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Joe Jonas dances to Beyonce, for a ring

June 4, 2009

jobrosThe Jonas Brothers, a U.S. boy band, have famously worn purity rings to signify their pledge to abstain from sex until marriage. Now, the band’s frontman Joe Jonas has taken that commitment to another level, suiting up in tights and high heels to dance along to the Beyonce song “Single Ladies,” a tune that features the pro-marriage chorus ”If you liked it then you should have put a ring on it.” If you dare, check out the video below: 

For some strange reason, men have taken a fancy to wearing tights and dancing along to “Single Ladies” ever since the song came out last year. One big man doing the jiggly dance  to R&B star Beyonce’s tune has attracted more than 5.7 million views on Joe Jonas has proven that he can make teen girls scream. But can he compete against the man in the big tights? Again, see the video below, if you dare:

wow nice joe we asked and you danced -clap- -clap- now to get nick to do that …..who gave you the idea for a onsie?


That is one of the coolest displays of a man secure in his masculinity I have ever witnessed. Both these guys are winners…I mean really…you HAVE to be ONE SECURE MAN to not only do this, but post it on the Internet for everyone to see and comment on!

Kudos…now that is what I call exercising one’s liberty!


I agree with you, Isabella!!

This rocks. Being a man is being SECURE and showing it – not being some bozo who calls other guys names. :)

Posted by Liz | Report as abusive

obviously he’s trying so hard to be cute ala justin timberlake.

not funny at all.

Posted by dd gandanghari | Report as abusive

that was crazy! shame! hahaha.. why would he do that? arrrrghhh! :/


Joe should have watched Justin Timberlake’s version a few more times and then practiced longer before releasing this IMO; it’s still pretty funny though


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