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UPDATE – Farrah Fawcett cancer special a ratings hit for NBC

By Dean Goodman
May 18, 2009

  Farrah Fawcett’s farewell message to the American public drew 8.9 million TV viewers on Friday, according to NBC, and a flood of comments on this site, many of them from well-wishers asking where they could send messages of support to the actress.

  For all those who asked and any others, we came up with an email address where such messages can be sent and hopefully passed onto Fawcett.

   The address is   and if  there’s enough response maybe someone will set up a more public site where fans of Fawcett and those touched by her story can post their thoughts.

  “Farrah’s Story,” in which the former “Charlie’s Angels” actress shares the grim details of her losing battle with anal cancer, ranked as the night’s second most-watched program. Over at CBS, “Numbers” drew 9.6 million viewers. 

farrahThe two-hour special was NBC’s top entry in the time period, excluding Olympics, in more than a year, the network said, citing data from Nielsen Media Research. A week ago, a “Dateline” installment averaged 5.2 million viewers in the same 9-11 p.m. slot. 

Final data for the week ended May 17 will be released on Tuesday. If the previous week’s data are any guide, “Farrah’s Story” will rank somewhere in the 40s. Still, the show aired on a Friday, which trails only Saturday as the least-watched night on TV, according to Nielsen data for summer 2008. 

The show drew mixed critical reactions. The New York Times described it as “awful” and “exploitative.” Entertainment Weekly said it was “sometimes almost unbearable, sometimes fascinating.”
Fawcett, 62, narrates much of the film herself. It chronicles the highs and the lows of her numerous medical treatments since her 2006 cancer diagnosis, and the recent weeks when she has been bedridden, heavily medicated and barely able to recognize her son. 

It triggered a breach-of-contract lawsuit last week when Craig Nevius, a producer who has worked closely with Fawcett since 2004, claimed Fawcett’s companion Ryan O’Neal recut the film “from top to bottom” without his or Fawcett’s authorization. A spokesman for O’Neal and Fawcett countered that the pair were “shocked at this unconscionable act.”


I’m not so naive to think the pharm companies aren’t greedy. They are worse than Exxon/Mobil. However, if a cure for cancer was in reach, wouldn’t they be the FIRST to market it and then compete with each other with alternative cures? Seems like that would bring in unprecedented money.
Kind of strange, consipracy logic there.

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Julia took the words from my mouth. Weigh FF’s life against a 3-year-old and his/her family, that can no longer be treated for heart disease. The family can be bankrupt, and still lose the child they paid so much to save (emotionally and financially). Or what about a 16 year old who realizes that he will never finish school, never have a girlfriend, never experience sex, never have a job as he is terminal. I see these every day. Not to be cold-hearted but who the heck is Farrah?

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It doesn’t matter if it’s Farrah Fawcett, the point she is trying to make is to show people how bad cancer is. She puts a face on it. She is not the first person to ever get cancer or to be terminally ill but I think she wants people to realize that something has to be done to eradicate cancer. John Kanzius recently died from cancer and MD Anderson cancer center is working very hard on his unique “cure” for cancer. Even cancer that has spread. Nano particles and heat. The FDA is close to approving human trials. Imagine getting a shot of these nano particles of carbon or gold then going into a machine similar to having an MRI and it literally cooks the cancer out of you, while leaving the healthy tissue alone. Think this is not happening…it’s happening NOW. Do a search for John Kanzius and see what you come up with.

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That was a beautiful special and how you can publish that it was her farewell is really ridulous and completely hurtful to her and her family. I don’t care what kind of shape she seemed to be in on the broadcast but for the media to say things like that and make a macary out of her illness is more sickening than the illness itself.

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I watched the program and applaud Ms. Fawcett for sharing her struggle with us. This wasn’t a publicity stunt (who would want that kind of publicity?), but a real baring of her life and battle with the hope that her fight can inspire others to fight as well.

I will always remember hearing Farrah say that she wants to live. Watching her program inspired me to “seize the day” and value every moment of health and life that I have.

Farrah was an icon to a generation, and I thank her for her humility and transparency in sharing herself with us again.

My heartfelt prayers go to Farrah and her companion, Ryan O’Neal, son Redmond, her father and all those close to her. Farrah, you were always America’s girl. May God bless you.

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Seriously people – why would you want to “weigh” anyone’s life against another’s? That is ridiculous. It doesn’t matter if she’s 2 or 16 or 50 – she is someone’s daughter, someone’s mother, someone’s loved one and she deserves life just as much as anyone else. She is just a woman who is trying to fight as hard as she can against such an unforgiving disease. someone said that their relatives were “saints” and perhaps her family believes the same thing about her. It is not for you to judge, you don’t personally know her – you just have opinions. It just happens that she is in a position to get the word out and raise awareness as to what cancer patients go through. And just because she has money, doesn’t mean that the outcome is any different for her than it is for anyone else. I think the documentary was well done and it is sad that the paparazzi can’t let her fight the battle without adding untruths and people at the hospital would sell her private information. I’m glad that she chose to tell her story on her terms.

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I did not see the documentary. But I did see Julia’s comment. While I understand what you are trying to say … I think that you should try to focus on the silver lining of what the documentary can do … and not necessarily who the person was. Yes there are millions of people who get cancer and die from cancer every single day. But the majority of the public has been essentially immune from other people’s issues or even the simple emotion of empathy has seemed to vanished. You may not like this woman’s “track record” .. but she felt like telling her story and this she did. Her story brought almost 9 million people to watch and learn about an issue that so few people probably know about. So now 9 million more people are aware… and I guarantee you many of those people will tell others. The ripple effect of those 9 million will cause more people to be aware .. Now think about if even only 1% of those people go and get checked, or become activist for the cause, or even donate $1 to charity for cancer research, treatments, and families. The sad reality is, that if it was everyday people’s stories there wouldn’t have been almost 9 million viewers and the 1% of the possible viewers who would have watched would not be as great. That is how I look at these things. And I am a survivor and I am also a relative and a friend to many who have not survived. Negativity is not going to help anyone. I am sad to see that this is what is being focused on. Not to mention that who are we to judge who is worthy of telling their story because they don’t have a perfect “track record” … we are all human … she is dying .. her and her family don’t need to be criticized for their choices or lives.

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What Farrah has done with this documentary is very brave and very generous. She has shared a very intimate and private stage in her life with the world, *NOT* to trumpet her fame, *NOT* to boast about the elite treatments she can afford, but she has done this in an attempt to educate and open people’s eyes. Cancer is ruthless. Knowledge is power. Cancer knows no rules, but it will one day be stopped.

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I think she has discovered her lifes mission. To Children, to parents, to survivors and future survivors. As a survivor, a parent who hopes for a tomorrow with her’s sad that it takes the struggle of one who is in the spotlight to hopefully bring people together to make a better tomorrow for all of us. I cried…tears of joy and of sorrow. I felt her pain because I have been there..I now sit comfortably in my chair watching as she fades away and Thank God it is not me…that I have one more day. It is easy to critize her when you are Cancer free…walk a mile in our shoes. Feel the pain and fear that we live with everyday, that our families live with everyday. We pray for her everyday and give Thanks to her everyday for what she has accomplished and will continue to accomplish as a legacy and maybe, hopefully may even save some lives. Yes we will pray for her tonite and tomorrow because she was brave enough to give a face to the pain and suffering that so many, sadly, will face again tomorrow. We Thank her. God Bless.

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I think Farrah’s story was a wonderful documentary. If viewers paid closer attention to when she was going through the “fan” mail, one individual asked her to “get the word out”. “She could speak for all those who have this type of cancer.” Her celebrity status could put awareness on this type of cancer she has. I think this was the purpose, and I also think she wanted to “clear her name,” from all the damaging information the tabloids have released about her. If this was her last wish, to have her documentary viewed by the world, then we all need to respect the fact she wanted to do this; and not criticize the reasons behind it.

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I don’t agree with Julia. How heartless to post a comment that Farrah Fawcett was a mediocre actress is despicable when she is sharing her faith, life and bringing cancer awareness to the world. She has touched many people. It will help to finally bring a cure for the many healthy people who could one day come down with cancer themselves. Then someday, someone else will start picking what they did in their lives and if they weren’t Academy Award winning people they will pick on their lives as if anyone has ever known Julia and what has she contributed to the world but wrote a negative comment about an actress possibly through envy of a very prominent and fine lady. I am at the age to remember that Farrah Fawcett was a very big success. She is a very noble and brave person to share her story. I am deeply touched by Farrrah\’s story and she makes it a point that she is just another person who prays to god for a cure for cancer. Congratulations for Farrah Fawcett for her faith, courage and honesty. God bless you Farrah and your family,


To Julia and those that agree with her: I don’t think that Farrah Fawcett meant to take anything away from the saints that your friend and aunt were. We have all had friends, relatives, or possibly even ourselves battle cancer. I applaude Farrah’s attempts to bring to light the trauma of cancer and how it shows no boundaries…it hits rich and poor, famous and unknown, saints and sinners. While breast cancer and other forms are more out in the open, anal cancer is very rarely talked about because of the part of the body it deals with. Bravo to Farrah for being open about her battle in hopes of enlightening others and taking away the stigma of discussing anal cancer. God bless Farrah and all those ravaged by cancer. By the way Julia, if you have to preface something with “not [to] be cold hearted”, you have already shown that you are.

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This was a hard show to watch.. I’ve lost family members to cancer and the treatments are so destructive, both emotionally as well as physically.
The cancer is bad enough but the last months or years of a persons ‘s life are spent suffering thorugh these horrible treatments.
Being a family member or friend puts you on a roller coaster ride of emotions..
So my heart goes out to her family and friends who shared this fight with her.
Soon she will be free of this.. And rest in peace.
At this point that is all anyone can really hope for.

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I watched the DateLine episode of Ms Fawcett’s story. However, I hate I missed the 2 hour special. I thought the documentary was very informative. I do not think it was a farewll message and I think it is deplorable that such a connation could be perceived from her efforts. I praise God for Ms Fawcett’s efforts and I hope that she knows she has alot of people praying for her and the fervent prayers of the righteous avails much. I would say to Ms Fawcett keep up the great works on providing education about such a surmountable illness. You are in my prayers: KEEP SWINGING CHAMP, YOU ARE A TRUE TROOPER..

Praying For You Always,


Dearest Farrah: Thursday 5/14/09 I just say my oncologist. Everything OK. 5/15/09 your story – How ashamed I am of myself – you are so brave! I’ve been battling tumors-heart valves – pace makers since 1980-Guess what I’m still here! Visualization – that’s what I do with God’s help – I destroy those tumors anyway I can-burn it; chop it up- beat it to a pulp- hack away at it until it comes out clean! I say my 3pm prayer for you now!Remember in “Virtue of God’s Passion” he will heal you.
This all started when I was 40 I’m 70 now!(don’t tell anyone!) I think and pray for you every day every hour! God will Heal You!
God’s strength to you! Alice

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Having had 2 pre-stages of Cancer myself & having lost both mother & father, all my aunts & all my uncles to Cancer, I certainly understand that helpless feeling you & Ryan are going through-Mom had it twice-once stage 4A throat which started out as a sore on her tongue-she survived it for 10 yrs. only to lose the second fight to colon cancer which spread to her liver…I LIVED each day by her side as Ryan is with you…and I don’t think any of us, press or otherwise, can begin to know what kind of strength it took, mentally, emotionally or physically, for you to TELL YOUR STORY, showing us the REAL DEVASTATING SIDE of this horrible disease. I am sure my Mom, an Angel now, spread her wings & embraced the love she felt from your caring spirit of truth. What has happened to our society when “putting our hearts & souls on the line” means “exploitation & sensationalism”?? Where is our compassion for one another??? This is a FREE country & YOUR way of dealing with something inexplicable on any level. My God, this is YOUR plea for prayer & a miracle-and perhaps in the same situation, God forbid, I or any of us would make the same decision, especially if we thought exposure to the “closed door” pain & anguish would shine an even brighter light on ALL forms of CANCER, our deadliest killer & unquestionably the most challenging & everchanging disease. Whether it’s a mole on your back, a sore on your tongue, a pain in your stomach, none of us knows what course lies ahead so therefore we can NEVER JUDGE YOUR BEAUTY BY YOUR SUFFERING…NO ONE WILL EVER FORGET SUCH A BRAVE, MOVING & HEARTWRENCHING ACCOUNT OF YOUR CANCER JOURNEY -all we can do is PRAY FOR YOUR JOURNEY TO BE A PEACEFUL ONE WHERE YOU CAN REST YOUR WINGS ON A BILLOWY CLOUD…I AM SURE MY MOTHER WILL GREET YOU WITH OPEN ARMS! YOUR SPIRIT & YOUR OWN “LOVE STORY” WILL LIVE FOREVER!!! YOU, BEAUTIFUL ON THE INSIDE AS WELL AS THE OUTSIDE, WILL ALWAYS BE ABLE TO TOUCH THE SOULS OF OTHERS. SWEET DREAMS, SWEET FARRAH!

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Farrah Fawcett makes a point of saying she is ‘just’ another person with cancer. I find myself thinking of folks who are alone in their battle with this demon. My heart bleeds for them as well. Farrah is indeed a very brave woman. I too believe one can feel the rain in Heaven…

I think of people suffering who are without resources and who rely on the many heroes that work in the hospitals. I pray for them as well. My father died of lung cancer. I sought help from Hospice. As much as funds are needed for research. Hospice needs to be remembered as well. Thanks for listening. Again, I pray for Farrah. I pray her son will go forward in a positive way knowing his mom is watching over him and it will be raining….

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As a healthcare professional, I’ve worked with all
types of cancer patients. I’ve sat up all hours of the
night with young men with testicular cancer, barely
20 years old, and my first colon cancer patient, a
gorgeous young man of 37; my point being,
all of these people would have done *anything
in their power for other alternatives …travel to
Germany,etc. It’s this simple. Not everyone has the
resources to do these things. I feel utmost compassion
and admiration for Farah, but what was in the documentary
was simply not the real world for so many precious
cancer patients. Who can travel to Germany for options?
I know very little oncologists and physicians who would
dance at a party for their patient.
Why can’t every cancer patient experience these luxuries?
I think all of this was hard for a lot of the unfortunate
situations, but I wish Farah much peace and strength
to Ryan for his steadfast devotion.

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Your are not only a woman of strength and courage, but a woman who has left a mark on this world and you will not be forgotten. I pray for a miracle and hope God will let you stay with us a bit longer. If not and he cals you home I am thankful for the powerful message you left for millions of people that will struggle with Cancer by giving us “Farrah’s Story.” You are truley an Angel while here on earth and God knowing an Angel in his heavanly world. Thank you for you and to your family, thank you for sharing her.


Ms. Fawcett is amazing. AMAZING. One is not, nor should be judged by one’s acting ability… although if one has seen “Extremities” one would not doubt Ms. Fawcett’s abilities!!

I am praying for her. I am amazed by her, I am inspired by her… My hope, my prayer for her is the miracle she so desires and so wants herself. There is so much that a family goes through when one member is suffering with Cancer. It’s heinous. It’s vile. NO ONE should have to suffer through it. NO ONE. I watched my grandmother fight it my entire life. She was diagnosed in 1961 – 4 years before I was born – and fought it valiantly until 1977. She passed away at Spohn Hospital in Corpus Christi at 2:30 am on June 28th that year. She would be so proud of Ms. Fawcett. Her fight, her attitude, her grace!

God Bless. Know you are loved.



Farrah you are a artistic genius to think of filming your plight with cancer. You deserve an EMMY ! Thanks for sharing your cancer struggle’s, it just may help some people get those yearly physicals instead of avoiding them. I hope they are making you comfortable from the pain. God Bless you.

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After watching the special, I have the MOST upmost respect for Farrah. She is a truly brave and strong woman. She’s not just a beautiful lady on the outside, she is just as beautiful on the inside. My heart goes out to Ryan and to her son, whom I hope will turn his life around in honor of his couragous mother. I’m still hoping for that miracle for Farrah. God bless her.

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I watched the show with a lump in my throat. I am so sympathetic with Farrah and maybe even moreso for Ryan and Redmond. I and my four children had to watch my late husband, Dave, slowly slip away from us as he had esophageal cancer. This is a fast-moving cancer with no known cure or even much of a remission possibility. It was difficult but I believe it brought us closer than anything else had after 33 years of marriage. He was only 55. Farrah, I pray for your peace and that you know God and His Son and will dance once again – in heaven.
God Bless and Comfort You. SS

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Yes, a very sad story, this happens every day,in every country. Most cancer patients do not have the means to have private planes fly them to Germany for alternative treatment, and we have angels here fighting the battle. My question is, though, in the documentary, it is quickly noted that Farrah was offered a colostomy, but refused, might this have saved her? And yes, Ryan is doing a wonderful thing to love her and care for her, but his kids are so messed up, and he is so violent with them, he is in no way a saint.

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I have long thought that Farrah Fawcett did not get the appropriate respect for the talent she had. She is really a very good actress and should have gotten better parts, although she did get quite a few on television. I pray for her, and for God’s will for her, and I think of her daily especially since the show aired Friday night. God bless her and her family.

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I’m upset with some of the comments from the networks and other publications regarding the documentary. Cancer is real and hers is a real battle, and what she and the people that love her are going through is real also!! Cancer isn’t pretty, but I feel she did this video for a purpose and with dignity, which is how we all wish to leave this earth! It is heartbreaking, the whole thing is tragic but what strength and courage!

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hello !
my name is shirley brown i felt so bad i pray al the time for Farrah Fawceit i remember my dad had a picture of her in his car every time he put his viser down in his car whop! Farrah would drop down it was so funny my dad was in love my mom never got mad she just laugh if he only new Farrah was 1yr. younger than me.i wish i could be as brave as her i had cancer at 18 I’m 62 now & my sister was in bad shape because she had cancer. i don’t know realy what to say the only thing i could say is Farrah every one loves you and please try to get beter you are a true, true lady of grace! & Ryan O’neal you are the best I’m glad you are there with her.please. please let me know more about her about her health that is my E-mail is I’m realy concurn about her.
your friend
shirley brown

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If I could talk to Farrah in person, there would be one thing I would say to her. “It’s time to find another solution.” Whenever there is a problem, there is always a solution to it. NEVER give up HOPE. I started working in a hospital about 9 years ago and noticed something desperately wrong with our health care and also with the large number of people who have cancer. I started doing my own research on the disease and found so many things that are wrong with this country and the way our government “pretends” to be our friend. We must all be our own advocates in our life. I have been following a Dr. Nicholas Gongalez in New York. That is who Farrah should go see. He has the longest living pancreatic cancer patient. He knows what he is doing and since she has tried conventional medicine to the end, she has nothing to lose by going to see him. I pray that she can get this message, this is my prayer for her. My heart goes out to her and her family.


Farrah, after watching your brave and courageous story I am going to finally make my appointment colonoscopy. I just turned 54 last week and as I was watching your story I recall people telling me I looked like you..[back when I was younger, I only wish!] You are so brave and real for showing all of us the dignity and suffering that cancer brings to a person. Your friend that has been with you on every trip, next to you and there for you is such a Blessing. I too hope that your son will be moved by your presence and will turn his life around. Ryan, please stay the course with both of them…God Bless to you all. Mary/Texas

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I wanted to let all know who have cancer, or know of someone who does that there is an herb that cures cancer which is called pau d’ arco. This is a powerful immune builder yet it can be taken with other meds or herbs EXCEPT blood thinners. There are no side affects with this herb. This herb comes from the bark of a tree found in the rain forest. There are Indians that have lived in the rain forest for centuries that have used this wonderful herb with great success, including curing cancer. There is no known cancer deaths among them.More Americans, among others in our world, need to know of this wonderful herb. A powerful immune builder yet gentle to the body.

I want to say to Farrah or a loved one that I am an energy healer and have started this week (May 18th, 2009) to use energy for her healing.

I have always loved Farrah’s beautiful spirit and natural goodness.


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Pathétique, poignant, cruel comme un miroir renvoyant l’image de notre propre condition : Farrah Fawcett, ex-beauté incarnée, est en train de s’éteindre quasi en direct sous les caméras de télévision américaines. Cependant elle croit encore à un miracle, priant avec ferveur pour que la vie triomphe de son cancer alors qu’elle est en phase terminale.

Sur son visage, le masque de la maladie, de la vieillesse, de la hideur : notre masque potentiel.

Le plus effrayant : savoir qu’un humain peut passer de la gloire la plus complète à la misère la plus totale. Tout n’étant qu’une question de temps. Ce qui arrive aux êtres “immortels” peut nous arriver à nous aussi, simples mortels que nous sommes…

A travers son agonie nous assistons à notre propre fin.

Madame Fawcett ou l’histoire de la beauté qui devient décrépitude. Quand un destin de gloire finit dans la déchéance. Lorsque les sommets insolents de la jeunesse éclatante se concluent par le plus noir abîme… La maladie.

Avant la mort.

Mais éloignons-nous de ces vanités hollywodiennes, ne nous arrêtons pas à la souffrance, à la tristesse, allons à l’essentiel : au lieu de la pourriture promise par la Camarde, derrière ces apparences immondes du cancer, moi je vois l’éternité.

La mort prochaine de Farrah Fawcett, la fin d’une étoile ?


Ou pour être plus exact, la lumière retournant à la lumière.

Raphaël Zacharie de IZARRA


My heart goes out to Ryan,Redmond and Alana for their faithful devotion to Farrah….a journey such as this one, is not one that I would want to travel. Farrah, you may never know the impact you had on American Society till well after you are gone…But, Sister let me tell you….you are like a meteor that came out of the darkness screaming across the sky lighting up all that you passed, and when our eyes adjusted you were gone as quickly as you came….leaving a permenant mark on our lives, leaving us forever changed ….more aware of you…not the actress, but rather the woman,wife,daughter,friend and mother that you are……YOU KNOW KINDA LIKE US…the masses that watched and grew up with you…average joes that did not go in the direction of acting…but were amazing just the same.
What do you say to a person that took such a journey as yours? Are you ok? Can I rub your feet? I am sorry, is there anything that I can do? What do you say? My heart says fasten your seatbelt, the best is yet to come…but my humaness says, I am sorry and I am bound by my earthliness to say such. Me I say, thank you and put a good word if for me;)

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I, personally, can understand both sides of this very sad story. I do love Farrah Fawcett – very much!
Hat’s off to Farrah for wanting to share such a personal time in her life. However, at the same time, it seems to me she has exploited herself as much as the tabloids have exploited her. (More so, in fact!) How very sad is that?

The average American cannot afford to fly to Germany 6 times in 2 years for all these treatments, much less STAYING there up to 6 weeks. The average person is NOT covered for this type of care! Much less have access to a private jet with a bed, plus a private car to pick you up & sweep you away for your treatment. I do not think MEDICARE covers these items, do you? In short, how can the average person benefit from her fight against cancer? Perhaps only emotionally – not treatment-wise. I do not see HOPE here for other people suffering with any disease. I only see exploitation of an icon.

The worst part about all this care – - – It didn’t even work! How very, very SAD!

This documentary should have been aired to only THE RICH & POWERFUL!

What about the MILLIONS of other people that are suffering (even worse perhaps from other diseases?) Have we forgotton them? What is wrong with us?

The woman that ‘leaked’ Farrah’s info from UCLA to the ENQUIRER – probably needed the cash to go to Germany, as she may have been sparked with “HOPE” by Farrahs plans . . . Perhaps, even excited! . . . . however, it was too late for her. People get desperate in time of crisis & despair and absolutely do the wrong things. She was absolutely wrong . . . . but who really knows her motive, as she is now dead, but might have needed the cash to do the same procedure.

Why, oh why would they still want to exploit this wonderful woman on her dying bed. Turn off the camera’s! Sounds like someone (or many) are in this for the dollar. What a pity.

Let’s just face the facts, the average American can not do what Farrah did & tried to no avail. She DID have another choice, another alternative – (colectomy) but chose not to take it. In the beginning, she even put off the chemo – not to lose her hair. This country is just too vain. We make ourselves sufffer.

OMG – how wrong is all of this! What a shame!

God, please forgive us all!

We all want to LIVE!

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I saw the show, and cried a lot. My husband of 45
years is doing chemo now for colon cancer. I know it was
hard to let us all in on her experience. It was hard to see, but it was a brave thing to share with those who
care and those who are facing the same.
Much Love

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Dear Farrah,
I just want to say thank you. I have been having a hard time dealing with my own health issues. I watched your show last Friday and was completely blown away. A little over two tears ago, I suffered a back injury that left me partially parilized. Although my problems are not life threatening, the loss of mobility had taken away my spirit. That is until I watched you and saw someone who’s spirit could not be broken. I really connected when you asked “How are you?” at the end of the show. My first reaction was not so good. But then I thought about what I just saw on TV and it was like I got hit by a Mack truck. It all became so clear to me. What was I thinking? Yea, I have problems, but I’m alive. I have a wonderful wife and family who love me, and we’re even expecting our first grandchild. I’M GREAT! You are an inspiration and have completely changed my state of mind in a most profound way. I feel as if you saved my life. Thank you just doesn’t cover it. You truly are an angle. You and your family will be in my prayers. God Bless You.

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A tribute to Farah.Having seen Farah’s documentary,has truly drawn me closer to what really counts in life.Love,compasion and the sense of well being all of us should have toward one another.Life is too short.I lost my Identical Twin brother not long ago at a relatively young age.I most recently,written a book about my late twin and me… this book,is my way of memoralizing my twin and knowing he will always be with me,as Farah will be with her family and friends.SHELDON CHRYSLER


I truly hope that through Farrah’s willingness to open up to the public one of the most painful things a person/family can go through will actually have the effect she was hoping for. I truly hope the people who are accusing her as exploiting her situation can see the bigger picture I believe she was trying to put forth.

She often mentioned how certain aggressive cancers need more research and how here in the US we need to have access to those treatments she flew to Germany to get. It’s true, most people don’t have the money to go back and forth to get those treatments, but why should it take private jets and a lot of money to get the best medical treatment???

If those treatments got rid of all those cancerous tumors in her liver the dr’s in LA said couldn’t be treated, then why don’t we have that treatment here? This was perfect documented success that what they are doing in German works in getting rid of tumors.

It is unfortunate that she had others grow back, but she gained years of life from those treatments when the US drs just wrote it off as untreatable.

There is a MUCH bigger picture she was putting forth. I hope everyone was able to see that she was trying to help others by showing in great detail never to give up, how her strong faith had gotten her through the toughest of treatments & that there are other treatments out there and someone has to find a way to get American citizens access to it here in our own country.

Posted by Kim | Report as abusive

I complain about the littlest and insignificant things in my daily life. Farrah helped me realize that I truly have zero to complain about!
SHAME ON ME! I am a healthy 44 year old woman- no more complaining if there is traffic on the 405, getting up and going to work, car troubles, kids complaining….. SHAME ON ME! Thank you Farrah for being vulnerable, make up less, & vomiting on camera all while being the most positive and determined woman I have ever seen!
I am truly inspired to live a better life, one without complaints!

Posted by Tracy | Report as abusive

I lost my mum to cancer nearly 4 years ago and am acutely aware of what Farrah and her family are going through.

God bless her in her fight of this deadly disease.


I’m so sad that Farrah has to suffer this….in many ways she has surely had a blessed life….she was truly the iconic beauty of a generation….to grow old is cruel, let alone to grow old and be beaten down by cancer……my hearet goes out to her, and anyone else suffering this vile curse of nature…..

Posted by Greg Woolliscroft | Report as abusive

to the family, hi my name is jessie. i lost my bestfriend to cancer come august of this year and i know there is nothing i can say to make u feel better, and the reason i say that is because i still miss my bestfriend (tee tee), but the one thing i can say to farrah is that when god calls u home go because he is telling u that your job here is done and he’s waiting 4 u , your family will be ok. when our god calls 4 u, will u tell my bestfriend i love her and miss her so , i’m doing ok. May god bless us all.


Just heard the news on the radio. Another sad loss.

Posted by Ian in the Uk | Report as abusive

Farrah Fawceit, the people’s actress
Will always be remember as a fighter.
A cancer survivor fighting to stay alive
beyond her human control and setting
an example for others who have or had
cancer. I really appreciate her because
I am a survivor of cancer also.Farrah
will always be remembered as a
lovable and charming person. I must
mentioned this one more time.. Farrah
will be missed by all those lover her.
Thanks for letting me express my

Posted by Adolph W. York (Bill) | Report as abusive


Avec ses traits séraphiques au sourire carnassier typique des mâchoires carrées, sa coiffure de flamme très américaine -à la limite de la vulgarité-, sa cervelle dans la moyenne et son corps plutôt malingre, Farrah Fawcett aura séduit tout un peuple de mâles rêveurs et “testotéronés”.

Il faut cependant lui reconnaître cet authentique charme, irréel, puissant, hypnotisant qui fait oublier les fautes de goût de sa toilette yankee. Du moins, du temps de sa gloire “kératinesque” car force est d’admettre que la vieillesse fait presque toujours tourner les créatures.

Rares sont les perles qui deviennent de puants mais exquis fromages avec les ans.

Farrah Fawcett en tant qu’ex-incarnation de la Beauté, ou pour être plus exact d’une certaine beauté sophistiquée d’outre Atlantique, réarrangée selon les normes états-unisienne, a vieilli comme une soupière polonaise.

N’importe ! L’esthète pardonne tout à la Beauté.

Rendons un juste hommage à celle qui fut cette chaste, blonde, vénusiaque et pieuse Aphrodite de nos écrans.

Inhumons-la avec les égards que méritent ces propagateurs de rêves, créateurs de mirages et autres faiseurs d’étoiles qui nous invitent à lever les yeux plus haut que nos brefs et mornes horizons.

Voir toujours plus loin, appréhender l’infini, sentir ce qui nous dépasse, c’est le rôle essentiel et le pouvoir divin de la Beauté.
Raphaël Zacharie de IZARRA


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