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Lambert says Allen won “Idol” because he’s “a great artist”

May 21, 2009

adam-lambert“American Idol’s” Adam Lambert surprised and awed fans all season with his unique brand of vocal gymnastics and dramatic flair, but nothing shocked “Glambert” followers more than when he placed second to low-key Kris Allen in the ultra-popular singing competition on Wednesday night.

Lambert himself, however, appeared unfazed by the loss of the “Idol” crown. Backstage after the show, he said he looks forward to making an album, and blew off the suggestion that his sexuality had anything to do with the season’s outcome.

“First or second– it doesn’t matter to me,” Lambert, who was clad in a black Roberto Cavalli jacket with a flashy brooch, told reporters. “For me it’s not really about what happened tonight, it’s about tomorrow. It’s about next.”

When one reporter suggested that the blogosphere would speculate about whether he lost because of questions about his sexuality, Lambert avoided confirming or denying that he is gay.

“Blogs have a lot of opinions, don’t they? I think that Kris won because he’s a great artist and I was happy to be a runner-up to that,” he said, adding that he and Allen had found a lot of common ground despite their very different backgrounds and styles.

“If there’s anything that can come from this experience, and I hope that all the fans out there can pick up on, is that even if you’re really different there’s a way to get along with each other,” Lambert said. “And it’s not about ‘Oh, you beat me because of this,’ or ‘You, you’re different.’ It’s about finding the common stuff that makes it work.”

(Additional reporting by Alex Dobuzinskis)

Photo Credit: Fox/Ray Mickshaw (Adam Lambert performs at the “American Idol” finale)




I think Adam knew he wasn’t going to win and I think it was planned that way. The Idol title has too much baggage with it and I think they can do more with him, not having the title. I don’t think they let Kris in on the secret. They are both good artist and have a future in the biz, either way.

Posted by Chris Jordan | Report as abusive

Adam is showing a lot of class in the way he lost. I always thought Adam was just a Cher imitator, and not worth the time to listen to.

Posted by pat bell | Report as abusive

I suggest American Idol producers change the current format for who gets to be the eventual Idol or else there is not much future in the contest.Each week, the producers must reveal the amount of voteseach contestant gets and these votes will be added up until the finale and whoever ends up with the most votes at the end of the season will be declared the Idol.This will go a long way to end conspiracy theories where the produces are said to prefer certain contestants or where bookies are said to be fixing results to make a lot of money when underdogs win.As for Christian block votes, etc., the world can’t do much abt that. Even George Bush was voted President that way.I am an Adam fan myself, no one has excited me as much since Elvis (I am over 50) but I accept the outcome as a manifestation of the democratic process of voting.I will be following Adam’s career with great interest.As for future American Idol contests, much will depend on the tastes of the majority voters.Go Adam, u ROCK!

Posted by Mei Khoo | Report as abusive

Kris seems to be a very nice and humble guy with some musical talent. He has reached the top of his professional career. He won American Idol, the end. This is it for Kris. Adam is a Super Star in the making. He has been given an opportunity to showcase his enormous talent and will skyrocket to fame in the music industry. He is an exceptional performer and vocalist. What he does with a lyric is amazing.

Posted by Stu B | Report as abusive

It’s always the losers that cry the loudest. Adam was the clown at the circus. I’ve said this since the day I saw his audition. He gave people something to watch and comment about, but when he was done…the people moved on to the main show. Kris has substance and people connected with it. He is versatile and plays multiple instruments while Adam is flamboyant and paints his fingernails. I cringed every time Adam went into his high range. He should have done a song by Heart – he sounds just like the lead singer. Adam didn’t have a chance. As soon as Gokey left, Kris took all of his votes. That’s the reason Kris won and Adam didn’t. America got this one right!

Posted by Kev E | Report as abusive

I don’t honestly care if Adam is or isn’t gay, the show wasn’t about sexual preference. The show was supposed to be a “SINGING COMPETITION” and we ALL know that Adam Lambert was the better vocalist between the two. Kris Allen only won this thing because of his “preppy cute-boy image and because he plays guitar and piano and has sideburns” that all the girls drool over. And here I thought Elvis was dead. Guess I was wrong.That’s the worst thing about American Idol. It becomes a popularity contest based on a contestant’s “image”. Too many pretty boys and girls WITHOUT singing talent making it too far into the show. Just look at Megan Corky (blonde with ugly black tatoo on her arm). The girl couldn’t sing at all but because she was overly attractive and had sexy long legs she stayed WAY longer than she should have.I’m not saying Kris Allen was a bad singer and didn’t deserve to be close to the top but I am saying that he was nowhere near as good as Adam Lambert was and should not have been the winner on American Idol period. Honestly, Danny Gokey is a better vocalist than Kris Allen but once again “image” played a part and since Danny is a bit overweight and scruffy bearded it killed his chances to be number 2.Finally, I think American Idol needs to stop letting contestants play instruments and keep the show about singing talent ONLY like it’s supposed to be. The whole season Kris Allen was allowed to hide behind that guitar and piano and use them as comfort-zones for himself (people focus on the instruments and not the singer) while Adam was always vulnerable to everybody’s attention and speculation on just him the whole time. Hell, Adam WANTED their attention. That takes guts and that’s something Kris Allen doesn’t have. You could tell that just by seeing his insecurity and modesty about himself the whole season.

Posted by John | Report as abusive

If you think that churches get together because their worried about American Idol and who wins…….You need to go check it out for yourself.

Posted by Beezo | Report as abusive

I am SO tired of people saying ‘Adam lost because he was gay / because churches voted for Kris / blah blah.’ Adam lost because in week three, Kris and Danny combined had way more votes than Adam. When Danny left, most of the people who had voted for Danny were not going to vote for Adam because frankly his claim to fame is sultry dark eyes and screeching vocals. YaaAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGHHHH……..!! Kris is the better all around performer – he is a musician and a talented arranger as well as a very capable singer. Consider Paul McCartney – not the best singer in the world but a good-enough one… and his other talents make him an all-time great.Adam sings. Half the time he screeches. He does not play any instruments (I’ll leave out an obvious bad joke) and does not seem to know arranging or anything else. Kris is like David Cook in that he’s not just a singer but an excellent and multi-talented performer. Fact is, both Adam and Kris will either succeed or fail and it does not matter whether one or the other one Idol. So GET OVER IT.

Posted by russ | Report as abusive

It was an incredible season for American Idol! Why can’t we leave it at that? If Kris lost we’d be having discussions about why just as we are about why Adam lost. One of the two wasn’t going to win. I happen to think Adam was much more talented when it comes to singing than was Kris, and this was a signing contest. Who cares if Kris plays instruments and Adam doesn’t? That’s not what the show is about. And I hate to think churches had anything to do with the outcome. I don’t really think they did, but over the last decade churches have gotten involved in a lot of things that have nothing to do with spreading the gospel so it wouldn’t totally surprise me.


Alan has a gift with his talent as does Elton John the difference between the two is that Elton John doesn’t exploit his sexual intrests this is so important if you want to please the public being Gay is what it is a lot of people look at being gay as discusting and that is thier right .Mozart was a brillant musical genuis but a jerk in his personal life and people didn’t like him much but admired his talent .Adam should give the public his gifted talent and keep the gay stuff in his private life like Elton John does . Just an opinion

Posted by kc | Report as abusive

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