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Woody Allen-American Apparel case could still get personal

May 16, 2009

USA-IMMIGRATION/RALLIESAmerican Apparel founder Dov Charney will likely come face to face next week with the man he says he has “deep respect” for who is suing his U.S. clothing company for $10 million.


At a trial starting in New York on Monday, Woody Allen is suing American Apparel, which is known for its controversial ads, for displaying on giant billboards an image of him taken from his film “Annie Hall,” in which Allen is dressed as a rabbi. The image appears in the ad next a Yiddish caption that translated as “the holy rebbe.”


After putting Allen’s wife Soon-Yi Previn, his ex-companion Mia Farrow and Allen’s sister on an initial witness list, the company’s lawyer now says they won’t be called up.


Some might be breathing a sigh of relief saying New York does not need another legal airing of the 73-year-old director’s personal life, but documents suggest there will be at the very least some discussion of Allen’s reputation and personal history.


Court papers say Charney, who contends the ads were a bit of comic satire, came up with the idea after feeling anguished over several sexual harassment lawsuits he was subject of.  Then, when he was at home one night watching Allen’s hit movie, he had “an epiphany” and realized he felt a kinship with Allen’s character in the film who was being negatively perceived.


Not only that — but Charney says he identified with Allen himself, because of the director’s own public scandals. So surely those scandals, and Allen’s reputation he says is damaged, will receive examination. Both Allen and Charney are expected to testify.


Dov Charney is an ego-maniac. He takes aim and harms Woody Allen, and admits guilt when Allen demands that the billboards be taken down. Then he has the nerve to suggest that Woody’s personal life will be focus of the case, only to reverse himself in saying that the case is actually about the First Amendment.

If this were a case between Woody and Dov, I might understnad, but Dov as CEO of a putlic company is subjecting shareholders to a reckless, needless waste of the court’s time. A company which earns like $15 million a year in net profits is risking a year’s profits on a case like this? The shareholderss should be up in arms, demanding that Dov Charney be thrown out of the company. This is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever read about – Dov is proving himself to be poison to this company, and should it take a suit from Woody Allen to spell it out for the shareholders?

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