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Who is bound for the “Idol” finale?

April 23, 2009

rounds1Lil Rounds and Anoop Desai sang their swan songs Wednesday night on “American Idol,” meaning the singing competition lost its two most uniquely named contestants in one fell swoop.

Nostalgia for “Little” and “Anoop Dogg” aside, their joint offing was hardly unexpected. Lil, a 23-year-old mother of three from Memphis, struggled to gain the judges’ respect through most of her time in the show’s Top 13. Desai, a 21-year-old from Chapel Hill, North Carolina, meanwhile, was among the show’s Bottom Three vote-getters for four straight weeks.

Now, the show is down to five singers, and the big question is which two will make it to the season finale. Adam Lambert has emerged as the frontrunner, but who could challenge him?

Allison Iraheta‘s chances appear slim, after having thrice landed in the Bottom Three, including this week. She is also by far the show’s youngest contestant, at just 16. But could Allison benefit from being the only woman left standing?

anoopMatt Giraud also seems unlikely to make it, having been eliminated from the show twice already by viewers (and each time saved by the judges) — once in the Top 36, and once last week. The fact that he is still around, however, means he must have something going for him. He could prove to have nine lives, after all.

Kris Allen, the show’s “pretty boy” contestant, is a big hit with women viewers. The guitar-strumming Arkansan’s performances, however, have also won huge praise from the judges nearly every week. To use an “Idol” word, he could be among the most “commercial” of the remaining contestants.

Danny Gokey, like Lambert, has been a frontrunner since his first “Idol” audition in Kansas City. The widower and church choir director, whose personal story has pulled at viewers’ heartstrings, is also considered among the best vocalists left in the competition.

And far be it for us to assume that Lambert is a shoo-in for the finale, an outcome predicted by judge Paula Abdul this week. Some of his performances were deemed too over-the-top, at least by judge Simon Cowell. Could the viewers agree?


I think Adam has won already. Some of his performances have been over the top. That is why he will be the next Idol. The others do not even come close. His talent is infinite and he can take it wherever he wants to go. Adam is in my prayers though. He has a lot of jealous and haters out there. In some ways just like our President Obama. Some may be unkind and try to kick him down. I think he is a strong person and seems true to himself. That is what will save him from being eaten alive by the big money vultures out there. Keep making good choices Adam. Remember to stay true to yourself!

Posted by Patti | Report as abusive

Kris Allen is my favorite and I am not a female viewer. Kris was the early Underdog and because of his hard work he has made himself one of the front runners on the show because of his work ethic and by being smart.

Kris deserves the praise since he has been consistently good almost every week. Unlike some of the other contestants Kris has only had one so-so performance when he sang “All she wants to do is dance”. Form his second performance Kris pulled out the guitar and started off showing that not could he sing but he was a musician. Then two weeks later after singing a ballad Kris played the keyboards and sang one of the best songs this season when he did “Ain’t no sunshine”. Then just last week during Movie week Kris was the only contestant to sing an obscure song that was not known to many people and not an old standard when he sang the touching “Falling Slowly”.

So Kris Allen is not just a “pretty boy” but he is also a great singer and musician who can arrange songs and write music.

My top would be Kris, Adam and Allison.

Posted by Marc | Report as abusive

Kris Allen deservs to win it he seem like he is a true musician, i like Allison also but she is too much like the previous inner, Kelly Clarkson. Alison Adam and kris for the final however my first favourite as Danny but that has now changed for me. He never seemed to prove himself.

Posted by Jess | Report as abusive

Adam is far and away the best vocalist and most entertaining performer in this year’s competition. There are lots of nay-sayers wishing him ill (and for that, they should feel ashamed) but for every one of them, there are at least 3 fans who literally adore him.
He is a phenomenon where American Idol is concerned. They have never seen the likes of him before and probably never will again. It’s mind blowing that one so talented and unique could still be living in the shadows when so many less gifted singers have somehow been given a break. As to who should appear in the finale with Adam… I’d love to see Allison make it. She’s so deserving and is just as good as Danny. Simon is sometimes out of touch with what the American pulic wants in the way of entertainment but I’m afraid that he probably has it right this time. Danny will most likely be the conservative middle-America choice. Danny’s good but he’s not THAT good!

Posted by Lucy | Report as abusive

Adam. ABsolutely no doubt.

Posted by jowilliams | Report as abusive

Adam is in a league of his own. Then the best of the rest is between Danny and Undenialble Allison. Like Paula said, she is made of the same sauce as Adam. They both have gifted voices. The rest have to work at it.

Posted by Toni | Report as abusive

I think that Adam has already won (like the first commenter) hes so cool and different. i also really like allison. i hope she gets in the final with adam.


Posted by Leah | Report as abusive

ADAM is an explosion of talents that comes only once in every generation. But coupled with such drop dead gorgeous looks plus magnetism and oozing sex appeal that’s attractive to male or female, young or old, then, ADAM’s kind comes only every 2-3 generations. The last was Elvis.
His astounding vocals has no limit which he can twist into anyhow he wants to give the effects to what he is singing. Pure pleasure to his audience.
GOD has blessed him with everything, a complete package, as gift to humanity handsomely wrapped with the right attitude, humility and graciousness especially at this point of global depression. Talent is a gift from GOD and has to be acknowledged and recognized unless one is not blessed with good judgement. Adam haters are either blind or in denial. Give credit where credit is due even it is not your style.
ADAM will become a legend in entertainment. A phenomenal sensation just like Elvis.
And I pray that he remains the same. I thank GOD for this gift.

Posted by Mari | Report as abusive

really don’t like adam, can’t understand why you guys like him. Is the taste so different now, like those “designers” exhibiting weirdo garbages at the NY fashion show???

Posted by by | Report as abusive

Adam! This is God-given talent. And has the looks and body and the moves.

Posted by Peaches | Report as abusive

This kid is one of a kind, where has he been all these years when American Idol keeps searching for one? Adam Lambert is no doubt already the winner! Great singer, great performer. He is going to be the next and best American Idol ever!

Posted by sanggumay orchid | Report as abusive

My favorite 2 are Adam and Allison; with Adam being first followed by Allison. But for some reason, that talented young lady has been in the bottom 3 several times. My guess would be Adam and Kris. Although I’ve been an American Idol fan since season 1; none of the other seasons have touched me the Adam does with his performances. I’ve actually joined the Adam fan club on the AI website … okay, I’m 50 years old with 4 grown children; but I don’t seem to be the only “older” fan. It just goes to show his appeal to ALL ages. I, too, can’t wait for his solo tours. I haven’t been to a live concert since … geez it’s been too long. But I would buy tickets to his concert in a heart beat! What an honor it is for me to see this young man just blossom into this global star! Go Adam!

Posted by honowoowoo | Report as abusive

Danny would draw a broader audience and has the better voice. Adam is fine, but too theatrical for many.


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