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“American Idol” Kris Allen woos Wal-Mart investors

June 6, 2009

krisallenIt reminds us of those old Disney commercials in which, after a big victory, a sports star is asked where they are going next, and the answer is “Disneyworld,” or something close to that.

But in this case, it is recent “American Idol” winner Kris Allen, who after winning the TV talent contest last month wasn’t schmoozing with Mickey Mouse, he was singing for Wal-Mart investors at the mass market retailer’s annual meeting in Arkansas on Friday.

Reuters was there (Smokey Robinson was, too) and here’s a link to our video of Kris, posted on YouTube.

American Idol winner Kris Allen @ Wal-Mart 2009


Kris was in Disneyworld earlier. And then he was singing with Smokey Robinson. Wow! That’s something. He deserves it, ‘waiting for his album to come out.

Posted by Jette | Report as abusive

Yes, I LOVE Kris Allen, and can’t wait for his album! He’s the whole package, and very humble. Not only that, but he’s different than any other Idol we’ve had before! GO KRIS!!! LOVE you, and see you on tour!!!

Posted by Kipper | Report as abusive

This season of American idol was very unexpected.
I loved the fact that you were never sure who was going to win.
Kris and Adam are two unique, different, talented sweethearts who are beaten down by haters and the press constantly.
Stay strong guys…Prove ‘em wrong!

Posted by Cheese | Report as abusive

why do they producers pass on great talent and put people on that can hardly carry a tune. happens in all the areas, if they dress like hookers and cannot sing they pick them,I am so done with all these fake shows and why has someone not came out with an honest show that picks talent? honest true talent that is not some joke that producers are picking,what sleezy people with no balls and not an honest bone in their body…shame on all of you so called SMART people,the joke is on you.HA HA………….


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