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She lost! So what now for Susan Boyle?

May 30, 2009

boyleSo Susan Boyle DIDN’T win “Britain’s Got Talent”. After the show turned her into a household name in more countries than I could list, the 48-year-old came second in Saturday’s final, surprisingly losing out to street dancers Diversity. Now don’t get me wrong. Diversity were impressive, and the choreography was as good as the execution on the night. It’s just that the momentum behind Boyle, one of the biggest Internet stars in history, was so great that it had been widely assumed she would walk off with the cheque for 100,000 pounds and the headlines on Sunday.

It was not to be, but this is unlikely to be the end of the road for Boyle. A lucrative recording contract is surely only days away as labels, notably Simon Cowell’s very own Syco, seek to trade in on her global fame, fine voice and anti-celebrity appeal. Some might feel that losing out to Diversity could be a blessing in disguise for a woman who has struggled to cope with the demands her instant celebrity has brought. She threatened to walk out of the show, had an altercation with journalists and reports said she had to be taken to a “safe house” in the days leading to the final to escape the limelight. Perhaps coming second will give her a little space and time to recover from what judge Cowell rightly called “a weird seven weeks”.


Susan Boyle won our hearts seven weeks ago. Now she will continue to fulfill her dream – and ours. That’s winning!

Posted by Don Avery | Report as abusive

“She lost” is not strictly true is it? What did she have to lose? Nothing. She didn’t win, but she certainly didn’t lose! She will have a cracking singing career ahead of her.

I also wouldn’t believe what has been said in British tabloid papers. Even Simon Cowell during the show said that the picture that they painted wasn’t of the Susan Boyle that he had known.

Well done to all finalists….all winners!

Posted by Louise | Report as abusive

I wish you all the best, Susan! You are America’s favorite “Everywoman”, your voice is dazzling, you don’t need the fake glamour. I hope you will give a concert in Indianapolis.

Posted by Emily | Report as abusive

She “Susan Boyle”Will Always Be A Winner With Her Voice.


Susan will go on to do well… she did come in second after all – she didn’t exactly lose. And let’s not take anything away from the boys who did win – Diversity were an amazing act who were consistently impressive week after week, and were entirely deserving of their win. They just didn’t get as much press beforehand so I think a lot of us outside UK, didn’t appreciate how much competition Susan really had.

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Susan, you nailed it. Thank you so much for having the courage to pursue your dream and let us come along for the ride. I can only hope that you get a recording contract and have many years to sing your heart out. I’ll buy every CD you produce. You made your country proud and I can only hope that the Queen asks for you to sing. Despite your show loss tonight you are THE winner in my eyes. Thank you again. May you achieve the rewards you so richly deserve.

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I’m so proud of Susan. She continued with the competition and managed to perform, live, under extreme pressure, the likes of which no other singer has seen.
I sort of wish that she had quit for the sake of her health, but she’s no quitter.
I’m sorry the media beat her to a pulp, but she’s definitely a winner.
I hear she’ll start on her CD already next week, and I can’t wait until it’s finished.
Susie, after you do one with show tunes, how about one with some bluesy things like your Cry Me A River? That just blows me away.

Posted by Jani | Report as abusive


You really did win Susan. The fact that Diversity came first is just a matter of a few more points. In the end you were the winner of peoples’ hearts. I wish you all the best and hope you have the singing career that you so richly deserve! Best of Luck!!


“The best people won,” Susan remarked. She was very gracious.


Susan lost the battle but not the war. She should have an excellent recording studio career ahead of her in the least. I’ll certainly be buying anything she produces. My heart was with her when she performed. And her hilarious antics after graciously praising and conceding to Diversity are a testament to her spirit. To make my point even more clear: I live in the United States not the UK, have grown to completely loathe any of these screwball Britney wannabe talent shows like Idol or America’s Got Talent [how in God's name does David Hasselhoff get selected to judge people's talent?], and had never heard of nor was remotely interested in the British version of the show. There was only one reason I got introduced to all this and was chomping at the bit while suffering through endless Domino’s cardboard pizza commercials on a live Internet feed of BTV’s BGT final: Susan Boyle. She brought millions of people across the globe to bear on that show. To be frank, I think she’s the only reason why most people on the planet even know about Diversity or any of the other acts. I hope this will simply mark the beginning of her successful singing career. At this point, she could cover nursery rhyme songs and I’d buy them.

Posted by Steve | Report as abusive

I was one of those following the developments in Britain’s Got Talent from outside the UK, through You Tube. The show definitely came up with a lot of real talent. For me, however, the greatest is Susan’s. She handled the whole process so well. To go from being quite unknown to becoming a world-wide celebrity in a matter of weeks cannot be easy, especially when the press start to become nasty. She has not only proven that she has a wonderful voice but also that she is a strong, down-to-earth, wonderful person. I do hope that she will continue so that we can all enjoy her wonderful talent in years to come. WELL DONE SUSAN AND GOOD LUCK!

Posted by Anna | Report as abusive

Shades of de’Ja’vu. On American Idol, Adam ‘Just happened” to receive negative publicity right before the final show.The very same thing happened to Susan.
Do you see a pattern here?

In the end, cream always rises to the top, and I believe both Adam and Susan will succeed far above the so called “winners.”


Waiting for Susan to put out her first HIT ALBUM, as I’ll surely purchase it! Simon, why is it taking so long?

Anything Susan sings will surely be FABULOUS!

From now on I am going to watch the SECOND PLACE PEOPLE more than first! Adam and Susan! WOW!

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