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Verdict looms on Miss California’s title

May 7, 2009

For Miss California, first there was the gay marriage controversy. Then it was the breast implant flap. Now it’s the “semi-nude” photo imbroglio. And that last one could be the one that causes the Miss California pageant organizers to strip Carrie Prejean of her sash.carrie-prejean1

Keith Lewis, co-director of the Miss California USA pageant, said in a statement on Wednesday that he was “absolutely stunned” to learn there were four photos circulating on the Internet of Prejean in her underwear with no top. Apparently, he believed there was only one photo out there. All the photos were taken long before Prejean became Miss California, and they are apparently taken in the style of a Victoria Secret advertising spread.

“This completely changes things for us,” Lewis said. “Yesterday, we thought she had explained things accurately. We need to revisit this issue with her.”

On Wednesday, business magnate Donald Trump, the owner of the Miss USA pageant, told Los Angeles radio station KISSFM that he planned to review the racy pictures of Prejean and that a decision could come on Wednesday or Thursday on whether to take away her sash.

A spokeswoman for Prejean was not immediately available.

The emergence of racy photos has created problems for other beauty pageant winners, including former Miss America Vanessa Williams, who in 1984 relinquinshed the crown because organizers of the pageant were upset over erotic photos of her circulating at the time. Of course, that’s all a distant memory for Williams, whose career as a singer, model and actress has thrived, and who these days enjoys a starring role on ABC comedy “Ugly Betty”

Prejean, a Christian college student, has many fans, especially among supporters of traditional marriage who have praised her for rejecting gay marriage during the question-and-answer segment of the Miss USA pageant last month. The Miss California pageant organizers have made no secret of their disappointment in those remarks. And all the while, the controversy has pitted conservative Christians against gay rights advocates.

Could being stripped of the Miss California sash only help Prejean’s profile? The verdict awaits.


It does not surprise me…..It is always the most self righteous people who have skeletons in the “close.” I wonder if her Boob photos were “biblically Correct.”

Posted by RAul | Report as abusive

The mistreatment of this girl by pageant organizers and judges is very disappointing, especially since the majority of Americans (including our President) believe marriage should be between a man and a woman. I would like to know what the pageant did about their judge calling her names. This was totally inappropriate for a judge of a pageant.

Posted by Pam | Report as abusive

Leave her alone. You’re making it political.

Posted by chris turk | Report as abusive

Why did she even make it as far as runner-up? I don’t see why someone who looks like a skeleton with balloons glued on her chest is defined as beautiful.

Posted by embolism | Report as abusive

Umm….if you don’t want it to be political, you need to make your complaint to the judges who ask politically motivated questions! Please don’t comment if you don’t have the slightest clue what is going on. Thanks!

Posted by Marcus | Report as abusive

These all seem like silly reasons to strip a beauty queen of her tiara. It’s a judgement based on looks after all. Let’s not pretend it’s more than that.

Now why anyone cares what a hate spewer says or does is another matter.

Posted by DV | Report as abusive

Oh please people. Leave her alone. Like Christians arent allowed to make mistakes. Stop looking at all of her faults and start examining some of your own. Just because Christians strive to live by a higher moral code doesnt mean they’re not human. And humans make mistakes, and bad choices. Its what we all do. You people are mad because christians are “self righteous” and “judgemental” well take a look at your comments and i think you’ll find out who’s the judgemental one. We all are judges. Of character, of punishments, of everything in life we make judgement calls. I dont see Miss California leaving judgmental comments about your bodies or your pictures you took when you were very young and stupid. So back off and give her a break!

Posted by Cassie | Report as abusive

Who are any of you mockers to cast the first stone? If none of you like what she said about gay marriage, go take a happy pill or whatever you do, and get over it!

Posted by Shelly | Report as abusive

Even though I support the rights of gays to marry, I do not see why Miss CA is being vilified. She was asked for her opinion and she gave it truthfully. Lots of people do not support gay marriage but that does not make them hatemongers.

I would think that those with liberal views would have more tolerance to differing viewpoints. To ask someone’s opinion on a moral issue like that was not appropriate for a beauty contest. There are plenty of other questions she could have been asked, but the judge who asked the question did so with only one acceptable answer in mind. That is wrong.

And yes, I do support gay marriage. Just not intolerance on either side.

Posted by Cathy | Report as abusive

True christians don’t discriminate against others based on how God made them.

Posted by Robbie | Report as abusive

Had she chosen to speak pro-gay marriage, these photos or breast implants would never be an issue. However, now that she expressed her honest opinion as well as the opinion of the MAJORITY of the state of California, the organizers of Miss California pageant are “disappointed”. So, what happened to the freedom of speech? Go Carrie!

Posted by Tatiana Abigail | Report as abusive

Ms. Prejean simply answered a question in a pageant and gave her opinion. No one can answer such a controversial issue and please all sides. People trying to make this into a major issue are making a mistake. The rant to crucify this young girl for her opinion makes no sense. Extreme hostility either way is unjustified and will certainly turn neutral people against an overly agressive advocate. Come on, let’s be civil and let the debate evolve between rational people.

Posted by Vince | Report as abusive

That quirky loaded question if it was going to be asked should have been asked to all the contestants.

She gave an honest answer and the gays didn’t like it so they do what they typically do which reminds me of those idiot Scientologist’s, as they look for any kind of dirt as to vilify he person who spoke out against them to try and bring them down if a person speaks out against them.

The picture of her at 17 are just like what are found in Victoria’s Secrets or a Cosmopolitan or Vogue magazine, BIG DEAL. Her only fault was forgetting about the pictures.

The womans getting more attention now then if she did win. lol Good for her, and if they strip her of the title I hope she sues them.

Posted by Tired of the double standard | Report as abusive

Bottom line – she is in a vanity contest. She colors her hair, paints her face, increases her breasts, lies about photos, etc….. She is no role model but similar to an athlete using steroids.

Posted by geoff | Report as abusive

she should not have been vilified for stating her opinion to a question she wasn\’t expecting. However it does show she\’s not an appropriate diplomat required of her position. There was a better way to answer the question however again it\’s hard to answer on the fly like that with all the appropriate filters, etc. However if she feels the question is bigger than her title and wants to go there she should be willing to lose the crown.
Today it\’s beyond the pageant if you pay attention; she\’s enthusiastically attached herself to anti gay marriage (pro heterosexual-only marriage) organizations and news reels. Although she competed and won the pageant for California which forbids her running such an itinerary, she continues. So she\’s offered herself up for judgment.
Additionally she put herself on stage \”TO BE JUDGED\” so anybody\’s comment to not judge her for these pics, etc. are ridiculous. We, the commentators here, have not put ourself on such a stage. However you\’re welcome to judge my comments and express your own opinion. Just keep it about the topic…which isn\’t whether gay marriage is right or wrong. geesh!


The judges were fully aware of the contestant’s educational backround- especially that Carrie Prejean was attending a Christian college. And so GLAAD member “Perez” seized on this as an opportunity to force her into politically correctedness- he didn’t want an answer, he wanted submission to his agenda and was shocked when he didn’t get it. He, like his cohorts, understands less about real values than what marriage really is. She showed true character in denying herself the crown in order to show true character. To a person like “Perez” it was an unthinkable answer- and we all saw his raw response.

Posted by Nexibus | Report as abusive

She was ask a question, She gave her opinion which is protected by the constitution of the United States of America. Please leave her alone.Also , Why is a gay guy judging a female beauty contest? Would he not be better suited to be judging Mr. California?

Posted by Jerry Fisher | Report as abusive

Everyone is so caught up in the fact that she said she believes marriage should between man and woman that they missed the part where she said she is glad to live in a country where everyone has the choice to marry who they want. That comment shows her ignorance of the issue – she does not live in a country where everyone has this right. She lives in a country were very few states have enacted laws that allow same sex marriage. The question was should other states follow suit and allow same sex marriage yes or no. I don’t think that people were upset that she feels same sex marriage is not appropriate – it is the way that she said it and her obvious lack of knowledge of the topic. Also, the skeltons are coming out of her closet by her own doing because she choose to make a huge issue over being asked the question so of course that sends folks digging around in her closet. She should have prepped for her questions better and she should be careful of parading around stating that her christian values won’t allow her to say anything other than what she did – I doubt her christian values say its cool to pose half naked for all the world to see – but hey they might.

Posted by Lynn | Report as abusive

Wikipedia’s definition: “The term partial nudity refers to a state of less than complete nudity, and is sometimes used to refer to exposure of skin beyond what the person using the expression considers to be within the limits of modesty. If the exposure is within the standards of modesty of a given culture and setting (eg wearing a bikini at a non-nude beach), terms such as nudity, partial or otherwise, are not normally used.”
Miss California did NOT pose “semi nude.” Today’s lax “standards of modesty” applaud women who reveal much more on the Oscars and on the front pages of magazines– the Miss USA contestants in bikinis revealed more than the 17-year-old model in the undies photo! While many of our Christian young ladies might be encouraged to move in the direction of modesty, their overexposure warrants gentle, thoughtful discussion, not excommunication from either the Christian fold or the pageant world.


I am a gay married man in California and I do not think the she should be stripped of her title. We all have a right to our opinion and freedom of speech. I believe Ms Prejean should be given the rights which all California citizens should be given. The rights of freedom of speech and the pursuit of happiness. I do not want to strip anyone of their rights for the sake of my rights. I wish that all California would all be given the rights and respect which we are all due.

Posted by Ricardo | Report as abusive

I think that perez hilton should set him(her)self on fire… :)

Posted by bby_70 | Report as abusive

Shanna Moakler is a co-director for the Miss California pageant?!! She has a child out of wedlock and has posed nude for Playboy several times. And she is what little girls should look up??! while Carrie Prejean is vilified by the media for giving her honest opinion on marriage???!!! I thought these beauty queens were encouraged to represent the values of what an American woman should be by expressing her opinion. I can understand why Carrie has not made the so called appearances that are required by the pageant. They’ve sent her to the front lines of battle while stabbing her in the back. It’s clear to see who really runs Miss USA.

Posted by LOLA | Report as abusive

Why should anyones views on gay marriage affect whether or not they win a beauty pageant? It was a loaded question and unfair. Who really cares what Miss USA believes about political issues.

It’s laughable that the same Hollywood Limo Liberals that rail about freedom of choice are now trying to undermine Miss California’s right to free speech. Such hypocrites. Never mind that she happens to reflect the views of the majority of the country….

Perez Hilton is a joke and it’s an embarassment that he’s even remotely relevant.

Posted by CJ | Report as abusive

While many people are trying to desperately dig up some “dirty laundry” on this young lady, Carrie Prejean, it seems like there is not much talk about the outrageous choice of the Miss USA Organizationa of selecting someone like Perez Hilton as a judge. Regardless of the political and moral values of these young ladies, I believe that these women and their families put in a lot of time, sacrifice, and money into becoming a Miss USA contestant. A lot is expected from them: beauty, brains, wisdom, independence etc etc. Yet all their hard work is judged by someone as inmature and foul as Perez Hilton??! Where is the logic in this? Don’t these ladies deserve better? Why is someone as foul-mouthed and inmature selected as a judge?!!

Posted by B Melrose | Report as abusive

This situation has exploded into a monumental news event ! What truly amazes me is that no one came to Miss California’s defense in a public way. Her character has been maligned by some very public personalities, BUT, she has really stood alone in countering her critics. MOST public personalities have ignored responding to her attackers. Why ?

Posted by Ted | Report as abusive

She used her celebrity and her title to push a political agenda in a TV ad. She also broke the rules about the kind of photos she had out there. How does she still have the sacred sash exactly?

She’s just another anorexic chick with fake boobs. A long way from a true beauty.

Posted by Simon | Report as abusive

I guess you’re an expert Simon…like most people.

I agree with B Melrose. These girls put a lot of time, money and persistence into doing this and its easy to verbal tear them apart. Ask yourself, what have I accomplished that is similar to this?

Yeah, its just a beauty contest, but it still takes effort and motivation to go out there and do this. Most people don’t even go out on the dance floor at a social party because they’re afraid someone might see them and talk, point and laugh.

Posted by bby_70 | Report as abusive

“Mr Trump” this, “Mr Trump” that. That pageant is Trump’s own personal politically correct bordelo. And those women are a bunch of ass kissing trailor trash. “Can we talk”?

Posted by carlo diciolla | Report as abusive

What happened to freedom of speech? When did liberalism become synonymous with haters and bigots? Why did Prejean get asked that question when no one else was asked anything remotely controversial? If she had mumbled her response or answered factually incorrectly on some question of history or fact, that would have been one thing, but how can an opinion question be answered incorrectly? What were the judges qualifications (and why has that person not been villified for the vile attack on the contestant?) She just gave an honest answer.

Posted by Kathryn | Report as abusive

I think Miss California has the right to express her opinions even if I don’t agree with her. She was asked a question and she answered it honestly. I don’t think the other things about her would have come out if she had answered differently. Aren’t the judges supposed to be objective? Have we lost the right to our opinion? To answer a question from the heart? I don’t agree with her but she has the right to give her answer, her way, if asked.

Posted by ida | Report as abusive

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