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Speidi “Get me Out of Here!” jungle drama drags on

June 5, 2009

speidi2(Writing and reporting by Laura Isensee)

The first contestant got voted off reality television show “I’m a Celebrity … Get Me Out of Here!” on Thursday night, and (shock) it wasn’t Spencer and Heidi Pratt. All week long, speculation in celebrity media reports has been about whether they would be allowed to return to the TV contest show after seeming to walk off in a huff on Monday’s show and head back to Hollywood.

For those who don’t know, on “I’m a Celebrity,” B-list stars compete in challenges like eating bugs to see who can survive a battle of willpower in a Coast Rican jungle.

On Thursday’s episode, audiences were supposed to find out if, after Monday’s antics, Heidi and Spencer — dubbed “Speidi” in the media — would be allowed to return. Instead, it appears the on-again, off-again saga of the husband-and-wife team has yet another chapter.

NBC is dragging out whether the couple is really — like, for sure — back on the survival show. Viewers have to tune in to a special two-hour episode on Monday to see if the newlyweds, formerly of “The Hills” on MTV, make it back to camp after a trial stay in a creepy house called the “Lost Chamber”. (And if that is not enough Speidi, fans who love them — or love to hate them — can check out a mini-marathon of “I’m a Celebrity” on MTV over the weekend.)

The tease is no surprise, really. Aside from competitors arguing about Speidi and flashbacks of their plea to return, Thursday’s highlights included how former supermodel Janice Dickinson grossed out other campers and became a jungle thief by nabbing a pillow and shower kit. Exciting? We’re not so sure. But 5.2 million people tuned in to watch Thursday’s episode, according to initial overnight ratings. That’s not as much as the premier, which drew 6.4 million viewers, but on par with Tuesday’s 5.5 million viewers and up from Wednesday night’s 4.8 million.

angelasheltonAngela V. Shelton, part of the comedy duo called “Frangela,” got voted off on Thursday night, the first contestant to officially leave. Shelton told reporters on a conference call on Friday that she thinks Speidi should not be allowed back on.

“They quit. They quit something like 20 times. At some point it all became ridiculous,” Shelton said.

Shelton shared her strong opinion of the Pratts, calling them “immature.” “They have a tendency towards low blows,” she said.

Shelton added that if the couple is allowed to return, the rest of the cast will accept them and give them a chance to redeem themselves. “These are not grudge-holders,” she said.


They should NOT be allowed to return. They QUIT and have had several days to rest and clean up while the other contestants have been out there in the jungle roughing it. Besides, if given the chance, I’m sure they would be the ones voted off. We’ll never know, since the split before the vote and returned after. It wouldn’t be fair to have Angela voted off and have the brats come back. Angela may not have been voted off if Speidi had been in the running for elimination. Besides, those two obnoxious spoiled little rich kids aren’t the least bit interesting. Their “act” got old the first night. The episode without them was much more entertaining. We actually got to focus on other people in the group and it wasn’t all about those two whiny little losers. Good riddance I say! They should NOT be allowed to come back, they detract from the show in a big way.

Posted by cindygb | Report as abusive

I think SPEiDi should definitely return. They quit, but they say this time is for real so if they screw up again or w.e then they shouldnt get back in. But they def bring up the ratings in the show. People like drama. I wont be watching unless they return. Plus they are not getting back in that easy, they are earning it by sleeping in the “lost chamber”! if they sleep thru the night then they do deserve to stay.

Posted by Karla | Report as abusive

I still say that Spencer should get sent home and Heidi be forced to remain on the show. Keep her til near the end of the run, make her do all the s**t work and then send her off.

Posted by ChrisP | Report as abusive

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