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“Star Trek” — The actors strike back!

May 12, 2009

star-trekThe movie “Star Trek” has wowed critics and audiences and made $79.2 million in the U.S. and Canada since opening on Thursday. But not everyone is thrilled. Some hardcore fans accuse director J.J. Abrams of flubbing the movie by straying from the established “canon,” in other words introducing elements and events that diverge from the way things happened in Star Trek television shows and movies until now.

On NBC variety show “Saturday Night Live” over the weekend, “Star Trek” stars Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto and Leonard Nimoy took the “Trekker” fans on directly in a comedy piece, with a pair of “SNL” actors playing the part of outraged fans sitting in the audience.

 ”We understand you are concerned about the way we are handling your beloved franchise,” said Quinto, who plays young Spock in the movie. ”But don’t worry, we’ve gone to great lengths to ensure that this film fits in flawlessly with the established canon.”

Then Pine, who plays Captain Kirk, tried to explain how the movie portrays the famed Star Trek transporters.

“I swear that the transporters on this enterprise utilize the Heisey … Oh God I have no idea what I’m talking about,” Pine said.

Well, the “Trekkers” have noticed the jab they took on “SNL.” On the fan site, one commentator using the name James Heaney wrote, “Oh my Q… Chris Pine doesn’t know what a *Heisenberg compensator* is? We’re all screwed.”

Then there’s their reaction to the movie. On the Twitter feed TReKiE, one commentator using the name DestroyTwitter wrote that he thought the film was “clearly made for the masses.”

“Big loud action sequences at senseless cost to canon, for no apparent real reason,” the commentator wrote.

But not all the Internet reaction about the movie and its actors is negative.

“I would say that Abrams and (company) pulled it off and that Trek is back with a vengeance and that Hardcore trekies who wanted it to fail didn’t get their wish,” wrote one commentator using the name Garovorkin on 

Everything seems to be a battle in Star Trek fandom. contained plenty of comments suggesting fans should be called Trekkers, not Trekkies. But the uninitiated have no reason to feel bad. Even Leonard Nimoy, appearing on “SNL,” jokingly got it wrong for a second. 

“I have spent many years of my life among trekkies, er trekkers, and they have been among the best years of my life,” Nimoy said. 

How does that sit with the Trekkies, er Trekkers?


I am a Huge trekkie…Trekker…Who really cares what we’er called. The movie was fantastic. of course i didnt grow up with the original series(TOS) but i was born the same year that next gen was. If any “real” fan remembers the next gen episode “Parallels” which deals with alternate timelines as Worf travels to them. In J.J. Abrams Star Trek it is clearly stated that it is a parellel time line. Remember it is a fantasy, although a very good one, it is still a fantasy. the fans who want things to be rigid and fail seem to have missed some of Gene Roddenberry’s message of adventure and teamwork. cannon can be changed, and it’s ok, because its a new generation watching it.

Posted by Damien Conrad | Report as abusive

Give me a break. I am a huge fan but anyone worried about those details should also ask themselves; How did the Borg end up in the Arctic when Picard destoyed them in First Contact? OR How could Khan remember Chekov’s face in the second movie when he wasn’t even on the Enterprise in Space Seed? In other words, who cares!! I hesitate to use Shatner’s line from SNL so I won’t but these people should really just be happy that Roddenberry’s characters and vision of the future will continue – at least for another two or three movies.

Posted by DJH493 | Report as abusive

I thought of myself a pretty hard-core fan and thought this was probably one of the best Star Trek movies EVER!! The new cast was far better at their roles than I thought they would be and frankly I hope that we keep the new crew on the Enterprise for years to come.

Hell, I’d like to see another TV series with this cast! It was a new look for the Trek universe and totally rocked!! And Pine’s interpetation of Kirk was flawless; he took the “Shatner” out and left us with the essence of Kirk.

Posted by Kevin O'Reily | Report as abusive

The film was almost compleatly accurate It was great

Posted by karel menn | Report as abusive

I am a longtime trekkie/trekker, and personally, it honestly doesn’t matter what we are called, it’s the love of the saga. I enjoyed the film, and Damien is right, it’s an alternate reality that was changed in the beginning few scenes…..It’s true, I walked away asking my husband, “So, almost everything we remember from the beginning, doesn’t happen now?” But this is a whole new world with the characters we loved. The actors who took those roles did a fantastic job, and now a brand new generation of people will come from this, with new stories and new films. They don’t have to rely on the originals….they can turn the legacy over now.

Posted by Guinan | Report as abusive

I am also a HUGE Trek fan. I started with TOS and have watched everything Trek that has been put on film. My hat is off to J.J. Abrams, Robert Orci, Alex Kurtzman, and the entire cast. You guys exceeded expectations that I was desperately trying to reign in. I can’t wait to see it again with another group of friends! I look forward to seeing how you further develop the Bones/Kirk/Spock relationships and more Scotty!!! More everyone for that matter! All you naysaying Trek fanboys are sadly missing the larger point. Any Trek is better than NO TREK AT ALL and because you can’t let go of some very minor perceived inconsistencies, you’re missing a great movie. Just pretend you’re watching a big screen ‘Mirror, Mirror’ and sit back and enjoy the ride.

Posted by Cliff | Report as abusive

Are you out of your Vulcun mind? This was a grea, great movie. Funny, and left you happy not dreary which is a welcome change


Damn green-blooded minutiae-loving Trek obsessives…

Posted by Ultra-Humanite | Report as abusive

Not to speak for Gene, but I believe he would be fine with this movie. Also, if MR.Spock himself is fine with it, who are we to complain. Besides, there are always new and different versions. STNG, STDS9, etc. Which hardcore fans went for or didn’t. Bottom line, it was a fun movie. Lighten up. I am a Trekkie! (and it is Trekkie because Gene said so at a convention years ago) But I like the term Roddenberrian instead!! I have been viewing ST since 1970(too young at the time for the network airing). The whole thing is to be open to new things and new ways. SO LIGHTEN UP AND ENJOY!!

Posted by ron | Report as abusive

wow. god people. really i thought this movie was great and that zachary quinto and chris pine and zoe and the rest of the cast all did a great job. and jj to did a great job making star trek new and for are time not ur daddies time. they did it so will and wow some of the trekkies need a life go out or something because not everyone gets what they want.

Posted by sarah | Report as abusive

I loved the original which I saw as re-runs as a youngster. I was an avid fan of New Generation. I didn’t have as much love for the movies, however. I reluctantly went to this new movie with my husband and was pleasantly surprised!!! LOVED IT! The cast was really terrific and I can’t imagine having any other actors in their places now having seen it. It was even funny! I loved some of the references to the tv show. I look forward to sequels!!!!

Posted by Kat | Report as abusive

Great movie loved star trek for over twenty years and will enjoy it until we reach the 22nd century and beyond. For those who are displeased with the move the franchise has made, a lot of it may have to do with the fact that we pick on every little detail of the canon that rebooting was the only option that we “trekkies” gave them. Enjoy what star trek is at the core, and enjoy what is to come.

Posted by Ben Q | Report as abusive

I am currently watching Johnathan archer who has been transported 900 years into the future where the federation does not exist. An alternated timeline.
BTW: the movie was great.

Posted by ron | Report as abusive

Well, I’m a long time Trek fan and I loved this movie. If this movie hadn’t been made the way that it was, we may have never seen another Star Trek again. Thus, I credit J.J. Abrams for saving Star Trek. Thank you VERY much Mr. Abrams.

I also think it was a nice move putting Chris Doohan in the movie as Kyle. A fitting tribute and I hope he’s in the next Trek.

A fan forever!!!

Posted by Kay | Report as abusive

I have been watching star trek for manhy years I began with the first crew and have watched every incarnation. I also attend conventions including the one where the whole crew was present (Shatner,Nimoy,De Kelly,ect.) Every time there was a new trek there was critisism about stories and facts at first but by the next year the show was a classic. Hang in there folks the new movie and crew are great and next year they’ll all be saying it and we can say Yes!


It was an awesome movie and I have seen it twice. I am a self-confessed trekaholic (yes, I have every series and movie on DVD) and the fact that it seemed fresh and new was very much enjoyed. This is the start of something incredible.

Posted by Mark | Report as abusive

What the hell is Startrek?

Posted by A. Borg | Report as abusive

there were many lose ends in the movie.

1 How can that Kirk a cadet FRESH out of the academy be given the command of the Enterprise by star Fleet? thats like giving a navy cadet of today the command of a aircraft carrier.
if only sulu had not forgotten to take off the parking brake he could have been real captain after being acting captain.(but thats right, he was fresh from the academy also)

2 just because that Kirk is a computer hacker does not mean he is command material. He did not change the test so that it was possible to win, he changed it so that all the thing could do was say you win. while he ate his apple like so High school hacker brat in the movie High school musical.

3 Spocks mother can’t be transported because she moved a few feet (yes she was falling, but that is moving, just downward) then later in the movie all of a sudden they they can tranport (Scotty just happens to have the equation) to a ship at MAXIMUM WARP.

4 What is MAXIMUM WARP is that faster than NOT SO MUCH WARP

5 why is the engineering like a factory or beer distillery not a space ship

6 just because they are in a different time line warp drive would not change the way it works

Posted by Charles D Martin | Report as abusive

JJ Abrams should now be a GOD amongst Trekkers, as a long time Trek fan (although too young to have seen the original when first aired) I genuinely thought that Star Trek wouldv’e been shelved after Nemesis and Star Trek: Enterprise, personally I loved both but knew that it wasn’t the best that could’ve been produced.

This new film as reinvigorated Star Trek with a burst of life that was more than overdue, we’ve started afresh lets get behind it and make sure Star Trek lives on for a long time to come.

The film was flawless in its portrayal of how I’ve always imagined Star Trek to be. It is AMAZING! I urge EVERYONE, Trekker or not to see this movie. I have now replaced Batman: The Dark Knight as #1 on my top 5 films with this new Star Trek film. Peace.

Posted by Gerry | Report as abusive

what the outraged fans do not realize is that maybe these new black holes will alter the path of the stupid “nexus” in the ST: Generations story. This means that Kirk can have an honorable fitting death, rather than the totally lame “I’ve fallen and cannot get up” BS death. He can meet a fate much more fitting, like that of his father in this movie. He can at least say something more heroic and Kirk like than “it was… ‘fun’… Oh, my…” Isn’t THAT worth a few artistic liberties in this movie? Or are you so beholden to stories you have already heard that your minds cannot accept something better?

Posted by larry | Report as abusive

As a Scotsman I feel it only appropriate to quote Scotty when referring to people who go on about Trek Canon being broken, “Get tae …” if you’re from Britain you’ll know how that one ends.

Posted by Jonathan | Report as abusive

DestroyTwitter is the name of a Twitter posting client, not the name of a person. The person’s name is clearly shown on the right sidebar of the user’s profile.

That shows just how well the author was paying attention.


You do know that SNL is a joke, and so was the comment about Heisenberg compensator’s which is itself a joke. Since according to Heisenberg a transporter is impossible, so star trek writers made the compensator….. Most trek fan’s are happy, these hard core nuts have been ruining other fans perception of thier beloved show for 2 or more years with their constant whining. Most hate them. Trekkies are a mixed bunch, and despite what the show preaches there isn’t as much tolerance as you’d think.

Posted by Hugo | Report as abusive

40 years of Star Trek information down the toilet. I’ve followed Star Trek since it started on TV and continue to watch all the movies, series and episodes hundreds of time, And I can seriously say, I did not like it. The new Enterprise looks stupid.

Posted by Gee | Report as abusive

Jeez, people… Most of the comments that you’re quoting were obviously meant tongue-in-cheek in the first place. What is it with news outlets wanting to portray Star Trek fans as hating the new movie? At worst it’s a vocal minority, and, honestly, they aren’t even all that vocal. If you wanted to see Star Trek fans in an uproar, you should’ve browsed the Trek sites when Nemesis premiered and Enterprise was on the air.

Learn to take a joke or risk becoming one yourselves. Stop trying to make a story that isn’t there. nstream-media-continue-to-misundersand-a nd-misrepresent-trek-fans/ 782443101 ecom-comments-being-taken-too-seriously/

Posted by Roger | Report as abusive

Wait until you cross me Enterprise! HAHAHAHAHA!


that “we’re screwed” comment on was an obvious joke. most Trekkies I know have wicked senses of humah! I’m a Trekkie (going on 30 years, NOT living in my parents’ basement, thank you very much) and I have no problems with what this movie has accomplished. I love it and so do many other Trekkies I know. and no, I don’t wanna be a “Trekker”. it’s an idiotic distinction anyway. “Trekkies” rolls off the tongue nicely, notwithstanding Denise Crosby’s inane shockumentary.

Posted by indranee | Report as abusive

If you are a fan of the old Star Trek DO NO GO SEE THIS MOVIE! It is NOT Star Trek! As a matter of fact, they ruined Star Trek in the first five minutes. If they make another (and they will) they MUST fix the errors that they created, or I will not go to see it. When it comes out, I will wait to hear if the original plot line has been repaired, and if it is not, I will write off Star Trek forever! I can’t believe that they were so disrespectful to the integrity of such a beloved series.

Posted by Brian | Report as abusive

I’m sorry Brian but if you are such a big fan of Trek then alternate realities shouldn’t be a hard concept to grasp, it has been done many times and this latest Trek is another example it. Get a grip man!

Posted by Jonathan | Report as abusive

It’s sad how many so called “journalists” do their jobs. From this article it is clear, that the author doesn’t even grasp a basic concept like irony. Maybe he should get another job.

Posted by Unbel1ever | Report as abusive

I am James Heaney, who was quoted in the article. Yes, I was being ironic. I do wish Reuters paid a little more attention to context, but I’m honoured to be the second TrekMovie commenter to be completely misunderstood by the mainstream media.

I can only hope to one day be as cool as Sean of the “THIS IS A DISASTER” incident.


Dear Alex Dobunskis,

Do you ever do any actual research when you write an article or do you like to direct the news to fit your needs? If you had actually known what the writer of the comments intended you would realize that he was making a joke. As far as leading people to belive that there is a great feeling of negativity on the internet about this new movie, I kindly direct you to the majority of the comments on Trekmovie. I would say that you’d find the majority to be overwhelmingly positive. Most of us Trek fans have been going multiple times to this movie. Hardly the thing a negative fan would do. Also, take a gander at the box office returns.

Posted by THX-1138 | Report as abusive

You know the more I think about it, other than one big item, not one thing that happened in the movie really flies in the face of the known trek history. Vulcan being destroyed? How do we know it wasn’t?? How do we know that the Vulcan in the tv series and throughout the movies isn’t the planet Spock mentions finding at the end of the movie? Not hard to rename a planet Vulcan? We have no knowledge from the show or movies of how the crew came to be, so we have to assume this movies amply explains it. The ship fits into the mold. Looks a little more like a ferrari than the pinto we grew up with! : ) The one thing that I think they should not have done. Spock’s mother should not have died. That’s the one thing for me that really sours it for me a little. She didn’t die, we know she didn’t die. We see her on the tv show, and in several of the movies. By killing her off, they made all the other things seem like much begger deals, even though they shouldn’t be. I didn’t want a reboot. I didn’t want a do over. I wanted to see the old crew in action as young vibrant youthful people again. I wanted to see how it all began, and see adventures that happened outside the tv episodes leading up to where the original star trek movie began. Why Hollywood insists on scewing with everything is beyond me. Don’t get me wrong. I LOVED this movie, and will try like hell to go see it again and will be forst in line to by it. But it was unnecessary to screw around with it. Reintroduce the newbies to what we all knew and loved about the old characters, in a new a fresh way. Just don’t give us any twists! Not needed, not wanted!

Posted by bigtrekfan | Report as abusive

Liked the action, CGI, and the use of TOS characters. Hated the design, the weak story, the pointless monster, the Apple II computer Bridge, with a Budweiser Engineering deck! Those were very large Beer kegs used to keep Scotty intoxicated.

I bet not a single person who posted on here are “trek fans”. Probably more JJ fans if anything.

This movie had so many errors, I’m certain it’s too large to list, and would bore you, the “supposed” trek fans, with useless details.

And what the hell was the monster scene all about? Any of you even notice that it was the same monster in clover field? Don’t tell me you creamed your pants for that one!

And the MTV crowd is at work.


Posted by Joseph | Report as abusive

Oh, and the movie SUCKED!!!!!!

Posted by Joseph | Report as abusive

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