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‘Wolverine’ Hugh Jackman — declawed

May 1, 2009

“Wolverine” star Hugh Jackman has many sides. There is the movie action hero, the Broadway musical award winner and the charming Oscar host. He also hobnobs with billionaire Rupert Murdoch’s family and visits Third World countries where microfinancing projects give people hope for breaking out of poverty.jackman

Jackman plays the main character in superhero movie “X-Men Origins: Wolverine” that opened on Friday, reprising his role as a tough mutant with claws that spring from his knuckles.    

But in real life, the 40-year-old Jackman is not likely to turn anyone into mincemeat as he does in the “X-Men” movies, including the fourth and latest film in the franchise which kicks off Hollywood’s blockbuster season.

Jackman is a married family man, whose two young adopted children have playdates with Murdoch’s kids, and who himself hangs out with the media mogul’s adult son.  

Of course, the “X-Men” movies that made Jackman a star are productions of Murdoch’s Twentieth Century Fox, and both men are Aussies, so there’s a kinship there.

But Jackman, who says his most expensive hobby is wine and who splits his time between New York and Australia, also has a kinship of sorts with an impoverished woman in jackman-familyCambodia, after visiting the nation to see microcredit charity work in action. 

“It was unbelievable to see this woman get 200 U.S. dollars in her hand, with tears running down her face and the real first chance she and her family had ever had to escape the cycle of poverty,” Jackman told Reuters in a recent interview.

The woman planned to use the money to buy a sewing machine and some supplies to start a clothing business, he said.    

Jackman made the recent trip to Cambodia as an “ambassador” for charity World Vision, which has joined in the microcredit movement, offering loans to poor residents of developing countries so they can make a living and sustain themselves.    

Jackman is friends with Nobel Peace Prize-winning economist Muhammad Yunus, a pioneer in the world of microcredit and author of the 1999 book “Banker to the Poor.”   

Apart from his philanthropic work, Jackman enjoys skiing, kayaking in Sydney Harbour and horse riding. Like many children, his kids enjoy tearing the limbs off the “X-Men” toy figurines that have become popular in recent years. 

“Somehow, it’s saving me therapy bills for my kids down the road,” Jackman joked.

Although some reviewers have taken their shots at “X-Men Origins: Wolverine,” hollywood-starindications are that it will post strong box office numbers this weekend. Online ticket seller reported on Friday that the firm accounts for 81 percent of its ticket sales, and that it appeals to both men and women. In a survey of moviegoers planning to see the film, 48 percent were female, and 72 percent of all respondents said Jackman’s starring role was the major reason to see “Wolverine.”


X-Men Origins: Wolverine was a disappointment


you’re trippin Danny, I saw X-Men Origins last night with my two daughters and we thought Wolverine was BOSS!! So everyone else in the theater. Usually after about the third or fourth sequel….theyr’e no good. But X-Men Origins, had action….suspense…..even some humor! Excellent!!!!!!

Posted by Bev | Report as abusive

x-men origins needed better makeup (why were liev shreiber’s teeth so short? he looked like a kitten-mutant with muscles) and better effects, it is true BUT it did end where it was supposed to and explained some stuff. I think ryan reynolds and taylor kitsch did amazing jobs, as did Jackman as usual, but it could have been a better movie. Still, it was well worth seeing on the big screen, and if you are a fan, definitely fork over the bucks. If you don’t have super high expectations it is more fun. I didn’t, and I’ve enjoyed the movie twice now. everyone whines too much these days.
Still, I hope that in the next one they rehire the old cast and effects people.

Posted by seababy | Report as abusive

I saw X-men friday I loved it and thought it had the best story development so far and of course hugh was flawless and every one else was tops


Wolverine was GREAT!! Especially Hugh Jackman!


yea it wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t great.


So “Wolverine” wasn’t “Schindler’s List” or “Citizen Kane”, it was exactly what it was meant to be: FUN!!!! If you want some deep message or a film with ‘meaning’, rent one of the above mentioned Best Picture winners, if you’re out for some entertaining escapism, “Woliverine” is your ticket.

Posted by Yovonne | Report as abusive

My husband and I saw the movie and both loved the humor action and all the charactors. Hugh Jackman is proving to be a very all round talented man

Posted by Vanessa | Report as abusive

Wolverine was an awesome movie. I thought it was well written and how Wolverine became Wolverine. Hugh Jackman played that role so well, he is a very talented man.

Posted by Leahanne | Report as abusive

Hugh Jackman is very talented. He can play so many different roles. Not disappointed in Wolverine. I thought it was very entertaining and full of action.

Posted by carol masters | Report as abusive

I thought this one was the best out of all the X-Men movies. Lots of fun. Love Hugh Jackman as Wolverine.
I’ve seen it like 5 times this summer so far…just had a good time watching it.


its wasn’t good special effects were the worst part of the movie.Really disappointing

Posted by marco | Report as abusive

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