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On “Idol,” it’s a man’s world this season

April 29, 2009

irahetaOn “American Idol,” it appears to be a man’s world after all.

It’s no secret that male contestants like Adam Lambert and Danny Gokey have trounced their female counterparts in the singing competition since early this season. And, with just one woman in the show’s Top 5, viewers on Tuesday night were left wondering if the final four contestants would all be men for the first time in “Idol” history.

It’s been a long time since two women — Fantasia Barrino and Diana DeGarmo — competed for the “Idol” title in the finale of the show’s third season in 2004. 

Not that the show’s surviving female contestant performed badly on Tuesday night. Allison Iraheta, who turned 17 this week, won major praise from judges Randy Jackson, Kara DioGuardi and Paula Abdul for her performance of “Someone to Watch Over Me.” DioGuardi even said she could see the Los Angeles teen in the finals.

“Bad cop” judge Simon Cowell, however, said he thought Iraheta still lacked the belief that she could win the competition, and was at risk of being voted off this week.

“I have a horrible feeling you could be in trouble tonight,” Cowell said, as his fellow judges vehemently disagreed.

Having been among the show’s Bottom Three vote-getters on three occasions so far this season, it’s questionable whether Allison has the fan base to catapult her to the top two.

And, let’s face it, her competition is fierce. Really fierce.

On Tuesday night, Cowell said both Gokey and Lambert proved during Rat Pack Standards Week that they were in the competition to win it, and he also called Matt Giraud’s rendition ”brilliant.” Cowell was less enamored with Kris Allen, but DioGuardi effusively labeled him “a dark horse.”

The dearth of female contestants also comes as Cowell has complained stridently about Abdul and DioGuardi eating up time when the judges review singers.

“Girls do tend to talk a little bit more than guys. Randy’s quick, and I don’t say too much. But my God, these two!” Cowell told US Weekly Magazine.  

Just to keep “Idol” fans scratching their heads, Cowell also told the magazine that he and Abdul were really “secretly in love with each other.” Isn’t this the same Simon who snaps at Paula every chance he gets?

So is Simon really frustrated with the show’s female judges, or is he just pushing their buttons? Are his criticisms fair? And how do you feel about the lack of female contestants at this late stage in the competition?


Well, it may be a man’s world on Idol but not in reality! Many of the top singers in the world are females and Allison is right up there. Never underestimate the power of Iraheta. She puts the many of the men to shame that is why she is in the TOP 5. She has some powerful chops for a 16 year old. My tope three continue to be: Adam, Allison and Kris and in that order! She lacks the maturity of the rest. But, she is a powerhouse. However, I believe the finals will consist of Adam and Kris because they are more of a total package and appeal to a broader base than the rest. Matt and Kris produced the best vocals tonight. But, Matt has not been as consistent as Allison. Danny was alright and can sell records but does not is not fun to watch as a performer compared to the others. That is my opinion

Posted by Patti | Report as abusive

I didn’t understand why Simon blasted Allison and Kris. They were my favorites tonight besides Adam. Either Simon is using reverse psychology or Simon wants a Gokey/Lambert finale.

Simon has said in previous interviews he wants a Gokey/Lambert finale and tonight Simon did all he could to make sure both Allison and Kris go home and it is Gokey/Lambert.

Posted by Sarah | Report as abusive

I think they all get along, just something to keep the
show fun.


Kris and Allison were my favorites of the night. I agree that Simon is trying to send them home. He wants his prediction of a Gokey/Lambert finale. Danny should go home before Allison or Kris.

Posted by Lisa | Report as abusive

You underestimate Allison Iraheta who beat hundreds of thousands of competitors (a whole lot of males in the bunch) to be in theTop 5. Allison proved that a female can croon with the boys. She was amazing last night. This young girl is up against 4 older guys who not only can sing but are not hard on the eyes so the female voters are mesmerized. Even with that challenge, Allison has risen to the Top with the raves of millions. Give the girl her due!!!! I want to see Allison in the final. I’m with Kara on that one.

Posted by Mary Ann | Report as abusive

Simon will change his opinion over and over and will switch horses in mid-stream just to prove he “knew all along” who the winner is. He is the American version of throwing the Christians to the lions. He ought to take lessons from Dancing With the Stars. They can criticize, but at least with some class. He has none!

Posted by Ander | Report as abusive

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