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It’s Art (but not entirely cinematic) at Cannes

May 17, 2009

Hundreds of movies will screen over roughly 10 days of the Cannes film festival, either as part of the cinematiccannes2 event or in the movie market that takes place here every year. It is the perfect meeting of film art and movie commerce.

But Saturday night, there was a little less art, some commerce, and a lot of giving at a fundraiser held for non-profit group The Art of Elysium, which encourages artists to give their time to kids with medical conditions. For more about them, click here.

The event, sponsored by Hollywood movie financier Relativity Media and Cartier, was picked to be one of the splashier affairs of the festival’s opening weekend and by the time dinner was over, director Quentin Tarantino showed up. Actor Giovanni Ribisi was hanging around, as were Robin Wright Penn, Ryan Phillippe, Paula Patton and Kevin Pollack, among other stars. There were movers-and-shakers of the indie film world, too, including businessman Avi Lerner.

It’s fairly rare to get into such a soiree  (unless you have big money to give, and we here on Fan Fare do not). So for a quick peak, click below:

At dinner, we sat next to actor Oscar Isaac, not a household name yet, but maybe one day. He has starred alongside Leonardo DiCaprio in “Body of Lies,” and he portrayed Joseph in 2006′s “The Nativity Story.” His manager says he has Academy Awards in his future (hey, that’s what a talent manager is for!), and it could happen. Why not?

It was Oscar’s (he certainly has the name for winning an Academy Award) first time at Cannes, and he was excited to be on the French Riviera at a swanky party in a centuries-old chateau. He is here with the movie “Agora” starring Rachel Weisz. We’ve met a lot of stars over the years, and Oscar seemed like a nice guy – not pretentious at all, easy to talk with, intelligent. We wish him well.

We also talked to the guys from “Anvil: The Story of Anvil,” the documentary about the 1980s metal band Anvil. The heartfelt and warming (yes, a warming film about Heavy Metal headbangers) movie shows the band’s two main men, guitarist Steve “Lips” Kudlow and drummer Robb Reiner, staying together through good times and bad for roughly three decades. The documentary has put the band back on the rock music map. Reiner called it “a miracle” to even be at Cannes screening their film for international audiences.

But the best — and perhaps most telling of Cannes’ opening weekend — chatter we overheard all night is below (and if you listen closely in the first party scene of the above video you can hear it).

Girl 1 says to Girl 2: “So, are you going to that Elysium party?”

Girl 2: “We’re here”

Now that’s art!


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