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Paula Abdul has a new story on painkillers

May 8, 2009

“American Idol” judge Paula Abdul on Thursday slammed a magazine report that she suffered a dependency on painkillers, saying that her statements were taken out of context.paula-abdul2

The report posted on the Web site of Ladies’ Home Journal earlier this week described Abdul as having overcome a painkiller habit that began years ago when she was wracked with pain from various injuries. The magazine said that Abdul, to overcome her habit, checked into the La Costa Resort & Spa in California last Thanksgiving to wean herself off painkillers.

But in an interview on Thursday with Detroit radio station WKQI, Abdul disputed that.

“It was very stressful for me to hear that and to be quoted saying something I’ve never said,” Abdul told the radio station. ”I’ve never checked into a rehab clinic, I’ve never been addicted or abused drugs and I’ve never been addicted or abused alcohol. I’ve never been drunk in my life.”

But Abdul did not dispute everything in the magazine article. One of the radio hosts asked about a quote in the Ladies’ Home Journal article in which Abdul, after the description of her checking into the spa, said that she suffered freezing cold, chattering teeth and excruciating pain. “That actually is true,” Abdul told the radio station, without elaborating.

In the magazine article, Abdul was quoted as saying she suffered from “withdrawal” at the time. 

But Abdul said that she simply checked into the spa to relax, and that it is not a rehab center.

Later, one of the radio hosts asked: “So you sure you ain’t never been on those drugs?”

“We’re not going to go there,” Abdul said.

So the story remains unclear. When the Ladies’ Home Journal article appeared online this week, it came after years of media speculation about whether painkillers contributed to Abdul’s sometimes bizarre behavior on “American Idol” and in television interviews, but the 1980s pop star had repeatedly denied any addiction to painkillers. She has, however, openly described the pain and medical problems she has suffered.

Patrick Taylor, a spokesman for Ladies’ Home Journal, said the magazine stands by the article.

Meanwhile, Abdul spoke about her singing and dancing on “Idol” on Wednesday night in the interview with WKQI. It was her first ever performance on the “Idol” stage. The radio station asked her what sharp-tongued alpha judge Simon Cowell had to say about the performance.

“He stood up for me gave me an ovation and a big wet kiss,” Abdul said.


Who does she think she’s kidding. Her eyes are always glazed and she can barely put a sentence together. I think the only reason she did the performance was to try to prove she wasn’t screwed up but she just keeps making herself look like more of a fool.

Posted by Michele McElwain | Report as abusive

i believe paula totally! shes amazing and i hate when people say shes drunk or on drugs! shes such a great role model and i would like to see all the people insulting her like that do half the stuff she does! keep on rocking paula!! your MANY fans love you!!

Posted by Regina | Report as abusive

Unless you live in chronic pain every day then no one has a right to judge Paula. I suffer with chronic pain(RSD) every day for years. The pain is excruciating and if you need pain medicine to get through the day then that’s her business. For people out there that don’t know any thing about RSD…look it up!!! You just don’t get pain medicine unless your physician feels you need it. And no one likes the side effects of medicine, but you do what you have to do to live. I think its great that Paula kept working. I am happy for Paula. She told her story and she should be proud of herself. For every one that is twisting her words around…Shame on you. Unless you walk in her shoes then you will never understand what she has been suffering from. Paula your amazing!!!!!!
You were great on Americian Idol!!!!

Posted by Kathleen | Report as abusive

Keanu Reeves being cast as Jekyll/Hyde may be the most monumental piece of miscasting ever conceived in Hollywood. This is a guy whose acting chops seem pretty much limited to stone face and stoned grin. They’d better get an Oscar-worthy makeup artist for this because Keanu, nice guy though he is, can’t emote his way out of a paper bag.

Posted by Gerry | Report as abusive

Does anyone care if Paula is or was or has been on painkillers? The important thing is that for a woman of 46 she is smokin’ hot to look at! That’s what matters. She still has the body and the face to make even younger guys stand at attention.


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