE American Idol we have been waiting for.

Posted by Leah | Report as abusive

Bravo, Adam Lambert! You are phenomenal and deserve to win the AI competition. You are the reason I tune in each week. Can’t wait to see what you have in store for Idol Nation on Tuesday.

Posted by vanessa | Report as abusive

Adam Lambert is great – so original!

Posted by pat gibbs | Report as abusive

Adam Lambert HAS to win American Idol, just as Barrach Obama HAD to win the Presidency. Adam has the power to move people towards change through his music and bridges the gap between generations, gender, sexual preference, religion, nationalities, and basically everything that keeps us from enjoying our beautiful human race. He is not just an American Idol, he is a WORLD idol that deserves this crown. Even my 75 year old Mother loves him and said ‘he’s so cute, I just want to adopt him,’ whatever that means. He definately has my vote as the next King of Pop, Rock, and everything else on the block! I have NEVER in my life been this excited about a performer and have NEVER felt compelled to watch American Idol (or any other reality TV show), much less vote!! Like Kara said, he’s INSPIRING and inspires everyone who sees him. What he’s done for our troubled youth is proof in the pudding. His music speaks volumes to those who don’t have the power to speak for themselves and are trying to navigate through this difficult and cruel world. He is a precious gift from God whose talent is a blessing to the world!!!


I’m a senior citizen….I’ve been an AI fan since the 3rd year. I too, tune in every week ESPECIALLY to watch Adam perform. He makes me “feel” EVERY song he performs. He’s gorgeous to look at, it’s PURE heaven to hear his voice, and he can dance. Can’t give enough accolades….he’s just too talented for words!


Adam is a STAR!! He is dripping with sexuality! Congrats Adam!

Posted by Me, myself and I | Report as abusive

OMG !!!Adam is absolutely amazing !! i agree , he is very addictive , i dont really watch AI but just because of him i watch it even if i need to exchange shift with my coworker evry AI show, he`s adorable, lovable and very talented. i love him!!!

Posted by zeny | Report as abusive

Adam has a beautiful voice – and there are other beautiful voices as well. But what Adam brings is such joy in his God-given gift. He loves what he is doing. He has been given many other gifts as well – his handsome face, his graceful body, his intelligence and charisma – along with confidence in his abilities – as well as his sense of humor (no doubt a product of his many years of striving and rejection). It’s extremely unusual to find all these gifts in one person – but, in this case, it’s there for all to see. I feel very fortunate in seeing this young man rise to fame. He is one of the very few deserving of it.

Posted by Lee | Report as abusive

The show should change it’s name to ADAM IDOL. Because he is destined to be the next star. He is AMAZING and so extremely talented. I wish Adam the best of luck in his incredible future. He’s touched so many hearts. LOVE YOU ADAM!

Posted by Melissa | Report as abusive

I’m simply in awe of Adam Lamberts talent, charisma, looks, likeability, confidence, humor, and incredible stage presence. He’s the only reason I’m watching the show.

Posted by Marie | Report as abusive

Adam Lambert is dazzling and sizzling!

Posted by Trisha | Report as abusive

Adam is an incredible talent! I can’t wait to tune in each week to see what he’s going to do. Adam is the whole package – amazing vocal ability, looks, charisma – plus he’s humble and sweet. Killer combo! I agree with others who say they should change the name of the show. For me, it’s definitely the Adam Lambert show!

Posted by Dakota | Report as abusive

every week im at a loss for words. his pure talent is otustanding. i’ve never followed ai in the past but this year i haven’t missed an episode. i just cant wait to see what adams gonna do next. he rises above the rest like u wouldn’t believe, its not even a compitition anymore its just his concert. He is the whole package, hes amazing looking (luving the smile!!), seems very smart, and has unbelieveable talent. u cant be any better than adam. ADAM LAMBERT IS THE NEXT AMERICAN IDOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Kate | Report as abusive

adam you are so damn addictive! ive never watchd AI before but nw i wtch only for adam!! hes just everything good rolled into one person and hes got sum MAD talent and just forr this reason he should win! adam idol! VOTE ADAM

Posted by adamfanfromlondon | Report as abusive

Adam Lambert is absolutely amassing!! He is so talented, he can sing anything!! I love when he hits high notes. Adam will be the next American Idol!!

Posted by Krista Fahey | Report as abusive

Adam is so talented and inspiring. His joy and happiness to be doing what he loves is contagious. It makes me happy just to watch him. I believe the key to his success is what I heard him say in an interview on the AI website, that he does it for the audience, to give them what they want. I can’t wait to see more stunning performances by Adam!!!

Posted by sue | Report as abusive

There is Adam and then there is everyone else! The most sexual singer since Elvis….HOT!Dare you to take your eyes off of him once he gets on stage…..impossible!


Paula Abdul phrased it best a few weeks ago: “It’s as if I am not watching an AI competition but an Adam Lambert concert!” This is the Adam Lambert show, period.

Posted by MyIdolRocks | Report as abusive

I have found so many older Adam Lambert videos or just vocals…….every single one is a winner. His Brigadoon, his song in the Ten Commandments, his “Kiss and Tell”, all his Idol performances……omg this guy is a phenomenon………truly the find of the decade ………whether he wins Idol or not is inconsequential in that most of us on this site will buy whatever he puts out there in a hearbeat anyhow and those of us lucky enough to be close enough to one of his broadway or hollywood stage performances, will be there if we can get tickets (which will probably be impossible ) i cannot wait to see him tomorrow night

Posted by boo | Report as abusive

Greetings: All my heart knows is Adam Lambert takes hold of a song and devours it like a Wolf. He seems so comfortable on stage, and enjoys being in his own skin, and looks as if he is showing himself to be the ‘alpha male Wolf,’ letting his dominance play over any others taking part, as it should be. Let’s face it, he is the best thing since the invention of ice cream. Adam has a rainbow aura circling round him — it’s name is TALENT.
Adam is one COOL / HOT dude ! Good luck to you Adam Lambert – knock ‘um dead, and show us what’s it’s really like down deep inside your soul !!! See you at the Finale — you are one of a kind on stage, an angel in the deliverance of music. See you at the Finale – don’t forget to bring with you to the stasge that shy devilish flirty smile along with your to-die-for physical gorgeousness, together with your one of a kind, supercalifragilesticexpealidocias VOICE !!! I love you Adam. You make me crazy …….

Posted by Sharon Shannon | Report as abusive

Adam deserves all of the accolades given to him. He has made music exciting. I was mesmerized by him since his audition for American Idol. He has raised the bar for upcoming seasons of AI, it was becoming a snooze fest until Adam became a contestant. Listening to him sing is addicting…I adore him.

Posted by Kt | Report as abusive

Adam Lambert is in a league of his own. No one else is close to the star quality he posesses. Hope he wins. Either way, he’s on to some great stuff ahead.
By the way, “If I can’t have you, was NOT a huge Bee Gees song, if I’m not mistaken, although they wrote it. It was a B-side to Saturday Night Fever, if I’m not mistaken. The more well-known version was done by Yvonne Elliman.


Adam Lambert is in a league of his own. No one else is close to the star quality he posesses. Hope he wins. Either way, he’s on to some great stuff ahead.


Adam Lambert = pure AWESOMENESS!

Posted by Kathy | Report as abusive

Adam Lambert is My Idol! His voice is in another stratosphere. Congratulations Adam, you are officially a star. Just a 5-second video of him dancing has more hits on Youtube than other contestants’ actual performances! 87,000 to be exact… Ha!! wI

Posted by Lexie | Report as abusive

Correct Adam dance link, wI

Posted by Alexis | Report as abusive

Am I the only one that does not get why Adam ist so hyped up?
He screams ..he does not sing.
My ears bleed everytime he starts.
Danny and Kris, they SING.
Other contestants got slammed by the judges during the the years, but not Adam.
No, sorry.
Also it is sickening to watch how Kara and Paula think he is the only one that deserves to win.
If he does, that will be the last time I watch American Idol.


Adam Lambert is the “Elvis” of the new millenium….untouchable. He is breaking all the rules, shattering all the boundaries. He knows himself and expresses this knowledge in a creative, uninhibited manner despite opposition from overwhelming numbers of self-righteous bores. For those of us who are turned on by confidence, Adam makes us feel wildly crazed!! At the age of 8 I was insanely addicted to Elvis. Now at the age of 40, I am thrilled to have these feelings surface once again.

Posted by Kathy L. | Report as abusive

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