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Lambert says Allen won “Idol” because he’s “a great artist”

May 21, 2009

adam-lambert“American Idol’s” Adam Lambert surprised and awed fans all season with his unique brand of vocal gymnastics and dramatic flair, but nothing shocked “Glambert” followers more than when he placed second to low-key Kris Allen in the ultra-popular singing competition on Wednesday night.

Lambert himself, however, appeared unfazed by the loss of the “Idol” crown. Backstage after the show, he said he looks forward to making an album, and blew off the suggestion that his sexuality had anything to do with the season’s outcome.

“First or second– it doesn’t matter to me,” Lambert, who was clad in a black Roberto Cavalli jacket with a flashy brooch, told reporters. “For me it’s not really about what happened tonight, it’s about tomorrow. It’s about next.”

When one reporter suggested that the blogosphere would speculate about whether he lost because of questions about his sexuality, Lambert avoided confirming or denying that he is gay.

“Blogs have a lot of opinions, don’t they? I think that Kris won because he’s a great artist and I was happy to be a runner-up to that,” he said, adding that he and Allen had found a lot of common ground despite their very different backgrounds and styles.

“If there’s anything that can come from this experience, and I hope that all the fans out there can pick up on, is that even if you’re really different there’s a way to get along with each other,” Lambert said. “And it’s not about ‘Oh, you beat me because of this,’ or ‘You, you’re different.’ It’s about finding the common stuff that makes it work.”

(Additional reporting by Alex Dobuzinskis)

Photo Credit: Fox/Ray Mickshaw (Adam Lambert performs at the “American Idol” finale)




Adam is such a gracious and COOL STUD!!!! I wanted him to win, and I think he deserved to win, but this was never about “just deserts” or even a singing contest, it’s about popularity with a very, VERY rabid voting block. We’ll start hearing from and about Adam in the near future, and it’s going to be VERY COOL…. He’s already won in my mind by capturing my — and the imagination of tens of millions around the world! ROCK ON ADAM!!!!

Posted by David Niel | Report as abusive

Adam Lambert was consistently good and very very good. I am glad that he didn’t win. Its better that he doesn’t have to wear the American Idol tag. He’s too unique for that.The performance with Kiss was one of the all time BEST musical/performance experiences I have ever experienced. It was exhilarating,every moment.Kusodos to all who orchestrated that one.I didn’t want it to end.And this is coming from: A Senior citizen!

Posted by mynalee johnstone | Report as abusive

I’m absolutely appalled by the turnout tonight. The Idol winner – a mainstream, run of the mill singer with little talent, has no business even being on stage with the artistic, versatile, and revolutionary Adam Lambert. His sexual orientation is entirely irrelevant. There was absolutely no comparison between the two competitors tonight and America will see that while its Idol winner is quick to fade into the sphere of mundane, easily forgotten performers, Adam Lambert’s brilliance is unstoppable and will take him above and beyond celebrity

Posted by figs | Report as abusive

Adam is the GRRRREATEST!!! What a star and so gracious as the runner-up to Kris for winning the Idol.Kris may be the Idol but ADAM IS “THE CHAMPION”! Adam, you rock. Please, come to Edmonton, Canada when you’re on tour.Adam’s reaction should be an example to us all – with a big smile on his face “It felt so good. I got to sing with Queen and with Kiss. I mean, first or second it doesn’t matter to me I got to sing with two great heroic rock bands.” I bet Queen makes him an offer as they need a singer. What a fabulous human being. I love him even more.


Adam is such a well rounded person. He is my Idol, and I think he is the greatest. Will be looking forward to hearing anything from him,can not wait to buy his albums. He is the World Idol….

Posted by mandy | Report as abusive

YES ADAM! AMAZING ATTITUDE!“For me it’s not really about what happened tonight, it’s about tomorrow. It’s about next.”We cannot wait for the ‘next’ dear Adam :)*******************************I personaly think that Adam is better second, with more liberty to manage the ‘next’ as he wishes to. AI can be a little restrictive I think (contract).

Posted by mel gig | Report as abusive

He has SUCH a great attitude, a loving attitude!You’re amazing Adam, way-to-go! Those words, I believe sincere, are too rare in our society:“And it’s not about ‘Oh, you beat me because of this,’ or ‘You, you’re different.’ It’s about finding the common stuff that makes it work.”You deserve respect :)

Posted by Michael | Report as abusive

Adam is a beautiful HUMAN being.A total winner in my eyes!

Posted by Vikky | Report as abusive



I wish everyone had as much class as these guys.

Posted by Shelly | Report as abusive

I do not think the voting is in anyway dishonest but i do wonder if the 1 million vote seperation between adam and kris on the finals show was in favor of kris? i don’t know if they told…that’s all! Why do i wonder? It is because after that finale and in the week before/ after the elimination of Danny i saw a campaign to push adam to win! i understand it because they( the judges) get emotionally involved also and they felt Adam was something very special! People were complaining of favoritism but it is what it is. Even KRIS agreed and said so. Too bad because he was happy but not enjoying it! however, I believe Kris would have been much more comfortable as second! What a nice guy!


In another not-so-surprising show of leadership, Adam Lambert brought real class to Kris Allen’s win of the AI Crown as this article demonstrates. Adam has an outlook we all need — one that finds joy in a competitor/friend’s success, while helping everyone look to tomorrow with anticipation. At every turn, Adam Lambert set a new standard of EXCELLENCE for American Idol in Season 8 — and for all of us, at a time when we all need to be reminded of the care and commitment that true EXCELLENCE REQUIRES.We all need to learn to see DIFFERENCES differently. It is the fresh perspective, often “the outsider” that shows us a new level of innovation. Throughout this season, Adam Lambert has done that and also helped us see through his example what can happen when we decide to BE WHO WE ARE SOONER. Isn’t this something we all wish for? I look forward to watching him put his mark on music history. Thanks for sharing is reaction tonight.Debbe Kennedyauthor, Putting Our Differences to Work


Adam Lambert was so gracious in his ‘loss’ to Kris Allen. His is a kind and unique personality, encouraging others to accept things/people as they are and to make the best of it. He is one of a kind. I know he will be a brilliant star for many many years in the future. And he will be a wonderful role model for the younger generation in teaching them acceptance. A very talented and wonderful person!

Posted by Car | Report as abusive

adam is the american icon. he’s gracious and smart. it is not about his personal life, and he needs to keep it as private as possible. american idol does not matter, he was the winner on day one. he will prosper. it is about the future for him. i hope when he makes that album, he touches all aspect of music, he has that magnificent abilities. congratulations to adam, looking forward to purchasing your album and attending your concerts, surely so is the world…

Posted by Ruth P | Report as abusive

The New BLAND HETEROSEXUAL IDOL is… Kris Allen. *fake suprise*Anti-gay bigotry is a manifestation of heterosexuality. Haterosexuality is the foundation of all institutional forms of discrimination.Kris would have never won if his competition was heterosexual, we all know it. Kris forgot the lyrics to “No Boundaries” and was off key, two things that spelled doom for past contestants. This will be like the Ruben Studdard/ Clay Aiken showdown in which many people voted AGAINST Clay because they thought he was gay (he later acknowledge he is) and had no plans on buying anything Ruben made.

Posted by realityhits | Report as abusive

‘it’s not really about what happened tonight, it’s about tomorrow. It’s about next.’a gentleman and genius indeed..

Posted by inddee | Report as abusive

I personally think a good decision has been made in the world.May all our children find Love and Peace.

Posted by IMAM | Report as abusive

Adam Lambert will have a long, successful CAREER. No, it was not a good decision, it was the wrong decision. However, this hopefully will work out very well for Adam- he does not have to put out the No Boundaries song.(So not him). I am a Christian who voted with with common sense. This man was given only what you can call a God given ability and is the TRUE american idol. Kris Allen, a class act, humble and he does have a good voice – so, no Kris bashing, BUT he will always have to deal with the fact that he only won because America got it wrong.

Posted by Sandra | Report as abusive

Both Adam and Kris are extremely classy. While I am sorry Adam didn’t win, I am thrilled to have been able to watch his amazing performances on the show. He is destined for a fantastic career!

Posted by Laurie Craven | Report as abusive

AMERICAN IDOL SEASON 8 IS OVER!!But the saga of Simon and Paula lives on… l3TCK0o

Posted by Bruce | Report as abusive

i am extremely disappointed adam didnt win, and if sexual perference was a factor then i will never watch this sick show AGAIN…along with my friends..My husband,me, and my friends had a idol party…all surveys said adam was leading…and we all had adam gadgets in our party and YOU ANNOUNCE HE DIDNT WIN..SO SAAAAAADDDDD… have lost 25 fans

Posted by CHANDRA | Report as abusive

I’m glad Kris won. I liked his mellow type of music better than Adam’s screaming. I hit redial for three hours until I got through to vote for Kris.Kris, you are the American Idol because you grew the most as an artist. Adam’s popularity peaked early and Kris overtook him, getting the last stretch momentum.Can’t wait for your CD, Kris, because it will be an artistic endeavor I can enjoy, without screaming and posturing.God bless you!

Posted by Jill | Report as abusive

Last nights final was outstanding! I too was wanting more KISS, QUEEN, and I have to admit more Lionel Ritchie! I can’t help thinking that with Jean Simmons business sense Adam will be touring with KISS and QUEEN in concert in the future. He is talented enough to be a front man to both bands at the same time and it would be an awesome mix of classic rock music!!On a side note Kara’s performance last night made me stand up and cheer! Not only can she offer advice both good and bad but she has the experience to back it up!Besides the Duets last night her’s was my favorite performance all season!

Posted by James | Report as abusive

Idol jumped the shark last night. I’ll never watch the show again. From the addition of Kara (who is awful) to a mdeiorce coffee house singer winning–it’s just over–Simon who is cool should leave and sink the show.

Posted by walter | Report as abusive

good job. way to vote in a total lighweight. put another hot pocket in the microwave. nascars on.

Posted by walter | Report as abusive

Without a doubt, Adam was the better talent. Still I was rooting for Kris to win. His humility throughout the competition and his Christian faith (without being in your face about it) was very refreshing. I must admit that Danny was my favorite from the beginning, but Kris was my second choice. I think David Cook said it right last night. No matter how the voting turns out, America can’t get this wrong. They are both talented and deserving of the title.

Posted by Steve | Report as abusive

I doubt that I can ever watch “American Idol” again. Adam YOU are HERE AND NOW without a doubt your fans’ American Idol and FURTHER fans all over the WORLD are applauding you, as I write. I am proud of you as an entertainer — but I am equally as proud of you for being the classy individual in the way you have handeled this loss. You are the best – KNOW IT! So looking forward to your CDs, DVDs, tours and all the things to come. I love you. Don’t ‘cha just know it.~~Warm hugs~~Sharie

Posted by Sharon Shannon | Report as abusive

I appreciate Adam’s vocal abilities, but also appreciated Kris’ voice, versatility and unique arrangement of some of the songs he performed. Music, like art, seems to be only a matter of opinion. The ‘judging’ and ‘voting’ is subjective, rather than objective.Although I preferred Kris’ more subdued performances, rather than Adam’s flashy, theatrical performances, I would have been fine if Adam had won.More importantly, I think they’re BOTH ‘good guys’, and both have proved, especially with their post-win remarks, that they’re also very classy.I’m sure Adam has a great career ahead of him, regardless of who won last night.

Posted by Red in Denver | Report as abusive

It’s official now: if it hadn’t already, “American Idol” absolutely jumped the shark with that finale.

Posted by Cris | Report as abusive

I think even Simon was shocked and appalled that Chris took the title, as evidenced by the look on Simon’s face and the fact he was the only one not to stand for an ovation.This should have gone to Adam, it was very clear that he could “sing the telephone book” if asked.His vocal skills, performance skills, and onstage graciousness and personality made him the idol.I truly believe that “middle of the road values” america could not get over the ‘rumors’ issues of Adams sexuality – true or not. And Chris’ supposed “bible- thumping” wholesomeness won over the best talent.But with that said, perhaps not having to live with the title, and the “stigmatization” it brings to every choice the ‘winner’ has to make in the future, will be better for Adam.

Posted by xtrag | Report as abusive

Does it really matter who wins? Some of the most outstanding former idol competitors did not win, but have had more successful careers than the winners.Chris Daughtry? Kelly Pickler? Buck Covington? Who was the winner again that year?Not to take anything away from Kris, but Lambert will likely have much more freedom to pursue his interests than Kris. I believe it’s better NOT to win!

Posted by Sheila | Report as abusive

Adam Lambert is a true professional with unbelievable talent, charisma & grace! Actually as much as I felt he should have won, he shines above the type of “contest” that is American Idol. His star will continue to grow & shine for many years as an electrtic talent! Onwards & upwards Adam!

Posted by Bella | Report as abusive


Posted by BONITAO!! | Report as abusive

It’s pretty simple really. It’s a voting competition. Kris could have sang the phone book (badly) and he would have still had the entire state of Arkansas voting for him. Never underestimate how devoted to Arkansans that Arkansas is. Arkansas kept Kris in this thing.

Posted by Greg | Report as abusive

Adam Lambert, you are a first class act! Your parents are also to be congratulated for raising you to be yourself and to treat others with respect. May your long and winding road be paved with glitter and golden stars!! Can’t wait to continue enjoying your journey!

Posted by Lynn | Report as abusive

The only people I heard make a deal about Adam’s sexuality is the media. If this was really about all about his sexuality he would never had made it to the final. He would have been out as soon as those pictures surfaced. People I talk to say it was about the chance. You know beyond a doubt Adam will get a contract. The guy is amazing. Not to mention he had been doing it since he was 10. Chris is also a great talent. But with his hometown good boy image most companies would not of looked at him twice. When it came down to it, it was a hard choice between two extremely talented young men. But the greatest chance of landing a deal was Adam, and that I believe is what lost him votes. But in the end I don’t think it matters because they are both going to soar to skies.

Posted by shanne | Report as abusive

“American Idol” I will never watch you again. As thejudges said, Adam was by far the best talent to ever be on the show since inception. Voters, you should be ashamed of yourselves to vote for a person just because they were the “UNDERDOG”. Watching IDOL without Adam would have been like eating cereal without milk (boring and dry).Adam, you are fabulous and we love you.

Posted by K. George | Report as abusive

Boo Hoo, my favorite didn’t win , let’s play the race/gay/whatever card. A lot of you people crack me up when you just can’t accept that your choice is not the winner. Heaven forbid someone else have different taste than you. They must be wrong huh? Of course, no one else is right but you.


Last night’s results are just one more sign of how this Country is moving backwards into a period of intolerance and religious fervor. That Adam was the superior singer is not open to debate. For weeks there have been blogs about entire churches voting for either Danny or Kris to make sure Adam did not win, not because either deserved the votes. The thought that someone who might be gay could be the American Idol was to much for the right wing religious conservatives in this Country and they dialed their way into blatant discrimination. American Idol is not a singing contest it is a politically correct and religious contest and that is the only way Kris won.ADAM ROCKS AND WILL BE THE FAMOUS ONE!

Posted by Jay Samuel | Report as abusive

Adam is a great performer and has a great voice< however, I believe he is not most American people style. My family and I voted for Chris, I think he is all American boy, that’S WHY HE WON!!

Posted by soccermom2 | Report as abusive

Can’t we all just be happy that both these young men had this great opportunity to pursue wonderful careers?Kris will handle this title well, Adam will pursue his musical interests and wow audiences who prefer his flamboyant style and theatrical renditions.Mainstream Americans voted for all kinds of American reasons, mainstream and otherwise. Let’s respect each other. Go America!!


It is very simple. Adam is a great talent but most people did not like him as much as Chris I do not believe it was because people thought he was gay,He was simply not as likable as Chris Allen. Sorry people no conspiracy here!

Posted by patti | Report as abusive

Personally I think the show is rigged by the producers. They always have said at the end of the seasons that “this season is better than last season.” There is no way they can find a talent that outshines Adam Lambert sothey blame it on the Christian vote. Speaking of which, there are a lot of other groups that could share that blame (American Muslims, Some of the stricter Jews, etc.).Adam is a superstar. I think he even performed better than any established star that visited.Adam will be fine, he got exposure and he could end up being on a par with Michael Jackson or Elvis. He doesn’t need the win. As he himself said when he lost, it’s not about tonight, he’s looking at tomorrow already.

Posted by W. Martin | Report as abusive

I voted for Kris and not because I am intolerant! what gets me is that people speak of Christians being intolerant and frankly I think you are being intolerant of me.I voted for Kris because I like his voice over screaming Adams.Sorry, America got it right and I have not heard of any churches telling anyone who to vote for. That would just be unacceptable to me if my Pastor spoke from the pulpit about AI.

Posted by Sheila | Report as abusive

I never watched American Idol until I heard Adam sing. He is so talented and it will be very exciting to see what he does in the future. For all those who voted for Kris, all I can say is that you missed the boat. We voted for Adam because he showed us what his talents are–his range, his abilities, whatever you want to call it. I could hear him now on stage with, maybe, Sarah Brightman. He has the ability to cross generations. I’m 54 years old and my mother is 77 and despite Kris’ winning, Adam will be around a lot longer than Kris.


Bottom line Adam was the super talent “throughout”… Let’s get real, Adam is futuristic, eccentric and is well on his way to become a SUPER STAR.. as for Allen? We will soon be saying.. “Allen who”????????? End of story..

Posted by mari | Report as abusive

Come on people…i think it is time you all got a life, and the sooner the better.

Posted by Dave J | Report as abusive

Wow could not believe what i was seeing and hearing.both men worked hard . adam from the first audition was my choice. what an artist amazing talent. adam will be a super star . i am in my 50′s loved every song he sangadam’s album will be the first american idol album i will buy. he is by far the best ever. can’t wait to see you in concert.

Posted by j good | Report as abusive

First time I saw Adam do his thing on stage, I thought, this is as close to an Elvis as we will get in this lifetime. What I love about watching him is his transformation on stage and off. Once the performance is over and he smiles out at the audience, he seems like a sweet guy who is good to his parents and helps old ladies cross the street. Don’t get fooled by the outer goth.


we tried to call for allison that week she was voted off without result. We tried for 2 hours on her lines and it was busy the whole time. Then she was kicked off the next night. It’s not fair!We discovered that if you don’t hang up after first hearing the idol message, it takes quite a while before the automated machine will hang up on you. People can block/occcupy the lines this way so the contestants will not be able to get as many votes as they should. the system is broken! A fan of the competing idol can just hang around and keep the lines busy.

Posted by Katy Chen | Report as abusive

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