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Adam Lambert and Kris Allen to face off in “Idol” finale

May 14, 2009

allen-1The elimination of Danny Gokey on Wednesday’s broadcast of “American Idol” answered a question “Fan Fare” posed the night before — namely if Gokey’s rival Kris Allen was really a “dark horse” contestant with any chance of winning.

The fans have spoken and Allen will face presumed frontrunner Adam Lambert in the finale next week. And importantly, he and Lambert were separated by just slightly more than 1 million votes, out of about 88 million total votes for the Top 3 contestants. Still, Lambert has by far attracted the most media buzz and praise from the judges, with Simon Cowell all but lobbying the viewers during Tuesday’s broadcast to vote for Lambert.

Allen, whose good looks have made him popular with female viewers, has become a fan favorite. On “Fan Fare’s” visit to the “Idol” set on Tuesday, nearly all the signs in the audience were for Allen. He appears soft-spoken and sensitive, never displaying the kind of boldness Lambert has flaunted throughout the season.

lambert_showAllen specializes at smart, sensitive renditions of songs from the entire spectrum of pop music. Lambert is a rocker with soaring vocal abilities, who also has shown an ability to impress the judges with every type of musical genre, except maybe country. In some ways, the finale could echo recent presidential elections, pitting a contestant from the very Blue (or Democratic) state of California against one from the Red (Republican) state of Arkansas. While Lambert has been photographed kissing another man and in drag, Allen is a relative newlywed and a devout Christian who has traveled internationally on church ministry trips.

Is this Lambert’s competition to lose, or Allen’s chance to stage a surprise upset?

Photocredit: Michael Becker/FOX


this show is not about religion , age, sex
this show is about the best performance the best american idol the best singer
and that is adam lambert.


I knew from the beginning Adam would be in the finally,he is so amazing.Adam Lambert will be our new American Idol!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Sally | Report as abusive

That Kris Allen is one of the two finalists is almost laughable. I mean, c’mon, the guy’s an okay singer, but Danny Gokey’s got it all over him. It should have been Gokey. And Adam Lambert shuts them both down – truly one of the most amazing performers I’ve ever seen on Idol.

Okay, Allen has classic “boy next door” good looks, but I sense there’s not a whole lot more there. He strikes me as a dumb country hick.

Still, we should never underestimate the ability of 12 year old girls with raging hormones to sway the outcome of a singing competition, no matter how unworthy the contestant (remember Sanjaya?).

So Adam has to turn on the charm, demonstrate once again his amazing vocal prowess, and yes, his sensitivity.

Posted by Chris from California | Report as abusive

Yeah! This is going to be a great finale.
Kris is people’s choice vs Adam is judges’ choice.

I’m from San Diego, CA. I voted for Kris all the way.

Yes, Kris for the win!

Posted by Oats | Report as abusive

I believe this is Adam Lambert’s competition to loose. I haven’t ever seen Kris Allen to be a very strong vocalist. Yet he has had Jamie Fox said straight up he would do a record with Kris Allen. Kris Allen being the Christian with all the Southern Hospitality going and cutesy little boy next door thing going he will probably pick up all the Danny Gokey fan votes. Even though Kris Allen is probably the reason why Danny Gokey lost and got voted off I still think Kris Allen will get the Christian votes and thus think he will pull an upset. Adam Lambert’s confidence in his ability to sing and as a performer you have to show your confidence to get jobs may cost him. Adam Lambert has said from day one he is confident in his ability to sing and he has sung circles around many of these contestants. But I don’t think main stream America will still vote and allow to win a bi-sexual/gay/metrosexual whose sexual orientation is fully known win. To many people are still freaked out that guys wear more than one earring even though that fad has been around for years. I think it will be really sad because I do believe the Lambert kid has major vocal skills and is the better singer by a landslide.

Posted by Arizona | Report as abusive

unfortunately for adam, he has been penned the frontrunner from the very beginning — clearly because his performances and talent seemed to audiences, judges and the media to be heads and shoulders above the competition (it’s not as if he had a big PR firm working the show for him). this is never a great spot to be in! read the blogs. by about the 4th performance, everyone who didn’t love him was sniping about “screaming,” “broadway,” (a term introduced by the judges themselves, who i think have now just been backtracking after working hard to even the playing field for weeks); — and even more vicious, personal attacks appeared. it’s as if adam has been competing against himself, pushing others to come out more and perform or change things up just to stay with him. i do not think he is the front runner at this point, based on the way america votes (who r those people who claim to send 2500 texts for Kris?). kris is the easier more accessible choice for america, and everyone loves the supposed “come from behind” guy: — but it’s a shame, because if u look at the competition as a whole, adam has taken the show to a new level, adding excitement, provocation and pure over the top talent to its standard repertoire.

Posted by meredithNYC | Report as abusive

Kris Allen rocks! He will be the next American Idol!I swear..


Yes, it’s too bad that the media keeps tagging Adam as a front-runner. I agree that Adam has made other contestants up their game and I think that Danny was a far better singer than Kris, who still looks frightened when he’s on stage. Kris has been in the bottom 3 and Danny never had!. Even though Adam was in the bottom 3, I think that was just something the producers did to shake things up. I honestly think that Adam had more votes than most of the contestants and should not have been in the bottom 3. That was a crock and a sham!

Anyway, I’d love for Adam to win because he is hands down the most talented and better singer/performer than any Idol I’ve ever seen. He deserves to win, but mainstream America may lean towards the dark horse and vote for Kris who has that “boy next door” charm. Either way, Adam has his name out there and will have a trememdous career in his future!

Posted by MLM | Report as abusive

Adam Lambert deserves to win! He is the awesomest in every way compared to Kris Allen. Kris can’t even sing half Adam’s range! If Kris ever wins (doubt so) it’ll probably be for his female fans.

Adam Lambert <3

Posted by adamlambertftw | Report as abusive

Adam may not win American Idol, but he has become world idol. He has fans from all over the world, more than any other contestants combined, even more than previous Idol winners. He is not only American singing sensation. He is world singing sensation. So, at this point whether he wins the American Idol or not, it doesn’t matter. He’s already a superstar.

Posted by indira | Report as abusive

OMG! I just listened and downloaded “One” U2 version by Adam. It is AMAZING and I cried it was so beautiful. I have never heard such a beautiful voice and range on American Idol. ADAM IS SO GREAT!!! If you listen to Adam’s studio version of ONE it is so much better/clearer than his version on Idol. Something was not right with the background singers/musicians when he performed on the show. I am speechless when I listen to the one from Itunes. CHECK IT OUT!!!

Posted by Patti | Report as abusive

Kris is amazing
real talented singer/ song writer.

Adam is good but way too over rated & the Judges\’s pet.
every week he sang last position is very unfair for this year.They want him to win this so\’s pathetic.

Kris for the win…way to go Kris!

Posted by Candy | Report as abusive

I think they’re both amazing and will buy their albums. I think Adam is the better singer, so in my opinion he should win. Really though, they’re both winners at this point. I’ll be happy with either of them winning the title. I think Danny is a decent singer, but he didn’t interest me with his song choices or his arrangements.

Posted by Mel | Report as abusive

le’s all hope that adam will win. wish to see him come up with an album soon. most probably with allison !

Posted by DK | Report as abusive

I think Adam is a better vocalist but I don’t think that really matters because it’s not just a singing competition. The judges say it’s a singing competition but then they also say that they want the contestants to change up the songs, be original; they make comments about their clothes,etc. There are tons of factors involved. And in the end, it’s about who America likes better. And whose cd they’ll buy. Honestly, Kris’ style reaches a bigger audience than Adam’s. So, practically, Kris should win.

Posted by Grace | Report as abusive

I think Kris Allen will and should win. He has the whole package. Don’t really understand why the judges are so obviously pushing Adam. Kris will appeal to a wider demographic than Adam and therefore sell more records. Isn’t that what they want? Adam is right where he should be…in theater.

Posted by krisfan | Report as abusive

Kris is in the finals because he can sing! Being from Arkansas doesn’t automatically make him a country hick…ridiculous. Simon has started to squirm. He’s so nervous that he had to ASK people to vote for Adam…so sad!!

Posted by Pat | Report as abusive

Yes, they will both be successful whether they win or not. It is like comparing apples and oranges.
It is not Adam’s fault that the judges like him so much. It is not Kris’ fault that Danny got voted off.
It is very hard to be the front runner. Simon’s lobbying for Adam votes may really backfire. Adam is the most amazing talented singer and should be the winner. These two are friends and they will be happy for the other one if they don’t win. I just am happy Adam’s still in it because I want to keep hearing him sing. I do like Kris, but to me every song sounds the same (pleasant, but the same).

Posted by mika | Report as abusive

I absolutly adore Kris. Not only is he cute and sweet, he has an amazing voice! I loved his version of “Heartless” and totally agree with Randy that it was better than Kanye’s version. It really annoys me why the judges are so biased towards Adam. Honestly, what does everyone see in him?? He’s strange, screams every song, is very cocky and arrogant, and personaly, I think he’s just plain freaky. Imagine what kind of songs his album would have… ugh. Well, my theory is that all of Danny’s fans will now vote for Kris and he’ll win by a landslide!

Posted by I LOVE KRIS! | Report as abusive

Danny Hokey, I mean, Gokey, was as boring as they come. And when he did finally change the song around to “make it his own”, it stunk. Unless I’m trapped on an elevator or go on a senior citizen bus trip, I probably won’t be hearing Gokey again.

Posted by Ginger | Report as abusive

I pray Kris wins just to watch the biased judges faces. Gokey will be missed!

Posted by Sadie | Report as abusive

obviously Kris will win. America will never vote for someone gay no matter how insanely talented and brilliant he is. Arkansas will get what it wants.

Posted by liz | Report as abusive

Adam Lambert has more “singing” talent than Kris Allen and Danny Gokey put together. However, with the elimination of Gokey this week, I have no doubt that Kris will be the winner. I’m pulling for Adam simply because he is the most talented contestent Idol has had in years and hence is the most desrving. Unfortunately, too many Americans can’t get past Adam’s personal syle (eyeliner, black nail polish, etc) and would rather vote for Kris (even though when he has to hit a high note, he goes into a falsetto that is barely audable!) because he is their idea of the “wholesome, guy-nest-door type.” Such a shame some people are so narrow minded. Yes, I think Kris will win.

Posted by Danny | Report as abusive

If America really wants to rejoin the rest of the modern world they should grow up and vote for the person that they think deserves to win the most based on talent, leaving religion, race and sexual orientation out of the equation. These factors have nothing to do with the contestants’ talent – singing and entertaining ability – and nothing to do with the measure of the person as “idol worthy”. I think both Kris and Adam are talented, genuine, sweet, kind and humble (please do not confuse Adam’s performance confidence with arrogance). Kris however lacks Adam’s stage presence and “IT FACTOR” that makes him so mesmerizing on stage and has a much much quieter personna and unassuming style both on and off stage. I love them both and also love that they are close friends (it is only too obvious much to Simon’s dismay)as their families also appear to be. Although I am a middle aged mother of two teens, I am a rocker at heart and love Adam’s style – his vocals are out of this world for me so I want him to be my idol. I also think he is an excellent role modelfor my kids – be true to yourself no matter what, find what you love and give it your all, be humble, respectful, gracious and appreciative, love your family and friends. What’s not to like about that?

Posted by arc | Report as abusive

I have never seen undiscovered talent as great as Adam Lambert. Although Kris seems like a sweet boy, I have seen his level of talent many, many times. Lambert is truly a phenomenon. I hope he will be recognized for the soaring talent he is. If he wins, his real challenge will be to create new, original material. I believe he will be up for this challenge based on the hard work behind every single performance we’ve seen.

Posted by belle | Report as abusive

Belle—-Adam is not undiscovered talent. He’s been on broadway a lot. Check it out!! I thought you had to be amateur to be on American Idol but evidently not.

Posted by Bob Whorton | Report as abusive

Adam Lambert is an amazing talent and every week I have looked forward specially for his songs, and each week he has not disappointed with his beautiful renditions of some classic songs. As good as Kris is, Im afraid he is not in the same league of entertainer as Adam. Im from outside America and am disappointed I cannot register my vote for Adam. My concern is that Americans will chose to not vote for Adam for reasons other than his talent. If he does not win, he will have been robbed, in my opinion.

Posted by Karen | Report as abusive

The rules for American Idol are clear – you just have to not be under contract with anyone when you compete on the show. Many former idols had recorded in the past; many more perform in a variety of venues. Adam Lambert has never performed on Broadway. He was in a six-month touring production of Wicked and then the LA cast of Wicked as an understudy and in the chorus. Kris and Danny were both worship leaders and Matt was performing in clubs. Adam has also been the lead singer of an LA-based rock band. He has never recorded an album. When he tried out for Idol, he and fellow band members had co-written 20 songs and they were trying to find a label to record their music.

Please don’t talk about the rules of Idol if you don’t know them.

Posted by Linda | Report as abusive

My gosh liz, what do you mean when you said that America will not vote for anyone gay? Are you from another world? I am not from your country but I thought America is the Land of the Free. Obviously, you are still living in a backward society. I cant believe what you just wrote? Dont you have any celebrities there who are gay or lesbians? Are you that prejudiced against them? How about Ellen Degeneres? Do you hate her? I happen to like her show. And what is wrong with Adam? He is a great performer.

Posted by mary ann | Report as abusive

We should vote for whoever has the greatest talent, and that is Adam. Go Adam…

Posted by mary ann | Report as abusive

All Adam fans should never stop voting…keep and keep on voting. I hope danny fans will vote for Adam too.

Posted by dianne | Report as abusive

I’m a mother and a devout Christian, too. As TV viewer, I recognize that American Idol is a singing talent contest open to all, regardless of orientation or religion. It is not supposed to be a popularity contest for class of persons in society. Among Season 8’s contenders, Adam Lambert was consistently the amazing artist and the best singer, gifted with a powerful voice. America’s vote for Kris, or America’s vote against Adam, seems to be a contemptuous hate vote against sectors of America that Adam stands for. ADAM LAMBERT DESERVED TO WIN. Even Kris Allen himself knows this in his Christian heart, so much so that as soon as he was unexpectedly handed the undeserved crown, he contrarily declared to the public that “Adam deserves this…” — righteously adhering to glaring truth and instinctively repudiating the ridiculous vote results that are far from the truth. You could actually count the seconds before perplexed Kris acquiesced and finally received the crown, but only after Adam graciously approached to lend him support. Adam Lambert is the true winner! What is wrong with America? Or what is wrong with this American Idol TV show?


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