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Simon Cowell picks Adam Lambert and…who? for Idol final

April 25, 2009

cowell1“American Idol” still has five singers left in the competition. But acid-tongued judge Simon Cowell has already decided who he would like to see in the final round next month.

“I’d ike to see Adam (Lambert) and Danny (Gokey) in the final because they are the best two singers,” Cowell told reporters at a TV industry event in Los Angeles on Friday.USA/

Adam is hardly a surprise as he’s been the clear favorite of all four “Idol” judges for  weeks.

 But Cowell’s choice of Danny might come as more of a surprise to fans after some ofUSA/ his lukewarm comments recently.  On Tuesday,  Cowell called Gokey’s performance in disco theme week “clumsy”.

Cowell has an option to sign the eventual winner of the talent show to his record label and his comments are influential. But it’s still America who gets to vote for their “Idol”.

 So has Simon got it right?


People for get the gothic look that has been around for a long time and my grandchildren loves Adam…So he isnt’ a church choir singer, so what, adam is the best singer they have had on AI…Remember all of Adams songs but can’t tell you one of Gokeys….if it wasn’t for simpothy votes he would of got nowhere and he was in the bottom 2 last week…. Besides he is talented, handsome(should I say right down handsome) great stage presense, and rocks, and can sing most songs….There couldn’t of been a worse screamer than Gokey the other night…he was horrible……Adam and Allison was great….Kris was good, but Danny thought he had to try and be better not sing together…

Posted by karla | Report as abusive

Of course adam is gonna win. He is deffinitely the most talented. he is also suprising and u can never guess what he will do next. danny is good, but adam is better. GO ADAM!!!

Posted by Lola | Report as abusive

I say adam should win. he is way talented and has incredible vocal abilities and he DOES NOT scream. this is a competition to see who can sing and adam lambert can sing. im also tired of people bringing in stuff about the contestants personal life. this is a SINGING competition. adam lambert has more than half of america’s vote so far so i think hes gonna win. I LOVE ADAM LAMBERT

Posted by jen | Report as abusive

adam is the next american idol. i dont care what people say about his personal life, that doesn’t effect his singing ability. and this is a competition to see who can sing the best. im absolutely tired of hearing the people who dont like him bring in his personal life. they do that because saying he cant sing is a lie. people are acting soooo immature. adam can sing and if you dont like him, better get used to him cause i have a feeling hes gonna win. VOTE ADAM!!!!

Posted by chelsi | Report as abusive

Dear Glamberts, though we all know deep down that our Adam is the deserving winner, this publicity of Simon concluding our Adam as the winner will have Adam fans worldwide think that he’s safe and hence not vote. PLEASE! PLEASE!PLEASE! don’t let this publicity overshadow you, vote for Adam as always. This publicity too will give Adam’s opponents an eager enthusiasm to vote crazy for their faves. Calling all Adam fans to unite, please don’t become complacent, vote as usual (even crazier)for Adam. Adam all the way.

Posted by Adam's apple | Report as abusive

I am away from my TV right now. Could someone please post the AT&T phone number so I can send a text to vote for Adam Lamabert? Thank you!!

Posted by nina | Report as abusive

May 13,2009

Dear Simon,

I think Adam on American Idol has received more positive feedback from you and the other judges. I think there were times he wasn’t deserving of this feedback but you gave it anyway. I am glad that many American including myself can look pass all the judges bias and recognize the talent of Kris.

You guys are so determined that you want Adam to win that you have not given Kris enough props. Kris appears more quiet and reserved and you haved looked right passed him. Initially, I preferred Adam, however for that last few weeks he has used that same montoned rock voice in which you guys applaud every week. Adam had no incentive to change this tune because you guys chant him on when he needs some constructive back. You guys give Kris minimal feedback and right before your eyes he has become stronger as an artist. So, if Adam doesn’t win next weekrealize that you have given him no encouragement to change that monotone style that becoming tired.
Kris is in the finals but American idols have realized this guy has demonstrated growth and has a lot of talent.

Posted by Pat DuPree | Report as abusive

May 14, 2009

Dear Simon,

You and ther other judges have seemed to favor Adam more than the other contestants on Idol. Week after week you have given him positive feedback at times when he wasn’t deserving. Over the lasr several wks he has been singing in pretty much the same monotone rock style, adding no variety and passion to his singing style. But you guys are so set on him winning you haven’t given him feedback to help him.

Kris on the other hand has become a stronger singer and artist, with many people wanting to download his tunes. Kris is showing more talent and style however you and the other judges haven’t given him more props.Initially I preferred Adam but his style is becoming tired. If Adam doesn’t win next week you should realize you guys haven’t given constructive feedback when you should have. On the other hand Kris you have put him down so much he has impoved and is in the finals. I’m glad he is improved and is in the finals because its sad to see someone with the talent he has be knocked down when they are showing perserverance. All I can say is “Go Kris”.

Hopefully you guys will learn something from this and maybe you won’t. That is what has made this season so intersting.

Posted by Pat DuPree | Report as abusive

Adam and Kris are completely equal….they should be the first ‘tie’ in the show….they will both have great careers ahead of themselves….for that matter, it could have been a three way tie and it would have been completely fair.

Posted by Maureen | Report as abusive

Dear AI Judges:
I have been watching the show since 2nd season. True to your comments, this season 8 has been the power of 8 as in numerology suggests…the best of all talent EVER! I agree with most other bloggers here that Adam is great; but, truly it has been a bit overkill on his LOVEFEST by you guys; he is GREAT, but, truly Kris has dramatically excelled much more so and albeit substantially radically improved artistically consistently each and every week. Overall, in this certain fashion, I am voting for KRIS on the finale for sure; because ADAM will get Simon’s record contract either way!?! There is so much politics with the comments and the nuances of the show and I was wondering all season who the heck is this beautiful new judge anyway? Who is KARA? Why did you add her on panel? Mystery to me. She is very critical and has her clear favorites. I was wondering what makes her able/qualified such a JUDGE? Or a judge of any singing competition at all? Just curious on that point. Finally, I DO love the show–it is really one of my favs on TV at all and I SO absolutely adored Jennifer Hudson…(which Simon was very critically mean and nasty to her), knew in my heart she would go far and then she did and “Daughtry” was/is the truly most incredible talent to ever come from the SHOW far exceeding Kelly and Carrie Underwood as well 2. Carrie is a great singer and a talented country music star…but, country is dull and “not my cup of tea” as Simon would say…So, really, in conclusion…I predict Adam will win…but I think Kris should and from this LIBRA to Simon, another fellow Libran…please stop being so rude, belligerent, acid tongued, patronizing, condescending and just totally SO MEAN-SPIRITED as you are…! As intelligent as you are Simon…you truly can attract more bees with honey than vinegar and frankly, you are just too undiplomatic to these kids…they are babes…I am 50 and if somebody JACKED me SO hard at like 16-25 yrs. old…I would be crushed. People’s self esteems are very important and even when you are bluntly correct Simon…TRY to be a little more diplomatic and carry a softer stick okay there man? Don’t be so BLOODY NASTY! You are no better human either than us commoners.

Posted by Dee | Report as abusive

I’m from Indonesia and I love Adam since I saw his audition.Since then,I only know his name.I never submitted a comment for AI before,this will be my 1st and I did that because of Adam.Love you Adam..u r such a great talent star..I will buy your CD.Go Adam..Lots of love and support from Indonesia

Posted by Jaslene | Report as abusive

There has been no one, absolutely no one, in the American Idol history, that even resembles Adam. NO ONE !!! ADAM IS ONE OF A KIND !! I am from the Philippines and I cant vote. But if I could, I would keep on voting for Adam..He is the best. I cant wait to buy his records.

Posted by mary ann | Report as abusive

PLEASE ALL ADAM FANS… Unite and vote for Adam. There is no room for complacency here. Dont stop voting. This is a very critical time for Adam. All fans, go for it..

Posted by dianne | Report as abusive

Guys..we cannot blame the judges because they just being honest, and YES that ADAM LAMBERT is the BEST BEST BEST so far…he is a gift in this show because mostly this show is little bit boring.

I came from Indonesia and I fall in love with Adam since beginning, because he just so amazing, talented and creative, never get bored watching his performances, and he is our only hope to become a World Class Superstar.

Can not wait to see what he is going to do next
GO ADAM !!!!

Posted by debolisa | Report as abusive

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