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Simon Cowell picks Adam Lambert and…who? for Idol final

April 25, 2009

cowell1“American Idol” still has five singers left in the competition. But acid-tongued judge Simon Cowell has already decided who he would like to see in the final round next month.

“I’d ike to see Adam (Lambert) and Danny (Gokey) in the final because they are the best two singers,” Cowell told reporters at a TV industry event in Los Angeles on Friday.USA/

Adam is hardly a surprise as he’s been the clear favorite of all four “Idol” judges for  weeks.

 But Cowell’s choice of Danny might come as more of a surprise to fans after some ofUSA/ his lukewarm comments recently.  On Tuesday,  Cowell called Gokey’s performance in disco theme week “clumsy”.

Cowell has an option to sign the eventual winner of the talent show to his record label and his comments are influential. But it’s still America who gets to vote for their “Idol”.

 So has Simon got it right?


Well, the second spot is a three way tie right now between Danny, Kris and Allison. As for the American Idol, there is no doubt: Adam Lambert. He has it all and the others just don’t.

Posted by jowilliams | Report as abusive

He definitely has it right about Adam. If Adam doesn’t win, American Idol will be a complete joke. He is by FAR the most talented contestant this year and perhaps since American Idol’s inception. Adam has proven himself a worthy finalist, Danny not so much. Danny was my favorite going into the Top 13. Since then, he has failed to keep my interest. I think before the show went live, I was more seduced by Danny’s “story” than his actual talent. Adam has this hands down and perhaps Danny would be the easiest to beat in the finale.

Posted by Shannon | Report as abusive

It really doesn’t matter who he is in the finals with, Adam is far superior than the rest and he should be the winner.

Posted by elw | Report as abusive

I think Simon got Adam right, and while Danny has a good voice, I am now feeling that Kris might take Dannys spot. Of course for me, no one can touch Adam, it’s a race for second place. ADAM FTW

Posted by Amber | Report as abusive

I wonder if Adam has the option to refuse a contract with Simon? He does not belong in the bland mainstream. Simon signed Leona Lewis who was fantastic as the winner of the British Idol a couple of years ago, and IMO he has dumbed down her wonderful talent with boring formulaic pop.

Posted by ADELE | Report as abusive

No, he doesn’t have it right. Danny’s voice is not better than kris’. It should be Adam and Kris.

Posted by Ally | Report as abusive

After watching IDOL since the first show, I am hoping that politics and other side thoughts will not ruin the chances of the best of all IDOLS ever. Taking only talent, voice, stage presence, ability to entertain and versatility into consideration, there is only one choice for IDOL this year. Adam Lambert by far the most exciting IDOL ever. Put the gossip and editorials aside everyone…..this is a singing contest and in that there really is only one winner. This IDOL will make more money for the show and the sponsors than anyone…..even my wonderful Carrie.


Simon has Adam correct, but I’m not sure about Danny.

Posted by Paula Adams | Report as abusive

I totally agree with Simon. I’ve said that Adam and Danny are going to be the final two since the top 36. Danny has a great voice and has a lot of positive energy. But when it comes down to it Adam is going to win. His talent is so far ahead of anyone I’ve ever seen. He has an amazing voice and his “Screams” make each song worth listening too. He has an amazing range especially in the soprano and the falsetto. Simon has it right, it will come down to Adam and Danny!!! <3


Adam should win if Idol wants to keep its popularity. He is the most talent idol has ever seen. Absolutely incredible. Love him so much. Runner up should be either Kris or Allison. Danny is boring. I think Simon has it completely wrong. The guy has no Star quality. Sorry Simon, you are wrong.

Posted by Olga Galvez | Report as abusive

American Idol is indeed the Adam Lambert show at this point, he is just way too good. The competition is now about second place and in my opinion, it should be Kris or Alison. If I were a music exec or a talent agent in L.A., I’d be kicking myself for not having signed Adam sooner.

Posted by jena | Report as abusive

Both Simons (Fuller and Cowell) will make a ton of money out of Adam. Dozens of my friends are waiting for this guy’s first album, he is fantastic! How long is this contract for and is Adam free to go on his own afterwards? I love his pop and slower renditions, but I am also a huge fan of his electrifying glam rock stuff like Crawl Thru Fire and the Zodiac performances. I JUST LOVE ADAM, he is by far the most interesting and talented contestant to ever set foot on AI.

Posted by BC | Report as abusive

If Adam Lambert does not make the Final 2, then America got it wrong. I’d rather see Kris Allen in the Top-3 with Adam, but I’d rather see Danny than Allison. I don’t think Matt has any chance at all of making the Top-2.

Posted by MargoK | Report as abusive

I think Adam is probably the best contestant they’ve ever had. He’s in a completely different league from everyone else this season. Danny is a very good singer but he lacks the “it” factor that Adam has. Adam is exciting to watch and he’s just a one in a million kind of performer.

Posted by Lisa | Report as abusive

Adam is the most incredible performer/singer and has a high chance of winning. But, I love Danny too. Danny has such a great tone to his voice and will make some great albums. These are by far the most talented singers and the top two! The others don’t compare for longevity

Posted by Niki | Report as abusive

I hope we’re in for a shock boot and it’s Danny.


Posted by UGH | Report as abusive

ADAM should win as he has the whole package, a talented artist, stage presence, amazing vocal range, creativity, versatility, good look, style, humility, professionalism, confidence, charming, the list just goes on…. and he is loved by a lot of people and in a short time has managed to gain popularity worldwide. He is the first person in American Idol history who has managed to create such a buzz and excitement amongst the audience. He consistently delivered good performances. He is the first to get Simon’s standing ovation. He generates more online traffic on the internet. Everyone who loves him is obsessed with him. He is just everything to everyone. And we love him so much and want him to win. He deserves to get the AI title for all his hard work and creativity and the joy that he gave us so far. I love listening to the other contestants at first but I found some of them bored me now. Watching them except Allison) is like watching a Karaoke Contest. Please keep voting for ADAM, and do extra votes for his fans outside USA. Do not think for a minute that because he is popular he will win. We need all his fans to keep voting for him week after week. The final week is the most important week, please be sure to do more votes. We also love all his fans who support each other. Thank you and blessed you ADAM.

Posted by lmbtfan | Report as abusive

I don’t believe that Simon actually likes Danny, it is obvious from his comments and body language on the show that he doesn’t. Simon and the producers are simply trying to create an artificial competition and suspense where there is none (in order to get higher viewership and more traction in the press). Danny to me is run of the mill, but he’ll certainly win votes from some mainstream viewers who cannot accept anything fearless or different. Adam on the other hand is very unique and daring, so by definition he cannot appeal to everyone. I’d personally take the latter any day, but unfortunately some people in this country are still stuck in the Middle Ages, and the producers of the show are fully aware of that and exploiting it. Ultimately Lambert has got to take home the crown though, it would be such an outrage if he didn’t. Not that it would matter to him one bit, he is destined for stardom either way.

Posted by Monica | Report as abusive

There are not alot of artists that can evoke emotion like Adam. He is truly an incredible talent! Every week his rendition of whatever the challenge is is unique and memorable. He truly is the “stand out” this season and I wish him incredible success! I look forward to his first cd! I truly am an ADAM FAN!

Posted by RBC | Report as abusive

Danny has no star power. If it ends up being Danny v Adam, it’s because they don’t want any competition for Adam. Kris is so talented in many more ways than Adam. I’ll be voting for him if it comes down to a Kris v Adam final. I think Adam is good, but he’s not my American Idol. And what about Allison. I was convinced they wanted her to win. It’s going to be a hard one. Matt has no chance. He is good, though. They have a solid top 5. Danny is the weakest link.

Posted by redrum | Report as abusive

I’d like to see Adam and Allison in the final. Adam is far and away the best (unbelievable!) and should walk away with it, but Allison has a great voice and substantial commercial talent…not sure why the judges haven’t picked up on her more (maybe she needs a stylist?), but she certainly can SING. Danny has a good voice, but something of a one-tune Charlie, and I find Kris and Matt to have just ‘okay’ voices.

Posted by petra | Report as abusive

Danny may not have the theatricals that Adam Lamebert has, but he certainly has a fantastic voice and doesn’t need to rely on screeches and squeals to get our attention. I’d like to see Danny and Kris in the top 2 and Adam packed up back to broadway where his kind of music and special flair can be better appreciated.

Posted by javier | Report as abusive

i believe they’re just priming Danny for the eventual shock elimination. What better way to produce drama than to lose the overly pimped finalist on idol. I still believe its going to be Adam vs Kris in the finale

Posted by kara | Report as abusive

Adam Lambert is one of the most charismatic, exciting performers to come around in a long time. We are so lucky that he decided to take a break from musical theater and bless us with his fantastic vocals and stage presence. One of my all-time favorite performances, if not my favorite, was his rendition of “Ring of Fire.” Stunning, risky, confident, amazing…whether he wins or not doesn’t matter, he’ll blaze a trail!


I don’t like Danny. He has a good voice but I can’t really see him going far.
Adam is amazing and will most likely be the American Idol.

Posted by Lola | Report as abusive

I am so fed up with people using the word “theatrical”, as if half of them even know what that means… What you call “theatrical” (well not you, but the judges mentioned it once in the beginning and then you just repeat it because you cannot come up with anything yourself) is in essence a great and rare skill: to create entertainment and moving performances! Adam Lambert not only has an amazing vocal range, but he also transfixes you when he is on stage, whether you like his style or not. I realize that it is human nature to bash perfection, but c’mon, the theatrical reference is becoming banal. Just go ahead and admit the truth – you simply prefer conventional and boring over daring and different.

Posted by SJ | Report as abusive

ADAM is definitely the next AI Winner!
Danny has been fading in the past weeks while KRIS has been proving himself!

Adam and Kris for the finals!
(Allision is great too)

Posted by josh | Report as abusive

Danny is boring. His mono tone voice put me to sleep. I like to see Adam, Allison or Kris in the final. I know these three will do well with or without the AI title.

Posted by Kim | Report as abusive

True greatness can only be achieved if you dare to take risks. Adam Lambert has proven every week that he is fearless and will stay true to himself, no matter what. That honesty and audacity, coupled with his amazing voice and stage presence, seal a complete package that so few possess. To me Adam is the most memorable contestant on Idol, ever. He will always have my support because he dares to dance in the path of greatness, as Paula Abdul rightly said so.

Posted by IT | Report as abusive

I love Adam’s talent totally. He is wonderful. If I ever get a chance to see him, I will definately buy a two seats for my hubby and I. I am wondering why he was the only one in the group who did not wear the BIG sunglasses in dance to the floor routine. Did he refuse to wear them? I would hope he is above that. He would look great no matter what he had to wear.


Yes, I agree with ya’ll. Adam has an amazing voice and stage presentation. But he looks too “barbiezed”…simply not real. I like Danny…he can sing anything…just wait till he sings what he wants. America is looking for someone they can connect to. It’s Danny!!!

Posted by Karen | Report as abusive

I am so tired of people using the word ‘theatrical’, as if half even know what that means… What you call ‘theatrical’ (well not you, but the judges mentioned it once and you just repeat it because you cannot come up with anything original yourself) is in essence a great and rare skill: creating entertaining and moving performances! Adam not only has an incredible vocal range, but he also transfixes you when he is on stage, whether you like his style or not. I realize that it is human nature to bash perfection, but the theatrical reference is becoming banal. Just go ahead and admit the truth – you simply prefer conventional and boring over daring and different.

Posted by MyIdolRocks | Report as abusive

“THE ADAM LAMBERT SHOW”….period. That’s all.:)


Kris is “so talented in many more ways than Adam”? Please. He turns every bloody thing he sings into a Jason Mraz homage and bores me to no end. His latest performance can pass off as a 2nd or 3rd rate Santana impersonation, at best, and even then it’s boring. Adam’s shoulder pads have got more charisma than that.
Danny doesn’t have to “rely on screeches and squeals to get our attention”? Try “not able to”. I bet Danny cries himself to sleep every night wishing that he has the ability to do falsetto and sing insanely high notes like Adam does. You clearly have no idea what good music is.
To be honest, I really don’t care who will be there with Adam. He’s far and away one of THE most talented, courageous and creative singers out there. Ever. And I can’t wait to see what he does next in his career.

Posted by Michelle | Report as abusive

Adam is the best vocalist and has performed like a star every week. Danny is booooring.

Posted by vixen | Report as abusive

Adam is the best vocalist. He doesn’t shout or strain to meet vocals which is what Danny does all the time. Danny is a boring person and performer.

Posted by Rockchick | Report as abusive

I agree that Adam is a STAR. Danny is talented, but every song sounds alike. A am ready to buy music from Adam, and I understand he is also a very good song writer. I wonder if there will be an original song competition like they’ve had in the past. I’m sure Adam would excel on that just like he does on everything else. He clearly has talent, personality, work ethic and an awesome stage presense…one of a kind…and that’s hard to find these days.

Posted by philly | Report as abusive

Adam Sucks he screams every song he sings. I just dont see what people see in him he seems nice but as far as talent he should just go back to broadway!

Danny’s voice is so smooth after this show though I just don’t Know how far he will go but I still like him!

Posted by Chelsye | Report as abusive

Danny Gokey is extremely talented, has a great personality, a great sense of humor, and a lot of showmanship. He has an amazing voice.


I don’t know about Danny.
I never liked Kris but I think he’s getting a lot better now, I used to think he was overrated and he probably was but he had proven himself, he may not have the best vocal but he sure is very talented.
I’d like to see Adam, Kriss and Allison in the final..
As for Danny Gokey, he’s nothing special to me, I think we already have plenty of singers like him, typical singer is what I call him.. He can definitely sing but I don’t remember anything he did for the past few weeks, I forgot about his performance right after he finished it.. So I wouldn’t want to see him in the finals…
I guess Adam is more on the wild side and he’s completely in his own league, very different from what we normally see so maybe that is why many couldn’t really accept him? That’s just my opinion, whether he’s theatrical or not, it doesn’t matter, it doesn’t hurt at all… I definitely want him to win but if he didn’t, I think it’ll be pretty embarrassing huhhh LOL!

Posted by MS | Report as abusive

I don’t have to tear Danny or any other contestant down to build Adam up. I would encourage fans of Adam or anyone else’s to talk up their favorite’s attributes rather than just go negative on someone else. I haven’t connected that well as viewer with Danny up until the past 2 weeks. Do I think Adam is a better singer and performer? Yes. But Danny can sing well and has shown it to me the past couple of weeks. Do I still want Adam to win? Absolutely.

Posted by idolnewbie | Report as abusive

What I notices on the last show was that other contestants have all suddenly developed falsetto licks and made some pretty weak attempts at their own high pitched screams I prefer to call it “wailing”. It seems that maybe they know something you don’t. The vocal control that Adam uses has taken him years to develop and we should all take a moment just to appreciate someone who is willing to work so hard at their craft. You don’t necessarily have to like it but you don’t have to knock it.

Posted by Paula | Report as abusive

simon is wrong. adam is the best singer. this is a one horse winner race. on the other hand simon is smart not to make adam appear too pimp. I am obsessive like never before in AI. and I know many people here share my love for adam.

Posted by overseas | Report as abusive

Simon has it wrong. It should be Adam Lambert & Kris or Allison in the finale.

Danny hasn’t been pitch perfect, ever, (Kara, you are a pro — quit saying stuff like that to the public!) nor has he shown any originality. (moving from glasses to contacts or clean shaven to scruff is no the type of change I’m looking for)

Kris has been consistent, vocally, always and has shown he can take a song and make it his own. Same goes for Allison although she gets extra credit for being this good at only 16!

Adam is truly on a completely different level than the others. I just hope that middle America votes on talent. If they do, Adam Lambert is the sure winner.

Posted by Patti | Report as abusive

I’d like to see Adam and Allison. I know Allison is a major underdog, but if you listen to her studio versions of what she sings on the show, they are really very good. Almost equal in quality to Adams control. I think because Allison is so young, performing live gets to her a little bit, enough to effect her performances on Tuesdays. But her studio versions are in a whole ‘nother league. I really will buy a CD if she puts one out. Adam will still win, but I would like to see Allison go to the end.

Posted by eric | Report as abusive

For the first time ever I have followed American Idol all the way through and the reason is Adam Lambert. Our whole family admires his talent. The others are very talented as well and I don’t take that from them at all. They are all stars in their own right and I really get burned up at how nasty some of the comments are out there. All these kids have worked very hard and all deserve credit but if I had to pick someone to represent what a showman and singer would be out of this group it is hands down Adam. Sorry if this upsets people but having been involved in this industry you need pizzazz to make it happen and Adam has worked so hard to get here as well. Don’t take that from him. He has been doing the hard yards. I hope they all benefit from being part of this show and Everyone I know knows all of the top 10 names and we wish them all success. Wish they were coming to Australia. For the nasty people out there, you are reflecting a very bad side of yourselves. WE should be supporting them all, including the judges as this is such a hard job and unless you’ve done it you would not know. Best wishes contestants and we love you all especially you Adam. XXXX from Australia

Posted by Aussie Adam Fan | Report as abusive

Danny Gokey is by far the best vocalist and seems to have a superb personality. Adam is vocally the weaker of the two and a tad too theatrical. I feel certain Gokey will take the crown, but it should be an entertaining final show.

Posted by Anna Beth | Report as abusive

Out of the five remaining, Matt isn’t reliable, Kris is painfully boring, and Allison isn’t extraordinary. Adam and Danny are head and shoulders above the rest in terms of talent. I predict a win for Danny because he is the better vocalist and is far more likeable than Adam, who seems rather fake and over the top.

Posted by Brent | Report as abusive

Danny Gokey will win American Idol!

Posted by Nicolette | Report as abusive

I agree with Simon with his first choice. Adam Lambert should be the American Idol this season. No one in AI history every encounter as talented as Adam…let’s not talk about his past experience. Because all the other winners had experience too from the first Idol(Kelly Clarkson she was rocking with the band then).
The 2nd person to be in the runner up is for a grab between Allison, Gokey or perhaps the weak Kris.
But Simon seems to like Allison lately, I think he wants Allison to run against Adam. Danny had a good voice also, but his performance was inconsistence.
However, Allison doesn’t seems to have enough fans to get her up there.
So we need to vote for who we think the best. Yes of course Adam is the BEST!!!! so far.
Let’s vote for the 2nd best… at this point I don’t care who. :)

Posted by Jessica | Report as abusive

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