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Will it be au revoir, or adieu for Jay Leno fans?

May 28, 2009

                                                                                    It’s the end of an era in “beautiful downtownleno Burbank” this week as Jay Leno takes leave of “The Tonight Show” after 17 years as host — only to return to the same TV studio lot a few months later with another show that sounds a lot like the old one but at 10 pm instead of 11.35 pm.

So the question is not so much how much Leno will be missed, as how many of his fans will follow him to the earlier time slot, and how many new fans who couldn’t manage to keep their eyes open until midnight will now tune in for “The Jay Leno Show” before going to bed in the fall.conan1

Once Leno gets his feet under the desk of his new set, NBC viewers will have three hours of jokes and celebrities pushing their latest book/movie/project/TV show five nights a week as Conan O’Brien and then Jimmy Fallon follow Jay. 

Is that too much funny business, even in the grimmest of recessionary times?  Will you choose the Leno monologue over “CSI”, “Fringe” and “Private Practice” — not just once but five nights a week in the fall? We’re curious. Is Jay ready for prime time?


Personally, I’m thinking that Leno is doing the right thing by going. Hopefully Conan will do his usual thing and consequently flop after a year; then NBC will have good reason to let him go and return The Tonight Show to Leno. That’s what I’m thinking the agenda is. I’m sure Conan is a nice person, but as a talk show host, he sucks.

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I’ll keep watching Jay. I’ll never watch Conan try to fill Carson’s shoes.


Believe me I will watch Jay Leno at 10 o’clock. I find it harder and harder to stay up that late. I have always like Jay’s monologue and that is worth the change. Also, I like his Headlines evening and he does some other stuff that is good. The guests, depending on who they are, I can take or leave. Go Jay!!

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I expect to keep watching Jay Leno, and will probably not watch Conan (except the first night). Jay is funny, Conan doesn’t entertain me. He’s like SNL– about 5% of the show is funny, and the rest makes you wonder why they can’t realize that they’re not funny.

I hope Jay keeps and expands Jaywalking and Headlines. Those have always been my favorites.

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Carson to Leno was hard enough. Now that I have come to enjoy Jay, he’s being replaced by that Conan guy whom I would never watch on a bet.

Goodbye NBC.

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