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“Twilight” idol Pattinson says he’s a “paranoid wreck”

April 22, 2009

Change isn’t always good.


Especially if you’re Robert Pattinson, the former model who has catapulted to teen idol status courtesy of blockbuster vampire movie “Twilight.”

Pattinson, now filming the sequel “New Moon”, says his sudden fame has made him a “paranoid wreck” in terms of his friendships.

“I’m always really worried about ruining (friends) lives. Especially with people that aren’t famous. It’s such a massive change. I’m kind of a paranoid wreck. I’ve eaten a lot of room service,” Pattinson told Entertainment Tonight, in on-set interviews to start airing on the celebrity television program on Thursday.

The assistants, security and other hordes that come with sudden fame are also proving hard to get used to. “Now it’s funny, you can’t even get through to people on the phone. They won’t even let you ring people up. I can’t even ring down to reception and say let (visitors) up. I have to literally go down and carry them,” he said.

But Pattinson said it feels “suprisingly natural” to play lovestruck vampire Edward Cullen again, and he promises fans they will see plenty of him in the movie sequel, even though his character in the Stephenie Meyer book is mostly absent from the story.

“(In the film) it’s an illusion when he (Edward) appears. I think if you do it with voiceover as they do in the book, it would end up being quite cheesy. But it’s very subtle, my presence,” Pattinson said.


It is amazing how quickly his fame took off – we put these actors on such pedestals and invade so much of their privacy it is mind-boggling. One would hope that he will emerge a stronger actor who will not be type-cast and able to eventually hang in public with his friends at his side. Although I enjoy the Twilight series and he is handsome, I look forward to his next roles and hopefully more music.

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Leave him alone. Has everyone gone mad?
He has a right to his life dispite his ongoing fame.
He’s an artist and if the world wants him to improve as one they will have to give him space to do it.

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Poor Rob! Anyways, Rob, you are destined to be a famous star. You will go a long way. So just relax and enjoy your status. Millions of struggling actors would do anything to have yours, so count yourself still lucky. Just keep your old friends that you can trust, those who were always there even before your fame. Get guidance from your family, you will need it. Yes, fame has big responsibilities attached to it. But you are a smart guy, as you get by, each day, you will realize that you have made wise decisions. Obstacles are normal, you can handle them. Just remember, do not do drugs. Never allow anybody to talk you out into taking this and that pill. Take care of yourself and be grounded and hilarious as you are. You have a gift in the arts… make the most of it by sharing it to other people. They are there who genuinely believes in you, like I do. Take good care of yourself Rob. Hope to get to talk to you soon.

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Poor Robert, I feel so bad for this guy… being some what shy myself I can’t even imagine the way he feels. Their are so many fake ppl in the world that just want to be associated with someone with fame it must be difficult for any person in his situation. Not knowing who you can really trust, then there are your life friends and being a true hearted individual he most likely doesn’t want to cause them any drama in their lives. It must be lonely being Mr. Pattinson right now. Surrounded by a thousand ppl and feeling like your the only one in the world. Sucks. Hopefully after all this Twilight drama he can get back to normal or some version of normal. He can always come to Oklahoma….lol

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I feel sorry for him, the stress of it all must be very difficult. I can barely manage the stress of the day, so I can’t imagine what he must be going through. I hope he gets a long vacation/holiday after filming this.

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“Oh Rob i feel real sorry for you, and i really mean that”. It can’t be easy at all to be in his shoes. Poor dude, i just hope all this hype will blow over one day and he can finally be treated like a normal human being, with the respect and privacy one deserves.

I wish i could meet him and just give him a hug:) no screaming, no fainting, no crying,no pictures just a hug and a smile with a huge “thank you” in return.

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this makes me sad,this poor guy, he is so normal now, how is he spose to stay that way if these stalking crazy fans keep it up? i love him just like the next person but i still believe he deserves to be able to enjoy this time in his life. Please you crazy fans out there stand back and take a look at yourselves and what you must look like to him?? seriously if you looked at the bigger picture youd be embarrassed of what you guys portray…..i hope he learns to cope soon…cause i doubt the selfish little ankle biters wont back off…

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Sounds crazy and frightening. I hope he can enjoy the beauty of Vancouver a little bit.

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His fame is unbelivable!!!! seriously! I do get the whole “paranoid wreck’ thing. I mean , last year at this time, he was almost unknown and today the entire nation, sorry I mean the entire WORLD is mad about him!!! I have never seen someone reach the level of fame he has in such a short period of time…

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I feel real sorry for him, and i really mean that. It can’t be easy at all to be in his shoes. I hope that once all the hype is over with that he can be treated like any other human being with respect and privacy one deserves.

I wish i could meet him and give him a hug. No screaming, no fainting, no crying, no pictures, just a hug and a smile….

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I wish people would atleast give him the space to lead a slightly normal life, he seems like a very nice and humble person, he has the right to his privacy and life. I greatly enjoy his work, but he deserves his space.

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Eventhough I am absolutely in love with the character Robert Pattinson portrays, I would never violate his personal space or privacy. If I were to see a celebrity on the street, I would simply smile and give a nod, respecting their space. What people need to realize is that’s a person, a human being with feelings, concerns, ect. They bring so much to our lives that we need to respect their space; respect their work on screen and respect their lives off screen. They are just as human as the rest of us.

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i love the twilight saga, i’m a big fan of the series. big of of Robert Pattison as Edward Cullen. if you want to know more about his character come to


This kind of news disturbs me to a certain extent. I mean, do you have millions of people bombarding you every time you step out of the door; criticizing every shoe, every piece of clothing you wear and the very way you step when you walk? No… and you shouldn’t, and neither should Robert Pattinson. It makes sense that he stays out of the limelight as much as possible nowadays…

One last thing… I love the way that when Robert Pattinson was in Harry Potter, no one paid much attention to him, but as soon as he was associated with Edward Cullen, he can’t even get a minute to himself. As a huge fan of both Harry Potter and Twilight, I can appreciate his acting skills (acting being the operative word) and the expression in his music, and not just his good looks.

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I think that Rob being cast as Edward Cullen was one of those once in a lifetime movie magic moments. It is a match made in casting heaven. I also like to see Rob out and about and with the people, he is a normal down to earth guy and will be so reliant on people like Sam Bradley and Kristen Stewart to help him make the adjustment, Kristen is a pro at this and is also going through a similar adjustment. They are both level headed intelligent people and they should use their fame wisely and use it to draw attention to other things that do matter in the world.


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I hope Robert Pattinson be a stronge person to take all that the new life is giving him. I hope he can enjoy life and dont let anything change the way he is . The most importan to be a happy person. Best for you Robert.

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Most introverts don’t like the spotlight, yet most introverts are the best artists. I can’t begin to understand him or his emotions as I can only read what the tabloids writes. I hope his true friends can support him and I hope his fans can give him or anyone for that matter the space he needs. Even the most extroverted people need alone time, to take a stroll in the sunlight and be alone with ones self.


i like the vibe in this room about him. I don’t know him, but I also looked up “How to be” with him, in his real accent and it reminds me a guy i knew in San Diego. Chokin’ on the dust sounds like i’d like to check out the soundtrack. It amazes me how blessed we all are, and him as well to have such a prism of talents…modelling and looks certainly, but his personality seems cool and real, and i bet he likes just sitting at a pub nearby. I guess if we looked around we have hidden robert pattinsons all around us, all we have to do is look and listen. The music is heartened as well, like real soul. Have a great day everyone with peace. Cam


Robert Pattinson was phenomenal in his portrayal of Edward Cullen, but he’s not Edward…To me, that’s the problem. We get so caught up in who he portrayed that we forget that he’s an actor, playing a part. We so want to connect with this gorgeous character (Edward), who is devoted and adoring and constant, that we hound the actor who plays him.

My advice would be to pull a Johnny Depp and spend your time in Europe someplace where the mania won’t make you crazy.

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I hope he hangs in there. He is a very promising actor. Not only do I enjoy his acting, I also enjoy his music and sense of humor!

People, leave him alone and let him do his work! Do people chase after bankers and secretaries, screaming at them and taking pictures of them? No! Stop being ridiculous!

Rob, if you read this: keep up the great work! Don’t let all this get you down. There are lots of normal people out here who enjoy your craft. :-)

Besides, when my own novel goes to film, I hope to cast you in a leading role! :-)


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I hope Rob is able to seek and maintain a healthy way to cope with the constant pressure, intrusion, and mobbings of the media and his fans as well as the ugly comments of jealous soul-suckers. I have noticed in recent photos that his handsome smiling face and eyes have become tense and guarded. I’m sure his friends and family know he needs them and are willing to be there for him no matter what. Stay strong, Rob. Please stay the playful, wonderful, unaffected, and inspiring man that you are. I love your interviews. You are so expressive and endearing that you captivate people.


I think its ridiculous the way people end up feeling sorry for these actors who fuss over their fame. For one, this is their chosen career. They could’ve been anything, that would have allowed a more unrestrained lifestyle. It was his choice.
In my personal opinion, an actor is really just a person who is good at pretending to be somebody else. Those who really deserve to make millions, and have their face in magazines are those who make a REAL difference like those who save lives, or make discoveries. They should be the names everyone remembers, not someone who is good at playing Edward Cullen. Really ladies, there are other actors who could have wowed us with the charm of the desirable, perfect Edward Cullen. Just a thought, when one, you feel sorry for him, and two, when you waste your time drooling over him, (because im fairly certain for the most part is is as a result of his character)

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We have read all four books, bought the first movie and look forward to the others…You are a great actor! The northern girls of Michigan are watching you! Where have you been hiding?

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I’m a mom in my thirties who became a Twilight fan through my teen daughter. AS a mom, I feel for Rob. I bet he would love for his fans to let him feel safe and have some peace and quiet.


He’s an actor, NOT the vampire. Just like Captain Jack Sparrow….LET IT GO! I’ll be glad when his movie Little Ashes comes out where he plays a homesexual and does sex scenes with men! Maybe THEN will you lonely hearts let him live and grow away from being typecasted. Besides, when Taylor Lautner steps out of the shadows in New Moon…mmmmmm yummy. I bet we will all have a new fantasy. HA! HA!

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i agree people should not be chasing him around like crazys.he is such a sweetheart with such a cute little personality.i absoluty adore him his work his music and of corse how hot he is lol

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You can pull this off, Robert. Your friends and family are there for you.

Kick your shoes off, grab your guitar and play a song you haven’t quite finished yet.

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I was pleased to read the comments made by people about Rob. It restores my faith in humankind. If you read this Rob, please remember that you are being appreciated not only because you are blessed with good looks but because of what you bring to your portrayal of Edward Cullen. Simply put, you nailed the character showing his strength and his vulnerability. You captured Edward’s human side which makes him so likeableand you portray him with class and dignity. I hope you have a long and interesting career in films, music or whatever you choose and I look forward to watching you grow. Be good.

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LEAVE HIM ALONE! He’s so hot. Just let him be and enjoy the fame. These crazy people are ruining the fun. Let Edward be! I luv him <3

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People going into the entertainment industry must be aware of what will happen if they are successful. Certainly in Robert Pattinson’s case, it has been almost an ‘overnight’ change from regular guy to papparazi target. He seems quite level headed and hopefully he will weather this change. I think he has quite a long career ahead of him.

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I love the comments here! Rob – keep up the good work. You are beautiful and very talented. Please don’t change and stay the playfull, funny, goofy good person that you seem to be in your interviews. Love yah!

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Hmmm.I hope his mental health improves some what…it’s not fun being a paranoid wreak. I really hope he can get used to his new life and accept the changes. He’s super talented and I hope Rob doesn’t stop acting. Can’t wait to see his movie How To Be, and I’d be lying if I said I don’t watch Twilight every night, but that’s because I’m a fan of the books…really obsessive-type of fan. D:

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“You know I FELL SORRY for him cause he Is only HUMAN and he can’t do nothing with out PEOPLE takin PICS and SCREAMING at him.” I love Twilight tooo If I saw him on the street I would not asking him NOTHING It would be just like any other person.

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Hey Rob, I am so sorry you are going through all this.You are so talented at what you do, its expected to happen sooner or later. I really hope you get some peace and quiet soon. Stay just the way you are!

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This is why i’m glad he’s able to go home to London while he’s on break from filming. People don’t seem to bother him near as much there as they do in the US & Canada. I hope he can take some time off when he’s done filming New Moon. He’ll will need some nice relaxation before going back in August to film Eclipse.

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Mr Pattinson, Helpful tips. Secret passwords or names for you and your close mates. Change them often , especially for a new hotel or location. Use your alias for room service/phonecalls. Have two mobile phones and computers. Useful to have your own driver 24/7 for each country you’re in, build up a loyal relationship.
Sounds like you have no girl/man Friday , a special PA. Get one quick because the media industry vampire is devouring you ! If you want acting , music and a life,make
your own plan. Don’t rely totally on managemeant , they just handle ‘the product’.
Don’t make yourself so available always, fans will appreciate you more for your apparent rarity. Find your own hideaway , a sanctuary. Become involved in a good cause or charity as you have immense media power right now. You are making $$$$ for lots of people who should be helping you deal with all this , start demanding!

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Mr Pattinson ,
PS . Get the film costume department to give you a disguise , some type of clothing
you would not normally wear. Just think about it, it’s fun to do ! And I know this works
because I’ve arranged this many times for “certain ” people !

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It would be nice if all the fans would get a grip. Let them make the movie so we can all enjoy it by November!

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I believe this young man has a good support system: parents, siblings, manager, to pay attention to him. I can still remember the loss of River Phoenix. He got fame hard and fast like this kid and similarly appeared uncomfortable by the intrusion. I hope he can keep his bearings, or he better find a new career. Hollywood is NOT for the shy and introverted. I wish him luck navigating the waters.

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I am so glad the comments here are all so positive and intuitive. It’s been quite awhile since I’ve seen anything like it. Right now Mr. Pattinson seems to be handling his new found fame with great finesse and maturity and that is also very nice to see in one so young. Everyone forgets how young all these actors are and the stress that they are under. It’s a nice change from seeing young people who have all the opportunities in the world and just wasting them. This young man’s career is just starting to take off and seems to be going in the right direction with great roles coming his way. The masses should just let him live his life and enjoy any successes that he will have.

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I don’t normally write letters about actors but I feel compelled to comment on Rob Pattinson. My friend dragged me to see Twilight and I was entertained and saw something in Rob that impressed me. He alone took the film from being a “teen” vehicle to one of depth. I bought and read all the books after that to better know the back story. I’ve seen interviews with him and again am impressed with how down to earth he is.
Living in a goldfish bowl can’t be fun and games but,it comes with the lifestyle he’s in now. How fortunate he is to command the scripts he’s going to be offered, not to mention the compensation. My advice is to relax and go with the flow. You’re only young once and it’s fleeting. How nice to have so much going for you via music and acting. Cheers to you Rob!


It has be extremely stressful to be constantly under scrutiny, and the personal attacks and unforgivable speculation about his personal life are appalling. Mr. Pattinson seems like a decent and down-to-earth individual who will hopefully be able to keep all this nonsense in perspective. It is just unfortunate that this is the price he has to pay for wanting to excel at his craft as an actor.

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Hey Rob, I wish you the best in your acting journey. Your music is awesome…I’m sure you find refuge in it. Seek wisdom from within yourself to guide you with your friendship’s and I’m sure you’ll find the peace of mind you are so entitled to. Don’t let the acting change you…You change the acting :)

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I think fans need to stop acting like stalking psycho-maniacs! We all want to see him succeed, do well and hopefully stay in the industry of acting and/or music. But, other than the millions of dollars he’s making, why on earth would he want to continue a career that makes him not even able to function? I think his ‘psycho’ fans are scaring him away and could be hurting his ability to function artistically which would be, in the end, a detriment to fans themselves. Leave the guy alone! If you are a fan and reading this, buy his stuff…DON’T STALK HIM!!!

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First off I feel weird leaving a comment for someone who is probley not gonna read it but here it goes. First off, Rob be more assertive. If someone asks you something that your not comfy with tell them you dont comment on your personal life. Its easy to tell when you dont really wanna answer a question. You play with your hair(so do i when i’m nervous). I’m sure it seems like the more you give the more they will take. Its ok not to give everything. I’m sure your fans will understand. Your a great actor and gave life to the Edward charactor. Keep it up..

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Wow…..! I’m new to ‘Google-ing’ anybody other than myself (ha,ha). The intensity of the fans and paparazzi(I have no clue how to spell this) following Rob Pattinson is making me feel guilty for giving in to my urge! I’m a huge fan of the books-lost serious amounts of sleep reading them. When I saw the movie, I had never heard of Rob Pattinson. This was perfect casting! I can hardly wait for the other movies. After seeing some interviews with Rob, I told my friends “I think I love this man!” – Sorry-this includes the footage I’ve seen on the internet(I feel strangely dirty). I’m so impressed with what I’ve seen and heard, and of course, like every other fan of his, It would make me immensely happy to meet him for an hour or a day.. ;) Not realistic to put this on a bucket list, but maybe I could make this my last wish if I’m diagnosed with a terminal illness!? Ya, I know. I guess I’ll have to settle for being happy just knowing that he exists. :) Please stay safe Rob, if you’re reading this, and keep a paper bag handy for the hyperventilating.

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I feel for Mr. Pattinson and the other cast members of the Twilight Saga. I love the books as much as the next person and cannot wait for the new movie, but I can’t believe this obsession people have. There are hundreds of news articles daily about these young stars. It seems a little intrusive at times. The constant speculation over who is dating who is a little much. I hope for the sakes of all the cast members that this mania dies down soon so they are able to lead some type of a normal life. I couldn’t imagine having people in my face continously competing for my attention. It must be completely overwhelming. I wish all the cast the best of luck in all that they do and I hope they are able to achieve some normalcy in their lives soon.

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Robert Pattinson is such a brilliant actor, so involved in his chracters that he plays, being able to portray them with excellance. His acting ability goes way beyond playing Edward Cullan, although I don’t think they could have cast a more perfect fit. I’m so sick of reading about him only being in Harry Potter or Twilight, he’s done other films. I’ve been lucky enough to see The Haunted Airman and fell in love with Rob’s protrayal of Toby Jugg. These so called fans need to back off, give the guy some room to breathe, I would hate to see him totally disappear, be driven into hiding. We need someone of his talent to entertain us and in turn we need to show the guy some respect, enjoy his work, but repect above all.

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He needs to talk with someone older who’s gone through this? Someone who managed to make it through without becoming a drug addicted loser…a mentor who could offer a little advice…it would just be hard to keep your wits about you with all the excess…

he’s miles ahead of a number of successful young people since he does appear to have a supportive family…..he’s just really likable makes you want the best for him.

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Wow Rob! You have some great advise here from fans who really care about you, my favorite was from Dianna! Hang in there, this too shall pass, just ask Leo!

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I don’t know if I feel sorry for Rob or just want to do something to help him. He seems like a geniune person and a nice guy and it is too bad that things have gotten out of hand. I hope he understands that there are people that support him and want him to succeed in any endeavor. I hope he finds peace and is able to enjoy his successes.

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I feel bad for him as well, but its part of being famous. Part of being a star. Part of being as hot as he is & people’s obsession with the character he portrays in Twilight. Sadly, its something hes going to HAVE to get used to if he chooses to stay in the business.

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I feel bad for him, the guy just wants some privacy and he can never get it. If he is with a friend then their life becomes involved in the media. he has so much talent but he needs to be left alone. stop following him daily, poor guy

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he just need some space, i feel so bad for him. i think he is real sincere and cant even have friends because then they will come media attention too. it sucks.he cant go anywhere without some crazy person following him. it has to suck, he just wants some piece

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Man i feel so bad. . paparatzzi need to give him a break. . he has to stay cooped up and if someone wants to see him he has to go and get them and go back to his place. . thats sucky. . . :( i feel so bad. .its just like with zac efron. . he had some earwax so the papz threw q-tips at him. . thats so embarassing. . hes a star who is very busy and probobly doesnt have time to worry about small things like that. . . .


Mr Pattinson, another helpful hint, in this “idle hour” before wrap on a night shoot here in London , we know how you are feeling! Choose a PA carefully. Someone with music savvy as well as film. This is going to be important to you later .So many people are interested in you. A PA can shield you, your family and mates, but organise how you need things to be. Get the pressure off and enjoy!
Just ask Leo?

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Hi Rob not sure you’ll ever see this but I’ll comment just in case. I know you must be feeling home sick ,been there, I moved to Canada from Scotland at the age of 10 and for 2 years all I wanted was to go home and see my grannie :( Although it won’t replace home maybe you could try to find an English pub here in the lowermainland somewhere, have a pint, some fish n chips watch a game listen to some music (maybe have a sing a long) A little security will help..make some rules for a night like no pics no fan interviews … you have so many opportunities now and reaching out for some advice from others is not a sign of weakness it will simply make this change easier for you…I’ll bet you could contact Jack Nickelson, have a chat make a new friend. I have to say it, you are an exceptional actor and have many many more roles coming your way!! Enjoy yourself , you’ve earned it. Love from an admirer (btw I’m not a teen I’m a grandmother) :))))

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Mr Pattinson,
Another helpful hint, in this ” idle hour” before a night shoot wrap here in London. So yes,we know how you are feeling! Choose a PA carefully. Someone with music savvy as
well as film. This will be important to you later. So many people are interested in you.
A PA can shield you, your family and mates from the mayhem, but still organise how you need things to be. Take the pressure off and enjoy!
Just ask Leo?

Posted by Dianna | Report as abusive

Hi there everyone…I have followed these events as they have transpired in Rob’s life. I must say i really enjoy his interviews..mostly because he makes me laugh and because I see a man who is somewhat vulnerable. Please Rob..if your reading this by some crazy chance..don’t let all the hype get to you. Remember who you are and what you stand for(from what I have seen it’s good *grin*) and always be honest and kind. You are walking into some shark infested waters, but keep your armor and you will be ok..I know you love to sing and write…I would use these events in your life to inspire you. I know you have a lot of time alone in your hotel rooms. I sometimes wish I had that freedom of being alone to write myself, but I am always pulled away to meet the needs of others..well…good luck Rob…you are in my prayers. signed *A.O.G*

Posted by Amy | Report as abusive


I’ve been worried about you for a while. I hope you are surrounding yourself with really true and good friends. Please be nice to yourself and play your music, eat well, and relax. Many of the comments before mine seem like such good advice. Keep in touch with your parents and sisters and remember where you came from and what you really believe about life and the world. Bless you.

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Well, if Rob does stumble upon these comments, I hope he looks at Chrystal’s; April 23rd, 2009
3:20 am GMT
I couldn’t agree with her more. It’s a great virtue to be a nice and honest person like yourself but, in your business you need to draw the line at a certain point or like Chrystal said, the more you give the more they’ll take. It really seems like some of these interviewer’s are taking advantage of his honesty by asking questions that are really nobody’s business.

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I think it’s absolutly retarded how his fans are acting.
I think Mr.Pattinson is very talented…as well as handsome. But not to the point….. to stalk him. or idk just be insaine. like earlier today a pop up came on my computer and it was some girl saying she loves Edward Cullen…. who .. as we all know is a character in a book. and she had a fucking Robert Pattinson shirt on and said “if he played a zombie in a movie, i’d want him to eat me..” see things like that…ppl like that need to be put in a padded room with no windows or sharp objects as they might try to carve Mr.Pattinsons name in their legs. PPl are retarded. Give the dude his space he doesn’t want to marry you 13 year old girls having seizures over his picture in a magazine.. chill out.

And Robert…. most doubtfully you won’t read this comment, but if you do. Know that there are those fans.. I being one, who thinks your great. and not to give up and hide from these people just be you, and ignore it, i know it’s hard to but… you were you before any of this, and you can still be you in the end. just hold onto your sanity, your family, your friends and your life raft… the more you ignore these problems, the more people are going to continue to make things up and talk shit about you… Just pray for strength and patience tell God…”i can’t help that i’m awesome…you made me this way”… haha but seriously.. don’t change you’re very talented and you seem to have a good head on your shoulders… keep your chin up Mr.Pattinson.. you’ve got a long road ahead…

<3 Sarah bertke

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Robert.. you’re an amazing actor and singer, don’t let these crazy girls drag you down.. continue to be you and keep on rockin our T.v screens and the stage.
<3 sarah


I hate reading books and I never read Twilight. I saw the movie and was just in love with the soundtracks and how they perfectly fit them into the mood of the film. Edward was okay…. i never really like hype movies, i prefer realistic edgy ones. I then googled the soundtracks and heard a song that Rob sang. Then, I fell in love with his soulful voice.

Just like looking at Van Goghs painting from beginning to end, you can tell how he lived his life. With Rob’s voice, you can tell how poetic and deep this person is. I saw him in How to Be which I like more. His acting was flawless. Very good actor. Then I saw his interviews at youtube. Then I realized this guy is really fascinating….very smart and hilarious.

Even if you try thinking, you cannot compare him to any actor from the past to present. He is more charming, hilarious and down to earth than George Clooney. He is more edgy and cool than Johnny Depp. He is more muscially talented than Keanu and Johnny combined (who have bands). He is a better actor than Leo at his age.
He is all that and more….

Rob is an old soul, destined for fame. He is smart and he is wise enough to handle this big responsibility as he grows older.

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Rob, being the center of media and fan attention is part and parcel of fame. Acting and music are the best things you love to do, so just embrace and accept everything. Be happy that you have achieved this status that only millions of struggling actors around the world dream of.

Just hold on tight to your family and to your old friends who have been there for you even before you got famous. You need them to keep you sane and grounded, and to help you move forward.

Good luck Rob and I genuinely believe in your astonishing talent. Use it wisely. Take care!

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hey rob if u cum upon this comments which you won’t yaya…!i know how you feel cuz everyday i go on the computer and i type ur name a whole lot nonsence come up im sorry i look at them cuz its just so addictive u know. here is some advice dont share ur life problems with people you don’t trust you never know they might be from some kind of magazine pretending to be your friend or wat soever really. Um I wish you the best in ur accting work. ur pretty good espeacialy edward cullen mmmmmmmh….luv him

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I think it’s awful the extent to which fans encroach on a celebrities personal space. Yes, we all appreciate these artists and they wouldn’t be where they are without their fans, but I also think we need to take a step back and look at how ridiculous some of our behaviour is. And quite honestly, are the adoring fans stalking Rob doing so in appreciation of his work, or simply because they like the way he looks. I think Rob has huge potential, and can’t wait to see where his career takes him… if he doesn’t get scared off!!!

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My advice (if it’s worth anything) – be cautious of who you trust and be true to who you are now – don’t change a bit! It’s a shame but much needed right now at this point in your career to go through this. Keep your chin up babes, it WILL get better, ask around – you will gain more respect as time goes on …and after the Twilight saga I think the tweens will back off at least a bit.
Your genuine love for what you do with bring you through and your friends that are your true friends will love you and stick with you through these times. Life is GOOD…ENJOY every angle of it! Embrace who you are – a gifted guy who happens to be “cursed” with good looks!! :)

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He’ll be okay. Obviously it’s a lot to take on all of the sudden, but he’ll learn to master this craft and all it’s accessories. It’s quite evidentiary that they are going to try to make the movie less cheesier, than let’s say the meadow scene from the last movie. I think they will put more action and element into New Moon. This is my favorite book, though Bella is a wreck and weaker than ever. I hope they don’t make her too pathetic as well. My hope and prayers go out to the New Moon cast, especially to Kristen and Robert.

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I find it unfortunate that a person can’t have a mix of friends without feeling awful, to an extent. I would only hope that true friends would stick by you no matter what your life brings you (the good and the bad). I lived in 12 states throughout the US by the time I was 16 and true friends who stay with you while your life goes in a differnet direction than theirs are the ones who count.

A PR specialist doesn’t hurt. Everyone deserves some privacy in their life.

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It’s amazing how sympathetic Robert Pattinson fans are.
We seem to empathize with his discomfort and keep trying to help. Also letting him know we support him.

This is the price of fame, I hope he’s up to it. The states is the worst for paparazzi. He’ll have to do like
Johnny Depp stay away to have a life outside Hollywood. So he can have his friends and his family with some sense
of privacy.

I am simply adore him.xxoo

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Rob, you have become such a phenomenon to so many people. It is just like Leo Dicaprio. He was an “over night” success even though he had done many great films and the fans almost swallowed him up. He was photographed every where and he lost a lot of his privacy. He did have a great family that supported him and gave him balance. He found other things in life that made him happy and he found he could use his celebrity to help his cause, saving the earth. It seems you have a good family and obviously they raised you right. You have lots of interests and talents that can keep you grounded. Leo learned how to get his privacy back and so can you. The other writers are right. You don’t have to speak to anyone or sign things or have your photo taken especially when you are out with your friends or eating in a restaurant. You don’t owe any one anything. We are fans of yours, you made Edward come to life for us and we discovered what a great actor you are and musician. We fell in love with you. But we don’t want you to lose yourself. Be cool and be happy. We will always support you. AND if you ever want to get away, come to Spiritwind Farm in Lebanon, Maine. I promise you it will be private and you will have a blast.

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I know this new life for him is hard but in all fairness he could give it all up and walk away. He should know that is life was never going to be the same. I do feel sorry for him because life would be hard to live the way he is living it, but in all fairness this is a life he picked. I think he is talented in all aspects of the word. I would much rather him be playing the piano or making music. That talent should never go to waste. It is so much more real. Well Robert I hope things get better for you and I hope the world will let you live your life but don’t count on that for some time.

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Rob…you play the part of Edward Cullin perfect, I appreciate this fact especially after reading the partial draft of Midnight Sun on Stephanie’s website, you nailed it. Edward Cullin is one role out of many that will come your way. Best of luck on this career you have embarked on. You need to protect yourself some…some things are just private, whether you are a star or just an ordinary person. Just because people are rude enough to ask the questions, doesn’t mean you are rude if you don’t answer them. You can very kindly state that you don’t want to talk about something, it will have no reflection on you as an actor or as a person. You have got to take care of yourself and self-preserve.
You are not the property of the public and though being a successful actor brings all of this attention with it, the only thing you owe your fans is doing your best in the roles that you play. This is your life, not ours.
Looking forward to New Moon, which is my favorite book because when Edward comes back we know he won’t ever leave again…there may be a lot of Jacob in this, but to me it is still about Edward and I believe the intensity with he and Bella is best in this book.

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I’ve found it odd from the very start of this media blitz on rob pattinson/edward cullen, that the poor kid doesn’t seem to have “handlers” or whatever you would call them in the business. I would think that given the popularity of the Twilight books and the target audience (Edward-mad tweenagers), the press/public reaction could have been anticipated. Consequently, I would expect that poor Rob Pattinson would have had someone in place to handle the ensuing craziness. But from everything I’ve read, and from his own comments, he seems to be out there on his own. How could the studio, and his agent(s), have let this happen? From what I’ve seen of him in Twilight and from few interviews I’ve read, he seems to have some desire (and potential) to develop into a good actor, not just a pop idol, and it would be a real shame if this unhandled media circus discourages him from pursuing his talent.

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I just finished reading the Twilight series and have been reading up on the cast. As far as Robert is concerned, I am noticing that he is a private person. What attracts my attention to Rob is the hidden message that seems to lie behind his eyes. I think that he is begining to notice that the grass is greener on the other side, until you get there and realize that the dog has shit on the lawn.. Give the poor guy his peace.

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From interviews, Robert reminds me of my best guy friend. He has all of the endearing qualities I love about C and even though I have never heard his ideas about philosophy, life, etc. I am sure they are profound. He seems reflective, understanding and honest (however painful it may be), someone who has thought about why he is here and what he needs to do and this oozes out of his every pore.

Robert needs a good PR person. He should, when he has time, blog/vlog. That is what his fans want. They want to communicate with him (I read someone actually give up an anniversary celebration to seek him out in Canada) And what does seeing him do, but leave one wanting more? There can be no exclusive day long conversation with him. There are many famous musicians and writers that do this and it satiates the desire for fans to commune with them. John Mayer and Paulo Coelho are two that come to mind, they journal, post videos and ask for fan feedback. Sometimes at the artists request fans are actually allowed to post pics and vids that can be seen on the artists site, which is so much cooler than an unauthorized site. I am sure it can be overwhelming but with the right guidance he will make it through.

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I watch Twilight daily and love to see Rob. However, he is NOT EDWARD!! He is a man who puts his pants on one leg at a time like we all do!

I have 2 boys and if fame ever happened to one of them,my advice would be to stay as close with family as possible. They will keep you grounded and they are the ONLY ones who have your best interest at heart! Your mom will never sell you out! And always keep that goofy sense of humor!!!!!!!!!!!

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Ive been backing pattison since he played cedric!!!

To me it isnt overnight, just lovely gradual steps. Have you seen him in the haunted airman??? Nicely done, although the whole movie was slightly arty for me!!

Despite it looking like steps to me, i can understand how the whole hollywoodesque eruption would be quite daunting. One day you can walk down the street, being recognised, but not hoarded. The next, i bet he cant even by a sandwich without having 5 angry paps following him. I do envy those men though, following him around all day…mmm… xxo

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this is just so ridiculous!
I’ve read [although I'm unsure of its accuracy]
that the twilight set had to actually be “staged” [or, in other words, FAKED] at some points; so that the stars would have some privacy when filming–since many obsessed fans wouldn’t LEAVE THEM THE HELL ALONE!
PRIVACY people.
remember–vampires and werewolves don’t exist!

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Robert seems untainted by fame which is a quality I wish more actors have. Its refreshing and real, he plays an outstanding Edward and many other roles. I hope soon his looks will not be so played up in media, his skill is being twarted by it which is the true tragedy. Let him act girls, focus on the boys your age. I’m 27 and while I think he is handsome I think its unrealistic to swoon over someone at such a young age, it makes us girls look ridiculous. Even more so it sets up false expectation for girls in love, none of them know Robert or his problems. Not everything is magical. I wish Robert great peace and hope he still chooses roles that exemplify his talent….Best to you Robert.

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Hey Robert, I`m also suffering from a bit of paranoia…just that mine proves itself every day^^. Anyway, don`t let it develop to panic, don`t let yourself be stamped on and please in case shoot back. It would really be a great loss if the outside world could not appreciate your incerdible talent!
Good luck + keep your head up

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Get the Boy some anti-anxiety medicine!! It would help him to cope with life and all the unexpected happenings associated with it.
It’s quite obvious you are not quite comfortable being a celebrity and having to deal with the chaos that comes with it. Which is perfectly understandable. Please consider asking your doctor. I truly believe it would help you to be able to enjoy your fame and celebrity so much more. It breaks my heart to see you struggle. You should be embracing this time of your life and taking advantage of all that it offers. I’m concerned that you will retreat from the public and your fans will lose you to obscurity. You have such God given talents that it would truly be a travisty if that should happen not to mention the loss your fans would experience.

Rob, you have an effect on people as an actor, musician and person that is unprecedented. It’s a natural charisma and charm and you are going to be in the attention of the world for a long time. Wouldn’t it be better to be able to enjoy it and embrace it instead of dread or fear it? Please continue to take care of yourself and make decisions that are best for you.
Your fans really do have affection for you and want the best for you for a long and happy career and life.

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man robert, all i can say is, enjoy it while it lasts. there are millions and millions of ppl who would love to walk in your shoes. be blessed and be a blessing. i get the whole paranoia thing. it all comes from deep rooted insecurties, that u, or someone else put in ur mind. dont let that stop u. it may take some time, it comes with age, but u will get to a point in ur life, where u will be free from that little voice in ur head, and not care what the world thinks of u and be fearless. ive seen u sing (on youtube) play guitar and piano, and u r amazing. u have real talent. and i would hate for it to be wasted on ur own insecurities. u r talented and gorgeous. keep god, ur mother, and true friends first, and i think u will be ok…mmmmk pumpkin…peace

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Rob Pattinson’s career arc reminds me of the young Elvis Presley when he first took the world by storm in the mid 50s. This young man is incredibly talented, funny, smart and creative. It is a good thing that he seems to be very aware of his own internal processes and feelings…with awareness comes real choices and response-ability. Rob, this is your life and this current phenomenal response to you and your appeal is a huge gift if you will it to. Keep those you love and who love you close and informed. In many ways, your life is no longer just your own now. Fame is a double-edged sword. Grab it and make the world a better place for you having been in it. Keep the faith and focus. Best wishes.

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Sorry that you do your job so well, that you still have to face crazy fans that won’t allow you your privacy!!!!

That would scare me as well.
I thought i wanted to be popular, but i changed my mind.

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I am a fan of the Twilight saga and I understand that Rob isn’t Edward. I love Rob just the way he is and I hope he stays like that and that fame doesn’t go to his head. Stay true to yourself Rob and hopefully you will get some privacy soon. :D

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I am such a huge fan of Robert Pattinson and really admire him for the way he’s dealt with this crazy newfound fame. Not only is he beautiful, but he is so humble and kind in the way he deals with his fans (who can be totally crazy at times!!). I feel for him because I can’t imagine how tough that must be to be bombarded from all sides ALL the time!! People can’t seem to separate that just because he plays Edward Cullen doesn’t mean he IS Edward Cullen…poor guy! Rob, I hope everyone gives you a break so you can actually enjoy leaving your house!! I wish you nothing but the best!

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What a trip! It must be so unreal to be suddenly insanely famous. Hope everything works out for him.

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I don’t know what its like, however, you have touched the hearts of,sorry, but millions, young and older, like myself. We all just want to be able to meet and see YOU in person. “You’re a very handsome, adorable, humble, shy, kind and sweet person. PLEASE, keep it real and enjoy your life. Keep your family and friends close and find comfort in those that only want the best for you. Remember not everyone wants to make your life uncomfortable, I am one of many that would love an opportunity to just say hi, that’s all…..

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Rob Pattinson is an absolutely exceptional actor..but I think his true talent is his music. If you haven’t heard any of it, I would highly reccommend it to you. His voice is pure and amazing. Check out I was Broken and I’ll be your lover, too. It will not be a let down.

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I agree it would be difficult to have crazy fans watching your every move. I am a huge fan of Rob’s but more so his music (I do like Twilight though.) The attention with feel for natural with time. You’ve become a magnet for teen girls!!! Good Luck!!

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I absolutely LOVE Rob Pattinson! I’ve loved him since HP! I just think that now in the Twilight saga alot of fame has come with playing Edward Cullen! I just hope he hangs in and no matter what im always gonna be a HUGE, OBSESSED teen about Rob! Hang in there!:]

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I can’t even begin to imagine what it feels like for you rob, to all of a sudden become this huge idol for so many people. I’m sure it’s amazingly overwhelming.I love the twilight saga, although I didn’t actually read the books until after I saw the movie. So I couldn’t help but picture all of the actors in the movie as the actual characters. The way you and Kristen portrayed Edward and Bella had a huge effect on those characters for me. So truly to me, you made Edwards character that much more enjoyable to me. Great job and good luck on the next film. I’m looking very forward to it.

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Stay grounded, Rob. Keep loyal and old friends around you and listen to your family’s advice. You can also set parameters for what journalists can ask you about. Many actors make questions about their personal lives verboten. Stay away from California – especially Hollywood. Love your work. Pursue your music, too – don’t make acting your whole life.

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Once upon a time, I was under the public spot light and it was mentally and physically exhausting – to the point where I would feel like passing out. The constant demands are beyond your control and the media is thrown in your face 24/7. Everything is under scrutiny. I understand Rob completely and know his fame will continue because he’s such a warm and caring person. I wish him the very best – because it’s his “turn” and he deserves all the wonderful things that come with it.

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I feel bad for Robert sometimes. I don’t think he expected to be like this. I hope you can have some privacy soon Rob. That would just suck if I have to be stuck in a hotel and being worried about the paps all the time. And if he does go out, he’s mobbed. I’ve seen some of the fans, they can be very aggressive. And I think Rob is too polite to turn anyone down.

He’s a wonderful actor, I like how he portrayed Edward, kind of like tortured soul and manic-depressive. :-) I love his music too, I wish I can hear more of it. Wish he would come out with an album but I imagine that would be too much for him to do right now.

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Hey Robert, just remember that this too, shall pass. Enjoy it for what it is. Just try not to lose yourself in it. I think you are funny, intelligent, witty, urbane, extremely talented (love your music)and beautiful. You’ve been gifted with that certain something, the “it” factor, a certain je ne sais quoi. Yes, we love Edward Cullen and I cannot think of anybody else who could have played him better. Casting you for that part was brilliant. Absolutely brilliant. But you know what, I am also looking forward to seeing How to Be and Little Ashes and whatever else you do in the future. I hope you will get your chance to work with your hero Jack Nicholson. You’re only 22 but you seem much more mature — which is why I think women of all ages love you. You’re the whole package …

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You gain strength, courage and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face. You are able to say to yourself, ‘I have lived through this horror. I can take the next thing that comes along.’ You must do the thing you think you cannot do. ~ Eleanor Roosevelt

When you step out of your comfort zone, you grow…
Oh Yea…Robert, I’m the one you dreamt of last night ;)

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Wow, don’t want to write a book. Just wanted to say hang in there. I have a few famous friends and the first couple of years are hard, but believe or not, you will start to adapt. Just concentrate on the art and ignore the rest. Continue to chase your dream. :)

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I feel kind of sorry for Robert Pattinson. I mean yes he is in the show biz but for him not to be able to escape and just be himself and hang out with his friends has got to be rough. I just hope that he can find his way through all the craziness and be at peace with the path that his life is so obviously on. AMAZING…It would be great to hear him play his music live, his acting is one of a kind but that voice is even better!!

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Rob you are one of the kind in one-hundred-year time. Definitely talented…Like it was said: When you step out of your comfort zone, you grow… When you look back, everything becomes history.The most important thing in the life is to be the one you would like to be and You have the control of your life. I wish you the very best.

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I think Robert Pattison is Hot as Brad Pitt ever was.
Difference in time but the same story something about the vampire. I’m certain he’s going to be a super star…

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Geezzz we keep getting these updates about New Moon and we know Edward leaves Bella but in the book he comes back..I really hope they follow the story line from the book and especially stick by chapters 22 to the end of the book. They must know it’s the love story between them that captured our hearts–I’ve been listening to the audio books and OMG it’s absolutely awesome!! Rob Pattinson is the reason for Twilight’s success in the movie version I sincerely hope the directors don’t mess it up! If they really want to make huge amounts of money then they best keep focused on Rob Pattinson! :)))

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