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Bruno butts in to Eminem

June 1, 2009

eminemWas it a stunt or was it planned?

Sacha Baron Cohen, aka Bruno, could hardly have chosen a better lap than rapper Eminem’s to land in — face first with his bare butt up in Eminem’s face – on Sunday night’s MTV Movie Awards.

Even the most inventive publicist surely could not have planned the apparently unscripted close encounter between the outrageous “Borat” star’s backside and the mug of the Detroit rapper once accused of homophobia in his lyrics. It had to be an accident. Or…??

eminem2The British actor was aiming to promote his upcoming new movie “Bruno”, in which he plays a camp Austrian fashionista, when he soared on wires across the air above the MTV audience. But the stunt seemed to go wrong and Bruno, in his angelic wings and silver jock strap fell from the ceiling, twisting and turning until his butt landed smack in Eminem’s face.

Curse words flew and elbows were thrown and Bruno got tossed, then Slim Shady sauntered out. Who could blame him? He was filmed by MTV crews leaving the building, and the TV network said he “stormed out in a heated rage.”

Butt… Eminem does have a new album that just dropped. Was the incident staged? Click here to watch the video and give us your answer in the comments section.


why would he need more publicity for his album when it’s pushing huge numbers? C’mon reuters

Posted by Lima | Report as abusive

Thank You so much Sasha Baron Cohen!! You are my hero!! I love you!! Someone finally put that arrogant piece of trash Eminem in his rightful place, you are my hero Sasha Baron Cohen!! I LOVE YOU!! laughing out loud!!

Posted by Democrats 4 Ever | Report as abusive

It’s called Karma. Eminem is such a humorless homophobe that Sacha landing in his lap couldn’t have been planned by the Gods. Anyone else would have mustered a laugh. But then what is a musician who can’t see a note to do but storm off in a huff…Lol. “Will the real Slim Shady stand up tonight”…I roared.

Posted by edward | Report as abusive

I think Sacha planned to land on Eminem but without Eminem knowing. Why would he show up to the awards just for that stunt then leave?

Posted by So I Heard | Report as abusive

I think that’s just nasty! If I were Eminem, I would press sexual assault charges against Sasha and then sue him for every cent. If Eminem were a woman it would have been a horrific sex crime. As a guy Eminem could have kicked this dude’s butt if he wasn’t famous and on tv but then would have been sued by the never funny Sasha for everything he had and had assault charges brought on him. But when dude shoves his private parts in your face? That’s unacceptable and it’s assault. It’s not a joke. It’s not funny. This guy should be brought to justice. Otherwise we are saying this type of behavior is okay. Or maybe Eminem was just “asking for it,” right? His lips were saying No but his eyes said Yes…This is a sexual assault and it should be treated as such.

Posted by Jane Carroll | Report as abusive

Andy Kaufman smiles upon Bruno. :)


I know somebody who was sitting in the audience. They said they saw Eminem and his crew giggling and laughing after he “stormed off”. If was almost too good of a setup. It looked real. But in the end it was staged for future material.


of course this was staged.. do you really think Em and his entourage would just sit there doing nothing while Bruno was dropping down on top of Em? and if you look closely, his entourage didn’t do anything until Em said for them to get Bruno off of him… if this was real… Em and his entourage would’ve been all over Bruno… even though it was staged.. it’s still funny as hell…

Posted by john | Report as abusive

After seeing the official trailer last night at the awards show I am SOOO excited to see the movie! The cast is getting hotter and hotter. Check out these pics I found of the new cast. Enjoy!!!

Posted by Chris Richards | Report as abusive

In response to Jane Carroll: It’s people like you that provide people like me with all the more material.

Posted by Joel Ortega | Report as abusive

If you thought Eminem was a homophobe before…
The sanitized ‘Will and Grace” version is about to get dropped by one of the world’s top artists.
It doesn’t matter that the actor playing Bruno isn’t a homo. He is Jewish and “exposing homophobia” (so the comments relate) is his game.
They have NO idea how much damage Eminem can do if he decides to unleash his fan base on them.
But hey – it’s all in good fun, right?


Wow Jane Carroll you really didn’t see the funny side did you? How many supermarkets have you taken to court because you ‘slipped over’?

Posted by a C | Report as abusive

poor Eminem, his tough guy persona couldn’t save him from Sacha Cohen’s pranking skills


i doubt it was staged. MTV has pissed off some celebs in their lifetime, and i bet they are paying the most for this stunt. Em is going to sue MTV i bet


Eminem can dish it out but he can’t take it. What a mama’s boy! He’s a joke among all the jokester rappers who take themselves seriously in spite of the fact that 99 percent of the people are laughing at them.

Way to go Borat! Bwahahahaa!


I’m sure Em will laugh it off and put it in his next video!!

Posted by CutesyGirl | Report as abusive

I think it is hilarious….on both sides! Sexual assault Jane Carroll?? Give me a break… need to get a life and see the humor in things. That is MTV for you…love it or hate it!




Bruno’s Eminem stunt was staged, says MTV boss
The stunt involving Sacha Baron Cohen’s film character Bruno landing on Eminem during the MTV Movie Awards last week (May 31) was staged, MTV head writer Scott Aukerman has confirmed.
Writing on his account (on a post since removed), Aukerman said that both Eminem and Baron Cohen had rehearsed the stunt, which saw the comedian lowering his backside into the rapper’s face.
“Yes, the Bruno/Eminem incident was staged,” he wrote. “That’s all anyone wants to talk about, so let’s get it out of the way. They rehearsed it at dress and yes, it went as far as it did on the live show then.”
Fans had been speculating about whether Eminem was in on the stunt. Many pointed out that he must have been as he appeared to be mic’d up when the incident took place, mid-way through the Independent ceremony in Hollywood.

Posted by Marbilus | Report as abusive

I agree with Saint Subversive, Sacha is paying homage to the late, grate Andy Kaufman. In fact, I think that Sacha is the only person today who can follow up to Andy!

Posted by bby_70 | Report as abusive

It was a prank. A great prank! How could Em not have pre-planned that? His whole thing is butt humor. They did a great job and it was hilarious!

Posted by RobinL | Report as abusive

Eminem consenting to have a man’s crotch all over his face in public? Never. It was 100% real.

Posted by steve | Report as abusive

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