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“Idol” goes topsy-turvy as Adam hits a speed bump

April 30, 2009

USA/“American Idol” golden boy Adam Lambert hit a big speed bump on Wednesday night after he landed among the show’s Bottom Three vote-getters for the first time this season.

And, just when it seemed lone woman contestant Allison Iraheta was standing on thin ice, she skated handily into the next round.

Host Ryan Seacrest played up the surprise results for all it was worth, taking Lambert by the arm to join fellow low vote-getters Matt Giraud and Kris Allen, leaving Iraheta and Danny Gokey to stare at each other slack-jawed.

For Gokey, the surprised reaction might not have been completely warranted, since alpha judge Simon Cowell had nice things to say about him the night before. But Cowell had told 17-year-old Iraheta that her performance left him feeling she “could be in trouble.”

None of the judges has ever said anything that ominous to Lambert, whose ride to the Top 5 was among the smoothest of any contestant this season. After Lambert ended up in the Bottom Three, panelists Paula Abdul and Kara DioGuardi both expressed shock.

“It’s crazy,” Abdul said.

It was an unusual week, with the contestants trying their best at standards from crooner Frank Sinatra and the rest of the Rat Pack, in a theme that Los Angeles Times writer Ann Powers said seemed a strange fit.

“The final five showed almost zero awareness of or interest in what Sinatra and his cronies granted pop in the autumn of their years, when the Rat Pack came to stand for fun of the most adult (and, in the background, melancholy) kind,” Powers wrote.

“Instead, the ‘Idol’ finalists mostly came across like prom dates: really adorable, precocious even, but corsage carriers nonetheless,” Powers wrote.

So, maybe this was a lost week for the “Idol” contestants.

It certainly was for Giraud, who was eliminated. Now audiences can watch if Lambert bounces back next week. Looks like things just got a lot more interesting.


Adam in the bottom two is so ridiculous it’s not even funny. The interest in this young man is so hot right now.
As the others went to safety, their forums on AI had less than 50 people in them – Adam’s forum? Well, it had well over 250 registered users and 500 guests at one point. Makes one go hmmmmmmmm…..I do hope that this “shocker” gets the vote out for Adam in the following weeks. If anyone was deserving of the win in the past eight seasons, it is Adam with his stellar incredible vocals and immense talent.

Posted by SammyJo | Report as abusive

I’m sorry but Adam Lambert being in the bottom 3 is a travesty! Seriously America. SERIOUSLY? With that amazing brilliant performance, which the press loves and the judges love, and he landed in the bottom 3? What’s happening with the world?

Please, Adam fans and people who don’t call themselves fans but appreciate his talents, PLEASE VOTE FOR HIM! He needs your votes more than anyone else in this competition, and he needs them now more than ever. If there’s one chance for you to show appreciation for what he’s brought to American Idol, and our music culture for that matter, this is it.

Posted by michelle N. | Report as abusive

Without a doubt, Adam is on an inside track to win the competition this year, and rightly so. He has a great talent. However, I believe that the voters were reacting to the sameness of his performances. Regardless of the genre that has been sung, I have been hearing the same coloratura flourishes ending on a sustained high note for week after week. This plus in my honest opinion, he is trying to over-dramatize when he sings. This can lead to an adverse reaction, much like listening to Michael Bolton oversing many of his songs, which is what we saw this week. Hopefully he can appreciate that at times, less is indeed more.

Posted by John H | Report as abusive

I think my jaw broke when Ryan said he was in the bottom 3!! I couldn’t believe it!! HOW??? NO ONE, can hold a candle to Adam as far as Natural TALENT, Stage Presence, Star Quality, Charisma, Marketability$$$, Vocal Range, and how he seems very humble to get the applause he gets, without an ego like some of the others past and present!!!
Allison is good, but she needs a couple years, good song, and perfect timing. The rest of them?? Are Wedding,Cruise Ship,Lounge & Bar Mitzvah singers!!! That’s it!!! Who could pack a Club, Broadway, Concert etc. Not any of the rest of them!!!
This sure seems like a big fat publicity stunt, cause the web was Buzzin’ last night after that show. OR, all the giggly teeny boppers who are burning up the voting phone lines with some fantasy Kris or Danny is singing just to them pulled in more votes. Whichever it is, it was a CROCK last night!!! Adam WILL have a career, he’s spectacular, the rest of them aside from Allison, will be Kris, Danny, Matt, Anoop etc. WHO?????? Rock On ADAM LAMBERT!!!! No one even comes close to you no matter what the heck the results are in the weeks to come!!!!!

Posted by Sandy R. | Report as abusive

As a singer with a BS in music education, I can truthfully say Adam Lambert is truly gifted…what a voice….voters just don,t know good quality in vocals…all of contestants are good, but yet nothing special…just karoke standard…I think the judges should have more of a say in the final vote


Last night was truely unbelievable. Adam is so remarkable and the only reason I watch the show. I have watched AI some in previous years but none of the contestants kept me coming back week after week as Adam has. This is definately a publicity stunt. Come on judges what kind of game are we playing? I don’t think it is the voters because from what I see week after week on the internet Adam is way ahead of the rest of the contestants. If Adam doesn’t win there will be a lot of upset people and I’m sure the ratings on this show will drop tremendously.

Posted by DianeE | Report as abusive

I was shocked that Adam was in the bottom two last night. Every Tuesday I look forward to seeing and hearing him sing. I don’t care about his eyeliner or nail polish or being gay(?). With his talent, Adam Lambert does not have to win AI, he already is an AMERICAN IDOL and will be a SUPERSTAR. He may be better off not winning thereby being a free agent. In any event, if America is aiming for a Kris/Danny finale, I personally don’t care who wins since I won’t be watching.

Posted by Pat Federico | Report as abusive

There is no doubt that Adam has a unique gift that allows him to sing the way he does. But being gifted does not necessarily denote true artistry.

I have watched him from the beginning and I always felt there was something lacking. It was not until this last round that it occured to me that he is not a genuine singer. I don’t get from Adam, like I do with the other singers, that this competition means something to him. Yes he can sing, but I don’t believe him. It feels like an audition everytime I see him and I am not sure if he enjoyed any of it.

You may say I am out of my mind for not seeing what other people see in him, but I believe there are a number of people out there (hence the reason he came in as one of the bottom two)who get this same vibe.

Posted by Kathy P | Report as abusive

It’s not that the other contestants aren’t talented, but Adam is just so SUPER-TALENTED. I have been watching American Idol since season 2 and in all honesty, no one has come close to Adam – he is handome, is a consummate showman, has incredible vocals and is extremely charismatic. I am really now jsut watching the show because of him. The only thing I can contribute his being in the bottom two is voter complacency since so many people think he’s got it in the bag or a publicity stunt by FOX, but whatever the case, ADAM, WE LOVE YOU AND YOUR FANS WILL MAKE SURE TO VOTE LIKE CRAZY UNTIL WE SEE YOU CROWNED THE NEXT AMERICAN IDOL!!!!!!!!!!!!! Adam inspires us!

Posted by Shelly Auto | Report as abusive

Does anyone else see a resemblance between Adam and singer Beto Cuevas?

Posted by Beth K | Report as abusive

Tonight’s results show was really devastating and heartbreaking .. what is ADAM doing in the bottom 3?? My GOD..AMERICA you got this wrong… we need to step up, and 3x the vote for ADAM!.. don’t let this happen again..He deserves the title..


I was absolutely shocked when Adam was in the bottom 3 last night! He is definitely the most gifted and talented singer ever on American Idol. I think it was a publicity stunt or possibly that voters began to feel sorry for the other contestants. Adam is the only reason I watch the show every week. I look forward to what he will do next. As for me I will continue to vote even more for him, I have unlimited texting! None of the others have been able to spark my interest other than Danny. All I can say is Adam Lambert fans need to vote even more next week. If he does not become the next American Idol, I will never watch the show again. But I can guarantee that I will be buying his cd’s, and attending his concerts! I won’t waste my money on any of the others. We love you Adam Lambert!

Posted by Mary | Report as abusive

People are just hating because Adam kind of looks like a girl and gets too much attention but I would totally vote for him for president if Obama get the flu. I think his voice would stop any terrorist in their tracks. CMON America lets get it together and make sure we make the right choice. My thumb hurts from all the voting I did and all of your thumbs should hurt also… we can’t let this happen again!

Posted by Chris | Report as abusive

I believe what happened was that Adam did not stick to his style. His Rat Pack performance was one of the weaker performances he has had in recent weeks. Also, the pool of people voting verses a lower number of contestants means some of the voters who were voting for Anoop, Lil, Meagan and the others now may have consolidated their voting power behind Allison and Danny. Allison is a chick and had a good night and Danny had the best night of 5 who were left. I was amazed BOTH Chris and Adam were in the bottom three. FWIW…I think Adam will win. Soooooo much talent, theatrics, and a great voice.


i hate ryan seacrest. that was not even close to funny. it was un-classy , disrespectful, and unprofessional. BOOOOOO for ryan and those Fox puppeteers.

Posted by madworld | Report as abusive

I am 67 and a country music fan. HOWEVER, Adam is the most exciting performer I have seen since Elvis…….. I don’t usually vote, but I will start next week! He is exciting.

Posted by Dot K | Report as abusive

Vegas casino owner, Steve Winn should grab Adam Lambert and build him his own Las Vegas Showroom. (Wayne Newton retired in Vegas as a lifetime headliner.) Adam could do the very same. I think he’s a modern version on Elvis… reincarnated. He doesn’t need to tour…I think the world would come to him. “Build It and They Will Come!”


Think how bad the female judges would of felt if Adam had been voted off and they had wasted the “bring back” option on Matt previously.


Adam can sing but I have to agree with John H that Adam over sings, over dramatizes the music. He’s very theatrical when he sings and he does a lot of screaming or whining. I totally hate Ring of Fire. I agree with Ron – he’s more of a Vegas act -I don’t see him as a recording artist. I’m sure he’s on the track to win but I don’t see him being a successful American Idol winner because of his style. I’m proud of the judges for using the ‘save’ on Matt. I think he has talent and I’m glad they gave him another chance – which I believe helped boost his self-confidence in knowing that he does have talent and he can do something with it.

Posted by Mary | Report as abusive

adam was in the bottom three because on the night his performance was not as good ,and the other two were better.

Posted by brian lee | Report as abusive

Posters who criticize Adam better read Los Angeles Times’ April 27 scholarly article “ADAM LAMBERT, THE SINGER” where one will understand exactly what Adam’s astounding vocal chords’ ability is which is technically is referred to as PASSAGGIO.
It is the ignorant who cannot and don’t appreciate what talent is when confronted with it. But to those who know or blessed with good judgment are the ones who can appreciate and acknowledge and recognize a gifted person like Adam is.
A reader posted this:”I researched tenor singing high C, E, and F’s, the Puritani “high F” from credeasi misera and Pavarotti’s Legendary High C ‘s in La Fille du regiment. WOW! Adam was reaching those same notes only a few talented and practiced tenors can achieve!”

Posted by Mari | Report as abusive

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