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Lindsey Buckingham takes spotlight on Fleetwood Mac tour

By Dean Goodman
May 29, 2009

If the name had not already been taken, Fleetwood Mac might be more accurately known as the Buckinghams. 
lindseyGuitarist Lindsey Buckingham, dubbed the veteran rock band’s “mentor” and “maestro” by drummer and co-founder Mick Fleetwood, poured on the highlights during the Mac’s 2-1/2-hour concert at the Staples Center on Thursday.
Clearly invigorated by his tour last year to promote his latest solo album, Buckingham wowed the 18,000-strong boomer crowd with flashy, pick-free guitar work on such tunes as “Go Insane,” “I’m So Afraid” and “Big Love,” which he dedicated to his wife and young children in the audience.
Co-conspirator Stevie Nicks was off stage for the latter two songs, but she won over fans with her gravel-voiced take on “Gold Dust Woman” and show closer “Silver Springs.” Perhaps the loudest roar was reserved for her synth-laden solo tune “Stand Back.”
Not all of Buckingham’s tunes worked. The brassy climax of “Tusk” could have benefited from a guest spot by the University of Southern California Trojan Marching Band, who performed on the original recording and are based down the road from the venue. Instead, some deft playing by a touring keyboardist had to suffice.
Singer/keyboardist Christine McVie was also sorely missed. The writer of such tunes as “You Make Loving Fun” and “Little Lies” retired to her English country estate a decade ago to focus on her culinary passions. But that did not prevent Buckingham and Nicks from trading verses on two of her best-known songs “Don’t Stop” and “Say You Love Me.”
Fleetwood Mac are touring without a new album — “yet,” Buckingham told the crowd. The idea is to “just go out and have fun,” he said.
But for the first half of the show, Buckingham, Nicks, Fleetwood and bass player John McVie barely acknowledged each other, firmly keeping to their designated areas of the simple stage. However Nicks embraced Buckingham after she finished singing “Sara,” and other bonding moments soon occurred. By the end, it looked like a major love-fest among the various ex-lovers and combatants.
The souvenir stands did a roaring trade in $40 tambourines (what recession?), though this led to a lot of unnecessary accompaniment during the show. Mick Fleetwood wigs might be a better choice on the next tour.


Lindsey is such an underrated guitar player when compared in the limelight of today’s yoo-ha’s of talent…just turn up the distortion and I’ll sound better! Music today is freeze0-dried, cookie-cutter, make-it-and-sell-it to get the suits rich crap!

Lindsey and Fleetwood Mac’s music is pure talent. Call it classic rock, call it your mom and dad’s music (or more like grandma and grandpa’s) but it is certainly timeless musicianship.
He’s of a dying breed of true talent…Where are the Lindsey Buckingham guitarists of today? Certainly not on American’t Idol. In my opinion, every singer sounds just like the last one. Its all about making money I guess.
Who needs talent when you have a digital music editor so that one (many)can piece together their best guitar tracks?
Lindsey needs more recognition for his musical talent than some freak with a face that looks like a fishing lure and blue hair that can only play three chords.

Posted by bby_70 | Report as abusive

I agree with the underrated aspect of Lindsey Buckinghams guitar work . I saw there L.A. show last Thursday and his playing was totally inspired ! The person I was with was put off by what seemed to be his ” hogging the spotlight ” but make no mistake he had the 18,000 people in his hands . I love his style , his fluid tones . It was so perfect . And believe me I’ve been to hundreds of concerts > Stones.Aerosmith.Page . Lindsey turned cartwheels over them . I Loved It


I can’t wait till i see them in Saskatoon on June 5th…been a fan since I was in the 8th grade – 1978 – the first album I ever bought with my own money was Rumours and i can’t wait to hear them live!!!…I’ll bet none of them ever thought they would still be touring in their 60′s and still sounding great !!!!

Posted by Heather | Report as abusive

I was at the fleetwood mac tour concert in Vegas and was givin a guitar pick from Lindsey Buckingham. First I notices he doesnt throw them out he hands them out, when he gave me one it says on oneside L.B.T.I does anyone know what that stands for?? I figure the L.B. stands for Lindsey Buckingham But the T.I. I cant figure out. Any help would be appreciated


I agree with the assessment that Lindsey Buckingham is the main attraction for these Fleetwood Mac shows. No question, most people probably come to see Stevie Nicks, and no question her voice is still in fine shape. However, as far as blowing you away with sheer energy, charisma, and brilliant musical artistry I have to hand it to this man. He has been so underrated and under appreciated for so many years.

After seeing this show and the way he takes control and is able to beautifully compliment Stevie’s songs, sing back-up, harmony, and then tear the house up with his own stuff and incredible solos…I’m SO confused as to why he isn’t given the same, if not more, attention she gets. The only thing I can figure is she has that mystical aura and great poetry, and that’s awesome. But for the shows I was at, Stevie was a mouse. Very, very little audience interaction, very little movement, and quite a lot of breaks to change and, well, get a break. Lindsey, on the other hand, stayed on stage the ENTIRE time. I think he’s made me a die-hard. I’d see them again in a heartbeat, but ONLY with him.

Posted by Jennifer | Report as abusive

Buckingham’s favorite guitar is the Rick Turner Model 1.
I think the letters you saw represent his initials and the guitar.

Posted by Rob | Report as abusive

Well said Jennifer, I agree with you 100%.
and thanks for the info Rob

Posted by Robert | Report as abusive

I totally agree with some aspects of this discussion! Buckingham use to be the most underrated guitarist!
Now he is a self-fed egotistical asshole!
He is so phony anymore with self propelled arrogance
and a lack of humbleness that provided this once brilliant Mad Hatter! His unique finger-picking style has been exhausted and overdone! His last two solo tours led this once sophisticated guitarist into his own delusional world of EVERYBODY LOVES ME attitude and there is no admiration
in that!
He is by far the most overrated guitarist now!


I completely disagree with Kevin’s post. Obviously you have some issues with Lindsey Buckingham that seem more related to things not musical. I don’t know anything about that. All I can tell you is I saw Fleetwood Mac on their new tour and the last one and BOTH times Buckingham was the highlight, but now even more so. I generally tended to veer towards Stevie because she is the one most people know about and I owned a few of her solo albums, but after seeing the way Lindsey played and sang on the last tour I went out and bought his album “Out of the Cradle” and fell in love. After seeing him on both his solo tours for his two consecutive albums, I am a convert.

I had the chance to meet him in person twice and found him to be anything but an “egotistical asshole.” He was completely sweet, very generous with his time, and totally humble when he was praised for his show. He was very approachable and seemed to be amazed that so many people were there after the show to meet him. I found that endearing and I formed my opinion of him as a person from those meetings, not from anyone’s assumption that because the man ROCKS OUT like a badass at these concerts he is somehow thinking he is better than other people. On the contrary, he makes the show that much more exciting. At the second “Unleashed” concert I went to, in Columbus, Ohio, the section I was sitting in was completely floored by Lindsey. Everyone there seemed to be casual fans who just wanted to hear FM’s music. After the show, I noticed how much they were praising him, at his age, for his performance level and interaction with the crowd.

I don’t understand how anyone could actually criticize this man’s effort when he (and Mick to a lesser extent) hold the show together while Stevie Nicks does three twirls and gets all the recognition. Haters. Plain and simple.

Posted by Emily | Report as abusive

Yes, Out Of The Cradle was phenomenal, but I was at that concert and he was humble, now even the band mate are surely looking like a sigh of boredom into the eyes, and Ive spoken with allot of people who think he has become arrogant, I’m not alone in this. Unless you seen him prior to 2003 you wont get it! He is in fact a self ed egotistical show-off! He is so phony when he holds his hand on his heart! Ive been there throughout it all, including the 1970′s and you don’t know what he use to be like, and if you had, you would look at him in a different light!
Nothing you are going to say is going to change my mind or allot of other people Ive spoken with! YES I GOTTA A PROBLEM WITH LINDSEY! He is not the man that he use to be,now he is using his style as a borderline

Posted by Kevin | Report as abusive

I saw them June 3rd in Salt Lake and I’ve made a little observation of my own. It’s just my opinion, so nobody hate me. This is my take on the roles of Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks now.

Several inerviews Stevie always mentions how before she and Lindsey were famous, he didn’t work and she cooked, cleaned, and worked to pay the bills because she KNEW Lindsey was brilliant. She really believed in him and wanted the music thing to work out for his sake. However, once they got famous, she started to get all the attention. I don’t think she set out to get that attention either, I think it just happened. She is pretty and interesting and she captured a lot of people with that, but it was not intentional. That whole time, I think Lindsey probably felt a little jealous, or like it was unfair because he worked so hard on his music but she got all the credit.

NOW, I think when they’re on stage, Stevie just wants Lindsey to have his show. I noticed she didn’t interact with fans much and that she kept leaving a lot, but I honestly think she is kinda “over it”. Like, she LOVES all her fans, but I think she just wants Lindsey to have his turn. He doesn’t seem rude or egotistical at all. He seemed very kind and humble and grateful for such an awesome audience. I think they are all just fine, I just think Stevie has let the roles reverse on purpose.

Posted by Bryson | Report as abusive

Just got home from the Fleetwood Mac concert at Rexall Place in Edmonton. Simply ASTOUNDING. I never expected them to be that good. They ROCKED the house!

Posted by William Bolton | Report as abusive

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