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My Name is …Twitition?? “Earl” fans launch Twitter rescue campaign

May 22, 2009

NBC wouldn’t save it, but could Twitter rescue the axed TV comedy “My Name is Earl”?


Actor Ethan Suplee, who plays Earl’s buffoonish brother Randy Hickey on the four year-old American comedy show, has a Twitter campaign aimed at trying to persuade another U.S. television network to pick up the series, which NBC said  this week it was dropping from its fall schedule.

“If it’s just a matter of some people saying, ‘We want to watch the show,’ let’s see if some people want to say that,” Suplee told Web site

“Ultimately there are just a couple more episodes that I’d like to see done. It doesn’t have to be the show that runs infinitely, but there are a few episodes that ['Earl''s creator Greg Garcia] wanted to make, that I was excited about making. Just to close it out – is this guy stuck making amends for the rest of his life?” Suplee said of the cliffhanger that ended the fourth season.

As of Friday the campaign on behalf of the Emmy-award winning comedy had attracted just over one million followers on Twitter.

And whether it succeeds or not in bringing the show back to a TV screen somewhere, the petition has notched up a new entry into the English language –  the first known use of the word “Twitition.”


This show was the best show on tv. For NBC to cancel it is retarded. Yes the show was better in season 1 &2 but season 4 was much better then season 3 and this shows their improvement. “yes dear” lasted 6 years on TV, and some say that’s the worse show ever on TV.

Posted by joey | Report as abusive

This is a great show and should never have been canceled. This shows you how out of touch NBC really is.

Posted by aaron | Report as abusive

Best show on TV and one of best of all time. This show needs at least one more season to cement its excellence. Surely, someone will pick up the show, even if it is cable.

Posted by Alvin Whitten | Report as abusive

The show is incredibly popular over here in the uk. Why do tv execs never look outside their own domestic box when making these decisions?

Posted by Brian Jones | Report as abusive



Can’t believe that NBC is canceling My Name Is Earl, It’s the best thing since Married With Children and look what a success that show was! Bad move NBC!!! Thanks Twitter!!!

Posted by John M. | Report as abusive

My Name is Earl is an awesome show. Keep it going.
I get so fed up with good shows being cancelled while stuff I have no interest in goes on and on for years.

Posted by Jill Callaghan | Report as abusive

Earl is the only good comedy on TV these days. It is the best. Both funny and has a message. NBC is out of its mind.

Posted by Mike Wade | Report as abusive

I can’t believe they are getting rid of one of the best shows on tv will not stand for this madness we must save earl!! in these trying times we need laughter even if it’s only a half hour at a time it helps.


I hate to admit this, but Garcia wrote on Yes Dear. I tried sitting thru it, and it was pretty painful.
Earl is just the best show I have EVER seen on t.v. The characters are rotten, however, likeable. And for the creator, Garcia, hes a genius.

Posted by Who Jackie | Report as abusive

“My Name is Earl” is quite possible the best show to grace network television. I can’t think of a another show that has as positive of a message to the viewers as this one does, and still remains highly entertaining. It would be a travesty to let this show go and replace it with some redundant cop show or lame scripted “reality show”. Way to fumble the ball NBC! Save Earl!


I am truly dissapointed that NBC is cancelling the show. My son and i every Thursday the only show we watch together is going away. Oh well i have 4 season on dvd to watch every night before i go to bed. My top 3 shows I watch #1 The Odd Couple #2 Married with children #3 My name is Earl. Good bye

Posted by freddy figueroa | Report as abusive

please keep this show on its very funny and so mant pepole admire it just look at all the comments fer real dont put pepoles jobs out…

Posted by mike caffero | Report as abusive

I CANNOT believe that NBC is so stupid to cancel ‘My Name is Earl.’ I suits at NBC must be out of their minds. I am guessing that they will be replacing the show with some stupid reality show…which I must say that I HATE Reality show!

Like the other posters here, I sincerely hope that ‘My Name is Earl’ will find a new home on some other network either CBS, ABC, or one of the many cable networks.

Stupid NBC!!!

Posted by Kevin | Report as abusive

C-Mon NBC, Earl is a funny show, just like the classics like Green Acres, and the Beverly Hillbillies. Yea, its trailer park humor but hay its funny has a kind of down home warmth to it. The characters are well done and its something I look forward to each week. If NBC will not save it then give fox a shout and see if they would like to do it. Up yours NBC.


“My Name is Earl” is the only thing I watch on Thursday night. It is a great combination of humor and sweetness all in one. Save it!

Posted by Tom D | Report as abusive

I just heard the news and thought it was a joke! My name is Earl is the best show on! It is the only show I watch that is a MUST see. I have never missed a single show since the beginning and have the first three seasons on DVD. Maybe if it can’t be saved on NBC then FOX will give it a try. Come on networks, “wakey wakey, hands off snakey”!

Posted by Bryan Crocker | Report as abusive



Please don’t cancel Earl!!! It is one of the best comedies EVER. There are still so many list items we haven’t seen yet. Much love for Earl, Randy, Joy, Crabman, Catalina and all of the residents of Camden Co.

Posted by danielle | Report as abusive

I love this show, and would totally join into an effort to change NBC’s mind if not for the fact that they’re doing it via Twitter, the most obnoxious, reductive way to communicate on the face of the planet.


Once in a while a good comedy comes along which viewers enjoy. These comedies allows the audience to escape into another world of fun and errors portrayed by the actors. This can be said for “My Name is Earl”. As I sit here and write this I wonder why Hollywood does not scrap the crap of Reality shows which suck and usually participants in those shows are exploited. Comedies such as Earl and Jim should be held in higher regard in favor of real comedic entertainment.

Posted by Stan | Report as abusive

Please do not cancel it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by salef | Report as abusive

NBC, Please, PLEASE don’t cancel EARL.
It is one of the most well done comedys on TV.
All the characters are well worth watching every week.
If at all you could find a way to keep it, you will be glad you did.

Posted by Michael Pizzuto | Report as abusive

My name is Earl is one of the best TV shows that has come out of American for years. Its funny, clever, and also sends out a good message. All the characters are awesome in there own right. good TV is becoming hard to come by in these days where everything seems to be cheap and nasty Reality shows.
The list isnt over! there is more to see from Earl and the gang, more adventures to be had. DONT CANCLE EARL! ITS AWESOME!

Posted by gill | Report as abusive

Karma Karma Karma Remember???
What kind of Karma is canceling this show.
Typical network decisions, thats why cable stations like HBO
gain more viewers every year. .
And Network Television Stations become trash cans for cable reruns

Posted by Karma Dave | Report as abusive

Please don’t cancel Earl. Earl is an inspiration to so many of us… & we are consumers of advertisement; and therefore, are buyers of what they aim to sell… If NBC cancels Earl, it will be a disgrace not only to karma, but to capitalism as well, creating a dualistic-negativism which is a fallacy in the cause to unite and benefit from one another.


Tech savvy people, help! Many Earl fans cannot get heard, because, like Earl & friends, many cannot afford tech stuff, (or refuse to buy hot stuff(karma)), so please help save Earl for the voiceless. Speak up Thank you Camdenite

Posted by Bonnie G | Report as abusive

I LOVE EARL!!!!! And as a HUGE Earl fan we all need to get our message across that we want more Earl. If subway can do it for Chuck (which they should of cancelled that stupid show”) we can do it for MY NAME IS EARL

Posted by nerissa | Report as abusive

“I Love Lucy” is the Greatest Comedy Sitcom in TV history. “My Name Is Earl” is the only show that I would rate a Close Second Place. They are almost equal. THAT is the caliber of program that NBC is cancelling! What is wrong with these people? P.S. NBC (or whoever picks up the show), try giving “Earl” a decent time slot. It’s done remarkably well despite being handicapped that way.

Posted by Ann Tennant | Report as abusive

this show is better than seinfeld and will go down in history. The characters are excellent. The talent of the actors and writers are top notch. Although Hulu is great I think it may have hurt “Earls” ratings as I have been guilty of no rushing home when I can see it on hulu the next day. Maybe the powers that be should look at the number of hits on hulu, and factor them in also I know if you can only watch the re-runs on hulu and not the brand new episode I would make sure I was in front of the tv and counted as a veiwer.BIG MISTAKE! This show is one of the only good shows left! to the cast : if this cant get settled you will be truley missed- thanks for the laughs.

Posted by frank m | Report as abusive

Great news:

TBS ready to be lifeboat for ‘My Name Is Earl’ nmentnewsbuzz/2009/05/earl.html

Please tweet @EarlTwitition and sign my petition at to show TBS your support so we can have the best chance to SAVE EARL!



Earl is a great, funny show. Please write, call, contact the powers that be to keep it on the air. If enough people show support, some station will be sure to pick it up.

Posted by diane | Report as abusive

All the crap on TV and you get rid of the funnest show. Where is fox we Need more Earl.

Posted by Jeff | Report as abusive

I just discovered this show in the last few months and Now I DVR it on any station I can find! This is a creative, original, fun and uplifting show and FOX should do whatver it takes to keep it on the air. For goodness sakes the season ended on a cliffhanger! Who is Earl Jr’s real father?!

Posted by Cameron McCormick | Report as abusive

They have done this forever. I guess there is not enough
police and lawyer shows on TV. Earl and Co. make us
laugh out loud. We need their silly antics to get us
through the day when the world is going to hell in
a basket. KEEP EARL and just for the heck of it put
Mork back out nanu nanu!!

Posted by Judy | Report as abusive

Come ON, NBC! Put an end to the cranio-rectal inversion in your programming management, and STOP cancelling brilliant shows which have a smaller, but very loyal audience.

This seems to be a theme with you, NBC, starting with “Star Trek” in the ’60s, and “Quantum Leap” in the ’90s, and now a rash of “beheadings”, ending the run of comedies “Chuck” and “My Name is Earl”, and the drama, “Medium”. Are the Almighty Cop and Lawyer shows so much better, i.e. lucrative, than comedies, drama and science fiction?

I think that you’ve lost sight of the fact that you provide a SERVICE to the public, and that everyone is not going to like everything that you program – but that doesn’t mean that we’re Not watching! Get WITH it!

Posted by Dave & Connie | Report as abusive

I think it is a big mistake to cancel a show like My name is Earl. This show has everything!!!

It is funny, heart warming, and has a real message to it.

What was the network thinking? Canceling a show like Earl is just a poor executive choice. There is so much junk that they could get rid of instead of canceling a GREAT show like Earl. How about they cancel one of the THREE Law and Orders or Parks and Recreation instead?

Posted by Davina | Report as abusive

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